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  1. In Game Name
  2. Scotty
  3. Time Zone:
  4. AEST
  5. Discord ID:
  6. 変態 Scotty #4313
  7. Positing you are applying for:
  8. Mod
  9. Previous staff experiences:
  10. Moderator - Velocity HvH Australia
  11. Jacks Bitch - Pure HvH
  13. Why do you want to become staff
  15. Ever since joining your server, I have been very attached to it. I have spent many hours recently playing your server as it is far more enjoyable than any other HvH server currently. I have also, always had a passion with helping players and doing background stuff to help servers on many games (such as Minecraft and CSGO). I feel as if I can be a great addition to the staff team and help further grow the community and server from what it is now, to something bigger in the near future.I work extremely well in a team and by myself. I am also able to assess and analyze any situation that appears and enforce rules correclty so everyone is dealt with fairly. I am a fast learner and am able to adapt to any situation regarding knowledge that I have both recently picked up, and have learnt from my past. Also, I have an extensive and broad knowledge of HvH servers, CSGO, and HvH in general, so if someone has a general question regarding any of these topics I am able to give confident and correct answers based on my
  16. knowledge.
  18. What makes you so special than the next person to apply for staff:
  20. I am an outgoing person that loves making new friends and talking to new people on a daily basis. I also feel as if I have enough experience and knowledge of CSGO servers as a whole to both work in a team and by myself when helping people regarding concerns/issues that arise. I am also a fast learner, as I understand all servers run their staff and rules a bit differently, I can easily adapt to any kind of situation regarding this servers rules and help further enforce them.
  22. How long can you dedicate to the server a week:
  23. I can commit on average 8 hours a day during Holidays (56 hours a week). I can also commit on average 6 hours a day during school weeks (42 hours a week)
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