Fluttercord's diaper + bondage funtimes (DL, Bondage)

May 31st, 2014
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  1. >"Discord, are you sure this is a good idea?" the shy mare says to her friend Discord.
  2. >"I dunno about this diaper and crib thing. What if I don't like it?"
  3. "Oh come on Fluttershy, this will be a blast, you can trust your old pal Discord. When have I ever let you down?"
  4. >"Well... You did betray us when Tirek returned and two years before that you did steal the elements of Harmony... But I guess if you say so."
  5. "Attagirl!" Discord then snaps his fingers and immediately a puffy adult sized diaper and a pristine looking mare sized crib, a large foal bottle full of chocolate milk and a jar of foal food are created out of thin air.
  6. “You are just going to love this Fluttershy, trust me.” Discord grabs the mashed foal food and starts feeding Fluttershy.
  7. >“This, doesn’t feel right Discord,” Fluttershy said, her voice trailing off.
  8. “Just let me work my magic Fluttershy and you will see,” Discord assured.
  9. “Now let me get you secured in this cute diaper I got just for you.”
  10. >”Okay, it does look comfy.” The meek mare says as Discord quickly secures the foalish looking diaper around her waist… erm whatever the pony equivalent of a waist is.
  11. “Good, let’s get you in that crib, so we can get this party started.”
  12. >”But, what if I get lonely?” Fluttershy says as she crawls into the crib.”
  13. “Fluttershy please, I’m your best bud, I will be right here for you. Now, I’m going to put on these 4 adorable pink bondage cuffs on. You are going to love this next part.”
  14. >”I… dunno Discord, but those cuffs are cute.”
  15. >Finishing binding Fluttershy down in the crib, Discord hangs the Mare sized foal bottle near Fluttershy’s mouth.
  16. >”Discord, I can’t move at all… Could you perhaps loosen them up a bit?
  17. “But Fluttershy my friend, that would ruin all the fun.”
  18. >”Okay, my friends do tell me I need to have more fun.”
  19. “By the way Fluttershy that foal food I fed you is full of fun stuff that is sure to push that foalish looking diaper to its limits”
  20. >”What, Discord, you didn’t tell me about that part!”
  21. “If I were to do that, that would ruin the surprise. You know better then that Fluttershy.”
  22. ”Don’t you worry, I promise I will check on you in the morning.”
  23. >“Discord, this isn’t funny!”
  24. ”Oh, but it is Fluttershy,” Discord says as he kisses Fluttershy on the cheeks.
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