MagiReco Main Story 7.5

Apr 26th, 2018
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  1. 7.5 Rumor-Busting Tour
  2. on the streets of Shinsei Ward
  3. Yachiyo: "Iroha, let's go kick around some rumors!"
  5. 7.5.1
  6. [insert map of Kamihama with Shinsei Ward highlighted]
  7. *The Rumor of the Red-Hot Grave*
  8. *A rumor where if you make fun of the memorialized person, a burned hand will emerge and pull you into the center of the burial mound.*
  9. *But if you say "Thanks to you, the village was saved," it will disappear.*
  10. [on the street]
  11. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san!!"
  12. "Out of all the rumors, why did you pick that one!?"
  13. "Isn't that just a horror story?"
  14. Yachiyo: "So you're not good with that, Iroha?"
  15. "Well, you don't have to worry about it, because we're aiming to erase the rumor."
  16. Iroha: "That's not the problem..."
  17. Yachiyo: "Come on. The black and white feathers didn't appear, so let's head to the next one."
  18. Iroha: "Please pick something less scary for the next one..."
  19. [insert map of Kamihama with Mizuna Ward highlighted]
  20. *The Rumor of the Peeping Castle Town*
  21. *A rumor where after doing a sightseeing trip around the castle town, if you look between your own legs at the town, you'll be able to see the way the town used to look.*
  22. *However, if you look for too long, you'll be taken over to the other side.*
  23. [on a street in Mizuna]
  24. Iroha: "Somehow, doesn't actually doing it make you a bit nervous?"
  25. Yachiyo: "It does, very much..."
  26. "To think that at 19 years old, I'd be looking between my legs in broad daylight."
  27. Iroha: "I feel the same at only 15..."
  28. Yachiyo: "Let's pretend we're looking at Amanohashidate."
  29. Iroha: "Amanohashidate?"
  30. Yachiyo: "It's a sightseeing destination where the custom there is to look at the scenery between your legs."
  31. "There's a narrow sandbar that crosses the bay, and it apparently looks like a bridge across the sky."
  32. Iroha: "A sightseeing destination... Mizuna is also a sightseeing destination..."
  33. "Okay!"
  34. [fade to black]
  35. Iroha: *This is the bay...*
  36. *The wide bay that the sandbar crosses...*
  37. [back to the street]
  38. Iroha: "Ready, and..."
  39. [insert map of Kamihama with Sankyou Ward highlighted]
  40. *The Rumor of the Headless Biker Gang*
  41. *A rumor where when nobody's looking, violence gets repeated over and over.*
  42. *Quite often, when you can hear something going on but can't see anything, it's because of them. If you do end up spotting them, they'll make you join their biker gang.*
  43. [on a street corner with mixed old and new buildings]
  44. Yachiyo: "Yeah, the people over here stopped coming. How about your side, Iroha?"
  45. Iroha: "Over here, nobody's coming by."
  46. Yachiyo: "Now let's hide, I guess."
  47. Iroha: "Then when we hear something, we'll jump out and beat whoever shows up?"
  48. Yachiyo: "Yeah, that should get the rumor to appear."
  49. Iroha: "Got it."
  50. [they hide in an alley, transformed]
  51. Iroha: "..."
  52. Yachiyo: "..."
  53. *vvvvVVVVVVMMMMMMM...*
  54. Iroha: (It's here!)
  55. "Yachiyo-san!"
  56. Yachiyo: "Let's go, Iroha!"
  57. [she senses something]
  58. "Wait, this reaction..."
  59. ???: "Your opponent is not a rumor, but me!"
  60. [there's some kind of arrow sound]
  61. Iroha: "Uagh!"
  62. black feather: "I had heard that rumors were being defeated one after another..."
  63. "Naturally it would be you, Tamaki Iroha... Nanami Yachiyo..."
  64. Iroha: "I knew it would be the Wings of Magius..."
  65. Yachiyo: "Our showing off has finally yielded results..."
  66. black feather: "I can't let you interfere with rumors any further..."
  67. "For the sake of our release..."
  68. Iroha: "No, you won't stop us..."
  69. "Not until you tell us where everyone is."
  70. black feather: "Where... everyone is? Why would you..."
  71. Yachiyo: "Alternatively, we don't mind if you tell us where your base is."
  72. black feather: "I can't tell you that..."
  73. Yachiyo: "Then we'll make you tell us!"
  74. [battle]
  75. [in battle]
  76. black feather: "Wha- What do you plan on forcing me to tell you!?"
  77. Yachiyo: "Don't pretend you don't know."
  78. "We want to know..."
  79. "What you did to Tsuruno and Felicia and Futaba-san!"
  80. Iroha: "Tell us!"
  81. "If you do so, then we won't have to erase any more rumors!"
  82. black feather: "Even... if you say so... if you ask me, I don't..."
  83. Yachiyo: "What a shameless lie!"
  84. black feather: "I really don't know!"
  85. [after the battle, in Mizuna ward, we see Momoko]
  86. Momoko: (With Kaede like that, it'll probably take a little more time...)
  87. (Her soul gem hasn't darkened too much.)
  88. (We might have gotten really lucky...)
  89. "Well, for now, maybe I'll go meet up with Yachiyo-san."
  90. [we see two girls]
  91. girl A: "When the amusement park opens, let's go be first in line."
  92. girl B: "You'd do that?"
  93. Momoko: "!?"
  94. (This is what they were talking about at school...)
  95. Momoko: *...*
  96. [we see a man and a woman]
  97. one of them: *Really, I didn't know about this until just recently.*
  98. the other: It's going to be trouble, being pestered by the kids to go...*
  99. a second guy: *Where is it, anyway?*
  100. Momoko: "If I listen carefully, I can pick up conversation from time to time."
  101. (Yesterday I thought it was just hearsay, but if it's spreading in Mizuna?)
  102. "Alright..."
  103. [she goes up to the girls]
  104. Momoko: "Um, have you heard about the amusement park?"
  105. girl A: "Uh, why do you ask?"
  106. Momoko: "I heard the rumor about the amusement park, but I was wondering if you might know more about it."
  107. girl A: "Ah, I see."
  108. "So basically, they say it's being built somewhere in Kamihama."
  109. Momoko: "..."
  110. "Uh, well, that's it? Anything else?"
  111. girl A: "Even if you ask me..."
  112. "It's strange, they say you'll just know on the day of?"
  113. Momoko: "By the way, do you remember who you heard it from?"
  114. girl A: "Just one of my friends... Wait, didn't I hear it from you?"
  115. girl B: "Huh? I heard it from you."
  116. girl A: "No way, that can't be right."
  117. Momoko: (This is...)
  118. (A rumor... No way...)
  119. (I should probably investigate it a little before we meet up...)
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