Sorceress to dragoness

Sep 22nd, 2016
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  1. Your quest is near it's end, having dodged all her traps and torn through her guards you finally stand face to face with the sorceress that's caused all this trouble. Before you she sits, lounging on her throne in a slinky little dress that tightly hugs her curvaceous form. She calls out to you, tempting you to abandon your quest and stay by her side.
  3. Intellectually you understand she's beautiful, and that this whole room is set up to accentuate and draw focus to her body. Blessed with a perfect face, bountiful chest, thick hips, and creamy thighs, you can understand why so many men have fallen for her charms. Lucky for you your tastes lie ...elsewhere.
  4. A fact that has not gone unnoticed going by the growing look of amusement on her face.
  6. The woman practically glides off the throne and slowly makes her way to you, "I see my feminine wiles have failed to dissuade you from your quest" she says with a chuckle, "Perhaps something a tad your tastes... will transfix you" she trails off as before your very eyes her buxom form begins changing, soft, pale flesh solidifying into hard, firm muscles as green scales ripple out to replace skin, the dress begins to rip and tear as she grows revealing her rock hard abs at first, followed quickly by her chest, now bolstered by her growing pecs, as she bursts out of the garment, leaving tattered remains desperately clinging to her hips as a large, growing bulge threatens to finish it off.
  8. Somehow she got within inches of you you realize, as the last few threads holding that makeshift loincloth on snap one by one. You can feel the heat coming off of that monster you idly think as you look up, the once smaller woman now eye level to you and yet still growing. "Any better?" she whispers in a much deeper voice than before as you begin to tremble, not... out of fear, no, it's definitely not fear you feel as the last remains of her dress flutter to the ground
  10. You don't know how long you stood there, how long she kept changing and growing, other than idly note that sometime between when her tits were barely inches from your face and when you found yourself staring straight ahead into her firm abs she sprouted wings and at some point they were joined by a're not sure when though, when passed your face you found you couldn't take your eyes off of it, already bigger than your arm and only at half-mast as it travels up and up and up, getting bigger all the while. "Better?" her deep voice booms down at you as you manage to tear your eyes away and towards her face just in time to be hit by a blast of heat carried heart shaped smoke ring.
  12. Coughing as the smoke dissipates, you look up once more now with a clearer mind. A dragon, she's turned herself into what's definitely a dragon, though her body is, in shape at least, still human, or rather a blending of human and dragon. There is still a distinct femininity to her, the curves of her body still the same as before, and yet, even discounting her new member you can't deny the masculinity of her new form. You try not to let yourself be controlled once more by your lust, you really did, but the sudden bone jarring kick still caught you off guard, knocking you senseless for a moment as you're sent flying. Before you have a chance to come to your senses she hits you with a blast of magic and darkness claims you.
  16. Slowly you begin to awaken to an intoxicating scent clouding your mind and uncomfortably hot, damp pressure engulfing your legs and hands holding you firmly in place. As your vision slowly comes into focus, your first sight is your armor and clothes scattered around the throne room. Captured then? You've dealt with wor- "Cozy in there?" her words cut through your musings as your head snaps up to see her grinning down at you, "I was worried you'd miss the fun". Turning your head to see just what fate she has planned for you a slowly dawning realization comes over you, you are embedded up to your waist in the hole of her massive, turgid, pink shaft.
  18. She lets out a low moan as you struggle in panic as precum begins leaking out around you, cloying your mind and making it harder to get yourself under control, through the haze you hear her say "The rule is simple: get pushed out, I'll let you go. Take too long, though...", almost on cue, the flesh squeezes tightly and your panicked flailing causes you to sink a couple inches further as the hungry tip slides up your forearms, "...well, let's just say I'd prefer that end." she says with a chuckle.
  20. Inch by inc you sink down under her amused gaze, your struggles doing little other than maybe causing you to work your way deeper with the leaking cum lubricating your trip. And yet as the member slowly makes it's way up your chest and your neck some treacherous part of you wants to give in. You keep telling yourself it's the musky smell or the haze it causes in your mind or perhaps even the lewd gasp and moan the dragoness cries out out, but as more and more of the tight, hot, and oh so slick flesh engulfs you you find it harder and harder to deny your traitorous body is enjoying this. The last thing you see is her looking down, her inhuman face in the throws of ecstasy before one last twitch of her dick and the sickly sweet taste of her cum and hot, tight darkness becomes your world.
  22. She watches as the squirming bulge you made slowly sinks down her shaft, until it disappears down the base and adding a bit of weight to her sack, her pleasure reaching new heights each time you squirm within. Near the edge she fights for self control, and though you put up a good fight, she outlasts you.
  23. Slowly the dragoness begins to shrink, returning once more to human form, albeit with a new addition hanging between her legs.
  24. She idly strokes her softening prick as she basks in the delightfully full feeling of her heavy balls, idly wondering what maiden she should use you on.
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