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  1. -Byond Key: Jonas61
  3. -IGN: Lotus
  5. -Discord Name: yato61#2648
  7. -Race: Saiyan General  
  9. -Why do you want  this race/rank/tech/item
  11. : I think that i can improve RP with this rank.
  13. -How do you think you can improve RP with this race/rank/tech/item
  15. : By serving as the right-hand man of the Saiyan king.
  17. -Do you agree not to use this for OOC purposes?
  19. : Yes
  21. -How experienced are you in roleplaying?
  23. : 3+ years G+ and Mewe RP
  25. -Do you have any outside activities such as school/work that stops you from being on during times of the day
  27. : 7 am-4 pm school
  28. : Lotus was born into a wealthy family held to high standards. Taught in noble ways proper mannerisms and so fourth altough the aplications of such would not go far beyond the use of speaking to higher ups. Lotus would go under the King of the Saiyans to take over other planet's. Therefore he would be inducted into the Saiyan army to be trained. Lotus would live out his life as the Saiyan King's right-hand man. Going around the universe conquering different planets. Lotus would forcefully take over said planets. As a respected citizen of his race, Lotus would be greeted with respect. He was exclusively loyal to his king or whoever resided above him in power although only to the liking of his race. Lotus would think back to one of his past genocides. Lotus entering the planet's atmosphere would exit his pod. Lotus would go to the nearest city and scream out. "GET READY TO DIE!" Lotus would start blasting buildings to the ground. He would level out the city in seconds. Lotus would kill every living being on the planet. Ripping people apart tearing them to shreds. Taking over half of the planet in a couple of minutes Lotus would demolish any challengers. The planet would send their best but it wasn't enough it was never enough. Lotus would continue to plow through them. Blood slung everywhere disembodied heads lay scattered on the ground.  children would cry watching their parents die until they meet their own demise. Lotus would show no remorse. You could hear the blood-curdling screams from space. Some  would question his motives screaming why and lotus would just respond with Because my Lord told me to. The planet was up in flames, blood-covered the streets. Lotus finished the planet off and transmitted a message to the King. Lotus: "It is done, Sir."  "What do you want me to do now Sir." "Okay, I'll be back in a day Sir. Lotus would grab the head of one of the Aliens and put it in his pod. He would then get into the pod in start flying to jungle. Lotus would show the head to the King. Lotus: "Hello sir the planet is ready to colonize now." Saiyan King: "Good now on with the next one." Lotus would go onto his next adventure.
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