Roundtable 5/2/2014

May 2nd, 2014
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  1. [14:55] <+Xion4ever> Hey there, Shard.
  2. [14:56] <ShardofTruth> Hi everyone:-)
  3. [14:56] <Byzantinefire> Hello.
  4. [14:56] <darkfalcon3274> HEI JUYS
  5. [14:57] <darkfalcon3274> when we getting started
  6. [14:58] <+Xion4ever> Is everyone good now, or is it too soon from the original [listed] time?
  7. [14:59] <darkfalcon3274> which was what?
  8. [14:59] <+Xion4ever> 7pm UTC
  9. [15:00] <darkfalcon3274> which is 2 pm eastern?
  10. [15:01] <darkfalcon3274> i think now's an acceptable start time
  11. [15:01] <darkfalcon3274> if we're nopt waiting on anyone
  12. [15:02] <+Xion4ever> Not that I know of...
  13. [15:02] <darkfalcon3274> anyone have any objections?
  14. [15:02] == Gexus_ [59a0d5b7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  15. [15:03] <Byzantinefire> Well not at the present time.
  16. [15:03] <+Xion4ever> Let's take this point by point, okay?
  17. [15:03] <darkfalcon3274> you opened two different browser tabs, didn't you, Gexus?
  18. [15:04] <darkfalcon3274> ok, let's do this thing, as the saying goes
  19. [15:04] <Gexus_> I have no idea what I'm doing xD
  20. [15:05] == Ethy [17f1772a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  21. [15:05] <darkfalcon3274> you'll suvive
  22. [15:05] <darkfalcon3274> *survive
  23. [15:05] <darkfalcon3274> alrighty
  24. [15:06] == Sign_ [d8270602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  25. [15:06] <darkfalcon3274> first off, following up from last time, erry said KHI in interested in working with us
  26. [15:07] <darkfalcon3274> which is damn cool
  27. [15:07] <+Xion4ever> Heck yeah.
  28. [15:07] <darkfalcon3274> he's AFK, but it wasn't much of a question
  29. [15:08] <Ethy> I'm glad you guys think so lol we think it'll be pretty cool working with you guys
  30. [15:08] == Seta [438c1bdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  31. [15:09] <darkfalcon3274> good deal
  32. [15:12] <Ethy> I was talking to Erry about it but we didn't get too far into the specifics. I understand you guys would like to feature our news on your Wiki, but how would this be done? And what were you guys looking to get back from us in this deal?
  33. [15:14] <darkfalcon3274> well, for one thing, turning over our Trinity Archives news feature
  34. [15:15] <darkfalcon3274> having it be "powered by KH Insider" would be one goal
  35. [15:16] <darkfalcon3274> granted, it's still an awfully slow time news-wise, but we haven't been as up-to-speed as we should be
  36. [15:17] <darkfalcon3274> even things like the KHX events we haven't been covering
  37. [15:17] <darkfalcon3274> on our news
  38. [15:17] <ShardofTruth> I think it's possible to simply link the newsfeed of KHInsider in our Trinity Archives, at least with the right plugins.
  39. [15:18] <Gexus_> so, something like RSS feeds?
  40. [15:18] <+Luxerion|AFK> woops
  41. [15:18] <+Luxerion|AFK> is it happening now?
  42. [15:18] == Luxerion|AFK has changed nick to Luxerion
  43. [15:18] <darkfalcon3274> HEY ERRY
  44. [15:19] <darkfalcon3274> you didn't miss much
  45. [15:19] <+Luxerion> hi
  46. [15:20] <Ethy> Hey Erry
  47. [15:21] <darkfalcon3274> so the question is largely on the other side, am i right?
  48. [15:23] <darkfalcon3274> i.e. what can we contribute to you guys?
  49. [15:24] <Ethy> Yeah
  50. [15:25] <+Luxerion> well, if khi is going to offer their journalism to us, what would khi think is an equal resource to theirs?
  51. [15:29] <darkfalcon3274> we have the information in our articles, and we have editors
  52. [15:30] <darkfalcon3274> i imagine the most likely question would be, would there be something you would like from our editors?
  53. [15:30] <Gexus_> before we properly discuss that, just to clarify, were you thinking of just implementing the KHI RSS feed to your trinity archive?
  54. [15:31] <darkfalcon3274> would it be that simple?
  55. [15:33] <ShardofTruth> I know it's possible, displaying the news needs a bit more testing though.
  56. [15:34] <Gexus_> Yeah, we'd need to figure out how it's done, I suppose
  57. [15:36] <darkfalcon3274> so we'll ask porplemontage
  58. [15:36] == Pea|DragonNest has changed nick to Pea14733
  59. [15:36] <ShardofTruth> The hardest part is really just to display the things you want. I imagined it would be the date, a headline with the link to your site and a reasonable excerpt..
  60. [15:36] <Gexus_> yeah, right
  61. [15:37] <Gexus_> exactly
  62. [15:37] == Seta [438c1bdd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
  63. [15:37] <Gexus_> I suppose if we can agree on that and discuss how to implement that further, we can talk about the next subject
  64. [15:38] <darkfalcon3274> we'll research it
  65. [15:38] <darkfalcon3274> or get porple to do it
  66. [15:38] <Gexus_> sorry, I meant, if we could discuss how to implement that properly later
  67. [15:39] <darkfalcon3274> alright
  68. [15:39] <darkfalcon3274> so next item?
  69. [15:39] <Gexus_> right
  70. [15:40] <darkfalcon3274> ...oh lord, the next item
  71. [15:40] <darkfalcon3274> fine
  72. [15:40] <darkfalcon3274> byz
  73. [15:40] <Byzantinefire> Oh right Affiliations with Disney Wiki.
  74. [15:40] <darkfalcon3274> how's it going with that
  75. [15:40] <Byzantinefire> Well i will get dork here right now.
  76. [15:42] <+Xion4ever> While he's doing that...Thanks again, KHI guys. ^_^
  77. [15:42] <Byzantinefire> http://community.wikia.com/wiki/WAM_Hall_of_Fame
  78. [15:42] == Loygansono55 [5cee9e49@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  79. [15:43] <darkfalcon3274> ok?
  80. [15:43] <darkfalcon3274> mazal tov?
  81. [15:43] <darkfalcon3274> it's pretty cool
  82. [15:43] <Gexus_> I'm sorry, I think they're having a bad connection at the moment
  83. [15:44] <Gexus_> anyway
  84. [15:44] <Byzantinefire> Well Disney Wiki has grown alot this year especially with the purchase of Star Wars and Marvel.
  85. [15:45] <darkfalcon3274> was that this year?
  86. [15:45] == FM|AFK has changed nick to FifteenthMember
  87. [15:45] <Byzantinefire> Last year and this year.
  88. [15:46] <darkfalcon3274> ok, so can you summarize the situation?
  89. [15:46] <darkfalcon3274> since we're just sitting here
  90. [15:47] <darkfalcon3274> if not, we can come back to this
  91. [15:47] <Byzantinefire> Well i figured KHWiki might be a grear asset to Disney Wiki.
  92. [15:48] <Byzantinefire> and viceversa.
  93. [15:48] <+Luxerion> hey fm
  94. [15:49] <FifteenthMember> I'm here!
  95. [15:49] <FifteenthMember> Hi guys
  96. [15:49] <Byzantinefire> *great
  97. [15:49] <darkfalcon3274> what kind of assest/assest
  98. [15:50] == Neumannz [~androirc@pool-96-255-200-43.washdc.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )]
  99. [15:51] <Byzantinefire> Well Kingdom Hearts is mostly Disney and there are more than 20,000 pages on Disney Wiki right now.
  100. [15:51] <FifteenthMember> Sorry to go back guys, but about the partnership with KHI: If there's nothing explicit that we can offer to KHI, I'd like to point out that we're still going to provide "free advertisement" with the Trinity Archives
  101. [15:51] <FifteenthMember> So at least that's something solid we can give
  102. [15:52] <Byzantinefire> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Topic:Kingdom_Hearts_(series)
  103. [15:53] == Neumannz [~androirc@pool-96-255-200-43.washdc.fios.verizon.net] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  104. [15:54] <FifteenthMember> wb NZ
  105. [15:54] <darkfalcon3274> i didn't really leave
  106. [15:54] == Loygansono55 [5cee9e49@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  107. [15:54] <+Xion4ever> Bad link, Byzantinefire.
  108. [15:54] <darkfalcon3274> i just refreshed IRC on my phone
  109. [15:54] <Byzantinefire> What so you mean Bad link?
  110. [15:55] <darkfalcon3274> FM, do you have anything to say about the current status of things at DW?
  111. [15:55] <+Xion4ever> The link says the topic does not exist on the Disney Wiki.
  112. [15:56] <FifteenthMember> Well, I've be honest
  113. [15:56] <FifteenthMember> *I'll
  114. [15:56] <darkfalcon3274> the closing ) wasn't included in the link
  115. [15:56] <Byzantinefire> Oh i see.
  116. [15:56] <FifteenthMember> I haven't really been checking up much on the DisneyWiki lately
  117. [15:56] <FifteenthMember> (Too much time with Skyrim)
  118. [15:56] <darkfalcon3274> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Topic:Kingdom_Hearts_(series)
  119. [15:56] <darkfalcon3274> nope. still didn't work
  120. [15:56] <darkfalcon3274> copy-paste
  121. [15:56] <FifteenthMember> So we really need to ask KSM since he's active there, I believe
  122. [15:57] <darkfalcon3274> right
  123. [15:57] <Byzantinefire> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Template:Kingdom_Hearts Well maybe just this then.
  124. [15:57] <FifteenthMember> I can't comment on the affiliation with the Disney Wiki, though, since my opinions would be bias
  125. [15:58] <FifteenthMember> given my past interactions with their staff.
  126. [15:58] <FifteenthMember> I'm guessing KSM will come to the RT later since his school finishes about now, if I recall correctly
  127. [15:59] <FifteenthMember> So should we postpone this agenda point for later this roundtable?
  128. [15:59] <Byzantinefire> Might as well i'm choking up.
  129. [15:59] <darkfalcon3274> the template looks horrible in monobook
  130. [15:59] <darkfalcon3274> and i'm not changing my skin :P
  131. [16:00] <Byzantinefire> Well it looks alright in skin.
  132. [16:00] <Pea14733> It looks horrible even in Oasis
  133. [16:00] <+Xion4ever> Along with KSM, it wouldn't hurt for some Disney Wikia staff to drop in.
  134. [16:00] <Pea14733> Especially the background
  135. [16:01] <+Xion4ever> *for that discussion
  136. [16:01] <FifteenthMember> Here you go NZ
  137. [16:01] <FifteenthMember> http://i.imgur.com/7zKhEIj.png
  138. [16:02] <Byzantinefire> Its a good background its for May the 4th.
  139. [16:02] <darkfalcon3274> "objects"?
  140. [16:02] <FifteenthMember> NZ, plot items
  141. [16:03] <FifteenthMember> They pretty much all either link to this page
  142. [16:03] <FifteenthMember> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Universe_of_Kingdom_Hearts
  143. [16:03] <FifteenthMember> Or that page
  144. [16:03] <darkfalcon3274> if they're plot items, they should be under Universe or Plot Elements
  145. [16:03] <darkfalcon3274> sea-salt ice cream isn't
  146. [16:03] <FifteenthMember> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Black_coat#Black_Coat
  147. [16:03] == Disneydork [4ac05ff7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  148. [16:04] <FifteenthMember> Sea salt ice cream is a thing in Disney Parks too, though
  149. [16:04] <FifteenthMember> I think that's why it's still there
  150. [16:04] <Byzantinefire> Thank you for coming Dork.
  151. [16:04] <FifteenthMember> Wait, what?
  152. [16:05] <FifteenthMember> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Plot_Elements_in_Kingdom_Hearts?diff=1161148&oldid=1160782
  153. [16:05] <darkfalcon3274> byz...
  154. [16:05] <FifteenthMember> We agreed that the Disney Wiki didn't need the entire transcript of every letter written by Mickey
  155. [16:05] <Byzantinefire> Well you agreed.
  156. [16:05] * FifteenthMember sighes
  157. [16:06] <FifteenthMember> *sighs
  158. [16:06] <darkfalcon3274> play nice, byz
  159. [16:06] <darkfalcon3274> seriously
  160. [16:06] <Byzantinefire> Fine i will just remove it.
  161. [16:06] <Disneydork> I'm really not completely sure why I'm here XD
  162. [16:07] <Disneydork> Byz just asked me to come
  163. [16:07] <FifteenthMember> I'm going back on what I said earlier. It's repeated behaviour like this which makes me reluctant to affiliate with Disney Wiki :<
  164. [16:07] <+Xion4ever> @Disneydork: Staff input on this discussion. That, and another voice for the Disney Wiki.
  165. [16:07] <darkfalcon3274> we are kinda hoping for an update
  166. [16:07] <darkfalcon3274> KSM isn't here
  167. [16:08] <Disneydork> @FifteenthMember I understand and we've been working on it slowly (albeit slower than you and I both wish)
  168. [16:08] <darkfalcon3274> byz didn't really tell us how things are going
  169. [16:08] <darkfalcon3274> so, yeah
  170. [16:08] <Byzantinefire> Because i was unsure and nervious.
  171. [16:09] <darkfalcon3274> if you can tell us how things are going, that'd be at least three kinds of awesome
  172. [16:10] <Disneydork> I know I've added the KHWiki template to images that we borrowed
  173. [16:10] <Byzantinefire> Well i added the KHWikiGallery template to most of the galleries.
  174. [16:10] <darkfalcon3274> nice
  175. [16:10] <Disneydork> and a couple users (myself included) have reworded some of the pages
  176. [16:11] <Byzantinefire> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Mickey_Mouse/Gallery/Video_Games
  177. [16:12] <FifteenthMember> I'm going to ask a question.
  178. [16:12] <FifteenthMember> Why does the Disney Wiki want an affiliation with us?
  179. [16:12] <FifteenthMember> As in, what do you want to gain out of it and how will it benefit us?
  180. [16:13] <Byzantinefire> Its i that wants the affiliation i want KHWiki to acnoledge Disney Wiki.
  181. [16:14] <Neumannz> The question stays the same
  182. [16:14] <FifteenthMember> And the second part to the question, please: How will it benefit us?
  183. [16:14] <Disneydork> well for one, I hope that kh wiki users will check out the disney wiki as well as disney users checking out the KH wiki
  184. [16:14] <Disneydork> you're logo will be on the affiliations section on the front page of the wiki
  185. [16:14] <Byzantinefire> Nicely said Dork.
  186. [16:14] <Neumannz> You know, we've never really done External Links, have we
  187. [16:15] <FifteenthMember> Nothing apart from links to SE websites
  188. [16:16] <Neumannz> Wouldn't hurt to start doing that for characters
  189. [16:16] <Byzantinefire> Also Disney Wiki has more information on Disney characters than KHWiki as well shorts, films and tv shows.
  190. [16:17] <Neumannz> Did we ever sort things out with FF wiki?
  191. [16:17] <Byzantinefire> http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/The_Sorcerer's_Apprentice for example.
  192. [16:17] <FifteenthMember> What happened with the FF Wiki?
  193. [16:18] <+Luxerion> well, i think its just, ffwiki links to khwikia then khwikia links to us and that's how it works, i remember i switched it once and ffwiki had a talk amongst themselves and it just stuck with the khwikia i think
  194. [16:18] <FifteenthMember> Oh
  195. [16:18] <Neumannz> 9_9
  196. [16:18] <Neumannz> Whatever
  197. [16:19] <FifteenthMember> I'm going to raise another worry I have about affiliating with DisneyWiki
  198. [16:19] <FifteenthMember> And I'm hoping everyone will take it with understanding. I don't want to offend anyone.
  199. [16:20] <Neumannz> I AM IMMEDIATELY OFFENDED
  200. [16:20] <Disneydork> go on
  201. [16:20] <FifteenthMember> In my opinion, Wikipedia has a higher quality of writing and professionalism than DisneyWiki
  202. [16:21] <Disneydork> I'm glad we agree :P
  203. [16:21] <Disneydork> DisneyWiki has been expanding and growing, no doubt, but there are tons of pages that still need work
  204. [16:21] <FifteenthMember> And considering the KHWiki's initial aims were to be independant and display extensive information professionally
  205. [16:22] <FifteenthMember> The DisneyWiki sort of "morals and ethics" doesn't suit ours.
  206. [16:22] <Neumannz> That's the wrong term, I think
  207. [16:22] <FifteenthMember> For example, we broke away from Wikia while DisneyWiki aims to be top in its WAM charts
  208. [16:22] <Disneydork> can you explain what you mean by that?
  209. [16:23] <FifteenthMember> I guess, I mean "goals"
  210. [16:23] <Byzantinefire> Well its improved in terms of morals.
  211. [16:23] <+Xion4ever> We can't hold it against them for staying with Wikia. That is solely their decision; we have no say in that.
  212. [16:23] <FifteenthMember> or motives. I can't think of a right word :<
  213. [16:23] <+Xion4ever> He means the whole stealing articles from other Wikis/us.
  214. [16:23] <+Xion4ever> *articles, images- anything/everything
  215. [16:23] <FifteenthMember> Xion, I don't mean that
  216. [16:23] <+Xion4ever> ?
  217. [16:23] <Neumannz> Goals/motives works
  218. [16:23] <Byzantinefire> Well most of that has be retified Xion.
  219. [16:23] <FifteenthMember> I mean DisneyWiki's goal of being the biggest with the most amount of pages
  220. [16:24] <+Xion4ever> There we go.
  221. [16:24] <FifteenthMember> While we focus on quality over quantity
  222. [16:24] <Byzantinefire> Well that is just a bonus.
  223. [16:24] <Neumannz> "Priorities"
  224. [16:24] <Byzantinefire> I want both quality and quantity.
  225. [16:24] <Disneydork> @FifteenthMember I understand what you mean by now
  226. [16:24] <Disneydork> by that*
  227. [16:24] <Neumannz> That's the word you wanted
  228. [16:24] <FifteenthMember> NZ, yes!
  229. [16:25] <+Luxerion> i think the problem with copying articles directly is that wikia doesn't allow you to delete pages willy nilly, i.e. when we tried removing khwikia
  230. [16:25] <Disneydork> I mean we can't just purge the wiki of sub-par pages, but we have to find a system to improve
  231. [16:26] <Neumannz> True
  232. [16:26] <Neumannz> Stuff takes time
  233. [16:26] <Neumannz> I do not envy your position
  234. [16:27] <FifteenthMember> In my opinion: there's no rush to become affiliated
  235. [16:27] <FifteenthMember> So, take time to work out a system and do whatever that is needed to do
  236. [16:28] <Neumannz> Do you think we should revisit this regularly?
  237. [16:28] == Sign_ [d8270602@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  238. [16:28] <Byzantinefire> I suppose.
  239. [16:29] <Disneydork> yeah. I don't feel a huge rush, though I could see it in the future
  240. [16:30] <Neumannz> It could be nice being able to link character articles
  241. [16:30] <Disneydork> we can begin work on fixing articles
  242. [16:30] <FifteenthMember> Once the Disney Wiki editors believe they sorted everything out, they can approach us again and we can make a refined decision?
  243. [16:30] <FifteenthMember> NZ, link to them in the origin section instead of Wikipedia?
  244. [16:30] <FifteenthMember> Or as an "External Link"
  245. [16:31] <Neumannz> External links
  246. [16:31] == Cheisa [ad42907a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  247. [16:31] == mode/#KHWiki-noticeboard [+v Cheisa] by ChanServ
  248. [16:31] <Neumannz> The way Wikipedia would do it
  249. [16:31] <Byzantinefire> Well i also want more users from here like Ninjashiek.
  250. [16:31] == Pea14733 has changed nick to Pea|Japanese
  251. [16:31] <Neumannz> You mean quality control-types?
  252. [16:31] <+Cheisa> so whats been discuss so far
  253. [16:32] <Neumannz> We talked khi partnership, now we're doing Disney
  254. [16:32] <+Cheisa> so khi ended up being?
  255. [16:33] <+Cheisa> *how did
  256. [16:33] <Neumannz> We're going to look into linking a feed directly to the trinity archives
  257. [16:33] <Byzantinefire> Well yeah.
  258. [16:35] <+Cheisa> alright
  259. [16:36] <Neumannz> Well, I don't know, you'll have to see who has interest
  260. [16:36] <Neumannz> Politely
  261. [16:36] <Neumannz> And only ask once
  262. [16:37] <Disneydork> if that's all, I'll be going now
  263. [16:37] <Neumannz> ok
  264. [16:38] <Neumannz> Any other points anyone wants to make on this?
  265. [16:40] == Gexus_ [59a0d5b7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  266. [16:41] == Disneydork [4ac05ff7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  267. [16:42] <Neumannz> Alrighty then
  268. [16:42] <Neumannz> Next item?
  269. [16:42] <+Xion4ever> End of Year Event 2014
  270. [16:44] <+Luxerion> alrighty, we need a format for the end of year events
  271. [16:46] <+Luxerion> are we gonna do them every two years? when exactly should they start and end? what kinds of things do we want to do? ones with prizes, ones w/o? etc. stuff like that
  272. [16:46] <FifteenthMember> brb
  273. [16:47] <+Luxerion> that's only if we plan to go along with making them something we want to commit to, otherwise we should just do them whenever we feel like.
  274. [16:48] <+Xion4ever> I think that all depends on who/how many people help out with the event, right?
  275. [16:51] <+Luxerion> yeah, although, we should have a relatively small group working on the event, so that a lot of people can join
  276. [16:51] <+Xion4ever> Right.
  277. [16:52] <+Xion4ever> I was going to say, depending on the users, using that information you could decide the time.
  278. [16:53] <+Xion4ever> Every two years gives you a decent amount of time to plan/work/etc. However, if you have a strong small group or a lot of help, you might decide against having the extra time.
  279. [16:54] <Neumannz> Yeah
  280. [16:54] <+Luxerion> i think i'll just post up this issue on a forum and see what i get from there
  281. [16:54] <Neumannz> Or rotating teams
  282. [16:54] <Neumannz> *alternating
  283. [16:55] <Neumannz> Sure
  284. [16:56] <Neumannz> So what can we settle here
  285. [16:59] <+Luxerion> i think what i want to know now is that, our prizes, what are we going to give out if its a competition against users rather than within the kh universe (a la keyblade war).
  286. [17:00] <Neumannz> Admin privileges for a week ;p
  287. [17:01] <+Luxerion> wow
  288. [17:01] <+Luxerion> lol
  289. [17:01] <+Xion4ever> Ha, we used to do that on here with op powers.
  290. [17:04] <+Luxerion> how about one of the rules of being on the group is that you chip in towards a cash prize or something? we could do amazon vouchers?
  291. [17:05] <+Xion4ever> Sounds fair.
  292. [17:07] <+Luxerion> alright, i'll note these down and make a forum later on, lets move onto the next thing on the agenda
  293. [17:08] <+Luxerion> 'MegaProject: Arise update?' reaaaaally not sure about this because not much has been done apart from trying to get people to projects.
  294. [17:08] <+Xion4ever> I can update on what I've been doing on the image part, but I think you guys have seen the work from the Recent Changes.
  295. [17:09] <+Xion4ever> Oh, I created a "what is left to do" for two of the projects. Feel free to add to/delete/whatever. http://www.khwiki.com/index.php?title=Forum:Updating_our_Projects&t=20140425220633#Project_Details
  296. [17:10] <+Xion4ever> Other than that, I've got nothing.
  297. [17:11] <darkfalcon3274> what do we need?
  298. [17:11] <+Xion4ever> On?
  299. [17:13] <darkfalcon3274> for moving projects along
  300. [17:14] <+Xion4ever> Just more people working on them, I suppose.
  301. [17:14] <+Luxerion> basically, yeah
  302. [17:14] == KeybladeSpyMaste [32a8caa9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  303. [17:14] <+Xion4ever> Ah, here we go. Just in time, Keyblade.
  304. [17:15] <FifteenthMember> HI
  305. [17:15] <KeybladeSpyMaste> How late am I?
  306. [17:15] <FifteenthMember> Im back
  307. [17:15] <+Xion4ever> We're wrapping up the MegaProject: Arise update.
  308. [17:15] <darkfalcon3274> couple hours
  309. [17:15] <+Xion4ever> *topic
  310. [17:16] <KeybladeSpyMaste> oh, cool
  311. [17:16] <+Xion4ever> Anything you'd like to add?
  312. [17:16] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Not much. Um, don't know if its been mentioned, but the Home Project (what I named the Main Page Project) kind of slowed down
  313. [17:18] <darkfalcon3274> what do you need?
  314. [17:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Right now, a discussion. It started pretty well, at first.
  315. [17:19] <KeybladeSpyMaste> then it kind of died. http://www.khwiki.com/Forum:MegaProject:_Arise_-_Main_Page_Revamp
  316. [17:20] <+Xion4ever> This is going to take time. We don't have a lot of people editing the Wiki as a whole anyways.
  317. [17:20] <+Xion4ever> School vacations are coming up for a lot of US editors, maybe that will help.
  318. [17:21] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Well, I don't mean right now. It's more of a "Remember that this is going on too" kind of deal.
  319. [17:22] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That was all, it's more a reminder than anything.
  320. [17:23] <darkfalcon3274> ok
  321. [17:23] <+Xion4ever> Next topic is Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
  322. [17:24] <+Luxerion> nez's.
  323. [17:24] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Too late, I'm graduating. Could of used that last year.
  324. [17:24] <KeybladeSpyMaste> :)
  325. [17:24] <+Xion4ever> </ref>
  326. [17:26] <darkfalcon3274> ok
  327. [17:26] <darkfalcon3274> so
  328. [17:27] <darkfalcon3274> guys
  329. [17:27] <darkfalcon3274> i wanna do something for kryten
  330. [17:27] <darkfalcon3274> kind of a send-off
  331. [17:28] <+Xion4ever> Hell yes.
  332. [17:28] <darkfalcon3274> i wanted to gauge interest
  333. [17:28] <darkfalcon3274> i have an idea about a comic
  334. [17:28] <darkfalcon3274> if we can get someone to do it
  335. [17:29] <darkfalcon3274> maybe commission an artist
  336. [17:29] <+Luxerion> well, with the right materials, i could make one using khmobile/recoded stuffs
  337. [17:31] <darkfalcon3274> hmmm, maybe
  338. [17:32] <darkfalcon3274> a sprite comic could be interesting
  339. [17:32] <darkfalcon3274> anyway, i have a vague idea of a script
  340. [17:33] <darkfalcon3274> the short version is, comic-us are doing the roundtable in a boardroom
  341. [17:33] <darkfalcon3274> we get to an agenda item regarding kryten's signing off
  342. [17:34] <FifteenthMember> Yes NZ
  343. [17:34] <FifteenthMember> I was thinking the same
  344. [17:34] <darkfalcon3274> some of us give some short thoughts/feelings about kryten leaving
  345. [17:35] <darkfalcon3274> someone says something about it being an end of an era
  346. [17:35] <darkfalcon3274> i (sorry) give a short speech about how we will stay committed to the quality kryten
  347. [17:35] <darkfalcon3274> *kryten's always represented
  348. [17:36] <darkfalcon3274> and in the end i retire kryten's swively office room chair to a "hall of fame" type room
  349. [17:37] <darkfalcon3274> and say something about keeping the seat warm for him
  350. [17:37] <FifteenthMember> Perfect
  351. [17:38] <+Xion4ever> I'm game.
  352. [17:38] <FifteenthMember> I'd imagine the tone would be a more happy and jokey one rather than a sad and regretful one though
  353. [17:40] <darkfalcon3274> i kinda imagined it in the style of El Goonish Shive
  354. [17:41] <darkfalcon3274> which is a good balance, i think
  355. [17:41] <FifteenthMember> I don't know what that is
  356. [17:41] <darkfalcon3274> www.egscomics.com
  357. [17:41] <FifteenthMember> Yeah, that looks fine
  358. [17:41] <darkfalcon3274> i don't know if the artist does commissions, but if there was interest i could ask him
  359. [17:41] <+Xion4ever> That would be cool.
  360. [17:41] <FifteenthMember> We'd want to keep this as a surprise for KK though right?
  361. [17:42] <+Xion4ever> I don't see why not
  362. [17:42] <darkfalcon3274> it's unlikely he'll drop in to see it, but yeah
  363. [17:42] <FifteenthMember> Meaning, we'd want to limit any talk about it on the Wiki and keep it for the IRC
  364. [17:42] <darkfalcon3274> *to see that we're doing it
  365. [17:42] <darkfalcon3274> mmhm
  366. [17:43] <+Xion4ever> I've gotta go.
  367. [17:43] <FifteenthMember> I could do a "short thought/feeling about kryten leaving" cos he taught me 70% of what I know on the Wiki
  368. [17:44] <+Xion4ever> If you guys finalize/decide what you need from us users (money, comments, whatever) let me know.
  369. [17:44] <darkfalcon3274> sure
  370. [17:44] <+Xion4ever> Since we're wanting this off Wiki and I can't guarantee any active IRC time, feel free to Facebook or email me.
  371. [17:44] <darkfalcon3274> ok
  372. [17:44] <+Xion4ever> This is a good idea though. Really nice. ^_^
  373. [17:45] <+Xion4ever> I'll see you guys later.
  374. [17:45] <Sora1995> oh, the RT
  375. [17:45] <Sora1995> did i miss it? :S
  376. [17:45] == Xion4ever [9385ddaa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit []
  377. [17:45] <darkfalcon3274> we'll need to see who wants in on this so i can actually write a script
  378. [17:45] == Byzantinefire [4648aaf8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #KHWiki-noticeboard []
  379. [17:45] <darkfalcon3274> FM, it would be great if you could do a thing
  380. [17:46] <FifteenthMember> Yeah, I'd be happy to do something
  381. [17:46] <darkfalcon3274> erry?
  382. [17:46] <FifteenthMember> How long do you want it to be? A short quip or a few paragraphs?
  383. [17:48] <darkfalcon3274> anyway, i'll need to decide who to include as characters (including maybe a basic design), and i'll need some blurbs to incorporate
  384. [17:48] <darkfalcon3274> short-ish, i think
  385. [17:48] == ShardofTruth [4dbaa00d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
  386. [17:48] <darkfalcon3274> since i want a bunch of them
  387. [17:48] <FifteenthMember> Okay
  388. [17:48] <+Luxerion> yes?
  389. [17:49] <darkfalcon3274> would you be able to do a blurb?
  390. [17:50] == Dragoon [Unseen@] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  391. [17:50] == Dragoon [Unseen@] has quit [Changing host]
  392. [17:50] == Dragoon [Unseen@seiwa/khwiki-staff/Teakupo] has joined #KHWiki-noticeboard
  393. [17:50] == mode/#KHWiki-noticeboard [+v Dragoon] by ChanServ
  394. [17:50] <+Dragoon> blurb?
  395. [17:50] <darkfalcon3274> yes
  396. [17:50] <FifteenthMember> NZ, once you've worked out the details, email me the instructions for what I have to do.
  397. [17:50] <darkfalcon3274> a short thing about kryten
  398. [17:51] <darkfalcon3274> that i can work into the script
  399. [17:53] <+Dragoon> alright
  400. [17:53] == Luxerion [Unseen@seiwa/khwiki-staff/Teakupo] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
  401. [17:53] <darkfalcon3274> doesn't have to be now
  402. [17:54] <FifteenthMember> I haven't been here long enough but would be worth if anyone from the Keyhole wants to do a blurb?
  403. [17:54] <darkfalcon3274> i'll start outlining first
  404. [17:54] <darkfalcon3274> if they can
  405. [17:54] <FifteenthMember> Since they probably knew KK from before the merge.
  406. [17:55] <darkfalcon3274> i'd prefer editors who spend time here, just because it makes sense to put them into the roundtable scenario, but it doesn't have to be
  407. [17:55] <FifteenthMember> That's okay too
  408. [17:56] <FifteenthMember> To keep things light-hearted, let's add a joke with the roundtable scenario
  409. [17:56] <FifteenthMember> Like, do something funny with the agenda point that comes up before KK's one
  410. [17:56] <FifteenthMember> That also sets the roundtable scene.
  411. [17:57] <Neumannz> Sure
  412. [18:00] <darkfalcon3274> anyway, in the meantime, we'll need to check with people
  413. [18:01] <darkfalcon3274> see who wants in
  414. [18:01] <FifteenthMember> It's good that we're doing something for KK because with all the stuff he did, he deserves more than a few goodbye messages.
  415. [18:02] <darkfalcon3274> mmhm
  416. [18:02] <darkfalcon3274> so that's that bit
  417. [18:02] <darkfalcon3274> next item?
  418. [18:03] <FifteenthMember> Err, FU images
  419. [18:03] <darkfalcon3274> heheheh
  420. [18:03] <darkfalcon3274> "FU"
  421. [18:03] <FifteenthMember> lol
  422. [18:03] <FifteenthMember> "In case I can't make it, I want to throw in my thoughts. This is simply a suggestion/question on whether we should use the same featured user award image, or make a new one. I've made a draft of one I just put together on Wednesday here (note the colors can be altered), and I made one for this month with the old format. FM has made a new nomination, noting that Shard made a different
  423. [18:03] <FifteenthMember> version for MEX in the past (the little "Birthday Medal" is here), and we could do something like that. It's more a simple "Do we want to change it or leave it alone?" kind of topic."
  424. [18:04] <FifteenthMember> I'm so/so about it.
  425. [18:04] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Like I said, minor detail/question, just a suggestion.
  426. [18:04] <FifteenthMember> We can change it if we want but I don't mind leaving it as it is too
  427. [18:04] <darkfalcon3274> we could change it every so often, not every time
  428. [18:05] <darkfalcon3274> once or twice a year, maybe?
  429. [18:05] <FifteenthMember> Or arbitarily?
  430. [18:05] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Well, I didn't mean every time. I just meant from here on, we use a different one from the one we've used in the past (i.e. we simply replace the existing medal)
  431. [18:06] <FifteenthMember> If we do that, we need to update the banner
  432. [18:06] <FifteenthMember> http://www.khwiki.com/images/5/53/FeaturedUserHeader.png
  433. [18:06] <KeybladeSpyMaste> I doubt that'd be too hard.
  434. [18:07] <KeybladeSpyMaste> We'd just use the old one and the new one, and alternate (old, new, old, new, etc.)
  435. [18:07] <FifteenthMember> KSM's one looks good
  436. [18:08] <FifteenthMember> I don't think we should alternate between them
  437. [18:08] <+Dragoon> i feel like it should be changed
  438. [18:08] <+Dragoon> entirely
  439. [18:09] <+Dragoon> from the old fu image, because the older one is an upscaled version of a mirage arena icon
  440. [18:09] <darkfalcon3274> fair point
  441. [18:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Huh, I didn't even notice that.
  442. [18:10] <FifteenthMember> Seeing as the Wiki seems to be beginning a new time period with the revival of these community projects and KK's leave, the new FU image would be used for all FUs starting now
  443. [18:10] <FifteenthMember> So starting from Ultima Spark
  444. [18:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, that's what I meant.
  445. [18:10] <KeybladeSpyMaste> By alternating them, I meant for the header.
  446. [18:11] <darkfalcon3274> ok
  447. [18:12] <+Dragoon> well, i think we should just altogether get a new header :/
  448. [18:13] <FifteenthMember> That means I'll get the old badge :D
  449. [18:14] <FifteenthMember> Cos I didn't get my badge from September 2012 :P
  450. [18:15] <KeybladeSpyMaste> That's another thing. FM and LightRoxas (the last one to actually get his name on the home page) didn't get their badges. Do we give them the new ones? (I say yes, or leave it up to them)
  451. [18:16] <+Dragoon> new ones
  452. [18:16] <+Dragoon> we should just get rid of the old one and, if we're going to leave it, keep it just for archiving's sake
  453. [18:17] <FifteenthMember> I kinda want the old one if you guys don't mind cos it marks the end of the 2012 era of FUs and also
  454. [18:17] <FifteenthMember> It matches my userpage colour :P
  455. [18:18] <KeybladeSpyMaste> The other important part of it is: what should the new one look like. Like FM mentioned, I made a draft/concept I liked.
  456. [18:25] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Ok, I've got to go. Have a mother's day activity I've got to get to.
  457. [18:25] <darkfalcon3274> ok
  458. [18:25] <KeybladeSpyMaste> If you guys need me to make the image, just message me on my talk page.
  459. [18:25] <darkfalcon3274> anything else to cover?
  460. [18:26] <darkfalcon3274> KSM, you wanna do a blurb?
  461. [18:26] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Nope, that's it as far as that topic goes. I'll have to get back to you on that, NZ, but I don't see why not.
  462. [18:26] <KeybladeSpyMaste> Yeah, I'll do a blurb
  463. [18:26] <darkfalcon3274> cool
  464. [18:26] == KeybladeSpyMaste [32a8caa9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Ok, I'm out!]
  465. [18:27] <darkfalcon3274> alright, any final business?
  466. [18:27] <darkfalcon3274> that was the last agenda item
  467. [18:27] <darkfalcon3274> i need to go in a second, too
  468. [18:28] <FifteenthMember> No, I don't think so
  469. [18:28] <FifteenthMember> Nice rt toady
  470. [18:28] <FifteenthMember> *today
  471. [18:28] <darkfalcon3274> anybody logging?
  472. [18:28] <FifteenthMember> Dragoon?
  473. [18:30] <darkfalcon3274> ...should i do it, then?
  474. [18:30] <FifteenthMember> Sure, unless anyone objects
  475. [18:31] <darkfalcon3274> ok, done
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