Verse Tools/Info KOF14

Oct 10th, 2016
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  1. Verse Notes
  4. Standing
  6. Far LP: 25 damage. Basic jab. Kind of slow on startup for a jab, but decent range. May whiff on smaller characters. Barely negative on block.
  7. -Chains into:
  8. --Nothing
  9. -Cancels into:
  10. --Darkness Collision (LP/EX)
  11. --Dark Quanta
  12. --MAX Cancel
  14. Close LP: 25 damage. Quick little jab. 0 on block, but hitbox is lower than it appears.
  15. -Chains into:
  16. --Auto-Combo
  17. -Cancels into:
  18. --Darkness Collision (LP/EX)
  19. --Dark Quanta
  20. --MAX Cancel
  22. Far LK: 30 damage. Verse kicks up and forward. Decent range, same height as far LP. More negative on block than far LP.
  23. -Chains into:
  24. --Nothing
  25. -Cancels into:
  26. --MAX Cancel
  28. Close LK: 30 damage. Verse lifts a knee. Short range but fast. Maybe +1 on block.
  29. -Chains into:
  30. --Nothing
  31. -Cancels into:
  32. --Darkness Collision (LP/EX)
  33. --Dark Quanta
  34. --MAX Cancel
  36. Far HP: 70 damage. Verse sends a powerful uppercut forward, sending the opponent up in the air. This move has a lot of start up and is CRAZY negative on block, but pushes you to half screen. Use as AA.
  37. -Chains into:
  38. --2LP
  39. --2LK
  40. --Star Crash
  41. -Cancels into:
  42. -- Hate Knuckle (All)
  43. -- Stray Hand (LP/EX)
  44. -- Dark Collission (LP/HP)
  45. -- Dark Quanta
  46. -- MAX Cancel
  48. Close HP: 70 damage. Verse chops down at his opponent, giving them a hard knockdown. While slow to hit and minus on block, this does hit overhead. Think of this like the standing version of a sweep.
  49. -Chains into:
  50. --Nothing
  51. -Cancels into:
  52. --MAX Cancel
  54. Far HK: 80 damage. Verse performs a spinning kick from a massive distance. This move is barely negative on block, huge startup, but has autoguard until the active hitbox comes out.
  55. -Chains into:
  56. --Nothing
  57. -Cancels into:
  58. --Verse Ray (Both)
  59. --Meteor Verse (Both)
  60. --Grudge Dimension
  61. --MAX Cancel
  63. Close HK: 78 damage. 2 hits, 40 damage each before scaling. Verse lifts a knee and kicks. 0 on block, quick startup. Nice button, cancellable on both hits.
  64. -Chains into:
  65. --Nothing
  66. -Cancels into:
  67. --Hate Knuckle (LP)
  68. --Stray Hand (All*)
  69. --Darkness Collision (LP/EX)
  70. --Dark Quanta
  71. --Verse Ray (Both)
  72. --Meteor Verse (Both)
  73. --Grudge Dimension
  74. --MAX Cancel
  75. *Stray Hand's HP version will not connect if cancelled on the second hit.
  77. Blowback: 75 damage. Verse lunges his body forward, body checking the opponent. Huge range. The closer you are to your opponent on startup, the less safe this move is.
  80. Crouching
  82. LP: 25 damage. Stumpy punch. Fast and plus on block.
  83. -Chains into:
  84. --5LP
  85. --5LK
  86. --2LP
  87. --2LK
  88. -Cancels into:
  89. --Darkness Collision (LP/EX)
  90. --Dark Quanta
  91. --MAX Cancel
  93. LK: 30 damage. Nice range, quick, only like -1 on block. Hits low.
  94. -Chains into:
  95. --5LP
  96. --2LP
  97. -Cancels into:
  98. --Darkness Collision* (LP/EX)
  99. --Dark Quanta*
  100. --MAX Cancel
  101. *Cancelling into these moves will prioritize hitting the 5LP before cancelling, so the specials do connect, but scaling will be affected
  103. HP: 68 damage. 2 hits, 30 on the first and 38 on the second. Meh on startup, but decently safe on block. It pushes Verse back to halfscreen on block. Cancellable on both hits.
  104. -Chains into:
  105. --Nothing
  106. -Cancels into:
  107. --Hate Knuckle (LP/EX)
  108. --Stray Hand (All)
  109. --Darkness Collision (LP/EX)
  110. --Dark Quanta
  111. --Verse Ray (Both)
  112. --Meteor Verse (Both)
  113. --Grudge Dimension
  114. --MAX Cancel
  115. >>Damage changed from 100 in v1.03.
  117. HK: 80 damage. Verse's sweep. Verse slides about 50% of the screen forward. This move is plus on block at max range, minus at close range.
  118. -Chains into:
  119. --Nothing
  120. -Cancels into
  121. --Nothing
  124. Jumping
  126. LP: 45 damage. Verse places both hands below and in front of him. Good jump away button, fast and nice range. This does 40 damage if shorthopped.
  128. LK: 45 damage. Verse lifts a knee. Super short range, but good shorthop button. This does 40 damage if shorthopped.
  130. HP: 70 damage. Verse flexes both arms on either side of him. This button is AMAZING for crossups, but can be kind of slow and short ranged.
  132. HK: 70 damage. Verse kicks his legs out. Nice horizontal range, but slow. Good for jumping in.
  134. Blowback: 90 damage. Verse gives a shoulder ram in the air. This move has stubby range and hits mid.
  137. Command Normal
  139. Star Crash: 65 damage. Verse does a flip forward and brings his legs down on his opponent. Despite its appearance, this move hits mid. This can be an incredible crossup tool, as it can flip Verse to the opposite side if he's close. When he lands, he has a hitbox that hits low for 45 damage. Use this button when mixing up your opponent. If this hits low, the opponent can tech away.
  140. -Chains into:
  141. --Nothing
  142. -Cancels into:
  143. --Dark Collision (LP/EX)
  144. --Dark Quanta
  145. --Verse Ray (Both)
  146. --Meteor Verse (Both)
  147. --Grudge Dimension
  148. --MAX Cancel
  152. Throws
  154. Giga Power Bomb: 100 damage. Verse power bombs his opponent. This throw is techable.
  156. Brain Stem Buster: 100 damage. Verse drops his opponent behind him. This throw is techable.
  159. Specials
  161. Hate Knuckle: Verse walks forward, sending a series of fists a short distance in front of him. Verse's walk starts instantly, but the fists don't start for a little bit after. The fists stop certain projectiles. This special is super cancellable, but only when after a fist hits. Be careful on the timing.
  162. LP: 111 damage. 6 hits, 20 damage each before scaling. Fastest startup overall, but very minus on block.
  163. HP: 111 damage. 6 hits, 20 damage each. Slower startup but safer on block. Use this in neutral over LP.
  164. EX: 175 damage. 10 hits, 20 damage each before scaling. Safe on block and quick start up. The EX Version is not super-cancellable.
  166. Stray Hand: Verse's fireball. He shoots a fiery hand forward. It moves decently fast, not too slow, but not like a Maxima laser. All versions of this special are super-cancellable.
  167. LP: 60 damage. This one flies at mid height.
  168. HP: 60 damage. This one flies at a low height.
  169. EX: 126 damage. 2 hits, 65 damage each before scaling. This version shoots both hands, one at mid height and one at a low height. These hits both connect on most standing characters.
  171. Dark Collision. Verse's "DP". He brings a fiery fist down in front of him, giving his opponent a hard knockdown if it connects. All versions are extremely minus on block. This special is super-cancellable
  172. LP: 78 damage. 2 hits, 40 damage each before scaling.
  173. HP: 117 damage. 2 hits, 60 damage each before scaling. This version has a much slower startup.
  174. EX: 151 damage. 3 hits, 40 on the first hit and 60 on the last two before scaling. The first hit of this version hits low, but if blocked, can be countered by most jabs before the second and third hits arrive.
  176. Stray Scaffold: Verse sends both hands out to capture the opponent. The opponent is pulled into a bubble that is moved a short distance toward Verse. The opponent is considered airborne during this time. Despite doing no damage, this command grab still adds scaling.
  177. LK/HK: The hands reach about half screen.
  178. EX: The hands reach about half screen. This version has a much faster startup.
  180. Dark Quanta: Verse has a teleport. Depending on what direction you hold, forward or backward, Verse moves in that direction. You can also not choose a direction and simply stay invulnerable for a short while. This move does have a bit of startup and recovery, but can be used to pass through projectiles or chase after a ground tech.
  183. Supers
  185. Verse Ray: Souped up Stray Hand. Verse shoots a massive hand that flies across the screen at mid height.
  186. Standard: 180 damage.
  187. MAX: 327 damage. 3 hits, 115 damage each before scaling.
  189. Meteor Verse: Verse drops a barrage of fists from the sky a fixed distance away from him. This super can hit downed opponents, like after being hit with Close HP or Darkness Collision. NOTE THAT NOT ALL FISTS ARE GUARANTEED TO CONNECT.
  190. LK: 204 damage. 10 hits, 27 damage each before scaling. The fists drop a short distance directly in front of Verse.
  191. HK: 204 damage. 10 hits, 27 damage each before scaling. The fists drop about 55-60% screen's distance in front of Verse.
  192. MAX: [Indeterminate] damage. A massive barrage of fists drop, dealing 40 damage with the first, dropping by 2 damage with each fist before damage scaling maxes out at 20 damage per fist. This version will rain the fists starting in front of Verse, but eventually hit those at an HK version's distance away as well.
  194. Grudge Dimension: Verse's Climax. After a long superflash, Verse charges to almost fullscreen and performs a hitgrab. He then performs a series of punches, similar to Shun'ei's Climax. This move does 472 damage.
  197. Verse is really, really weird. He has the basic components of a regular character. A fireball, a DP, but then he also has the command grab that floats his enemy toward him, a wall of fists, and a super that changes how much damage it does depending on all sorts of factors.
  199. Verse does have Star Crash, which can be incredibly helpful on your mixup game. Even if your opponent sees the side switch, the move is 0 on block, so you're at no loss. Even though the initial hit won't connect, you can safely cancel most moves into this on block, so abuse this when you can.
  201. Verse doesn't have a lot of combo potential, but he can juggle a bit out of Stray Scaffold. Use far HP into Star Crash to hit the opponent after grabbing them. Play around with what you can do with Stray Scaffold.
  203. I don't really know where to place Verse. He doesn't benefit from meter as much as most, but he also can't chain much of anything into anything, so MAX mode can't help him too much. Still, until we know what to do, placing him last would give him the most opportunities to utilize whatever meter you can muster.
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