Operation Facebook is fake.

Nov 3rd, 2011
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  1. Dear everyone,
  3. I was under the impression that everyone was aware of the "Operation Facebook" op being fake. However now that November 5th is quickly approaching, I have discovered that some individuals still believe that Facebook will be down on November 5th. It will not. Do you understand how difficult and/or how long it would take to take down a website such as Facebook using a simple DDoS tool? LOIC probably won't get the job done. Also there is no point. Why DDoS Facebook? It won't get much of a point across anyways. Focus on more important operations such as OccupyWallStreet. Taking down a social network site that millions use won't give the public a good impression on Anonymous and what we stand for. We don't kill the messenger. That's not what we stand for.
  5. ~AnonymousWiki
  6. (@AnonymousWiki on Twitter)
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