PS4 1.5 + 2.5 - Changes/Bugs/Crashes

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  1. UPDATE (3/15/17): Fully updating this, since my original Pastebin was quite outdated and new information was found.
  2. UPDATED (3/24/17): Added English stuff for 2.5 found so far from KingdomHops getting an early copy w/patch 1.02
  3. UPDATED (3/27/17): Re-typed a couple English notes from my own experience so far
  5. Vid of What Should Be Patched (KH 2.5 PS4):
  6. Vods of KH 2.5 & 1.5 Playthroughs of PS4 port:
  7. PATCH 1.02 FIXES:
  9. KH 2.5
  11. Pros:
  12. -Loads are VERY fast. This is the fastest version of KH2 by a mile
  13. -60fps looks mostly fantastic, it also lets you react to enemies faster
  14. -Mechanics of EXP 0 & LV1 are unchanged, so it's the same type of experience as the other versions
  15. -Terra/Lingering Will is unchanged mechanically, just a couple side effects of 60fps problems, but AI is the same
  16. -In fact, no AI was changed at all!
  17. -Trinity Limit seems more effective now, slightly. Likely due to 60fps side effect, this isn't really an actual "pro" though
  18. -English version has fixed Xemnas 1 crash, you can go safely Limit Form in the fight now
  19. -English version no longer seems to have fight opening lag pauses, such as on Larxene AS or Cerberus
  21. Cons:
  22. -The game can save crash, seemingly anywhere at any time. I crashed twice in two playthroughs, and I play through very fast (LV1 file in about 6 hours, plat file in about 15 hours). A few others I talk to also save crashed, randomly.
  23. -Other crashes seem to now exist, someone crashed simply choosing a place for the Pirates ship to go to, while someone crashed on the load screen after Dancer fight before Demyx, and someone crashed on Armor Xemnas 2 when dying to buildings
  24. -60FPS broke a bunch of physics, which ruins a lot of mechanics design
  25. -A bunch of things in the game are still 30fps (aside from cutscenes), such as projectiles or enemies (1k heartless), looks out of place
  26. -Final Xemnas' Reaction Command STILL is not fixed. It still does not show up to the point where it's rare to get through the throw move without getting hit randomly. Before someone claims you have to time it now, nope, not true.
  27. -Quick Run's movement is completely ruined. It does not travel nearly as far due to 60fps physics problem, so now it's not as good of a dodging option
  28. -Timeless River's 2nd window Reaction Command no longer works most of the time, leading you to fall into attacks (have fun on Proud/Crit playthroughs)
  29. -Sounds are still missing and such, only Xigbar's DM is for some reason normal again (tons of missing boss quotes)
  30. -Vexen Data is completely ruined now (60fps problem), the data circle charges not only during the opening cutscene, but so fast that it is already at 1 full bar at the start of the fight, which means Anti-Sora is immediately on the field. It maxes out to 5 within about 10s of standing on it. Casually, this fight is now a disaster. Desperation Move skip already found for speedrunning though.
  31. -Saix Data is pretty ruined now too, in his DM phase he will almost never do a normal move after DM unless you provoke him with magic or attack. So casually someone has to figure out to provoke him to attack or they'll never get him out of Berserk mode, unlike all other versions of KH2FM
  32. -Xigbar Data teleports much faster now with the above double or triple shooting patterns (not exactly a con, just observation)
  33. -Due to physics 60fps problem, most things that involve launching enemies or objects go at a much lesser distance, messing with mechanics. Roxas, for example, can recover extremely fast getting launched by Guard Break
  34. -Grim Reaper 2's Reaction Command on the Chest is messed up. Now it auto cancels every certain amount of medals, making it harder to quickly put in all medallions in last phase and allowing Grim Reaper the ability to suck them back up from the chest easier
  35. -Final Form drains faster now using Firaga on enemies, likely due to 60fps allowing more hits to connect, thus draining Drive Faster, but also dealing slightly less damage in the process somehow
  36. -Experiement Crash still exists, but also has existed in all forms of KH2, so not surprising it still exists
  37. -Duck Flare is back to normal in PS4 JP (in PS3 English it lasted very long for some reason)
  38. -Terra/LW's whip move has a weird animation at the start of it on bottom right of screen, just weird, nothing actually bad
  39. -Terra/LW's punch move can't be just single Guarded now. Due to 60fps problem, you have to Guard + Dodge Roll/Quick Run away from him or you get hit
  40. -For Terra/LW combo, if you end with Guard Break + Explosion on this version after hitting his Revenge Value the physics won't push him far enough away from you after Guard Break brings you close that you'll auto get hit by his whip (auto death on LV1)
  41. -Still no soft reset, yet every other KH game ever still continues to have them...
  42. -Wisdom Form/Final Form on stairs is apparently a bit off, haven't messed with them myself though, prob not a big issue
  43. *English Exclusive Bugs*
  44. -From the looks of it so far, if you have a normal PS4 (not sure on Slim) then you will get a lag pause probably every Drive transformation. I've heard of cutscene camera change lag too. On PS4 pro I had no real frame drops on anything, though.
  45. -Duck Flare finisher is still longer in English. No idea why, clearly not intentional, same bug was in PS3 English 2.5
  47. Speedrunning Notes:
  48. -Load times are incredible for runs, Drives load instantly (though that can be a con if you don't take notice on some strats)
  49. -Roxas strat randomly will fail due to Roxas sometimes not getting launched high enough, if during the time you have to throw an Ether
  50. -Grim Reaper 2 you have to mash the RC now after safely freezing GR2 to not get wrecked
  51. -Due to Trinity Limit being unintentionally buffed, it has more potential in some strats
  52. -Axel Data now retreats into wall if you hit his Revenge Value with a Blizzaga finisher, ruining the normal strat from PS2/PS3
  53. -Saix Data strat no longer works, due to 60fps not launching him far enough, he'll randomly hit you too soon before Reflega
  54. -Xaldin Data opening strat may not work fully now due to Jumps not sending him high enough, according to Mace
  55. -Vexen Data DM skip already found by Crispy for LV1 runs
  56. -Final Xemnas (and Data) of course can't use the PS2 strats, due to RC drops
  58. KH 1.5
  60. Pros:
  61. -Load times are very fast, just not as fast as 2.5 PS4
  62. -60fps looks great, lets you react faster and combo faster seemingly
  63. -Difficulty trophies stack now (though for Unchanging Armor & Undefeated, it's a far better idea to do that on Beginner)
  64. -Ars Arcanum loads fine in fights now
  65. -EXP 0 still intact, aka you can never be OHKOed while it's on at LV1
  66. -The game seems possibly more stable than 1.5 PS3, no load crashes reported so far from players (too early to celebrate though)
  67. -Bambi Monstro crash hasn't been accomplished yet, if it's a load time crash maybe it's fixed
  69. Cons:
  70. -Movement is a bit janky now in 60fps, but at least pretty reasonable
  71. -Infinite Roll Glitch no longer works due to 60fps messing with Dodge Roll (not really a con, this glitch was always pretty funny to showcase though)
  72. -Riku Ansem's DM is MUCH faster now, prob tied to framerate. Although due to how Sora on the ground has iframes when he gets hit, casually it's probably a benefit to get free dodges
  73. -Sound effects are utter garbage now. Finishers sound like smacking someone with paper most of the time, and many sounds don't even play, such as enemy deathes, or Sephiroth hitting you, or even telling you he's about to fire pillar
  74. -Simba Crash still exists (if Simba is out and jumps at end of fadeout in a fight, game will crash)
  75. -100 Acre Woods Pooh Swing mini-game timing is all screwed up now
  76. -Tigger's English VA grunts play in JP version of mini-game (not really a con)
  77. -Sephiroth's meteor move now insanely fast, move likely tied to fps
  78. -Sephiroth's Octaslash move is ruined now, he stays on top of you so that you can never Dodge Roll the entire move like previous versions. Have not tested Guarding yet, obviously Strike Raiding through it solves all problems though
  79. -Maleficent 1 behaves differently than normal here, she teleports away much faster
  81. Speedrunner Notes:
  82. -Fastest version of KH1 to date
  83. -60fps ruined a bunch of small movement tricks. Anything that you used to be able to Dodge Roll over no longer works
  84. -Mist says you have far less iframes on Gummi Ships now
  85. -Goofy Tornado is different now, but more effective Mist says
  86. -EXP 0 Damage Storage glitch still works
  87. -Riku Ansem loop has a different timing now, a bit harder to get a handle on if you do ground loop strat
  88. -You can no longer open menu after Behemoth in Final Rest before the actual Final Rest fight, meaning you'd want to equip a Megalixir and use it after defeating Behemoth
  90. KHRECoM
  92. Pros:
  93. -Fast loads obviously
  94. -Icons for cards are a bit different
  95. -Difficulty Trophies stack now (thank you)
  97. Cons:
  98. UPDATED 3/16/17:
  99. -Audio bugs seem to happen here to as 1.5/2.5
  100. -One of Vexen's Slights reported to be much faster than usual by Sonicshadowsilver2
  102. KHBBS
  104. Pros:
  105. -Fast loads etc
  106. -Dlinks & Command Styles load fine now of course (thank you PS4)
  108. Cons:
  109. -Tornadoes in Keyblade Graveyard are faster due to 60fps and cannot be reasonably avoided
  110. -Terra has to actually defeat Vanitas now in his final battle with him instead of just lower his HP (this could be an actual intentional change, possibly not exactly a con either?)
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