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Sep 30th, 2021
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  1. It turns out "elcolectivodeuno" is just a part of a macrocosm i created, here are all the other things and projects I am involved with, in case you start asking, and why the schedule might be irregular sometimes: and why you'll get updates of things you might think they are irrelevant.
  3. paypal donations for any of this garbage can be made here because I'm begging online:
  5. do you have news? do you want to send me death threats? send them here:
  6. Twitter where I upload links to articles: @bujerinimemori1
  8. Other stuff I do
  10. Bandcamp (cool music, did i mention all of my releases are FREE but you can pay to support if u want?):
  11. Bitchute (reuploads and home of "Hunter biden's crack pipe"):
  12. Deviantart:
  13. Odysee (only for videos in spanish):
  14. Soundcloud (like the bandcamp, but worse):
  15. Twitch, where i do some real epic gaming every week :D:
  16. The blog (you probably come for this anyway, so ignore):
  18. Youtube Channels (yes, I said Channels)
  20. Official FILASTOX channel:
  21. Spanish twitch live channel:
  22. Channel for English twitch live uploads:
  23. Shitposts channel, you upload when you're inspired:
  24. Spanish twitch clip upload channel:
  25. Channel for English twitch clip uploads:
  26. Gaming channel for real gamers where I re-upload my streams and do other shit:
  29. Interact with me here (I'm very lonely lol)
  31. Discord (I hardly use it but add me if you like): Daemonimperatus#2641
  32. Twitter where i spew worthless opinions and spam pictures of Tails on the daily:
  33. funee reddit xd:
  35. Podcast Listening Sites
  37. Anchor:
  38. Spotify:
  40. Ways to support this rubbish
  42. Create an odysee account using my link to get crypto shekels so I can upload even more videos:$/invite/@lascosasquepasanxd:1
  43. donate me lbry credits to upload more videos on odysee guy: bHKXLJayQ5aFf6oNTBT5Fuqpw7gBKCiFja
  44. guy send some bitcoins here: 17mZ8ZyunvrF9Cvq1Qsx7URJFzRKu1WMWX
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