Anon Filly [Anon Ending, Finished]

Nov 8th, 2015
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  1. >...
  2. >...
  3. >Be Anon.
  4. >you had to admit, Purplesmart had a point
  5. >and it makes you feel kinda shitty that you might have just caused her to forget whatever solution it was she had
  6. >pretty much just signed your own death sentence
  7. >...nah, you were sure Twilight would be able to remember
  8. >as it was, you were getting sick of the screaming, shaking and crying from Nonny
  9. >you decide to try to help calm her down by bringing forth an image of a peaceful meadow
  10. >it seemed to work, even Twilight and AJ noticed
  11. >strangely enough, you feel as though you could sleep
  12. >you retreat back into your mind, losing all influence over Nonny, allowing her to control your body unhindered
  13. >everything goes dark
  14. >next thing you know, it's the middle of the night
  15. >you had just awoken from some dream
  16. >but now you were in control of your body
  17. >that was a good sign, at least
  18. >part of you hopes deep down that maybe the past month and especially the past week had all just been some crazy dream
  19. >but doing a quick check of your body confirms that you are, in fact, still a little green filly
  20. >you sigh and lay in bed, eventually dozing back off
  21. >...
  22. >by morning, Nonny is in control again
  23. >Twilight makes breakfast for Nonny and just sits there observing you while Nonny eats
  24. >she casts a spell on the two of you
  25. >Nonny doesn't notice it, but you do
  26. >it's a strange feeling, almost as if you're being poked and prodded
  27. >was she testing you?
  28. >more and more you were feeling weaker, less in control of yourself
  29. >it was hard to describe, but it felt as if the edges or outer rim of your personality and very being were beginning to...
  30. >...blur
  31. >it felt much like a dull, painless pulling in every direction away from you
  32. >you even began to have trouble determining where Nonny ended and you began
  33. >a worried expression crossed Twilight's face
  34. >"I need you to stay close, Nonny. Do you think you can quietly read a book in the library while I do my...research?"
  35. >you felt your head nodding in response
  36. >was that you or Nonny that did that?
  37. ["Yes, Auntie Twi!"]
  38. >there was a strange happy tone to your voice
  39. >you didn't feel like you could sound that happy at the moment
  40. >after breakfast the two of you walked down to the library
  41. >Nonny grabbed a fantasy book off one of the shelves, flopped back onto her beanbag chair and began reading her chosen book
  42. >every once in a while, you would be able to get a look at Twilight when Nonny glanced up at her
  43. >she seemed more and more stressed and panicked
  44. >not a good sign
  45. >you feel a sense of slipping, as if you're about to fall--
  46. >>Fall where?
  47. >--but it stops when you grab on--
  48. >>grab on to what?
  49. >--and manage to keep yourself afloat...
  50. >as Nonny reads the book, you're forced to see the pages in front of you
  51. >but sometimes the words are strangely blurry
  52. >she didn't seem to notice
  53. >you felt yourself being prodded by Auntie Twilight's magic again
  54. >and she seemed even more worried than before
  55. >which is silly, because you were feeling fine
  56. >Nonny wasn't even affect your mind--
  57. >>are you sure?
  58. >--all that much...
  59. >you felt like you were going to fall asleep again
  60. >but you couldn't sleep at a time like this
  61. >maybe you can just rest your eyes
  62. >everything goes dark for a moment
  63. >before reality snaps back in
  64. >the light coming in from outside is a bit different
  65. >how long had it been?
  66. >an hour?
  67. >you lose your vision again briefly
  68. >and the light coming in changed positions again
  69. >the only way to describe how you felt was a sickly feeling as if your actual body was melting
  70. >even if that wasn't the case
  71. >something grabbed your attention
  72. >or rather, Nonny's attention as she looked up
  73. >though your vision was blurry, it looked Twilight was stepping forward
  74. >good, she found a solution!
  75. >you manage to focus your thoughts and your vision becomes clearer
  76. >wait, is she crying?
  77. >>Why is Auntie Twilight crying?
  78. >"Nonny. I'm...going to cast a spell on you..."
  79. >Those aren't tears of joy
  80. >>Is this going to be bad?
  81. >Twi sniffles, trying to hold back her emotions
  82. >"Don't worry, Nonny. You'll be safe, I just have to, uh..."
  83. >she sadly casts a glance down and away from your face
  84. >it's difficult for her to talk
  85. >>Please be okay, Auntie Twi
  86. >"I-I have...The spell that will remove the..."
  87. >she tries to chose her words carefully
  88. >"...the 'inactive' personality from you..."
  89. >oh hell no
  90. ["D-does that mean I get to s-stay?"]
  91. >Twilight only nods in response
  92. >god dammit, Sparkle
  93. >you weren't going to let it end like this
  94. >"I'm so sorry, Anon..."
  95. >>I'm sorry too, Anon.
  96. >>You hope he heard your apologies
  97. >as you compose yourself, the blurry, fading feeling dissipates
  98. >Twilight's horn begins to glow, the sound of magic almost crackling in the air
  99. >it feels as though you're fighting your through some kind of thick substance
  100. >like tar, weighing you down
  101. >then you begin go glow in the same aura as her magic
  102. >you fight as strongly as possible to claw your way to the surface
  103. >it's as though you've been underwater for too long and need to get out
  104. >to get your breath
  105. >because if you don't, you'll drown
  106. >and be gone forever
  107. >fight
  108. >Fight!
  109. >FIGHT!
  110. >all at once it feels like your head breaks the surface of some non-existent water, you draw a deep breath of your own accord just as you regain control of your body
  111. >>W-wait, what?!
  112. >no less than half a second after, Twilight casts the spell on you that she had been charging
  113. >your head felt truly clear of any interference for the first time in a week
  114. >it was almost staggering how clearly your thoughts flowed
  115. >tears were still running down Twilight's face, but she seemed to try to strengthen her resolve as a weak smile crossed her face, most likely for Nonny's sake
  116. >"S-so, how are you feeling, Nonny?"
  117. "Well, I'd be feeling a whole hell of a lot better if you hadn't just tried to FUCKING KILL ME, YOU CUNT!"
  118. >her resolve shattered immediately
  119. "And my name is Anon, don't you forget it."
  120. >Twilight shook her head a few times and took several small steps backwards before falling on her rump
  121. >"I-I-I-I..."
  122. >you stepped forwards and punched her in the nose for good measure
  123. >that seemed to snap her out of her stupor long enough for her to teleport to some unknown place
  124. >and most importantly away from you
  125. >...
  126. >you weren't quite sure what to do with yourself, now
  127. >living with her any longer didn't seem like an option
  128. >even if Twilight would allow it, you didn't want to deal with her anymore
  129. >maybe it had something to do with the whole trying to murder you thing
  130. >but where could you go?
  131. >Ponyville was nice, but you didn't think you could stand to see all the local scenery anymore after today, either
  132. >and though your initial anger for Twilight's friends has since subsided, you can't imagine going to any of them for help either
  133. >it would be best to pack your shit and get the fuck out before Twilight comes back
  134. >you reach the hallway the bedrooms are in and you hear the sounds of crying echoing down the hall
  135. >well, unless she suddenly snaps out of it, you had time go gather some things and leave
  136. >it didn't take very long to pack a bag, just a book or two, your journal and a pillow and blanket
  137. >turns out not wearing clothes actually did have some convenience
  138. >last order of business was money
  139. >as much as you wanted to rob her blind, you wouldn't be able to handle the weight
  140. >you grab only two hoof-fulls of Bits and stuff them into your saddlebags as well
  141. >it wasn't a ton of money, but it would be enough
  142. >as you walked to the train station, you tried to decide where you would go
  143. >you knew the names of only a small few towns and cities
  144. >once at the station, you looked at a list of destinations
  145. >rather than picking one at random, since you barely knew anything about any of them, you decided to simply get on the next train, no matter it's destination
  146. >when buying the ticket, you made a lame excuse for being out on your own, but the cashier seemed to buy it
  147. >he handed you your ticket
  148. >in a very fancy font across the ticket was the word "Canterlot"
  149. >above and below it in a smaller, simpler font it said "One Way"
  150. >it was already late in the day and by the time the train arrived, night was nearly falling
  151. >you took your seat and quickly dozed off
  152. >...
  153. >...
  154. >"So this is what your home world looked like?"
  155. >The princess of the night walked by your side as you walked down your street
  156. >it felt really nice to be on two legs again, even if it was only temporary
  157. >the scenery and landscape remained unmarred by even the slightest sign of Equestrian architecture
  158. "Yeah, it varies from place to place, though."
  159. >"I'm sure, as our world does."
  160. >a car drove by, it's driver taking no notice of the blue dream pony with the perpetually flowing mane
  161. >it turned a corner and assumedly disappeared from existence the moment it was out of sight
  162. >"I must apologize that I wasn't able to help you sooner. Had I known just how dire the situation was, I would have come sooner."
  163. >you shrug in response
  164. "It's fine I guess. Kinda on the run now, though."
  165. >"I see that. But I don't get the sense of you being on the run from a legitimate threat. Despite the situation, Twilight isn't your foe, Anon."
  166. >walking through a nearby park, Luna stops to observe her surroundings, the creek running through the park, tennis court among other things.
  167. >"Regardless of outcome, the situation would have hurt her. She braced herself for losing you, Anon. When she found out it was Nonny she had lost, it had a far greater affect on her since she hadn't prepared herself for that loss."
  168. >leaning over the edge of the small bridge above the creek, you sigh
  169. "I guess you have a point, moonbutt, but I'd rather just not live with her anymore."
  170. >the princess scowled at you for a moment
  171. >"I don't appreciate the nickname, Anon."
  172. >she pauses
  173. >"But I can understand where you're coming from in that regard. Once you reach Canterlot, come to the castle."
  174. >you hear the whistle of the train as you feel as though you're coming to a stop
  175. >...
  176. >...
  177. >you awaken as the train pulls into the train station
  178. >"Last stop, everypony! Last stop!"
  179. >after rubbing your eyes, you get your saddlebags on and step off the train
  180. >eventually you reach the castle gates and are met by Luna herself
  181. >the two of you talk about the events of the past week and you talk about Earth
  182. >she leads you to a long hall with many doors on each side, before eventually stopping in front of one of them
  183. >"This is your room, Anon. I do not know how long you will be staying here, but make yourself at home. I'll do my best to get you a proper education."
  184. "So, I'm just going to be living in the castle?"
  185. >"Well, yes. We cannot pass up the opportunity to learn about a creature from another world."
  186. >her face seemed soft and caring
  187. "Alight."
  188. >you turn and yawn as you walk into the bedroom
  189. >"...And one last thing, Anon."
  190. >you turn to look at the princess once more
  191. >"While we're in private, I would like it if you could maybe call me...Auntie Luna?"
  192. "..."
  193. >"W-what? Why are you giving me that look Anon?"
  194. >you sigh
  195. "Sure thing, 'Auntie' Luna."
  196. >her face lit up with joy
  197. >"Rest well, Anon."
  198. >she closes the door behind you, leaving you alone in your room
  199. >gotta admit, you didn't expect this, but it was nice
  200. >left one castle only to get a room in another one
  201. >you still didn't know how you'd live the rest of your life as a pony
  202. >or under the constant watch of one of the ponies that rules Equestria
  203. >but you were sure you could somehow make it work
  204. >slowly, you drift off to sleep, ready for whatever comes next
  208. Epilogue:
  210. >...
  211. >...
  212. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  213. >Anon had run away after yesterdays events, but really you couldn't blame him.
  214. >...Even if you wanted to.
  215. >Against all odds, he fought his way to the surface and regained control at the last second, dooming Nonny in the process.
  216. >It hurt you to think about how you destroyed her.
  217. >Did she feel betrayed when it happened?
  218. >Rainbow Dash stopped by early in the morning to see how things turned out, you had asked her to gather the girls so you could deliver the news.
  219. >Between the time she left and the rest of your friends arrived, you received a letter from Princess Luna.
  220. >After reading it, you admit you felt at least a little bit better in a way...
  221. >...And a little bit worse in another.
  222. >The girls finally arrived, you didn't want to go through the whole formality of sitting in the throne room around the round table, so you brought them elsewhere.
  223. >Each of seemed really somber, as if they knew there wasn't a truly good ending to this.
  224. >Though all six of you knew the outcome would likely be like this regardless, no matter which of the two survived.
  225. "I-I've gathered you all here to...Tell you about what happened with Anon and Nonny."
  226. >You sniffled, AJ wrapped a hoof around the back of your neck to comfort you.
  227. "I wasn't able t-to find a way to save both of them, leaving my options limited. T-the spell I had, the only soloution available was to, in a way, e-erase the inactive personality."
  228. >They had all known this already, you explained as much before.
  229. "While technically it doesn't "erase" so much as it merges the two personalities...Though the way I cast it, the other might as well have been erased."
  230. >Calm.
  231. >Deep breath.
  232. >Keep yourself together.
  233. "F-forever dormant, no influence or power over the body. I-it would be like going to sleep and never waking up."
  234. >Which, for all intents and purposes, is essentially death.
  235. >You noticed your friends either had tears in their eyes or were fighting back tears.
  236. "I had approached Nonny, to cast the spell and put an end to this whole ordeal, b-but..."
  237. >You had to keep it together.
  238. "A-at the last second, Anon resurfaced...Dooming Nonny."
  239. >Your cheeks were wet now, that's fine. You got the message out.
  240. >Though they had less interaction with Nonny than you had, it still hit each of them hard.
  241. >They all knew Anon better, though, how much worse would it have been had that been the news you delivered?
  242. >It took a while and a lot of tears, but finally everypony had calmed down.
  243. >(R)"You did your best, Darling..."
  244. >(AJ)"Y-yeah, sometimes everything just doesn't work out the way we'd like it to."
  245. >You nodded sadly in response.
  246. "Yeah, I get that..."
  247. >(RD)"By the way, where is Anon?"
  248. >You felt shame again and pulled out the letter from Luna.
  249. "A-after yesterday, he ran off. He got on a train to Canterlot and Princess Luna is taking care of him now. S-she said you're all welcome to visit Anon any time."
  250. >Things finally calmed down after a while and though they stayed as long as they could to comfort you, each of your friends eventually had to leave one by one.
  251. >Fluttershy to take care of her animals, Rarity to work on some orders from her boutique, Dash to take care of the weather, Pinkie to run the bakery and Applejack to do some work on the farm.
  252. >AJ and Rarity were going to explain the situation to their sisters, while Dash was going to explain it to Scootaloo.
  253. >Alone again in the castle, you can't help but think you had forgotten someone.
  254. >In the afternoon a knock came at the door.
  255. >Upon answering it you came face to face with a little grey filly.
  256. >This must be Silver Spoon, who Nonny or Anon had talked about before.
  257. >"Hello, Princess!"
  258. >You hide your emotions and put on a cheerful, friendly face.
  259. "Why hello!"
  260. >"Is Anon home? She wasn't at school today."
  261. "Uhh...No, I'm sorry, but she moved to Canterlot over the weekend."
  262. >She looked saddened by this.
  263. >"W-well, is she at least doing better? She said she was having some sort of trouble..."
  264. "Y-yes, Anon is doing just fine. I'm sure she'd like to see you again sometime!"
  265. >This seemed to make her happier.
  266. "I'll have to write to Princess Luna to see if she can visit sometime."
  267. >While Nonny was gone, you were sure there was going to be a lasting effect on Anon. He really would be happy to see Silver Spoon again.
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