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  1. Ch.1
  3. Edd danced in and out of consciousness, the sensation of being dragged entering his mind. Thoughts of being taken to some den of eating assailed him, although he could not gather enough of his senses to scream. Finally, he heard distant voices, although they were coming from someone close. The identity was unknown to him, though the voices sounded argumentative. Blackness filled his vision once more. The air was cold around him as it tickled his skin, moist with perspiration. He opened his eyes, and found that the fog of being knocked out was fading fast. He looked around and saw a peculiar sight. All around him was makeshift medical equipment. False ECG machines made out of broken televisions, blood pressure cuffs made of paper and water hoses, scalpels fashioned out of butter knives.
  5. "Finally, you're awake." The voice was high, with a hint of concern mixed with being held up. He turned, partially. Edd moved his arms and legs and found that they were strapped to the table on which he was laying. Had he been kidnapped by some horrid butchers who wished to replace their body parts with his? When he turned his head, he saw that he would only be so lucky were that the case. Standing in a mock-nurses outfit made out of an old tablecloth and some red markers was Marie Kanker, her candystriper outfit mottled with holes.
  6. Unhand me at once, Kanker, or I'll..."
  8. "Zip it, egghead!" She cut him off. "Look, I figured I'd do some homework with you." This took him off his footing, so to speak.
  10. "I beg your pardon?"
  12. "Yeah," she said, traipsing nearer.
  14. "Well, what do you need help with? Surely you could have just asked me instead of absconding with me in the dead of night! Is it mathematics? English studies?"
  16. "Wrong, genius. Think a little closer to today." Edd wished that he hadn't.
  18. "I've come to expect a lot of things from you, Kanker, but if you expect that I'll do THAT, you're as wrong as they come!" She smirked, a wholly frightening act to him.
  20. "C'mon, double-D. It'll be like a science experiment. You like those, right?" Of that she was correct.
  22. "Of course, but I could just find books that could teach me just as well." She reached for a pile of literature on a table behind her. She flipped open one of the magazines and spread it open in all it's glory: men and women in the most lurid and venal positions doing...that in a myriad of way. Edd tried to look away, but had a hard time of it when Marie shoved the erotic magazine in his face.
  24. A little gift from your half-pint friend's bro. But enough about him, let's get started with some learning!" Edd protested, flailing about as hard as he tried, but the restraints were bound too tight, too well. Marie's smile grew and she leapt onto the table, straddling Edd at the waist. She leaned down and began kissing Edd's face, as hard as that was with him struggling. "All right, Mr. Hard-to-get. Let's see if those mags knew what they were talking about." With that, Marie's kisses began to move down from Edd's face to his neck. She suckled on his neck, sending a shivering wave across Edd's body. It was a strange feeling, as unwelcome as it was. He couldn't imaging the amount of washing he would have to do to get rid of this. Marie let her long, blue hair glide across Edd's neck as her tongue inched its way down his neck to his chest. She tongued and played with his thin chest, letting the tips rise a bit and grow sensitive.
  26. "What are you doing?" Edd asked, his voice fluttering a little. Marie craned her neck up.
  28. "If those mags were right, something you'll never forget." And with that she spoke no more. Edd continued to protest, but found his voice growing lighter as Marie's tongue waved across his body. He felt strange, although the feeling was becoming less intolerable. In fact it was growing almost likeable. The blue-haired girl scratched her teeth lightly against his exposed skin, kissing and caressing with her mouth. Slowly she swayed her head to the edge of Edd's swim trunks. She hummed to herself pleasedly. Edd wondered what it was she'd seen when she lifted her head. Risen in the air, Edd's lower extremities had swelled. He was stunned, not realizing it had even happened until Marie showed him.
  30. "What did you do?" his voice barely a whisper. Marie moved her hips down to straddle him at his midsection. She leaned her head down,
  32. "Everything," and kissed him. Edd didn't fight it. He at first too lost in conflicting messages to resist. Everything he'd known about Marie Kanker was, on the one hand being proven true, and yet, at the same time, falling apart. He'd known she was desperate to have him, and knew she was controlling and ill-tempered. He knew she was his near-opposite. What he didn't know, until now, was that he liked it. He liked the dichotomy that was apparent between them. He liked the way she'd been different from her sisters like he had been from his friends. He liked Marie. As her hips bore down on his, he aided in the kiss now, instead of resisting or remaining neutral. Marie felt Edd's tongue enter her as much as she did to him. Something went through them that neither of them needed to say. Marie reached into her nurse’s hat and pull out a key. She reached up and released the restraints on his arm. She then tossed the key aside. He embraced her, pulling her tight to him, feeling her body through the false clothing. He ran his hands through her hair and pushed her face into his, not wanting to break their first true kiss.
  34. Suddenly, Marie reached up just enough to remain on each other's lips, but giving her enough space to tug off the top of the outfit with a few light pulls. The cloth fell to the floor with a light thud. Marie broke the embrace and arched her back, holding down Edd at the same time. Edd had never seen a girl's breasts before. The experience was exhilarating. He reached out a hand and felt one. It was supple and soft. As his fingertips glided across Marie's nipples, she let out a soft sigh. She placed her hand against his and pushed his grip in tighter. He needed no more guidance. Edd began caressing and kneading her breasts, watching as the nipples began to firm up and stiffen. Now it was his turn. Edd reached up with surprising strength and wrapped his mouth around Marie's closest breast. Her skin was freshly washed and as silken as a rose. He lolled his tongue around the tip of her breast, feeling every inch of it as long as he could.
  36. Their breathing grew shorter and more forceful. Edd played a hand across her lithe body, feeling the sleek curve of her stomach. Suddenly, he found his movement impeded by the skirt she had fashioned. He took hold of her waist and forced her down. At that moment, Edd noticed that Marie wasn't wearing underwear, the thin material of his bathing suit folding precisely around the thin curves of her womanhood as it pressed against his member. This only increased his arousal, and he pulled her even more forcefully. Marie reached down and ripped at the thin cloth, tearing it off easily. She laid fully down onto Edd, letting her naked body slide against him with their every movement. Edd reached down and squeezed her firm, small behind. His hands reached down with the intention of feeling more of it when his fingertips glimpsed the edges of her womanhood. She flinched, and cooed into his mouth. He pressed his advantage and moved his hands around to feel her as nobody else had. He knew little about what exactly to do, and was grateful when Marie's hand reached down and guided his hands like a lustful Ouija cue, finding sentences of pleasure neither of then had ever experienced. The pressure at his waist was becoming intense. His swim trunks were too confining. With a moan, he lifted his hips off the table and tugged down his shorts, their cold wetness resting at his bound feet.
  38. There they were. Edd and Marie Kanker, only a day before bitter enemies and now something far more than friends. With Marie smothering his face with hers, Edd couldn't see what was down there, but he could feel it with immense clarity. Pressed against his rod was something warm, and somewhat slick in places. As she ground her hips against him, it would begin to envelop him, but only a little. He had seen...that. And Edd knew what he had to do. He grabbed Marie slightly above her waist and pushed her up, so that their bodies joined at ninety degrees. He saw Marie and wondered how he couldn't have realized how physically stunning Marie was. Her thin, sculpted body was tight and well-tanned. Her curves were nearly perfect, her breasts in perfectly proportioned. She truly was beautiful, he thought. He then looked down and saw it staring at the sky, fully erect. Marie was still grinding and swaying her hips, almost out of reflex. He looked askingly in her eyes.
  40. She nodded almost imperceptibly, but it was enough. Marie reached down and touched it, soothing it with her hands. She gripped it very lightly, and lifted her hips with the gentlest of motions. They both looked down, not wanting to miss a single moment of this first experience. Marie had imagined this for a long time, and her wishes were ultimately being made real. Edd felt the tip of his rod press against the warm slickness of Marie. Achingly slowly Marie lowered herself, moaning and gasping every few moments as she filled herself with Edd's body. When she was halfway inserted onto Edd, he felt a resistance, something firm, yet giving. A tear began to rise in Marie's eye. She reached down and kissed Edd again, and forced herself completely onto him in one sudden movement. The resistance gave for a split second before giving way completely, and Marie yelped into Edd's mouth, frightening him a bit. She reached up, the tear still there. Edd could see with the smile on her face that it was one of pure joy. He reached up and wiped it off her face.
  42. For many moments, neither of them moved a muscle. The experience was too new, the emotions too chaotic. They breathed in short, flittering bursts, the sweat from both their exertion and their nervousness causing their bodies to glisten in the moonlight. Marie took the initiative, and began swaying her hips in a pendulum fashion, slowly. Edd grasped her hips and began pacing his own thrusting motions with her, ensuring that he was as deeply inserted within her as he could be. The swaying increased in speed, although it was still very slow. Marie's breaths soon became short gasps as new sensations twitched within her. Edd was overcome with the intense feeling of his member being surrounded by her tight, caressingly slick flesh. It felt as if every part of it was tugging at him, trying to force him inside and never release him. He gladly let it try as their hips began to separate in their trusting. The cool air brushed against the base of his now wet shaft when it wasn't enveloped by Marie's voluptuous body. It prickled at his skin and made him wish to stay even deeper within her. His thrusts began to outpace hers and he could feel the sharp slapping sound of their hips colliding. Marie was now speaking in a language of gasps and soft moans, her eyes rolling about in her head as she lost her grasp on the world around her, and gave herself over to sensation. She tried to match Edd as best she could, but he was thrusting too quickly. Something had arisen within him, something that needed to be. All his life Edd's had been one of restraint and logic, of laws and protocols. Now, in one night, he was tossing that all aside for this one night of ecstasy with Marie. He could get used to this, he thought through the waves of euphoria.
  44. Edd raised his body, and Marie curled her legs around him, making sure their sexes were as deeply connected as they could. Their pace became furious now, their bodies sliding against each other, and their lips being completely locked. Marie bucked her hips down as Edd thrust her body up with his. They timed each other's movements perfectly. The perfect couple. Edd almost felt a tear of his own come down when suddenly he began feeling something new. Marie's grip on him was becoming vice like and almost painful. Her hands were now almost drawing blood across his back. Her insides were clenching, tugging him, pulling as hard as they could. The movie had a name for this, but he couldn't recall it. He couldn't care either, as Marie's death grip suddenly peaked, and for a few moments she didn't breathe, and then it suddenly drained out from her, her entire body going slack, her breath going out in ragged puffs. He was sill firm, though, and he suddenly found a new slickness to her, and it enticed her in an odd way that felt incredible. He could feel a buildup of pressure deep within him from below his member. He thrust harder and harder, his body beginning to tense as hers had. Suddenly it built up like a river behind a water hose. Edd pulled Marie down onto him with almost animal ferocity and, with a sharp grunt, released inside of her, feeling hot fluid coat every part of her. Marie breathed in deeply as she felt the exchange, her body prickling at the slick feeling. Utterly without any more energy, they two fell back, Marie still grasping onto Edd, their lips finding each others after many moments of reaching. As the moon peaked at last, the two lovers held each other and entered into fulfilled, contented sleep.
  46. Ch.2
  48. Sunlight filtered into the trailer in thin, grasping tendrils that gave the bedroom an odd half-light. Shapes seemed to distort in the uneven lines of brightness, fighting hopelessly through the torn curtain that overlapped the window. As soon as the first of the feeble lines lashed over Edd's eyes, he awoke. He felt...strange. He felt sweaty and an unfamiliar, yet somehow intoxicating scent cloyed in the air. It wasn't until he tried to wipe the sweat from his brow did he realize his situation. As he moved his arms, the light jingling of his chains told him all he needed to remember the last night: the hot, warm feeling of body pressing deeply against body, the quick sighs, the slow moans. Marie.
  50. After an ambush in the woods, Edd had been kidnapped by Marie Kanker and lashed to the bed he was still entrapped by. His arms were free, but his legs were still chained to the posts. He was about to call out, when he heard a collection of whispers from behind the door. He was confused when he heard the sound of fists beating against palms. His mind began to wander. Perpaps Marie went to her sisters and now, in vengeful fury, he was going to see his life ended with him totally in the nude. Although he had been given a small strip of cloth in his sleep that covered only his most private areas, this was still far from a dignified way to go, and certainly...the door opened. Edd closed and put his hands over his eyes, not wanting to see the end come. He then cracked his hands and stole a small peek when he heard the door close and lock. There was somebody in the room with him this time. He hazarded a guess.
  52. "Marie?"
  54. "Nice try, smarty-guy." The voice was ululating with a familiar drawl and slight lisp. He blanched.
  56. "May?!"
  58. "Guess you're the brains after all." Edd opened his eyes. At the foot of the bed, wearing a pink tank-top and blazing red shorts was May Kanker. Edd tried to divert the conversation, both at the girl and in his own mind, away from what seemed to be the obvious.
  60. "Where...where is Eddy? And Ed? Tell me they're safe!" She rolled her eyes and grabbed the edge of the bed. Her lean caused the loose shirt to hang down, exposing her chest to him. He averted his eyes as best he could.
  62. "They broke loose. Lee can't tie knots!" Her answer was nonchalant, as if it was merely the distraction that it was. "But enough about them, let's talk about you, lover boy."
  64. "Lover boy?" he asked, fooling himself.
  66. "Ah, c'mon! Dontcha remember, last Valentine's Day?" It was a memory Edd had fought to suppress, although that fighting was now all for naught. After a series of almost comical mixups, Edd and May were convinced that they had feelings for each other, only to be separated by their respective counterparts.
  68. "But May," he stuttered, "surely you must remember that that was simply a mistake!" She retained an ear-to-ear smile.
  70. "I don't think THAT'S a mistake, hunk," she said pointing. Edd looked down and noticed the cloth that shielded his lower self was now peaked with the workings of his erection. He blushed, turning his face cherry red. He reached up and pushed it down. May crawled onto the bed on all fours, showing her breasts to the fullest, and shaking her rear like a jungle cat. Edd tightened his grip, and was surprised when May continued her prowling crawl and brought her mouth up to his ear.
  72. "Aw, you felt somethin' that day." With that, she began pecking and suckling on Edd's neck and shoulder. As she inched her way down, licking and nibbling his chest, Edd felt his grip loosen slightly. She slowly made her way back up, her offset teeth giving her love bites an animal passion. He looked down and saw the swathe of her golden blonde hair swaying gently left and right, with small patches of it clumping with her sweat. The shocks of sensual feeling with each nip drove him further and further out of his senses, and into the deep, warm waters of his own desire. After a few more unbearable moments, Edd reached a hand from the cloth and cupped May's chin. She twitched in surprise, but let him lead her face to his. He whispered back, low as to be almost inaudible, "I want to feel it again." May's eyes almost teared up as their eyes closed and they locked themselves together. For minutes, their kiss remained, their feelings, long since locked away, poured to the fore, coupled now with the intensity of lovers. May ran her hands across Edd's body, feeling every taut muscle, every inch of smooth flesh. One hand errantly reached for the cloth, but stayed there once it had landed. She could feel him, more than a handful, through the cloth. Edd, not wishing to rush this sensation any more than his blistering want demanded, reached up with his hand and clutched May by the shoulder. He pressed the straps of the ineffectual shirt to her body and pulled them down her arms, both pinning her arms to her side, and allowing him to feel with his fingertips May's delicately pale flesh. Her breasts, while perhaps not as large as Marie's, were tipped with readied nipples, the loose fabric and sensual atmosphere having excited them to firmness already. Keeping May firmly pinned, Edd broke their kiss and began to kiss and peck, as May had done, down her neck and onto her body.
  74. When Edd reached her breasts, he showed no mercy. He licked and suckled the tender flesh, lolling his tongue around her areola, and slipping the nipple through his teeth. He found he could brace her stiff tip between his teeth and rock his tongue side to side, causing her to grunt and grimace from the wonderful feeling. He could feel her chest heave as her breathing grew faster. Her body would tremble now and again as new sensations overwhelmed her. May lifted her arms out of the shirt Edd had restrained her with and ducked them under the cloth. Edd's heart skipped once as her fingertips cradled his stiff piece. The sudden gasp of air he took in was ice cold against her breast, stiffening it even further. She began toying with it, stroking it left and then right. Side to side. Up and down. Eventually, she could bear the lustful tongue lashing no more and she pulled back. Their eyes locked only for a moment before she ducked down and lifted the cloth up. May had never seen a boys part before. Of course she had heard the lewd talk, the bawdy references, and the banana jokes, but none of them could hold a candle to the sight which she now was experiencing. It wasn't a spectacle, nothing that any layperson could call miraculous, but to May, seeing the love organ of the man she wanted gave it a quality of mystery. It seemed to pulse and twitch in an odd rhythm with his heartbeat. She smiled.
  76. Edd was losing it. Really losing it. He was prepared to do things to May that not even a day ago he would have flatly denied. And likely run. But now, as her hot, fast breath washed over his member, Edd could think of nothing more than how he'd like her to...she did. It began with a twitch, a feeling he almost shrugged off as just another part of him rebelling. But then it happened again. Then again. The slick contact of skin against skin told him that May was sliding her tongue against his part. He couldn't see anything. He didn't want to. Underneath the cloth and May's shining hair, Edd could only dream of what was happening to him. Only he didn't have to dream. May's confidence grew, and she began to run her tongue from the base of his part to the very tip, lashing her tongue around the head. Edd couldn't stifle a moan, and May continued, invigorated.
  78. She began to wrap her lips around him, starting with his tip and then, slowly than one could notice, began moving her head down, flailing her tongue inside her mouth as she did so. Edd would jerk to and fro, insensate from the pleasure. As he did as such, May reached down with her hand and began caressing herself, touching her moistening slit through the tight cotton shorts. Edd, through the fog of lust, noticed, and began running his hands down her back, quickly moving his hands down to caress her rear. This had the bonus of pushing her in slightly without her noticing. Edd kneaded her bottom, but found his fingers inexorably finding themselves between the tight-fitting shorts, rubbing against her unprotected petals. Every time he'd find them, May would buck forward slightly in reaction, pushing herself deeper down onto him. Edd began to use this to his advantage, thrusting his hips forward and playing with her lips, until a steady movement formed.
  80. "Not so fast..." she said, her voice breaking with the rapid pace of her breathing. Edd was incredulous. The pressure welling up within him was titanic; there was no way he could simply stop now. Something, buried deep within his psyche, the nagging voice that had guided him with clarity and wisdom for years, said nothing. It was not that it offered some other, acceptable alternative that he could ruminate simply shut up. Edd's look glazed over for a moment, but in their sweaty ecstacy, May could hardly tell. Then, in an instant, Edd grasped May by the shoulders again. She cooed and puffed out her chest, ready for more of the nibbling and suckling. What she was not ready for was when Edd, the calm, reserved, patient member of the group, suddenly spun her around and began reaching for the elastic of her shorts.
  82. May said nothing, too shocked by his forwardness and her own want to complain. Edd had leaned forward to get a better grasp of May's shorts. She could feel him poking her even through the thin cotton. She wondered what it would feel like when he...the shorts came down with forceful precision. As he grasped her hips, May took one of his arms and turned her head to look at him. She was slightly alarmed by what she saw. The man preparing to take her womanhood was hardly the epitome of caution she was used to. There was a fierce look in his eyes, almost inhuman. Perhaps any other day, she might have been frightened by the sight. Now, however, she was fully ready to take him in, something she had fantasized many a night over since that fateful February.
  84. Edd shifted his knees, bringing his head within inches of May's slit. He didn't even need to see, her warmth being guide enough. He slid his piece in between the folds of her silken petals, slickening his rod. May grunted softly and tried to push forward. Edd reaffirmed his grasp of her and pulled her back, the motion pushing him inside of her, his head disappearing within. May closed her eyes as it happened. She gripped the sheets with a clenched fist as her virginhead was taken from her, the quick pain fluttering in her for only a moment. There was no stopping Edd as he was now, and woe betide any who would try. As he leaned forward, burying his shaft into the young blonde girl in front of him, Edd felt the fuzzy haze of lust become a comforting cloud on inhibition. Feeling her warm rear pat against his waist, Edd held on tightly, pulling her as deeply as he could onto him with their first thrust. May let go of Edd's arm and buried her head into the sheets.
  86. Hot. That was what his shaft told him. She was very hot now that she was his. Tight. That was what his head told him. She was tight as he was her first. Wet. That was what both told him. She was entirely slick because she wanted him. As he pulled out an agonizingly sensual inch at a time, he understood that he wanted her as well. And he would have her. Again, and again he would have her. Every time the word entered his mind, he thrusted forward, forcing himself into her welcoming body over and over. It wasn't quite the loving passion that he first felt with Marie, it was more...animalistic. A moment after his rumination, May began to slowly rise. He couldn't allow that, and placed his hands on her back, forcing her back down. Using the placement as a fulcrum, he began thrusting faster and harder, and her legs began to spread as she could no longer hold herself up in the wake of such wild love. She reached one of her hands, now too tired to even grip the sheets, down to the top of her slit, stimulating herself as was her custom. Taking this as an affront to his newly minted prowess, Edd grabbed the arm with unusual force and pulled it away. May moaned in between her pacing breaths, but Edd either couldn't hear it or didn't react.
  88. Suddenly he grasped her across her stomach like a wrestler and, true to such a form, pulled her up and placed himself on bottom, with her on top as if he were merely standing behind her, their bodies still connected. Edd could feel and hear her breathe. She was sweating deeply, just the exertion of staying upright nearly draining her. That was his job, something inside of his reminded him. With that, he went to work. One hand reached up to her breasts and began to fondle their delicate softness, flicking and twisting the now fully erect nipples. The other reached down to where they met. He shifted his fingers left and right, reaching and probing for...he found it. Though May couldn't see it, a savage grin crept over his face. He slowed his pace, as fast as it already was, savoring her sweet smell, feeling the cooling flick of her blonde hair as it moved across his glistening body. Just as May began to relax, he dove in with his fingers, twitching and poking her button. At the moment her body tensed, he redoubled his thrusts, her newfound tightness more ecstatic than he could have imagined.
  90. May couldn't hold up to this barrage of sensation. Peeps and whimpers became fully fledged moans as he pistoned himself within her and had his way with her most sensitive place. Her every muscle gave way to spasming without any sort of rhythm or pace, the inchoate lust removing all semblence of control. Her breathing became ragged through the gasping and moaning she was doing. Suddenly, her muscles began contracting with a hint of regularity. Something was happening to her, unfamiliar, yet welcome. It fluttered in her stomach and reached down to her loins. Soon it felt as if her body was flooded with electricity as her every muscle tightened at once. She reached down and gripped Edd as tightly as she could in her compromising position. She could hear Edd's sharp, forced breathing, his head brought down onto her shoulder. Then, with the incredible exertion her lust had put upon her coming back to take their toll, May entered the realm of unconsciousness, completely contented. Edd, however,was far from finished.
  92. He felt May come, as foreign as that term was to him. What he did know was that her womb suddenly gripped his part with an inescapable deathclutch that felt so incomparably good he felt words could only be paltry imitations. Then, like a puppet cut away from it's strings, May's nude body went slack and her breathing began to slow back to a rate of normalcy. His heart, however, was still racing, the experience of sex still fresh in his mind. He knew he could keep going. And he did. As May went lifeless in his arms, Edd rolled her onto the bed. She was like a work of art, with her golden hair splayed out across the bed and over her closed eyes. It seemed almost criminal to disturb such a beautiful sight. Almost. Collecting May's legs, he connected them at the knees and lifted them up into the air, her lower legs dangling uselessly in her unconsciousness. Still pulsing with desire, Edd moved himself forward quickly, no longer needing to be concerned with the formalities of lovemaking. As he thrust himself back inside of May, Edd began his own end.
  94. True love existed, Edd thought. That night, as tasted his first experience of sex with Marie, he understood this to be true. As they were coupled together but for the briefest moment of their lives, an eternity of understanding went between them. That was love. This, he realized as he slapped his thighs against May's behind, was not love. It was lust, pure and unadulterated. She had wanted her first encounter, and Edd had given it to her. As much as Valentine's Day had meant, it was meaningless in this. Wrapping his arms around her legs, Edd continued thrusting, unconcerned with her feelings towards the matter. Eventually it wasn't enough, and, while considerably pleasurable, couldn't bring him to the climax he demanded. He split apart her damp legs and, in a single fluid motion, placed himself firmly on top of her, cradling her head in his arms and began thrusting, much more satisfied with the deepness and intensity he could bring to bear.
  96. Sound began to fade into nothingness. All he could hear was his own paced breaths, the rhythmic pat of their bodies connecting, and May's forced exhalation. The pressure continued building. Edd gripped a handful of her hair and clenched it tightly. He kissed her neck to stifle his own moan as he released inside of her, the feeling like a tidal wave. He could feel the thick fluid rushing through her no-longer virgin womb, his finishing thrusts compacting it as tightly as he could within her. As he pulled out for the last time, he brought himself up with the last reserves of his strength. He saw the thick white liquid flow out of her, and collapsed. With his final seconds of consciousness, Edd kissed May softly on the cheek and rested his arm across her, the blackness once more taking him in like an old friend.
  98. Ch.3
  100. Hours went by like seconds in Edd's mind. He couldn't remember much in the dreamlike state he was in. Don't do it, a voice within him said, don't remember. Like a warm breeze, his arm moved somewhere in the distance. Was he dead? Edd didn't know. Another feeling, hot and firm. The sensation was familiar. He was being cleaned. Perhaps he was dead, and this was some sort of limbo where he would drift endlessly. The sensation moved down his chest, a few memories came back. A school bus, embarrassment, a lake. As the warmth moved lower and lower down his body, more memories. Fear. Dark shapes moving in the woods, his friends lost to horros unseen. Like sand moving down a doomsday hourglass, the memories flooded back in. Chains, girls laughing, girls...the feeling reached the end. All of the last day came back to him in a cascade of moans and labored breath. The unfathomable things he had done came rushing into his mind unbidden, and threatened to pull him into a place where...he woke up.
  102. Edd stared up at the ceiling, seeing the near-collapsing material sag down at him, as if it too were trapped here and wanted him to release it. He felt cold. Looking, he found he was still naked, but at least somebody had the good decency to wash him. Marie? With that thought, he began devising ways to get out of this sexual gulag. Perhaps a makeshift pin made out of a bedspring would undo his manacles? Before he could bring about any more internal discourse, the door, harbinger as it was, filtered in more noise. The voices were raised now. There were three, and all of them he could now recall. Marie and May were heatedly arguing with who had to be Lee, leader of the Kanker sisters. What they were specifically saying was lost behind the ill-painted wooden door, but clearly someone was angry. He almost began approaching the door to gain a better vantage when suddenly a fight broke out. The trailer swayed and rocked back and forth as the melee he couldn't see progressed. Animal yowls and screams beckoned from the door. After a horrifying minute, the sounds stopped. Then, like the painfully bad horror films Ed was wont to see, plodding, heavy footsteps approached the door. Edd wished there was at least the cloth strip to hide himself behind now. As the door creaked open, Edd could feel only terror.
  104. Entering the room, her thick curls of red hair glinting like hellfire in the dusky glow of the room, was Lee Kanker.
  106. "I hear you did some things to my sisters, bighead!" the intensity of her voice was umistakable. Edd crawled back away from her as far as his chains would allow him to. Instead of the sultry crawl her sisters had used, Lee walked straight upon the bed, her feet creaking the overtaxed springs. She stalked forward, her lip upturned in disdain and anger. Edd tried to back away further, but he hit the wall, literally and metaphorically. Lee wrapped her gauntlet-like hand around his neck and lifted him up so that their faces were mere centimeters apart. Although her eyes remained permantly obscured by her curled locks, Edd could feel them burning through his soul like a high-induction plasma cutter. She grinned with her crooked teeth, like the smile of a tiger before it devoured its' catch. Edd braced for the welts and bruises to come, but was taken aback when the only thing he felt strike him were Lee's lips against his own.
  108. "You saved the best for last, Double-D..."
  110. Edd was mortified. More? After all he had been put through already? Couldn't she understand he was growing tired and sore from the near-constant lovemaking? She didn't care, of that much he was certain, when her kiss broke and she chokeslammed him into the bed. He instinctively covered his nudity, as pointless a gesture as that seemed to be.
  112. "Been waitin' for this," she said with a glint of malign satisfaction. As Edd cowered away from the older girl, she popped the button on her shin-length jeans and tugged them off. Underwear seemed to be a rare commodity amongst the Kankers, as even Lee lacked them. From his low vantage, Edd could see Lee was already prepared for what was going to happen. The small tuft of scorching hair on her pubice was glinting with moistness, although she warped her finger around the area for good measure. She got onto her knees and, with a deft brutality, opened Edd's closed legs and pinned them with her own knees. Needing only one hand, she removed his protecting hands from his genitals. Perhaps from the simple fear response, he wasn't engorged. Her scowl reappeared.
  114. "No good, boy toy, I'm gettin' mine too!"
  116. Lee grasped his piece in a grip that wasn't entirely pleasant. She began tugging it gracelessly as Edd, entirely too frightened to resist or call out, simply grunted or yelped as either the natural feeling of it pleased him, or her abusive manhandling brought him pain. He could feel himself unwillingly enlarge as she continued to stimulate him. There was no foreplay, not the soft lovebites or gentle caresses. Lee hadn't even removed her shirt. Lee stopped ended her ministrations and looked down, her sidelong smirk indicating she was happy with the results. Kicking a freckled leg over him, Lee showed Edd her posterior as she reversed her position.
  118. "Girly mag says it feels better when I aint' lookin' atcha." Without any ceremony, without the soft tenderness or understood passionate quickness, or anything approaching kindness, Lee dropped herself onto his shaft. She had no maidenhead, likely it had been taken by herself at some point. Instead there was simply hot wetness, and the sensation that needed no love to be felt. And there was no love. As Lee began to moan and coo to herself, she began reciting names that weren't Edd's.
  120. Of all the indignities...kidnapped, embarassed, humiliated, and now even raped. While he was certainly not expecting his first experience to be anything like what it was, there was still, in the end, consent. Even with May, he found himself wanting it on a base level. He simply couldn't say no to her adorable mannerisms or her lithe body. He was being denied everything now, simply to satiate Lee's sexual cravings. She began pushing down on him faster now, her lower body now smacking against him, and he could feel her internal fluids flowing down to the base of his member. She had come, and he hadn't even known it. Unlike her sisters, who fell into a loving peacefulness with him, she simply continued. At this point, it was getting hard not to do the same. His legs began tensing in their familiar way and he began to heave out heavy sighs every few thrusts. When he reached to instinctively grasp Lee's thighs, she smacked them away.
  122. "Don't even think about finishin', twiggy! I ain't done!"
  124. Denied. All of his life, Edd's was a life of denial. He didn't fight, didn't curse, he kept his P's and Q's in strict order, and was the penultimate in enviable behavior. He refused fatty foods, even when he knew full well how utterly delicious they would taste. He didn't disrespect even obnoxious adults and even though he was the typical brains behind most of Eddy's half-cocked schemes, it was both as advisor and moral counselor. In everything he had shown restraint, and now for what? To be denied even his most primal of urgings even when they were being stimulated to their utmost? As he felt the slick tightness of Lee's womb sliding across his rod, every bounce and thrust seemed to tighten a string in his mind. Every mismatched name, every refusal of even his existence in the matter wound it beyond fraying. With this, the refusal of even his need to climax to relieve the unbearable pressure building below, the string broke. Edd, the quiet and unassuming one, snapped.
  126. Using her bobbing, grunting insertions as cover, Edd lifted himself up so that he was staring at the back of Lee's head. He waited. This final exercise in holding back would be worth it in his mind. At last, Lee spoke up, her lackwitted drawl only adding to his ire.
  128. "You... fall asleep... back there?" she asked through her lifting and falling masturbatory session. With one icy word, Edd replied,
  130. "No." Lee's bouncing slowed dramatically. Before she could turn around, Edd had grabbed her shirt and pulled it up over her arms and eyes, blinding and immobilizing her. In a single, deathly precise motion, Edd forced Lee face down onto the mattress, and pinned the back of her knees with his own. While he wasn't perhaps as physically powerful as the Kanker, he knew enough about pressure points across the body to ensure that she would regret moving against him. She struggled though, twinging against the unexpected pain of doing so. She spewed exotic curse words his analytic brain nearly collapsed in trying to comprehend and collect. He looked down at her exposed, freckled body, watching it twist and twitch, furiosly attempting to elude his hold. How the tables have turned, bitch. For a moment, his eyes glazed over and he looked up. Did he actually just say that, if even in his mind? Looking down, and seeing the cruel thing beneath him, a smile almost unwillingly etched itself across his face. Oh yes...yes he did.
  132. He pondered what he should do, if but for the briefest of moments. He could quickly render her unconscious, and make good his escape. But then what? More fear? More uncertainty? No, he thought. Something had to happen. After a moment he stopped and laughed to himself lightly, although it was lost amidst the stream of vulgarity coming from Lee. It was so simple. Edd leaned over, using his weight precisely to keep her restrained. Using a jerking tug, he pulled her enrobed hands back over her head, police style. This gave him the opportunity to hold her down single-handedly. His other hand grasped his throbbing piece, still slick from Lee's orgasm. It begged for vengeance with each pulse in his hand. He wouldn't deny it. Taking his time, a sort of throwback to his earlier state of mind, he traced the tip of his member across her buttocks, making lazy circles that excited him in an entirely new way. Lee, on the other hand, froze. It told him all he needed to: she got the message. He could hear her bawdy obscenity blur into plaintive begging. Resting his smaller self on one of her cheeks and spread one of them ever so slightly. After a cursory glance, he positioned himself exactly where he wanted to be. Edd leaned over and whispered into the bundle of clothing where he suspected her ear would be.
  134. "Been waitin' for this, too."
  136. Without love, without passion, without mercy, Edd plunged in. Lee's own fluids made the act doable, but it was still repressively tight. Lee shrieked, muffled as it was under the shirt and mattress. It didn't stop after the first, either, a cacophanous collection of cries and begging pleas. They fell on wholly deaf ears. He retracted himself, and waited, just long enough for her unwelcoming hole to recover enough to make his next unwarranted thrust as excruciating as possible. He continued this for more than a dozen times. Actually, he noted with grim satisfaction as he forced himself inside her once again with a flourish of her cries, that was his thirty-seventh. At his fortieth, Edd could find he couldn't bear the pressure, along with the unnatural tightness of Lee's anus. He stopped his sadistic pacing and began thrusting with a steady rate, although it was still had to have been nightmarish for Lee. At last, his thrusts lost their rhythm and he loosed within her, feeling his motions become much easier with the added lubrication. Curiously, he noted that he was still erect. Perhaps it truly DID want revenge, after all. He continued for many more minutes, until he noticed that Lee had stopped screaming and, in fact, made no noise at all. Of all the luck, he thought dryly, she had passed out.
  138. Slowly, carefully, Edd removed his hand from the pinning grasp of Lee's head. No response. He made sure that she was still breathing when he undid his lock with his knees. She was. He stole a bobby pin from her now matted hair, somewhat less lustrous now, and undid his shackles. The flesh was deeply marked, but would heal. He found his clothes at the foot of the bed, unfolded, crumpled. Dressing himself quickly, he opened the door. Looking into the main room of the trailer, he saw Marie and May, unconscious from Lee's prior beating. Stepping deftly over them, Edd opened the door and exited, exhilarated, refreshed, a new man. Double-D wasn't quite Double-D anymore, but in his mind, he was now something far better.
  140. Ch.4
  142. Finding his way back home wasn't particularly difficult for Edd. A simple triangulation using the sun and the city water tower was all that it took to get him as far as he could from the trailer park. He walked with a new gait, befitting his hard-earned confidence. He no longer pushed out his elbows to maintain perfect posture, the futility of such an act finally dawning upon him. The work-expectancy of the human spine was finite, and his meager attempts to delay the inevitable were rather pointless. Sad, really, he thought as he finally reached pavement. To think that living by so many rules probably decreased his life expectancy from so much undue stress simply to maintain an unattainable affect of perfection? It hardly seemed possible with his new outlook. Eventually the cul-de-sac loomed in the horizon, welcoming with its promise of a life newly found. Edd walked to his house, but found he was not the only one trying to gain entry.
  144. At first, Edd couldn't make the diminutive figure out due to the heat-haze of the summer air. As he approached, his view became clearer, and noticed that Sarah was standing in front of his door, a handful of books in her grasp. This wasn't so odd, she had been taking tutoring from him in the past at the Principal's request, which he had acceded to. What was unusual was her attire for the matter: Sarah was dressed in a form-fitting one-piece bathing suit, neon red with yellowed zags. It seemed to already have been used, as the sun glinted over the natural curves of her wet body, and her luminescent red hair was stuck together in dangling strands. She appeared to have overheard his footsteps, as she turned in his direction and waved. He returned the gesture and approached.
  146. "Hello, Sarah," he said, without his usually nasal and unnecessarily cheerful manner. Calm was the word Edd would use if he were to be asked to describe it. The girl looked up at him with bright eyes.
  148. "Hey, Double-D, it's time for my natural science lesson, and I just got back from the pool, okay?" Edd caught the scent of chlorine in the air, and nodded. He opened the door, and Sarah walked in first. Absently he noticed, as she ascended the stairs to his room, how her suit moulded perfectly inside her...oh dear. Not now, Edd demanded. Before, he had allowed a modicum of internal dialogue to guide his decisions in such matters, but now he took a strong command. Sarah was his friend's sister. True, she always seemed to show him the most affection of any boy in town, that still couldn't excuse thinking of that sort. A diversion, that's what he needed. Assured of his prognosis, he also climbed the stairs and entered his room.
  150. Inside his room, Sarah was sitting half-lotus on the floor in the center of the room forgoing the desk, as was her usual fashion. Her book was open, and she was dutifully awaiting his instruction, likely more interested in just hearing him speak than actually gaining any knowledge. Edd sat beside Sarah and looked at the book. Basic human structures. Simple enough, he thought.
  152. "This is my skull. And these are my elbows, and this is my stomach," as Sarah did this, she took Edd's hand and, gripping his index finger, placed them over each part. She was a very visual learner, and Edd typically was very facilitating, ensuring she grasped the concepts. Now, however, he was growing very uncomfortable. Legs, arms, back, shoulders. Each one of them received a touch from Edd. While to Sarah these were merely helpful confirmations, to Edd, it seemed like a cruel joke. He had just been through one of the strangest sexual trysts he would ever remember, and now he was being made to touch the wet, partially exposed body of his friend's sister. As soon as he was sure Sarah had been confirmed, he would jerk back his finger as if her body were somehow molten. Once again against his conscious train of thought, he noticed that the only thing molten about her was her runnels of slick, radiant hair cascading down her shoulders.
  154. "Hey, Edd?" He nearly startled. How long was he thinking about not thinking? When she had his eye contact, she continued. "I don't mean to be mean, but you kinda smell." Sarah, as she usually did during longer sessions, had started curling up close to him, sometimes 'accidentally' resting her head against him. He looked over at the bathroom door. It was left slightly ajar to allow steam to escape from when it was last used. As ideas and possibilities streamed in unbidden into his mind, the crack became a sloped grin, laughing at his inability to control his own urges. A thought almost escaped his mind as he tried to suppress his base desires. What had he gained by acting on these...very bad urges. The first time he gave in, he found true love. The second, he found closure. In the last, he had found power. Sofar, not a bad average result. Still, the warring factions within his conscious argued, even if he wanted to act on this impulse, there'd be no way for him to do so without being discovered. Not unless there was a way for him to...the door. Where first the door to his bathroom was chastising him bemusedly for his failings, it now looked like the smile of an old, misunderstood friend ironically smiling as it said 'I told you so'.
  157. "You know, it's not a good idea to let that chlorine stay on your skin for long," he advised. She peeled back the front of her suit and looked down. Edd cast a sidelong glance, not seeing much except glistening flesh.
  159. "You mean I could dry out or peel?" her concern was genuine. Edd could speak no wrong, to her at least.
  161. "Yeah," he lied. True, chlorine wasn't exactly something humans were meant to be exposed to, but a little pool water never hurt anybody.
  163. "Well, I guess I better go then," Sarah replied downtroddenly. Just as she was getting herself up, Edd raised a hand, grasping her just at her inner thigh.
  165. "No need, I have a fully working wash facility here." Sarah mulled this over for less than a few seconds.
  167. "Okay!" was all she said as she loped into the bathroom. Edd followed behind her, closing the door, and locking it in a single, fluid motion that an unaware person wouldn't have noticed. Sarah's look was quizzical. The straps of her suit were already over her shoulders. "Double-D? What are you doing in here?" It took him only a moment to think of something suitable.
  169. "You said it yourself that I don't smell so good, right?" She nodded. "Then I guess that I have to take a shower too. Additionally, it would be highly more efficient, since we both need showers, that we take it together." He waited, expecting his on-the-spot reasoning to fall apart in front of her. It didn't. Instead, as if it were now only as common sense as breathing, she began peeling back the damp material of the suit and dropped it on the floor with a wet thud. Edd saw everything now: her tan that shaped in line with her bathing suit, her body so thin and lithe from her playing that her delicate ribs showed if ever so slightly from her smooth chest. The cold and stimulation from moving the suit about had seemed to harden her small nipples. Below her flat, pale stomach, Edd could see the ridge of her womanhood, which terminated in a slit that he could barely glimpse at this angle. She sauntered over to the front of the shower and began adjusting the temperature. The way she bent over and stood on her toes to reach the knobs accentuated her rear and gave him an even more tantalizing look at her small slit. He was tugging off his clothing now. It was smelly, he realized. His clothes had absorbed some of the pheremonal sex scent that had accumulated during his euphoric incarceration. The scents brought memories back to him, and they wanted to be repeated.
  171. Edd pulled down his underwear, which were tented by his erection. He grasped it as if it were alive and fighting against him. Perhaps it was, all things considered. It had tasted the sweet flesh of a girl and it was spoiled on the luxurious feeling. He breathed out deeply, calming himself. If he was going to continue to satiate these urges, then he would do well to at least do so properly. Steam had already begun to accumulate in the room, and it fanned out at him as he pulled the curtain aside. Inside, Sarah was standing dutifully in the back, wet from her prior swimming, but still untouched by the stream of hot water flowing from the spout. She anticipated her question with eagerness.
  173. "It's your bathroom, Edd, you first!" He couldn't help but smile. This was reciprocated by Sarah. Edd noticed that she made no gesture to cover her eyes or avert her body from him. She had no apparent taboos regarding the naked body it seemed. Edd was more than thankful of this as he saw Sarah in her full exposure, every inch of her body covered in beads of steam which glinted like jewels in the light over the shower. Perhaps a more important lesson for Sarah should be taught? This new part of Edd's psyche seemed to have a rather crass sense of humor. Then again, perhaps his refusal to think that way consciously was the aberration, and his repressive nature was the cause. One way to test that, he agreed. Edd grabbed the head of the shower, and pulled it down, the snaking metal cable connecting it to the wall swaying in the spray. He did a mediocre job of washing his arms and legs. Sarah was still standing there, watching him with eagerness. Edd made a point to flick the hose her way every now and again for some laughs. She waved her hands and giggled at it all. Edd then began focusing the spray of the showerhead on his chest, not making it too obvious where he was going. Although he had little reason to believe that Sarah knew at all what he was intending, the action was more for allaying his own paranoia. Slowly, he made it so the spray cascaded against his fullness. Edd then began massaging his rod, pointing it directly at Sarah as he did so. He closed his eyes and bit his lip softly, making sure Sarah caught the action. Her expression became more questioning. His less-than-meticulous plan was working.
  175. "It makes me feel good, Sarah," he informed her. Her expression didn't change, but her eyes changed their focus from the act to his face. She approached him slowly, almost afraid of what he was holding.
  177. "C...can I make you feel good, Edd?" He grinned.
  179. "Sure, Sarah, but only after you're clean." She frowned as if she were told she couldn't go chasing butterflies with her effeminate friend, Jimmy. He poured out some body soap onto his hand and beckoned Sarah to approach him. Taking the showerhead with his other hand, he adjusted the setting to a pulsating stream. Perfect. After getting on his knees to accommodate for her height, he began massaging Sarah's slender body with the rippling water. First, he went over the obvious places, the arms, legs, shoulders, back. Then, with a careful hand, he began slowly running the beating water against her stomach, then her rear. He gently grabbed her by it as he rotated her around once more. Her skin was soft and her muscles were tight around it. He moved the stream against her breasts, circling the hose around it, even touching her with the head itself, causing the water to foam up slightly. She quivered a little. With that cue, Edd paced the water down her stomach and onto her waist, moving it against her skin as before. Then, just as the stream moved against her wetted petals, he moved the head back, letting the stream hit her fully focused on the tip of her womanhood. Sarah's focus turned fuzzy, and she began stuttering out incomprehensible sounds. Her legs bent as the stream washed against her small clitoris. When it did, her legs wholly gave out on her, and she collapsed onto Edd, who caught her, spraying the water in all directions. She looked up at him with a mixture of euphoric shock, and embarrassment at her predicament with her crush.
  181. "What..was that?"
  183. "I'll tell you when you're clean," Edd replied. He layed Sarah down on the bottom of the shower and turned her over. Reaching up, Edd replaced the showerhead on it's cradle. He turned around. Sarah had propped her head up in her folded arms. Seeing no reason not to, Edd got back down, like a masseuse with an expecant client and, with the water beating against his back, he began to rub the soap into her skin. His reasons were twofold. In the first place, it allowed him to make every part of Sarah's body glint with the sheen of soap and water. Secondly, his kneeling position over Sarah allowed him to rest his member directly in between Sarah's rear. He'd exaggerate his lean forward to caress her sholders just to grind it against the opening. Moving down, he began to knead her buttocks, letting the firm cheeks glide effortlessly in his hands. He even slid a soapy finger near the hole, to which she twitched reflexively, the muscles clenching the finger tightly. As good as it may have been to simply soap down his member and take her right then and there, he knew there was no way he'd go unpunished after inflicting that kind of pain. In any case, he had no reason to do so. What Lee did was monstrous, and it deserved no less. Sarah deserved better. He allowed himself a tight grip of the two small cheeks as he flipped her over, the matter nearly effortless with the aid of the soap.
  185. As she rolled around, Sarah looked at him with a pleading face.
  187. "Can I make you feel good now?" Edd just shook his head. He began to notice Sarah's eyes taking on a look he'd never seen before from her. But he had seen it before elsewhere. He poured out more soap in his hand. He placed a large dab of it on her stomach. She tensed at the cool gel meeting her warm skin. He saw her stomach completely tighten, the muscles peaking out. She was going to have a beautiful, porcelain smooth stomach when her muscles toned. He began spreading the soap around her chest, letting the nipples scrape against his open hand as they went past. In his state of kneeling, his piece was achingly close to her womanhood. It pulsed, desperate to escape from his control and take from her flesh what it wanted. Soon, he reassured it. He leaned forward to massage her small shoulders, and in doing so, their sexes touched. Sarah's look clouded again, without focus. Edd pulled back, not wanting to sate his sexual hunger quite yet, at least not without Sarah's complete approval. His hands moved down again, rolling around her chest which seemed to have puffed slightly. He drew a lazy circle around her stomach, feeling it tense again. Soon, his fingers ran across the thick muscle of her leg that divided her pubice from her slit. He caressed the soap along both of her glistening wet petals. Sarah had closed her eyes, not used to, but very much liking, the new feelings. After her body was slicked with soap, Edd began running his finger up and down over the line, twitching it as it ended at the top, flicking her button. With the heat and steam, Sarah's breathing was now very fast and clipped. She was moaning now, although she seemed to not notice. When Edd seemed to have a good pace with his playing, he began slipping fingers through the wall of her mound and began fondling her inside. He began slowly, moving joint by joint with his index finger. He curved it left and right inside of her, eliciting a different yelp or jerk each time. Sarah began arching her back, trying desperately to insert his finger deeper into her body. Almost cruelly, Edd removed his finger. Sarah's moans became begging sighs, and her eyebrows curved in dismay. He held his finger down parallel to his engorged piece.
  189. "Do you want to make me feel good now?" he asked, pushing his hips forward in step with his finger. She nodded her assent, getting the gesture as if by instinct. Edd smiled ear to ear. He positioned himself over Sarah, using his pointing hand to now guide himself into her. Sarah had begun to wrap her legs around him to try and force him inside of her, and Edd had to make a conscious effort to pull her back in order to keep his aim straight through the fog of enticement. Her legs squeezed a little less tightly as his head folded into her womb. She squeaked out a small gasp as she felt him penetrate her. Although thanks to the water and soap there was no friction whatsoever, her small body wasn't yet prepared for Edd's somewhat large member. Still, she allowed him to continue, prodding with her legs as if riding a prize horse. He grasped her thighs and pushed a little further, seeing Sarah clench her teeth in the mixture of pain and pleasure. His tip brushed against her hymen, and he paused. Her virginity would be the third he would be taking, and possibly the fourth. This seemed to send his arousal into overload, and he began to fog over. He needed to have her. Now. He couldn't bare to spend anymore time on foreplay. Leaning forward, Edd kissed Sarah deeply and pushed himself completely inside her, feeling her virginhead break way as Sarah cried out in his mouth as the water continued to flow over them. She began kicking and bucking, unintentionally moving him deeper within her. His mind began to race after what he'd just done. He started thinking of the best way to bring Sarah to quiescence. Then, it struck him. Persistence. Just keep going until it inevitably felt good for her.
  191. Reinvigorated by his reasoning, Edd began pistoning himself in and out of Sarah, who still fought him and tried to bite his darting tongue as it moved in her mouth. He thrusted within her over and over again, her slick tightness of her young body driving him into a state of sexual frenzy. He pushed himself down onto her, moving inside her with a wet slapping sound as their bodies met. His whole waist seemed to grow tight from the feeling. He could barely hear anything through the sound of his own excited moans, his latest sexual conquest fulfilling him in sensory nirvana. Edd wrapped his arms around the back of her soapy shoulders and began forcing her up into him even further, making her unable to slide on the floor with his every powerful thrust. As time seemed to stand still, Edd noticed that the tightness around his waist wasn't actually his bodies fault. Sarah had wrapped her legs fully around Edd and was squeezing him in a bonecracking vicegrip. He also discovered that not all of his passionate moans were his own. He'd done it, and Sarah was his. His pace quickened with this newfound joy. Sarah was moaning and sighing now almost in pace with him. Edd, ever the immaculate gentlemen, began his next step.
  193. Without warning, he rolled Sarah around so that she was on top. Her eyes never opened though, she simply sat upon him, breathing deeply, her head cocked slightly to one side. He began to feel her buck her hips slowly, then with a greater pace as her muscles became used to the movement. He timed his thrusts to it, filling her tight body with every part of him that he could. He placed his hand down to that familiar spot on Sarah's slit and began to twirl and pinch it with his fingers. Her moans became muted cries and yelps as the dazzling electricity of the stimulation overcame her. As young as she was, Edd knew she wouldn't last long. He began lifting her up and down on his shaft on his own, prolonging the orgasm. It came though, as she tensed her every single muscle fiber in his arms, causing him to lose his grip of the soap-slick girl and dropping her completely onto his member. It was the final straw. She moaned so loudly that Edd almost became fearful. Then, Sarah dropped down onto him, her back being caressed by the still-running water. Edd continued, unabated. He needed it now. Edd lifted up Sarah's lifeless form. She was breathing raggedly and without any kind of uniformity. He pushed her back and let her loll in his arms as he began lifting and dropping her again onto his sex. He looked down, seeing his organ appear and vanish within the folds of Sarah's body through the stream of steaming water. He went into a frenzy on the spot, using every bit of his strength to thrust into her as quickly as humanly possible. The terrible pressures building within him, with a sudden, indescribable tenseness, vanished as he filled Sarah's womb to overflowing with his seed. He watched with animal satisfaction as the thick white fluid flowed out of their joining. He thrust many more times, hoping to plant it as deeply within her as he could. After a few moments, a haze of utterly spent exhaustion bore down on Edd.
  195. He pulled out of her, his member still sensitive. Laying Sarah gently down on the floor of the shower, Edd grabbed the showerhead and pulled it down. He leaned down and spread Sarah's petals, seeing his cum still leaking from inside of her. He admired his handiwork only for a moment before he reduced the pressure of the hose and ran it over her womb, flushing out as much as he could. It was likely that Sarah wasn't able to become pregnant yet, but Edd erred on the side of caution. As he ran his hand over Sarah's stomach, he thought of Marie and May. He pondered what may become of He smiled inwardly and pushed the thought aside. A time for everything, one everything at a time. Edd lifted Sarah, who was still unconscious from her exertions. He ran a towel over as much of her as he could, drying the most vital parts. He picked up one of his winter shirts, long and heavy, and put it on Sarah. Pulling back his sheets, he folded her into them and covered her. Edd returned to finish his shower proper. As the water rushed against his face, calming him, he wondered what could possibly happen next.
  197. Ch.5 (Long)
  199. The next day began easily enough. Edd had sent Sarah back home with the knowledge that, so long as she kept their little games a secret, he would continue to play them with her. The last thing he needed was Ed scalping him for what he'd done. Edd went over the last few nights as he tugged on his orange shirt and blue shorts. As he saw the perfectly horizontally aligned tags denoting each day's identical clothing pair, he scoffed. What he had been doing with the girls was as far against protocols, standards, and decency as he could imagine. It was utter madness, as if the pipeline to all sense of reason was shut off by some sickly-humored god. Then, as he corrected his hat on his head, Edd stopped. What part of his life before was considerably sane? He had tags for every single item of his room, even though he could memorize the layout of his room, or most any other for that matter, with near-photographic precision. He stripped a tag 'BED' from the nominal item. His brow furrowed, and he crumpled it in his hand. This wasn't keeping things orderly, it was a crutch. Something to hold on to a vestige of perfection that, as he had been shown throughout the week with overabundant quality, was as nonexistent as it was nonsensical. He looked up at his clothing rack again. A tag for each day of the week when he never changed clothes? He layed his face in his cupped hands as the absurdity of his diligence came over him. As crushing as it may have seemed to be for someone to realize their sense of order that created the backbone of their lives was without logic, Edd simply smirked. Picking up his backpack, he walked to the door, and paused. He dropped his satchel and closed the door behind him. After a few minutes, he reopened the door and exited, a contented smile playing across his face.
  201. The bus was a hive of activity, as per usual. Eddy and Ed asked him what had happened. Apparently the Kankers had tried their romantic tricks on them as well, but forgot about Ed's ability to defy physics when stressed. Him and Eddy were apparently in the same room, which Ed literally picked up with his hands and discused back to the cul-de-sac, tossing the Kankers out like drops of water on a frisbee. Edd simply replied that he had escaped. He didn't go into any detail other than that, but it seemed sufficient to the other Eds. Should he tell them about what happened? They were his greatest friends in the world, but it seemed like what had happened should only be a matter for those involved. As he thought this, he looked over and saw the Kankers. Marie and May were giving him eyes like he'd never seen from them before. Well, he corrected himself, maybe except for once. Lee was the only one of the three facing the right way, although her stance was notably forward, as if she couldn't quite sit correctly. He ignored their glances and continued looking around. Rolf was regaling Sarah, Jimmy, and Johnny over some kind of massive beet that had terrorized his homeland until a winter blizzard. Kevin was yapping about his bike to Nazz who only had a facade of interest. How she put up with him was beyond even Edd.
  203. The bus stopped with a sharp hiss, and the day began. Hours later the bell rang, salvation in aluminum and steel. Walking out to the lockers again, the students began unloading the bulk of their materiel in their lockers.
  205. "Hey Double-D, what's with you?" Eddy asked. "You didn't answer any of the teachers questions. I had to actually answer one of them! ME!" he blurted with emphasis. It was true. Instead of having his hand in the air for the whole of the class period, Edd allowed his classmates to answer questions. What was the point of answering every question? Edd had always wanted to have his peers in school be more intelligent, so why let them simply skirt with having him answer anything? It made so little sense, that Edd was only shocked that he hadn't thought of it sooner.
  207. "You know who wrote Romeo and Juliet now, don't you?" His response was matter-of-fact, without any apology.
  209. "Yeah yeah, Shakestick, whatever..." Edd didn't bother correcting him, as something else had caught his eye. Walking to the front of the school, he noticed Kevin speaking with Nazz. He looked on her with the same eyes the Kankers had been giving him hours earlier. Nazz was always the prettiest girl in the school, as well as having a brain to match. She was talking to Kevin, who was busy polishing his bike, still strapped to the rack. As he turned to undo the chain, Nazz sat on the front bumper. When Kevin turned, she was giving him an enticing glance. His gaze grew hazy and he froze. Suddenly, Kevin grabbed Nazz by the shoulders, and Edd turned away, not wanting to soil his eyes with the sight. Then, he heard a crash and a yelp. Turning, Edd saw that Kevin had tossed Nazz to the floor, making a considerable crater in the process, and was hurriedly polishing the scuffed fender with a rag he procured from his pocket, cooing and placating the bike. As Nazz pulled herself from the wreckage of the ground, Kevin turned on her.
  211. "Hey! That piece was custom fitted for these wheels, and I don't wanna see it gettin' scuffed!" Edd saw the look on Nazz's face, a grim combination of sorrow and acceptance. As she pulled herself up and began walking, head down, to the bike, Edd stopped. His friends continued for a pace or so before noticing he'd stopped.
  213. "So, that's how you treat a lady, is it?" Kevin looked around as if Edd WASN'T the one who had just said it. Edd began walking towards Kevin, although his friends were content to stand back in a mixture of terror and surprise. Kevin cocked an eyebrow.
  215. "You tryin' to say somethin', Double-dipstick?"
  217. "Does that," he replied, waving an arm towards Nazz, "look like any way to treat a respectable woman such as her? Or is the only thing you care about that rust pile you've had since you learned to walk?" Kevin replaced his polishing cloth and approached Edd, pulling back his sleeves.
  219. "Sounds like you just dissed my ride, dweeb. It's poundin' time!" At that moment, Edd froze. Suddenly realizing that perhaps he'd bitten off a tad more than he could chew, he looked as Kevin prepared the backswing to his punch, leaning in with his left foot. Then, an odd thing happened. He began recounting every time he'd beaten him with a mathematical scrutiny he'd never done before. It took milliseconds for Kevin to retract his fist. At that moment, he began to adjust in his mind where Kevin's fist would land on his face. Inching his neck to the right,Edd saw the blow come. In a precise movement, he raised his hand like a blade and, in the precise number of milliseconds he remembered it took for his punches to land,Edd swept the fist away, the knuckles and sinew passing so close by that he could feel the wind chasing after it. But that was all. Time went back to normal at that instant, and he saw himself drowning in a sea of wide, staring eyes. He looked in time to see that Kevin wasn't finished. He pulled back another haymaker. With a fluid economy of movement, Edd ducked his head away before impact, sending another punch to the wind. And another. Then another. Soon, it became as if Kevin were punching at smoke, his ponderous blows being parried or missing entirely. Frustrated, Kevin let out a bestial roar and dove for Edd. Seeing his leg muscles go taut an instant before, Edd anticipated this and jumped back, taking the back of Kevin's head in his hand and used his momentum to slam him face-first into the dirt. Kevin growled into the earth, almost making it tremble. He leaned up, flames erupting from his eyes. If looks could kill, he thought.
  221. Edd had to finish this fight quickly, lest Kevin's berzerker fury make his moves too unpredictable. Edd, at the behest of his parents, read numerous articles on self-defense and, although his knowledge was purely academic, there was nothing in Edd's mind better than field-tests. He was tired of being bullied. It wasn't right that he should have to take abuse from imbeciles like Kevin simply because they flexed their arms instead of their heads. No, Edd thought, that ends now. Kevin swung hard, reaching for another haymaker. Using his forearm, Edd knocked it skyward and punched out towards Kevin's floating rib. Although it was true that Edd wasn't exactly physically intimidating, his blow landed with surgical accuracy. Kevin recoiled, nearly doubling over in pain. But still he kept going. One after another, Kevin's attacks were countered with PAUNCHs or thrusts that either hurt or disoriented him, meticulously mapped nerve bundles being struck with an expert's hand. Kevin was belligerent over it all, his skyrocketing pain increasing his rage. To Edd's dismay, Kevin began hurtling punches at kicks at him, his motions completely at random. He tried to sidestep them as best he could, but eventually...smack! One of Kevin's loosely balled fists struck Edd across the face, sending droplets of his blood out onto the grass. Edd's world slowed to a crawl. As he felt his body spin from the force of the blow, he began calculating his situation. He still could have a solid footing, and while the pain was considerable from his injury, he was sure Kevin was hurting too. He thought about his body angle, the relative speed of his spin, and the trajectory of both his and Kevin's fist. With a punch like that, Kevin would have had to extend greatly, leaving his face... Edd forced his foot down, making solid purchase with the ground. Using the force of the punch, Edd balled his hand into a fist and swung it like the end of a centrifuge. To his immediate relief, it made contact with the soft, giving cartilege of Kevin's chin. He spun like a top and, after a few moments of dizzy stability, Kevin plummeted to earth and fell in the hole made by Nazz, like a man entering his tomb. As the dust settled, the onlookers to the fight stood in dumbfounded amazement. Suddenly a cheer erupted from the crowd, and Edd couldn't help but to blush. People chanted his name as they reentered the bus, and returned to the cul-de-sac.
  223. When they returned, everyone had added their own imbellishments to the fight they'd all seen not even ten minutes ago. From what Edd now 'knew', he'd apparently sprouted wings, learned the arts of assassins in the Orient, and was capable of putting his fist through solid steel. Through it all, though, Edd heard nothing from Nazz. Though disappointed, he didn't let the matter upset him. Chances were she was going straight back to him. The things he'd do for chivalry... he thought on this as he went back to his house. He didn't look forward to explaining to his parents how their son, THEIR son, could have been involved in a confrontation. Excuses and explanations ran through his head as he opened the door. As soon as he walked in, the door knocked. He wasn't expecting visitors, and the other Ed's were busy with some kind of plot they'd concocted on the trip involving worm-fights. Rather than be part of animal abuse, Edd instead decided to head home. Puzzled as he was, he opened the door. There, standing in dirtied black and white, was Nazz. She was staring at her shoes.
  225. "Nazz," he said without any attempt to hide his surprise. She looked up, her jewel-like sapphire eyes piercing through him.
  227. "Hey, Double-D, I wanted to say thanks for that back there. It was sweet." Edd began to stammer out a response when Nazz reached forward and hugged him. Edd bit his lip in fright, his usual cravenness toward any affection from her getting the best of him. She moved back. "Thanks again. I should be getting back..." her goodbye cut short.
  229. "W...what is it, Nazz?" She was giving him a look like he'd just been shot.
  231. "Oh no, Edd, you're bleeding out again!" He reached up a hand. In his moment of fear, he'd reopened the cut on his lip from the fight. "We gotta get that fixed. Where's your sink?" He wanted to explain away that it was nothing, but she wasn't one to be denied. Leading her up the stairs, Edd took her into his room. She was surprised. Everyone in the cul-de-sac knew what Edd's room looked like. It hadn't changed since the day he moved in, and was in a constant state of preservation. Now however, Nazz saw something new. While still clean and well-kempt, Edd's room was rearranged. Where a dresser once stood, now laid his bed. A mirror had swapped places with a desk, and much more. As strange as that was, it was what wasn't there that surprised Nazz the most. Throughout the whole room, not a single item was tagged with a label. The label gun itself stood on the side of Edd's rearranged desk like a disused relic.
  233. They entered the bathroom, and Edd pulled open the drawer that held the cotton balls. Once more against Edd's insistence, Nazz took up the swabs and began patting them against his blood-tinged lips. Awkward silence gave way to awkward conversation.
  235. "Sorry you had to go through that just for me." He smiled.
  237. "Don't think anything about it, Nazz. It's not in the making of a good man to harm beautiful women like you." Nazz stopped her dabbing.
  239. "You think I'm...beautiful, Edd?" Before he could catch himself, Edd blushed. Nazz smiled back. "Gee, Edd, Kevin never says that about me." It was true, he thought. Nazz was beautiful. He'd seen her at the lake and in cheerleading. The way her perfectly-tanned body moved was enough to send his heart into palpitating. Whenever he'd get near her, Edd couldn't help but stare. It was hard enough for him to maintain his composure with her at such close proximity. He collected himself and tried to continue the conversation.
  241. "Well, you are the prettiest girl in school, in fact a lot of guys are jealous of Kevin. For having such a good-looking, smart, kind, wonderous..." he drifted for a moment, in which he noticed that Nazz's face had grown beet red. He regained his senses and finshed, "...girlfriend!" As Nazz picked up another swab, she put on half a smile.
  243. "He's not really my boyfriend, you know." Edd was highly surprised.
  245. "He's not? But..." he let the sentence hang.
  247. "Kevin's never asked me out on a date, never sent me a corsage, he's only ever..." she bit her own lip.
  249. "The bike." She nodded wordlessly. A tear began to build near her eye. Edd couldn't bare to see a woman cry. He took her by the arms and pulled her head into his shoulders. Nazz didn't resist, she simply let out a few disparate sobs. He felt his shoulder grow moist from the tears, and he stroked her back. She replied by wrapping her arms around his waist and holding tightly. After a few moments, Nazz calmed herself enough to regain her composure. She pulled back, eyes puffy from the tears. Still holding the cotton swab, she smiled waveringly and reached forward. She dabbed his face one last time, but this time reached forward and kissed him. Not on the forehead or the cheeks as she sometimes did, but on the lips. Edd's eyes grew saucer-wide, and his arms raised in reflexive fear. Nazz pulled him in even closer, to bring their faces into better unison. Soon, with her tongue darting in and out of his mouth, lashing against his tongue, Edd succumbed. His rope-tight muscles loosened, and he put his arms around Nazz, pulling her in closer. For a long while, neither of them said anything, perfectly willing to stay as they were. As they remained locked in their embrace, Nazz began pulling Edd into his room. Edd opened an eye and noticed that she was pulling him towards where his bed USED to be. Now there was a chair. Edd grunted a warning, but it was too late. Nazz tripped on the seat of the chair and fell back, yelping into his mouth. The two fell back, Nazz taking Edd with her in her ungainly trip. As the chair collapsed backwards, she grasped on as tightly as she could to him. They fell with a crash. As Edd opened his eyes, he could see that he was now directly on top of Nazz in a rather compromising position. While at first he expected Nazz to toss him off her like a sack of beans, Edd was surprised to hear her laughing. He looked down and saw that Nazz was still looking up at him, her sparkling eyes glowing with a look towards him he'd never seen from her before. But he'd seen it elsewhere.
  251. Edd's face began to crease with an odd smile. Was it possible that Nazz...she kissed him again. Hard. It was a passionate, deliberate kiss this time, not simply the opportunistic tongueplay of before. Edd answered back, satisfied in his suspicions. He moved his own tongue through her mouth, fighting desperately against her own smooth tongue as it explored his own. He yelped himself when he suddenly found Nazz grasping his behind. Edd had yet to understand the fascination girls had with men's posteriors, but let Nazz have her fun. She broke their kiss and gave him a very sensual nod. Without thinking, Edd got up and moved to the door, closing it and locking it with a click. The noise startled Edd, and his thoughts began to race. He placed a hand on the door as they rushed by. What was he doing? Easy enough question to answer. But why? He found that answer not so quickly. It was true that Nazz was a magnificent girl, the best looking by far in school, and that to just have kissed her was an honor worthy of song. And that she would want THAT? It was incomparable. But what was he doing? Wasn't he just replacing one behavior with another that he would endlessly repeat? As good as that sounded, it hounded his thoughts. His thinking was irrevocably changed by the fact that he had so long been stuck in stagnation. As he thought about this, he heard a soft, velvety voice coax from behind him.
  253. "Oh Edd..." he turned. Nazz had crawled into his own bed, her head the only visible thing. For all he knew, she was completely naked. Then it struck him. What he was doing in the past wasn't wrong simply because he was repeating it. It was wrong because it made no sense, and did nothing to benefit him. This, on the other hand, oh that wonderful 'this'. This was the most incredible thing that had happened to him in his life and, as he approached the bed contentedly, he felt no regret.
  255. He stood at the edge of the bed, looking down at her. She was giving him the proverbial and now rather literal 'bedroom eyes'. Edd wanted to give those eyes a show. He slowly took off his shirt, and kept it over his eyes. He wanted to be surprised by her reaction. When he finally pulled the shirt away, he saw that Nazz was holding her own black and white shirts out with a stretched hand. In unison, they dropped their matching clothes and laughed softly. He moved forward and let Nazz feel his chest and stomach. Her delicate fingers traced smooth lines across his body and he shivered at her graceful touch. He stood back as her hand approached his waistline and tugged down his pants, exposing his tented underwear. Nazz replied by dropping down her jeans, and bit her lip as she felt him through the underwear. He could see ,for a brief instant, Nazz reaching down near her own place through the sheets. She closed her eyes, stroking him. Edd took her by the hand and as one grabbed the rim of his underwear. She opened her eyes long enough to see the white cotton fall from him, exposing his stiffness completely to her. She took his member in her hand with some trepidation. In her mind, she pictured what it would look like sinking into her body, how it would feel as it touched every part of her. Nazz slid on the bed, and lifted the covers slightly to expose her luscious breasts and curving, glass smooth stomach that ended in promising darkness. As Nazz caressed his fullness, a bead of precum came to the fore. She took it in between her fingers, stranding it and bringing it to her lips. She savored it like a vintage. Edd entered the bed, her hot body instantly pressing against his. They embraced and kissed for many minutes, all the while feeling each other's tender bodies for the first time. Nazz's every muscle tensed at his touch, and he encircled her growing breasts in his hands, making her coo softly as she kissed his neck. Soon their hands began to focus on one spot on their bodies. Edd could feel her slit, it was very warm, and slick to the touch. He probed with a finger, wriggling it about and feeling Nazz shake and quiver with the action. She was busy as well, using both her hands to fondle his erection and balls. Nazz nibbled on Edd's ear and whispered so low she couldn't hear herself say,
  257. "I want you now, Edd." It nearly brought a tear to Edd's own eye. But he had something better planned for her. Edd pulled his head back and, with his free hand, placed a finger on her lips. He smiled and then sank into the deep folds of the sheets, everything but his hand disappearing from sight. Even that shrank away as well, and Nazz focused her mind as she anticipated the penetration. She spread her legs and closed her eyes, but was surprised not to feel Edd's member, but his mouth around her slit. She wanted to protest, but the words died in her throat as his tongue lapped against her aching mound. He moved his tongue faster than her body could process the feeling, and she felt it. The feeling was so shocking at first that she let out a harsh moan and gripped the comforter where she thought Edd might be. That only elicited a moan which reverberated onto her, causing her to feel even more pleasure. She arched her back as Edd used his tongue with such deftness that she had a hard time believing this was his first outing in sex. It didn't matter to her, however, as enraptured as she was by Edd's artisan use of his tongue on her body. Edd found that the taste wasn't bad, or at the very least not as bad as he had thought. It was musky, to be certain, but that gave it a sort of supernatural quality all its own. He took pride in the fact that Nazz was squirming and pushing desperately to get him to stop while keeping her legs as firmly separated as possible. He even found it hard to breath as Nazz grasped the back of his head through the sheets and began forcing his whole face onto her womanhood. He licked and suckled on her clitoris as best as he could, using the technique he had learned on May's breasts to full effect, lashing it between his teeth in a wild move that sent her beyond the stars. He began to notice that Nazz's movements were losing their strength after enough time, although she supplemented this by wrapping her legs around Edd's head and bucked as hard as she could, crashing his face into her petals. Edd slipped his finger in where even his tongue couldn't reach. Nazz was even more slick than before. Had she come yet? There was only one way to be sure. With swift precision, Edd replaced his darting tongue with one of his fingers and, after wiping himself with the underside of the sheets, racked Nazz's legs onto his shoulders and got on his knees. Lifting the sheets like some kind of bed monster, Edd's eyes adjusted to the new light. Nazz was glistening in sweat, her eyes barely open. Her breathing was tense with anticipation. She gripped his wrists with her hands and pulled themselves together for a kiss. Edd noted her flexibility as he kissed her. Her legs were practically behind her head as Edd penetrated her for the first time.
  259. Despite his having tasted her to the point of climax, Nazz was still wonderfully tight. Although it was doubtful, given her athletic nature, that Nazz still had her hymen, Edd wondered if he'd even be able to tell as her womb sucked him in, enrobing every inch of him in slick flesh. He felt himself pulse inside of her, the thrumming of his heart traveling through his member, the blood vessels nearly choked by Nazz's tightness. As he fully brought himself down upon her, he could hear her mumbling something incoherent. He listened closer.
  261. "M...more, Edd. Want it...want again," she apparently had come. It wouldn't be the last time, he promised her silently. He pulled out slowly, causing Nazz to moan in dismay and ecstasy. As his head tipped her puffy mound again, she reached forward with her arms and began to claw into Edd's back, forcing him back down into her. He began thrusting into her slowly, letting her body and his take in every moment of lust. He felt the tiny sting of her fingers as he would pull out, only enhancing the feeling of forcing back into her tight, welcoming womb. All the while, Edd kissed Nazz on the face and neck and even her legs on occasion. He licked up her body, tasting every inch of her nectarous essence. Edd let one of Nazz's legs go so that he could try a new position. Straddling the fallen leg, Edd kept the other one resting on his shoulder. He grasped her thigh with his hands and pushed her onto him, letting them both see their sexes collide and combine. Edd felt the pressure grow within him, but urged it to wait. He was in agony, his member fully erect and pistoning within her, but desperately wanting to fill her. Soon, he got his chance. As the minutes went by, Nazz began to moan again, albeit far lighter this time. It wasn't that she felt any worse for it, but she was so blatantly exhausted in light of her athletic physique. This act was stretching muscles she'd never before used, and they protested with complete exhaustion. As much as they protested, however, they could not resist her primal hunger. As one, they flexed and tensed, putting a resistance against Edd's member that he welcomed dearly. As Nazz emptied her lungs in a sighing scream, Edd pulled himself as far inside of her body as possible and released. The sudden rush of thick, hot fluid coating her body made her eyes light up and she reached down with her own hand, feeling what now lined her womb leak out from their joining. They didn't bother separating. Instead, Edd collapsed on top her, and they kissed again. Nazz moved her head and, before she fell asleep in Edd's arms, said,
  263. "You're a really great friend, Edd," and turned on her side, with Edd still firmly planted within her. He allowed the tear in his eye to fall as he wrapped his arm around Nazz and joined her.
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