Innocent Wind

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  1.  Innocent Wind
  2. Innocent Wind
  4. Difficulty: 2 out of 3
  5. Mana Cost: 1 out of 3
  7. An elemental spell usable with a contract with a wind spirit. Causes a magical wind to blow that strips those targeted of whatever they're wearing and blows it away. Even a novice caster can easily use it to strip someone of ordinary clothing, and as the talent of the caster and spirit increases, it becomes possible for it to work versus heavy armor, magical armor, magical clothes, etc. as well.
  9. This spell borrows the power of wind spirits, whose existence symbolizes “liberation”, so it doesn't strip away equipment using the physical power of wind. Instead, it produces a wind with a magical effect that “liberates the target from everything she is wearing.” Therefore, physical countermeasures such as holding one's clothing in place with one's hands, or using a belt or metal clasps to firmly fix armor in place, are entirely meaningless. The wind will strip everything right off the body as if ignoring such efforts. Also, as mentioned before, the true nature of this spell is to “liberate people from everything they're wearing.” Its power isn't merely limited to equipment that actually physically exists.
  11. A higher rank elementalist can even clear away the “mana” that the target is covered in. In other words, it can blow away protectors formed of immaterial mana, spells that shroud the target in mana, and even curses, and the like, leaving targets literally stark naked. However, since this is something that brings an end to magical effects maintained by mana by clearing away that mana, like “spell break (p.45)”, the only spells it can cancel out are those which produce temporary effects by covering the body in mana.
  13. Methods of fixing it in place via specific kinds of mana are an effective countermeasure to this spell which renders physically securing equipment meaningless. One is to place a protection on equipment using earth elements, which symbolize “stability”, and exist in opposition to wind elements. In the same way, earth elemental magic has a high resistance against “innocent wind”. A protective wall formed of earth elements probably cannot be blown away. Next, another effective measure is for a human and monster married couple to infuse each other's equipment with each other's mana, or to cast spells on each other. Mamono mana erodes other mana by nature, and it's especially determined to closely and powerfully bind and become one with the mana of the man who is one's partner, therefore it's extremely difficult to cancel out not just with this spell but with any spell. Also, for the same reason, “cursed equipment” which tries to bind with the mana of the one who acquired it is much more difficult to remove than ordinary equipment, and “cursed swords (Encyclopedia II – p. 122)” bind with the body of the one who acquires them, so they are impossible to remove unless caught in an extremely early stage.
  15. Since the spell's effects increase if the spirit's power grows stronger, naturally, if the contracted spirit is a monster spirit, then it will exhibit an even mightier power. However, as usual, wind elements eroded by mamono mana will distort in a manner corresponding with the desire that sprouted in the spirit. Upon being tainted with darkness, this wind which “liberates those targeted from everything” will completely blow away even the target's self-control which sugarcoats her true nature as well as the sense of shame, etc. which covers up and hides her true nature. Some will start to honestly and innocently seek the affection of the one they love just like children, while yet others will become females who fully bare their passion like beasts. After the devilish wind blows, the only ones who remain have their bodies and hearts laid completely bare.
  17. Furthermore, wind elemental magic is generally difficult to control compared to other attributes due to the capricious personalities of wind spirits, and the nature of wind elements, which symbolize “freedom” and “change”, and that's a demerit of this spell as well. The greater the power of a wind spirit grows, the more uninhibited and driven by her own desire she becomes. It's even more striking in the case of monster spirits. In proportion to that, it becomes more difficult to control the magical wind, and sometimes it will unfortunately strip every last person indiscriminately, both friend and foe alike. The free and uninhibited monster wind spirit's sexual curiosity is directed most strongly of all towards her contractor who is her spouse, so naturally, the contractor's clothing, reason, etc. will probably also be blown away along with this.
  19. “The wind feels so nice.
  20. It's the first time in my life that I've ever felt this good...♥”
  21. ~the words of a certain young girl at a hill where the wind blows~
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