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Jan 28th, 2014
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  1. In comparison, the previous record for largest single battle titan losses was a tie between O2O and Uemon, with 12 total titans destroyed in each of those battles.
  2. So about the fight from PL perspective; for the last few years we've been using the money we get from renting/tech/contracts into building a capital armada of dreads and carriers for a huge capital slugfest with the intentions of losing a full capital fleet and replacing it as the fight goes down. Just like with subcaps, the ability to reship in a capital fight is hugely important. The b-r fight, though, wasn't meant to be the site of a huge capital brawl. A week earlier in HED-GP we were prepared to lose everything, reship, and go back at it. Luckily those cynos and caches were still prepped and in place for the b-r fight so we were able to reship for the biggest capital/supercapital fight Eve has ever seen. From that end, the capital loss we incurred has been totally replaced as fast as people can accept contracts.
  3. What we did lose, however, was a huge amount of active Titans. Titans have very few uses from a combat perspective except when it comes to capital fights. In these cap fights Titans are king and essential; as we saw in HED-GP they are very daunting and tend to win fights by intimidation. Jumping into 50 Titans means you risk losing huge assets every DD cycle.
  5. The cost to replace these suckers in the amount that we lost is certainly not trivial - a few trillion isk - though certainly replaceable. In the short term will limit our ability to create these capital fights (which I'm sure everyone is thankful for) and it changes how we approach fights.
  7. Perhaps five years ago a loss of this scale would send an alliance into a tailspin, though the cold truth is that the top tier of alliances in Eve these days can incur a multi-trillion isk loss and keep on chugging. A week ago CFC/Rus lost 350 dreads and fielded the same exact fleet on Monday. The ISK lost from the b-r fight is a much greater scale, of course, but the ISK is still there for everyone. The lost momentum in the Soutnern conflict due to the B-R fight is a far greater loss than the isk assets. Because try as you might, you cannot buy swagger.
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