Suddenly, I want to stuff the shark.

Jul 5th, 2021
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  1. "NO" she screamed, tears running down her face. The rattling chains were heavy and lethargic to match her actions. She had been down here for three days, and the light of hope was growing dim.
  2. "Just one more time and I'll let you rest." The masked man approached, his tighty-whiteys stained and threadbare, his skin caked with dirt from past altercations.
  3. "C-c-come on!! Just let me go, please!" The shark girl pleaded and kicked, to no avail. "Aaaahhh, help!!" Her voice echoed through the dank cellar, never to escape.
  4. The masked man grabbed her by the cheeks as she clamped her mouth shut. "Now, now, little shark. You need your nourishment." He pried her lips open with his grimy fingers, bringing his body close enough for his stench to fill her nostrils. Sweat, stress and foul intent. "The less you struggle, the sooner it'll be over." He promised, his sour breath escaping from behind the plastic dime-store disguise.
  5. She relents, slackening her jaw as well as the rest of her body.
  6. "That's good," the stranger coos while filling her mouth. "Isn't that nice?"
  7. The shark spits in disgust. "Oh God, it's burnt! How do you manage to burn rice!"
  8. Shocked, her captor falls back on his ass. "I-I-I-I checked the recipe! I cooked it for 30 minutes!" He stuttered.
  9. "You idiot, you bring it to a boil and you turn off the heat to let it sit! You don't keep the heat on for 30 minutes!" She spits again as the fool gathered up the spilled food. "Just buy a damn rice cooker!" She shouted as he scurried up the stairs, his whimpers and sniffling echoing through the chamber.
  10. "What's it take to get some real food around here?" The shark mumbled to herself.
  11. The man stood in the kitchen. There was only one thing left to do.
  12. The door to the cellar flew open, drawing the shark's attention. Heavy steps came down the stairs. The madman came into view, carrying a very large pot, as large as the shark girl herself.
  14. "I hope you like mashed potatoes."
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