Getting Raws

Sep 14th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. If you want to get some RAWs, the best way is to get an ebook and convert that to something more workable.
  2. The primary sources (as of now) for this are amazon.jp and bookwalker.jp.
  3. You can find RPG books on either of those sites by simply searching for TRPG. Not everything will be available as an ebook, but it's way easier to get RAWs that way. If you somehow get your hands on a physical copy, you probably have to jump through a lot of hoops to get good RAWs from that.
  4. Anyways, Bookwalker and Amazon Kindle.
  5. Both sites have some advantages and drawbacks.
  6. On bookwalker, (as of now) no way to directly extract the raws is known. You will have to screencap each page individually, which can take a while. On the bright side, you can use paypal to pay.
  7. On Amazon, there is a way to download the book and extract the RAWs that way. Although, you will have to have an amazon.jp account with a valid japanese homeadress and pay per creditcard. You can literally just look for a japanese address on google maps and use that, it should work. Doing a lot of purchases at once can leave your account banned, because amazon.jp is bullshit like that. Reason being that you will most likely making purchases with a foreign credit card, so amazon will flag your account as fraudulent. If that happens, you can just make another account with the same credit card, it should be fine. You can avoid this by making only one or two purchases and have a few days in between.
  8. Adding a japanese adress to an existing account without one does not work. Just make a new account.
  10. After you bought a book on your platform of choice (bookwalker or kindle), it's time to get around the DRM to get the RAWs for translation.
  12. Amazon Kindle:
  13. 1) Get yourself a older version of Kindle. You can google for it, or get it here courtesy of based translator anon: rb.gy slash fufzcr
  14. That archive should have everything you need, but just in case, you can read further.
  15. 2) Get yourself Calibre
  16. 3) Install the DeDRM Plugin for Calibre.
  17. 4) Make sure Kindle Updates are disabled so you don't accidentily fuck everything up.
  18. 5) Download the book with your old kindle program. It should be a format calibre can read. If you got a .kfx file, you probably fucked up.
  19. 6) Use Calibre and DeDRM to remove Amazons DRM Bullshit
  20. 7) Convert to PDF
  21. 8) ???
  22. 9) Profit.
  24. Bookwalker method:
  25. 1) Get yourself Firefox if you haven't and install fireshot.
  26. 2) Get the book and read it in firefox.
  27. 3) Zoom all the way in. There should be a button in the controls on bookwalker's reader.
  28. 4) Tell fireshot to capture the entire page. It will then scroll around and capture everything, don't worry, it opens a tab when it's done.
  29. 5) Save the image in a folder.
  30. 6) Repeat the process for each page.
  31. 7) Crop the images with whatever tool you got. Photoshop allows you to bulk-crop apparently, so that's nice.
  32. 8) After you got each page, you can put them either in an archive and upload it or make a PDF out of it and upload that.
  33. 9) Done.
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