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  1. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:42:19] SinMoFoAzz: what are you attacking me for?
  2. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:42:39] nenuzno II: Because why did you knocked Tully?
  3. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:42:59] SinMoFoAzz: Because tully was treating me like crap, Ordering me around and being a bitch
  4. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:43:12] SinMoFoAzz: No matter what anyone did she said we only had a village caus of her
  5. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:43:22] SinMoFoAzz: Because she was ordering me around like a 2 year old
  6. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:43:28] SinMoFoAzz: It was a personal issue
  7. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:43:36] SinMoFoAzz: I could have easily killed her but I did not
  8. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:43:41] nenuzno II: Look, idk, but she is 50-years old woman
  9. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:43:46] SinMoFoAzz: Because it was a personal issue between her and i
  10. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:43:49] nenuzno II: As i know her  - she is very soft
  11. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:43:54] SinMoFoAzz: and I am a 45 year old man
  12. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:44:04] nenuzno II: And she never insult anyone
  13. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:44:17] SinMoFoAzz: When everything you do is answerred with you would not have a village if it wasn't for me youget tired of it
  14. [Местный чат][2018-02-13 21:44:29] SinMoFoAzz: Yeah it is a personal issue between tully and I
  15. ===========
  16. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:49:09] SinMoFoAzz: So Tully came to you said she did nothing to me and that is why you are here?
  17. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:49:22] nenuzno II: I know her
  18. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:49:26] nenuzno II: She didn't beat you
  19. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:49:47] SinMoFoAzz: You have not been on our vent or in our village chat with what she said
  20. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:50:20] SinMoFoAzz: You did not hear what she verbally said
  21. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:50:21] nenuzno II: Look
  22. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:50:32] nenuzno II: You knocked out our friend 1 time
  23. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:51:14] SinMoFoAzz: ok knocked out not killed
  24. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:51:21] nenuzno II: we knocked you
  25. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:51:32] nenuzno II: Now is ok
  26. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:51:36] SinMoFoAzz: Yeah your also stealing stuff from the village
  27. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:51:52] nenuzno II: Lol
  28. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:53:51] SinMoFoAzz: Just so you know Tully and I have had over a month of Personal Arguments going that led to her getting knocked out. It was a personal matter between her and I.
  29. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:55:10] nenuzno II: I know
  30. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:55:29] nenuzno II: Arguments like "Gtfo from my stuff"
  31. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:56:27] SinMoFoAzz: Yeah telling her to leave MY STUFF ALONE.
  32. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:56:47] SinMoFoAzz: What is wrong with me telling her to leave my personal stuff alone?
  33. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 21:57:39] SinMoFoAzz: Funny how she said nothing wrong or mean.. Kinda a little one sided don't you think?
  34. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:02:27] nenuzno II: Your manner of speaking is wrong
  35. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:02:36] nenuzno II: You don't talk like this with people
  36. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:02:56] nenuzno II: Do you seriosly think that you can bully her like in school
  37. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:03:13] nenuzno II: And she will do nothing(because can't fight)
  38. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:03:37] nenuzno II: And it will be your "personal issue"?
  39. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:03:45] SinMoFoAzz: I am normally like I talked to you guys yesturday. Tully started a PERSONAL Argument with me and mistreated me for over a month and a half. I am not bullying her.
  40. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:04:21] SinMoFoAzz: You got one side of the story and think I am bullying her
  41. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:04:32] SinMoFoAzz: You did not ask me what happened nor do you care to listen
  42. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:04:35] nenuzno II: You know, arguments are solved by words, not insulting and not beating
  43. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:04:58] SinMoFoAzz: funny you guys came down here and did far worse to me then I did to her
  44. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:05:08] SinMoFoAzz: And NEVER ONCE did you try to talk about it
  45. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:05:21] nenuzno II: You beat a woman who has nor strengh nor experience in fighting, you was much stronger than she
  46. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:05:40] SinMoFoAzz: OMG she does have as much experience as I do in fighting
  47. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:05:52] nenuzno II: She can't fight a bear, lol
  48. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:06:13] SinMoFoAzz: Yes she can she chooses not to
  49. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:06:18] nenuzno II: Oh
  50. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:06:25] nenuzno II: Look, it is simple
  51. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:06:30] nenuzno II: She is our friend
  52. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:07:04] nenuzno II: Idk, i can explain further why it was wrong and you don't tell other people to gtfo from your stuff
  53. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:07:15] nenuzno II: Especially to 50 years old soft women
  54. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:07:20] SinMoFoAzz: Dude I started out being nice with her
  55. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:07:32] nenuzno II: ANd don't beat them for replacing silver nuggets
  56. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:07:41] nenuzno II: Because your alt need to study them
  57. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:07:50] SinMoFoAzz: I tried and tried for over a month of being nice. Even went as far as to have our village chief try to resolvce it
  58. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:08:05] nenuzno II: Ok
  59. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:08:07] SinMoFoAzz: I did not attack her cause of the nuggets but what she continued to say
  60. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:08:10] nenuzno II: What she did wrong?
  61. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:08:28] nenuzno II: With examples
  62. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:08:28] SinMoFoAzz: I attacked her because just like every argument she verbally through typing attacked me perxsonally
  63. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:08:36] nenuzno II: Examples
  64. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:09:06] SinMoFoAzz: First example. I have been trying to raise the quality of our chickens, She changed what I was doing and told me that is how she does it and that is how we are going to do it cause if it wasn't for her we would not have a village
  65. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:09:26] nenuzno II: Look
  66. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:09:30] SinMoFoAzz: Example 2 I was making sausages for VanGor and I and she told me not to do it she would cause her softcap is higher
  67. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:09:37] nenuzno II: As i know, you weren't there for half of year
  68. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:09:45] SinMoFoAzz: I said We just need a little she told me she would do it and I was not to touch it
  69. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:09:50] nenuzno II: And she was rising chickens all this time
  70. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:09:58] SinMoFoAzz: I was sick as in in and out of the hospital
  71. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:10:04] nenuzno II: Now tell me -why cheese is YOUR and chickens are OURS?
  72. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:10:18] SinMoFoAzz: She has done nothing witht he cheese at all
  73. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:10:31] SinMoFoAzz: CHeese is not mine
  74. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:10:38] SinMoFoAzz: I started doing it cause no one else was
  75. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:10:42] nenuzno II: You insulted her
  76. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:10:42] SinMoFoAzz: Nothing was done for it
  77. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:10:49] SinMoFoAzz: She insulted me more then once
  78. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:11:01] nenuzno II: Because she separated one cheese thing
  79. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:11:07] SinMoFoAzz: NO
  80. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:11:20] SinMoFoAzz: I set aside cheeese for here
  81. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:11:24] SinMoFoAzz: I made her study Items
  82. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:11:30] SinMoFoAzz: I smithed all the gear she hasd
  83. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:11:35] SinMoFoAzz: I have helped her a lot
  84. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:11:47] SinMoFoAzz: The stuff she has, I sold off hats to buy her thing
  85. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:11:52] SinMoFoAzz: I have done a lot for her
  86. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:12:12] SinMoFoAzz: even after I knocked her out I gave her a silve rose to study, I gave her Vulva's wands and more
  87. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:12:21] SinMoFoAzz: I did not jsut do nothing but attack her
  88. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:12:36] SinMoFoAzz: I made most of her armor her weapons, her tools
  89. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:12:48] SinMoFoAzz: But that is not part of this argument with her and I
  90. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:12:58] nenuzno II: Idk, look whatever happens you don't use force as argument
  91. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:13:09] SinMoFoAzz: You jsut did
  92. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:13:14] nenuzno II: As answer
  93. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:13:42] SinMoFoAzz: You jsut did the same answer I did but you did not put up with the month and a half arguing with her
  94. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:13:52] nenuzno II: Lol
  95. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:14:21] SinMoFoAzz: You came and did that to me because according to her I am this evil terrible guy that does nothing but hurt her
  96. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:14:34] nenuzno II: Look
  97. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:14:36] SinMoFoAzz: Why don't you ask her how much I helped her
  98. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:14:40] nenuzno II: I will
  99. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:14:54] SinMoFoAzz: Why don't you aske her who crafted a lot of things for her
  100. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:15:06] SinMoFoAzz: If she is honest she will tell you that it was me
  101. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:15:18] nenuzno II: I will tell her what you said, even i'm not happy to be a messendger between you
  102. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:15:23] nenuzno II: But
  103. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:15:30] SinMoFoAzz: I have no issue with you
  104. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:15:31] nenuzno II: You could say it to her
  105. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:15:40] nenuzno II: But not beat her almost to death
  106. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:15:50] SinMoFoAzz: I have tried on numerous occasions to talk to her
  107. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:15:57] SinMoFoAzz: Ask our Village Chief
  108. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:16:02] nenuzno II: Even if you was not happy etc
  109. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:16:14] nenuzno II: You beat he JUST for replacing your silver nuggets
  110. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:16:36] SinMoFoAzz: No I attacked her because after I said to leave them alone there was a 10 minute argument
  111. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:16:37] nenuzno II: You behaved like a classic example of guy, who becames tyrane, when don't meet obstacles
  112. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:16:49] SinMoFoAzz: No
  113. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:16:55] SinMoFoAzz: You did not hear the real truth
  114. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:16:59] nenuzno II: How did you say it?
  115. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:17:03] SinMoFoAzz: I did not attack her over the silver nuggets
  116. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:17:33] nenuzno II: Did you say it at least slightly politely?
  117. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:17:36] SinMoFoAzz: The start of that argument was the silver nuggets, But her ordering me how to talk and claiming I was yelling on vent when witnesses say I was not yelling
  118. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:17:47] nenuzno II: Oh
  119. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:17:48] SinMoFoAzz: This is exactly what I said
  120. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:18:05] SinMoFoAzz: WHo got the nuggets off the smelter?
  121. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:18:18] SinMoFoAzz: She said she did. I said  I need to discover metal for my char
  122. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:18:24] SinMoFoAzz: She said break down a bar
  123. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:18:38] SinMoFoAzz: I said I can notr he has no metal at all I have to pull a bar to break it down
  124. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:18:46] nenuzno II: Ok, look
  125. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:18:49] SinMoFoAzz: She said I can't do anything in this village anymore
  126. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:19:01] SinMoFoAzz: then we escalated from there
  127. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:19:13] SinMoFoAzz: Finally I told her that if she did not stop I would kill her
  128. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:19:17] nenuzno II: You could write it on paper
  129. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:19:27] nenuzno II: It isn't proble to argue much
  130. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:19:40] SinMoFoAzz: I understand that and that is why I did not kill her
  131. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:19:50] nenuzno II: Ok
  132. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:19:58] SinMoFoAzz: I did overstep and attack her from anger, Frustration and being ticked off
  133. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:20:03] nenuzno II: We understand your reasons also, and that is we didn't killed you)
  134. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:20:10] SinMoFoAzz: I will admit that after the arguing I lost it
  135. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:20:39] nenuzno II: Idk, look, beating it is not overstep
  136. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:20:47] SinMoFoAzz: I wish her no ill will, until she waited on vent for me to go to bed then sent nidbanes to try to kill me
  137. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:21:25] SinMoFoAzz: she stayed on our vent listening and waiting for me to go to sleep then sent Nidbanes to try to kill me. That was underhanded.
  138. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:21:27] nenuzno II: Overstep - it is when you tell her gtfo from your stuff, when could tell "Look, can you please don't touch them"
  139. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:21:40] SinMoFoAzz: I never told her get the f off my stuff
  140. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:21:52] SinMoFoAzz: I may have called her a bitch, I may have said leave my shit alone
  141. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:22:02] SinMoFoAzz: but never did I say get the f off my stuff
  142. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:24:02] SinMoFoAzz: Our village chief is on now on his alt
  143. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:24:18] SinMoFoAzz: his hs is test69
  144. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:25:04] nenuzno II: Look, call her a bitch or say leave your shit alone isn't much better, lol
  145. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:25:07] nenuzno II: Calm down
  146. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:25:24] nenuzno II: I'm not going to talk more now
  147. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:25:46] nenuzno II: Let it be so - she is our friend, that is why
  148. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:25:47] SinMoFoAzz: I jsut want to know if we have issues or not?
  149. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:25:54] nenuzno II: Now?
  150. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:26:03] nenuzno II: No
  151. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:26:04] SinMoFoAzz: yeah I like to play in peace
  152. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:26:17] nenuzno II: Ok, but be carefull maybe 1-2 days yet
  153. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:26:34] nenuzno II: While all will know that all is settled
  154. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:26:56] SinMoFoAzz: So I need to warn other villagers here to be careful?
  155. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:27:33] nenuzno II: No
  156. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:27:36] nenuzno II: Only you
  157. [Private Chat][2018-02-13 22:28:02] nenuzno II: Also, nidbanes don't kill this easy
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