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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 202: All Roads Lead... (Part 4)

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  1. <Mare-Do-Well> Previously...
  2. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8
  3. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebF6Fqhq1P4
  4. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_7RYu5WJSk
  5. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI
  6. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  7. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LETrhOP90p4
  8. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW5n3k2VgZE&feature=youtu.be&t=55s
  9. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SSUQxGjZZ4
  10. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BigolJfoANw
  11. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2aHcANs4GE
  12. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzLT6_TQmq8
  13. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02q8kPJn_e4
  14. <Mare-Do-Well> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fus5O8SxUoo
  15. <Mare-Do-Well> ...
  16. <Mare-Do-Well> Bookwright holsters the pistol. "Is that...? Goodness gracious. What the hell happened?"  Bookwright is just in time to see what is left of the body collapse into fine, grey dust.
  17. <Mare-Do-Well> Golden_Dream starts spasming. "I DON'T FUCKING KNOW, GET THE MILPO."
  18. <Mare-Do-Well> CopyCat sends another mental pulse, this time to her friends. [Golden_Dream has discovered a Pegasi turned to ash, seeming in an instant! Whatever did this may still be around, but we haven't seen the cause.] She also sends a mental picture of the body as it crumbles into a pile.
  19. <Mare-Do-Well> Bookwright crouches next to the pile of dust. "Do you suppose some jungle creature did this to the poor fellow? It seems a bit extreme, but... What I've read about Everfree creatures from before the war suggests that they could do this thing without being twisted by horrible radiation. But I don't know anything about the jungle around here...
  20. <Mare-Do-Well> ...
  21. <Mare-Do-Well> Fifteen minutes later, the group is watching a copy of the security camera footage.  They know that this same footage is being reviewed by Major Tripwire and others in the E.L.R. elsewhere.
  22. <Mare-Do-Well> he door does not get much traffic.  In fact, the first people seen entering are Golden_Dream and Mwana.  And after they do, that entrance remains unused until the mare Golden_Dream and Mwana identify as the one who screamed trots into view and uses the entrance.
  23. <Mare-Do-Well> Between one and two minutes later, she flees back out of the entrance, screaming.
  24. <Mare-Do-Well> Soon, Bookwright arrives... and events progress as the group knows it should.
  25. <Mare-Do-Well> Noble_Heart taps her chin. "There is another entrance to that hallway? Whatever happened there, it is certainly not recorded here. Though We suggest that Mwana and Golden Dream begin considering talking about what they were doing, and why."
  26. <Mare-Do-Well> Bookwright makes a thoughtful noise. "So, now we know the assailant came from inside the city, and didn't come into the city from here. But we didn't see the victim here either, so that means the victim came from inside the city too, and is not an outsider. It would be helpful to interview that mare, has she been tracked down yet?"
  27. <Mare-Do-Well> "Well yeah.  It's a hallway," one of the pegasi says.  Then after getting cross looks, expounds, "It leads to a cross hallway.  From there, you can either go to the civilian housing or to hydroponics."
  28. <Mare-Do-Well> ...
  29. <Mare-Do-Well> Cottonseed speaks to someone off-mic, then says, "We do have something I can offer, if you have a way of making use of it."
  30. <Mare-Do-Well> CopyCat pipes up, "Some members of our crew may have alchemy knowledge."
  31. <Mare-Do-Well> Cottonseed explains, "There is an old zebra recipe for a magical body paint.  When painted on a person, the oil will reveal if they are a changeling in disguise."  He adds, "It is how we caught the changeling who intended to replace Fluttershy."
  32. <Mare-Do-Well> "We could try to fly some samples to you, but that would take several days.  And the flight through Shattered Hoof Ridge is a hazardous one.  We wouldn't want to lose griffins in the attempt.  It would be easier if we could just send you the recipe and you had someone who could make it on-site."
  33. <Mare-Do-Well> Noble_Heart lets out a quiet 'hrm'. "We will see what can be arranged. We have had contact with some of the Zebras beyond the border. WIth luck we may be able to get their help producing some. Thank you."
  34. <Mare-Do-Well> ...
  35. <Mare-Do-Well> The shaman steps through.  "Step forward," he calls to CopyCat in Jadi.  "We shall see if the shadows hide in you."
  36. <Mare-Do-Well> CopyCat pulls off her helmet, letting her aquamarine mane cascade down her shoulders and neck. "Ahh, that did it!" She aims a Winning™ smile at the guards... then at the shaman. "Oh-kay!" She steps forward.
  37. <Mare-Do-Well> The zebra shaman opens a bag and dips a hoof in it.  When it withdraws it, his hoof is covered in a thick yellow oil.  He reaches up and smears the oil across CopyCat's face.
  38. <Mare-Do-Well> CopyCat begins to glow.  The other zebras gasp.  The shaman steps back, looking grim.  "They are like the others," he says.  "They are not of the Empress, nor of Her Shadow Pony ally.  They are... displaced."
  39. <Mare-Do-Well> ...
  40. <Mare-Do-Well> Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two Hundred and Two: All Roads Lead... (Part 4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE0iBDl3NHw
  41. <Mare-Do-Well> The ponies and friends have finished watching the video and are discussing.  There is a couple hours before the Enclave normally does a full headcount to determine who died, but there is discussion of initiating it early.  Meanwhile, the soldiers are able to pull up civilian information on the screaming mare.
  42. <Mare-Do-Well> Over the Enclave military channel, Major Tripwire converses with his unit.  Get_Lost is able to listen in.   "We can distribute food chits for dinner early.  If we start now, that will give us a head count within the hour."
  43. <Mare-Do-Well> "I have recommended lockdown.  However, we have guests on-site and more on the way.  The captain is worried that confining zebra pirates to guest quarters might negatively affect diplomatic trade."
  44. * Get_Lost hangs around for a while, but starts growing nervous. also, gives the information to copy sharing wth her what she ears
  45. <Mare-Do-Well> "In the meantime, groups of at least two.  Find our pony of interest.  She's an untagged civilian who works in hydroponics, so have teams search for her in her work station and her barracks, as well as the Soko."
  46. * Get_Lost offers to the others "the security is preparing for a massive scale search, i think..."
  47. * Get_Lost and on a different channel is chatting with sonica, sending her messages "hey hon, how is it going? there's been a problem with a pulverized pegasus, i could be a little late"
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  50. * Pony_36357 looks more than a little out of her depth
  51. <Pony_36357> * Mitzi
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  55. * CopyCat smiles, sharing in Get_Lost's joy at having found a kindred spirit, then looks at the rest of her friends. "I'm not sure if there's much we can do until the witness is found. Maybe we can help look for her? Although we won't be able to identify her tag... oh! Noble Heart mentioned the Seraphim that Ember and Citrine told us about. Maybe we should ask Citrine more about them, and the zebra pirates too."
  56. * Get_Lost "a visit to the pirates could actually be a nice thing, you know? they probably know something about the zebra magic mojo and identify what happened to that pegasus?"
  57. * Get_Lost offers weakly "pirates are a supersticious lot, they probably have at least a story about something like that"
  58. * Mitzi offers. "Did da ash have a strong smell? Uh cud maybe help luk Eef eet did, since she might have sum on hur."
  59. <Mare-Do-Well> Doctor Sonica responds to Get_Lost.  "I heard the commotion.  Thank you for letting me know.  I'd put things on ice, but that's the one thing we don't seem to have here."
  60. * Get_Lost "nah, keep up with the programming, i'll join you as soon as possible. or you could join us?"
  61. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana offers, "I have heard stories about the Seraphim.  I think I have even spotted one once.  But they keep to the south though, and rarely venture up near the basin, so all I am sure about are stories.  And that body... despite being ash... there were no scorch marks.  The walls were not hot."
  62. * Bookwright "So... Maybe somepony wanted it to /look/ like there's a sun zombie loose? That's interesting."
  63. * Golden_Dream thinks a moment. "Maybe it was a folk with a magic laser weapon?"
  64. * Bookwright nods "That's a strong possibility. Maybe we could get an armory officer in here to look at the ashes?"
  65. * Get_Lost thinks aloud "a unicorm with a magic laser sword maybe? in some sort of eternal fight between good and evil? on a galactic scale?"
  66. * Mitzi rubs her head. "Why though? Wut reason wud dey haff tu frame a ser- seruph?"
  67. * Bookwright "To send us off on a wild zombie chase."
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  75. * CopyCat puts on a pair of glasses which make her look extra cute and nerdy and pushes them up the bridge of her nose. "Jinkies. Thanks for the information, Mwana. It looks like this mystery will take some more investigating to solve it."
  76. * CopyCat turns to Mitzi. "Mitzi-doo, good idea about using your nose. We can head down to the scene and see if you can pick up anything from the scent of the ashes. If that mare touched them, their smell might be on her for you to track."
  77. * Get_Lost "i could actually check what was in that dust.... did we get a sample?"
  78. * Bookwright scowls blurrily at CopyCat and takes his glasses back.
  79. * CopyCat pouts at Bookwright. "Aww, but I wanted to be Velma..."
  80. * Bookwright polishes his glasses of CopyCat's smudges. "Who? Oh, nevermind."
  81. * Mitzi nods. "Eef yu tink eet wud help."
  82. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana blinks then whispers to Golden_Dream, "She is crazy, right?"
  83. * Golden_Dream whispers back, "Which one?"
  84. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana seems not to have a swift answer for that.  Finally, "The one without stripes."
  85. * CopyCat nods to Get_Lost. "Great idea! We may have to convince the Enclave to let us take a sample of the remains, but if we stress the importance of this post-mortem, I'm sure they will agree."
  86. * Shatara is quite sure all the ponies in this town are crazy.
  87. * Golden_Dream pulls her hoof to her chestfluff as if he had struck her square in the heart. "I'll have you know that I totally take offense to that!" She exaggerates. She then drops the pretense with a half-lidded eyeroll. "We wouldn't be here if we wasn't crazy, Mwana. But Copy, Noble, and Get have their
  88. <Golden_Dream> reasons."
  89. * Get_Lost "well, i kow what a pulverized pony remains should look like ona microspcope... the problem is... they look like a lot of other things...."
  90. * CopyCat turns. "Bookwright, Shatara, could you search for an armory officer and bring them to the scene to get their opinion of the remains? As you mentioned there's the possibility this is magic-weapon related."
  91. <Mare-Do-Well> As the soldiers trot off, separating into pairs, one of them suggests, "They probably have a sample in the 'dangerous critters' lab by now.  The rest will be taken to the Memorium."
  92. * Get_Lost "i'll head there. is there a chance that somepony will vouce for me? i'm friends with the one that was kicked out and they could be a little cold to my requests"
  93. * Shatara dutifully accompanies the laserhorse to the armory. Probably still has a stripeypone in tow.
  94. * Bookwright is secretly hoping he'll get to shoot off some lasers.
  95. * CopyCat looks to Mitzi. "We should go with Get_Lost. Your friend Wind Weaver works in the dangerous creatures lab, right? You can also see if you can pick up a strong scent from the ash sample they have."
  96. <Mare-Do-Well> Bookwright and Shatara arrive at the Armory to find it under a state of singular Lockdown.  Three pegasi in E.L.R. magically-powered armor stand guard.  The armory window itself is barricaded.
  97. <Mare-Do-Well> One of the guardians lifts an armored hoof at their approach.  "Sorry.  Armory is closed."
  98. * Bookwright waves nervously. "Hi. Um. We're here looking for a weaponry expert. We suspect that the victim might have been murdered with a laser weapon. It's just that none of us have ever seen this happen before, so we need an expert's opinion on the pile of ashes."
  99. * Mitzi nods and smiles, proud of her friend's improved station. "Uhll show yu da way."
  100. <Mare-Do-Well> The guards look at each other.  "What victim?" one of them asks.
  101. <Mare-Do-Well> Mitzi, meanwhile, leads Get_Lost and CopyCat to the lab where Wind Weaver and several other labponies are hard at work.  Wind Weaver looks up in surprise.  
  102. * Mitzi smiles at her, then offers a quick explanation of the situation
  103. * Get_Lost adds some words "we are just trying to figure out if that dust is somehow revognizable... i'm a medic, but not a chemist, so... can you nake a good use of me?"
  104. * Get_Lost blushes "make, i mean... make"
  105. * Shatara 's eyes go wide and pouty at the tragety that is a closed armory. Bookwright reminds him (with some help from a jab of Jugeote's hoof) that they're here to find an expert, rather than bask in the firepower. But he was looking forward to that part..."Err...a pegapone mysteriously disintegrated recently. We're trying to help figure out why..."
  106. <Mare-Do-Well> Wind Weaver nods solumnly.  "Ripple is working on the sample that Major Tripwire's tech brought in."  She gets up and leads the group across the lab.  Most pegasi are looking at pictures or data taken by scouts in the jungle around them.  A few are looking over the dissection of a large cat-like creature.  
  107. <Mare-Do-Well> In one corner, a lone pegasus is studying the readouts on a terminal.  She looks up at the group's approach, first with alarm at seeing Mitzi.  Then more at ease (and a little abashed) when she spots Wind Weaver.  "Oh... hey... it's you."
  108. * Mitzi stops a moment and eyes the big thing. She couldn't help but wonder if it's meat would be tasty
  109. <Mare-Do-Well> [Armory] The guards look at each other.  One offers, "Must be why they closed down the armory."
  110. * Bookwright nods. "Almost certainly. We don't need to go in, we just need to borrow an expert."
  111. <Mare-Do-Well> [Armory] The others agree.  One turns to Shatara, "We can't leave our post, but if you are looking for a magical energy weapons expert, the arms master has been given leave for the day.  He'll either be in the Soko or in his quarters.  B-deck, green barracks.  He has his own room at the back."
  112. * CopyCat suddenly tries to look as un-tasty as possible. She remains too delicious for her own good.
  113. <Mare-Do-Well> [Armory] The soldier then nods to Bookwright.  "That's where you'll most likely find him."
  114. * Bookwright smiles. "Hey, thanks. Be safe. We'll get out of your manes now."
  115. <Mare-Do-Well> [Lab] "You're here about the sample, right?" Ripple asks.  "I'm afraid I can't tell you much.  I mean, it's ash.  Sort of."
  116. * Mitzi looks over. "sort of?"
  117. * CopyCat raises a (sumptuously scrumptious) eyebrow and echoes Mitzi, "Sort of?"
  118. <Mitzi> * uv
  119. * Get_Lost "yeah i know... can i give it a look at the icroscope and check a couple of things please?"
  120. * Get_Lost "also, what have you found out so far? oh right: i'm get lost, pleased to meet you"
  121. * Golden_Dream cuddles up to Mwana. She seemed worried. "Hey, um. So, have I ever told you why Noble and Copycat are like that?"
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  123. * Mitzi gestures to CopyCat and Get_Lost. "Dis eez ur ponee friends." She then gestures them to Wind Weaver. "Und dis eez ur honorary litter mate."
  124. * CopyCat bows to Wind Weaver. "It is a pleasure to meet you," she then turns to Ripple, "and you as well."
  125. <Mare-Do-Well> Ripple moves back, allowing Get_Lost a look.  "Well, you know, ash is what's left when everything that can be consumed is consumed in a fire, right?  Well, this is... what's left when everything that can be consumed has been consumed.  Just... not in a fire."
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  127. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana shakes his head at Golden_Dream's question.
  128. * Get_Lost nodnods to te scientist's words "okay, that's pretty close to what i was expecting... but i  still hope to find something else. something that doesn't belong, or some oddities..."
  129. * Bookwright turns to Shatara. "Let's try the Barracks first. The Soko is huge."
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  133. * Golden_Dream grits her teeth. "Well, they're big. Never met an ugly one. They got wings and horns. Prolly could find one or two that got Earth Pony stubbornness out of the deal. Ain't gonna die of old age. So tell me, what does that tell y' already?"
  134. * Mitzi considers. "So Eef eet eez not fire, den wut else cud du dat? Magic weapons Uh tink."
  135. <Mare-Do-Well> [Barracks] Bookwright and Shatara reach the barracks quickly.  These barracks are much better than the hallway lined with beds that they encountered before.  In part, the ponies have been able to spread out where they sleep now that they no longer have to remain within range of thermal devices.  
  136. <Mare-Do-Well> Many pegasi have even taken to moving into now-emptied shipping containers that have been stacked outside.  The barracks within Lunar Rising are both less cluttered and better smelling than they have been in over a generation.  There are civilian barracks in the "purple" section and enlisted barracks in the "green" section.
  137. <Mare-Do-Well> Shatara and Bookwright are in time to see a pair of familiar soldier ponies knocking on a door as they pass through the civilian section and to the stairs painted with green upward arrows.
  138. <Mare-Do-Well> [Lab] Ripple frowns.  "I'm not sure.  Magic, presumably.  Plenty of magical energy weapons can reduce a target to ash, but it is usually hot, glowing ash.  Maybe a spell?"
  139. <Mare-Do-Well> Wind Weaver offers, "Maybe a spirit could do something like that."
  140. <Mare-Do-Well> "Or a magical creature.  Changelings are supposed to be able to drain somepony's love..."
  141. * CopyCat gasps, "What if that poor pegasus was drained of all his patriotism!"
  142. * Get_Lost "yeah... this place is full of dangerous speciments... only, they shouldn't be INSIDE the colony... i'm looking for remains if something, anything... especially, traces of some... catalyst, that could create that sort of reaction in a way so fast... or residual magical radiation..."
  143. * Mitzi knows she knows little about ago beyond how to use guns that ran on it
  144. <Mitzi> * about magic
  145. * Get_Lost offers to the scientist "alright, maybe we can work on the only oddity that i found about it, but maybe you already noticed it: the dust seems mostly grey on the magical field scale.... that is, under the average level of the environment... it looks drained."
  146. <Mare-Do-Well>  [Barracks] Shatara and Bookright have just ascended the stairs to the Green Level barracks when they hear shouts from below.
  147. * Bookwright immediately descend to find the commotion.
  148. * Shatara jumps in an about face and swoops towards the danger.
  149. * Get_Lost continues "you know, a little like... the victim was drained somehow of any vital essence and crumbled to dust after that, or... it was some sort of simulacra that ran out of energy and collapsed..."
  150. <Mare-Do-Well> Bookwright's hurry takes him to the door that a moment ago two familiar soldiers were knocking on.  Now those soldiers are inside.
  151. * Bookwright has Pew-Pew drawn, but lowered. "Hey, what's going on?"
  152. <Mare-Do-Well> Inside is a fairly tight barracks: four bunk beds separated by standing lockers.  On each end is desk and chairs.  In addition, a small mirror and wash bin provides separation on one wall.  
  153. <Mare-Do-Well> A few of the bunks show signs of personalization: old pictures on the walls, a unique and tattered quilt in grandmotherly colors, or things hanging from straps.  One even has a crude "privacy curtain" made out of mildly-rotted burlap.
  154. <Mare-Do-Well> On one of the beds is most of the form of the pegasus mare who they have been looking for.  But the sculpted ash of her form is rapidly collapsing, much having already spilled onto the floor at the shocked soldiers' hooves.
  155. * Bookwright "Okay you two. Describe to me /exactly/ what just happened."
  156. <Mare-Do-Well> One of the soldiers informs Bookwright, "We came in, found her like this.  Already dead.  Ash."
  157. * Bookwright sends CopyCat a quick message: <The mare we thought was a witness just died like the last victim. I'm down in the purple barracks with Shatara and a couple Enclave soldiers who might have seen what happened.>
  158. <Mare-Do-Well> The other says, "Snowhare here touched her."
  159. * Bookwright "And you didn't see anybody come out? It must have happened recently, the last victim fell apart very quickly."
  160. <Mare-Do-Well> "I was checking for a pulse."
  161. <Mare-Do-Well> "Snowhare touched her and she just started... crumbling."
  162. <Mare-Do-Well> "That wasn't my fault!"
  163. * Bookwright curses. "Well, maybe not recently then. Snowhare, please don't move."
  164. <Mare-Do-Well> The two stop.  Then one says, "No, we didn't see anyone.  This room is barracks to eight civilians.  Could have been any of them."
  165. <Mare-Do-Well> "Well, one of the other seven.  Or anyone she let in."
  166. * CopyCat relays Bookwright's mental message to Get_Lost and Mitzi, quietly so as not to cause a panic in the lab, before also informing Ripple that another pony has become ash. One who touched the previous pony. So if she handled the ash without gloves on (unlikely for a scientist) it might be a good idea to wash her hooves.
  167. <Mare-Do-Well> "She didn't look dead at first.  She was laying down.  Looked like she was crying... only no sound and no movement.  It was creepy.  I didn't even notice the coloration at first..."
  168. * Bookwright turns to the other soldier. "Um, Soldier-I-Don't-Know-Your-Name, can you please stand outside the doorway and keep the rubberneckers away? I've already sent a message alerting my companions."
  169. <Mare-Do-Well> The soldiers split up.  "I've reported in to Major Tripwire.  He should be here soon."
  170. <Mare-Do-Well> Snowhare remains inside, the other taking a position in the hall.
  171. * Get_Lost jumps up "damn! we could have something, but... i need to get to that mare now!" rushes out of the lab "sorry girls, i have to check something and fast!" runs to the place where the others are
  172. * Bookwright "Given that we still don't know the actual cause of death, it might be prudent if nobody touched Snowhare for the time being. I don't think it's an illness, but that doesn't mean it can't be spread by contact. After all, this mare died and as far as we know she was the one that disturbed the remains of the first victim.'
  173. <Mare-Do-Well> [Lab] Ripple quickly moves to wash her hooves, looking very worried.
  174. * Bookwright grimaces. "Well, the first victim that we know about anyways."
  175. * Bookwright "Snowhare, how are you feeling right now?"
  176. <Mare-Do-Well> >> Everypony: report to stations immediately.  We have an incoming southbound vessel. <<
  177. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana looks up as the voice commands over the loudspeakers.  He looks to Golden_Dream.  "Southbound?  From the Frozen North?"
  178. * Golden_Dream blinks. "Oh, hey. Th' Crystal Kingdom's a' comin'."
  179. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana ahs.  "They're allies of yours, right?"
  180. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana then admits to Golden_Dream, "I do not know what that should tell me.  I have never been big or immortal.  Rather the opposite.  I co not know what that should be like."
  181. * Get_Lost has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  182. * Golden_Dream nods and smiles. "Yeah, you could say that." Shit she hoped they wouldn't make a big deal out of seeing her again that would be so embarrassing and Mwana would tease her! She makes her way to the dock. "No, I'm sayin', that seems too perfect to happen by nature, right?"
  183. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana nods, following.  "Aren't they created by... radiation?"
  184. * Bookwright frowns in thought. "The armory officer may be less useful than I thought, but since we're so close to the green barracks... Shatara, could you go really quickly and check if he's there? Bring him here, to look at this pile of ashes?"
  185. * Golden_Dream shakes her head. "If they was made by radiation, they wouldn't look like that, and there wouldn't be hundreds of 'em. Naw, they're engineered. They got mutated by the worst stuff th' old wasteland had on tap and came out lookin' pretty, but with their minds all hooked up to one narcissist."
  186. <Mare-Do-Well> Golden_Dream reaches the deck in time to see a trio of Enclave sky-tanks lift off to intercept a small, incoming vehicle.  
  187. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana stares at Golden_Dream.  "Hooked up?"
  188. * Shatara nods. He pauses by Snowhare, fighting down the urge to hug. "S-sorry..." He rushes out with Jugeote in tow, wishing he had cheater unicorn magic to hug pones without touching.
  189. * Golden_Dream breathes a puff of air out her nose. "Hooked up. Minds all mashed up into one huge mass where one pony who wanted /everypony/ to be like that and under her hoof had th' biggest, loudest voice. It took a balefire bomb t' kill that voice. And not everypony came out right in th' head."
  190. <Mare-Do-Well> The sky-tanks maneuver to provide escort.  The new vehicle appears to be a heavily armed and armored Equestrian passenger bus.  It is painted in yellow and black stripes, and is adorned with the NCR flag.  The bus is pulled through the air by a pair of griffins.
  191. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana continues to stare a moment, then looks away.  "Damn.... that is... messed up."
  192. <Mare-Do-Well> Mwana asks, "Are your friends... okay?"  Then, "Can I help?"
  193. * Golden_Dream pauses. No. No, this can't be her luck. Her neck cranes to see what comes out of that bus. Her mane stuck up on end, reflexively. "Uh. I think they're beyond yer' help. Jus' treat 'em like folk. Try t' ignore when Copycat does that thing where she's like, quotin' stuff that don't exist."
  194. <Mare-Do-Well> Shatara and Jugeote race up to the Green Level barracks.  Like the room they just left, most of the barracks are divided into rooms shared by military units or other enlisted assignments.  There are only a few rooms that are private, and they are quite small, albeit spacious in comparison.  They find the one they are looking for at the far back.
  195. <Mare-Do-Well> The armsmaster has his door open.  Primarily because there isn't enough room to field strip and clean his battle saddle's plasma gatlings with the door closed.
  196. <Mare-Do-Well> Golden_Dream watches the Enclave surround the bus as it lands.  And watches as several ponies step out while the griffins release themselves from the pull harness.  
  197. <Mare-Do-Well> Golden_Dream recognizes Cottonseed on sight.
  198. <Mare-Do-Well> --- End of Session ---
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