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  1. 0:27    - Uhyaa! Onsen's are the best!
  2.         - Outdoor baths feel pretty nice don't they?
  3.         - Well a bath scene in a late night anime with a bunch of girls is a definite must!
  4. 0:40    - (same person) I've been waiting for it for awhile! However! I 've kept it reserved.
  5.         - It sure is quiet around here.
  6.         - Yu- wait whoa, what?! Nyarue-chan, I haven't seen you in awhile and you've sure grown! Hm, what is this?
  7.         - kya! W-what are you doing! Stop touching there!
  8.         - ... I have almost nothing...
  9.         - Cooko-san, you're perfectly fine the way you are... Would you like go over there with onee-san...?
  10.         - I want Nyaruko...
  11.         - I don't think she likes that... (in background)(Cooko! Don't stick to me so much... *arg* you stupid NEET!)
  12. 1:18    - I want it to stay this way forever...
  13.         - Although I must say... I feel guilty for deceiving the viewers... (in background)(Don't get cocky *urg* you!!!)
  14.         - Anyways, Mahiro-san's in the male side by himself isn't he?
  15.         - MAHHIRO-SAAANNNN, Mahiro-san, you should totally come over to this side too! It's all lively and bouncy! *TL Note: Purupuru = jiggly, but that seems awkward to type... oh wait I just did*
  16. 1:39    - Like hell I can!
  17.         - Nyaruko... I like you...
  18.         - W-wha!? (*moans*) Get off my back and stop fantasizing about me!!
  19.         - Look... there's so much coming out already...
  20.         - What the hell are you doing smearing body shampoo all over the place!?!?!
  21. 1:52    - I, I'll do it for you... (Stop it! That isn't safe!)
  22. 1:56    - Nyaruko...(Stop it!) Let's be... Together... (W-wha?! Ah?! *splash*)
  23. 2:03    - Really... the bath is like life's laundry machine...
  24.         - Ah... ah, Atoko... D-Don't touch there me in weird places!
  26. 3:45    -Atoko here. Well it seems like the cold days will continue yet. Are you living comfortably?
  27. 3:53    -When I woke up in the morning and went out for a walk, my neighbors plum tree bud were starting to bud...
  28. 4:00    -I wish I can savoringly enjoy the plum tree bud.
  29. 4:07    -Now, next time on Haiyoru Nyaruani, "Moving Plums"
  30.         -Whoa whoa whoa whoa...
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