Aug 29th, 2018
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  2. >Hyperion attacked. He was powerful and fast, but he couldn't seem to land a blow. The ground around him kept erupting into flames, but I kept dousing them just as quickly... Hyperion stumbled like he was being pushed away. Water sprayed in his face, stinging his eyes. The wind picked up, and Hyperion staggered backward...Then I looked down, and realized I was standing in the middle of my own personal hurricane. Clouds of water vapor swirled around me, winds so powerful they buffeted Hyperion and flattened the grass in a twenty-yard radius. Enemy warriors threw javelins at me, but the storm knocked them aside.
  4. >"Sweet," I muttered. "But a little more!"
  6. >Lightning flickered around me. The clouds darkened and the rain swirled faster. I closed in on Hyperion and blew him off his feet...I slashed and jabbed, letting my reflexes take over. Hyperion could barely defend himself. His eyes kept trying to ignite, but the hurricane quenched his flames.
  8. >I couldn't keep a storm like this up forever, though. I could feel my powers weakening. With one last effort, I propelled Hyperion across the field, straight to where Grover was waiting.
  10. *pgs. 245-247*
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