Little sis Sweetie

Dec 14th, 2017
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  1. > Be a 15 y.o. Sweetie Belle's big bro.
  2. > Spending a lot of time helping big sis Rarity with her fashion job, which made you her favourite little brother. She always was so thankful for your help that it already made you wondering if those random wardrobe malfunctions and head-to-tits uncomfortably long hugs was on purpose or not. Giving you expensive presents, a lot of pocket money and all sorts of sweets, which you secretly shared with Sweetie Belle.
  3. > Why secretly? Because she kept fucking everything up while trying to "help". And Rarity made it clear which one of you she valued more. It really started to bothering you, she could get really angry at her from time to time. Life wasn’t always fair to her, you can’t help but feel pity for your little sister.
  4. > You made some savings and had a plan to cheer her up a bit, but the same day Rarity got a huge load of costumes to make in a small amount of time and you both were busy day and night to get it done. While all Sweetie could do is to prepare you any simple food and just watch.
  5. > She kept asking to help and Rarity kept telling her to stay away. While Sweetie got upset and went to her room, you asked Rarity to let her help at least a little with the simplest stuff
  6. > After a long pause she finally agrees
  7. > The next morning Sweetie couldn't contain her excitement to finally change her sis and bro's opinion of herself
  8. > A few days later this retarded project was almost finished and you three could chill a bit for the rest of the week
  9. > And the next night Sweetie Belle completely fucking destroys it to pieces by an accident.
  11. > You literally had to hold Rarity from trying to choke her little sister to death
  12. > Hurtful words, shouting, swearing, breaking stuff, asking her to leave from her life, to go anywhere and to not see her again
  13. > Which she did
  14. > After searching for her for the whole day with cmc, you found her crying under a tree
  15. > "*Sniff* Wha... what do you want? Here to tease me? Didn't you hear what she said? L-leave me alone, I'm worthless and she don't wanna be my *sniff* sister anymore. And you both hate me so much. And I... I..."
  16. > Hold her to your chest and kiss on the forehead
  17. "Why... why would you think of that? Yes, of course she would go mad, but..."
  18. > "*sniff* Why? Because I ruined everything again. I always... I always was just trying to..."
  19. "Now, listen..."
  20. > Made her look in your eyes
  21. "Sweetie, I should have... I've never said that before, but no matter what happens or what you, or me, or anyone do, I will always love you. And you always will be the most important thing in my life. I value you life more than mine, little sis. I have no idea and I'm afraid to even think of what I would do without your presence in my life. You really scared me today. So please... sister, don't do that ever again."
  22. > *Crying in your chest, petting her back, soft talk, long hugging, wiping her tears, promising everything will be okay, feels train*
  24. > You both were met by the remaining CMC afterwards. And after all the explaining and comforting her, and you all decided that it would be better for you both to spend a night at the clubhouse. Rarity might be still mad at her, so It would be the right thing to do to give her some time to calm down.
  25. > You all convinced Sweetie to eat something after the whole day, brush her teeth and change her clothes at the AB place. Luckily, AJ was out worshipping trees somewhere, so you came and left unnoticed.
  26. > Lifting all the bedsheets and stuff to the treehouse, you cuddle together under the same blanket.
  27. > "Ah... Anon?"
  28. > She whispered.
  29. "Yeh?"
  30. > "You are best brother that any little sis could ask for. I... thank you."
  31. > You hug her closer, burying your face in her curly hair.
  32. > "And... I don't know what I would do without you."
  33. "It's ok, don't think about it, she won't dare to hurt you. And we’ll make it through, you'll see. I promise."
  34. > "You do?"
  35. "Of course".
  36. > She turned around, laying her head on your shoulder and hugging your torso.
  37. > You just laid here, hugging her back and casually stroking her hair. Her breath smelled like mint and her eyes was still slightly wet after all the crying.
  38. > God, she was cute. She was so fucking cute. All you wanted at this point is for her adorable face to stay like that forever. Why won't she just stop aging up at this point? Why won't you made them immortals, god?! And your sibling as well. Common sense is my religion now, ya hear?
  39. > After less than a half hour you could hear her soft snoring.
  40. > But you can’t allow yourself to sleep that night.
  41. > Your phone shows a graham number of missed calls from Rarity
  42. > She really pissed you off today, going full berserk on her little sister like that. But still, you owed her some explaining. Going back, she started acting colder and colder every day towards Belle during last few years. Not without a reason, but still... those reasons wasn't that serious to give her an excuse to talk to Sweetie while clenching her teeth, and she definitely needs to treat her little sister better. And If she doesn't, you could just return the favor. Being an annoying moody teen and shit. Or may just act like an adult and try to start a proper conversation, make them forget about all of this and start slowly fixing their relationship. You and Sweetie could do something separately from her, like cleaning the workplace and do more work around the house in general, doing all her chores for her, so she could concentrate more on her work. Laundry, cleaning, cooking. Maybe not the last part right away. You both will figure that tomorrow. But now...
  43. > Carefully lifting her away, you quietly fell from the fucking ladder and limped your way back home.
  44. > It's a midnight and lights are still on for some reason
  45. > Carefully opening the door with your key, you peeked inside and dropped your jaw instantly.
  46. > It was still a big mess, with a dozen of ice cream buckets scattered everywhere on top of that. But it was nothing. It was your big sis, laying on her comfy drama couch, already sleeping, while hugging a wine bottle to her chest, with another bottle laying under the couch. She was wearing a home robe with her typical frilly underwear. Well, "wearing"... more like using her robe as a blanked. And no bra. You could see almost all of her butt uncovered. Her panties was stretched slightly to the side by the couch, making her left pussy lip peek from her underwear, and making the butthole outline slightly visible. Just one or two millimeters to the left, and her slit could be fully exposed to anyone that might happen to walking in. God, that ass was perfect.
  47. > You approached her from the side, and from a certain angle you can see her right tiny pink nipple slipping out, barely covered by the robe. It was so many years ago you saw her naked last time. But now... it was weird. And who the fuck can control his own boner?
  48. > Then the strong smell of alcohol finally hits your nose.
  49. > Taking this opportunity, you snapped a few photos oh her that you might use later. And after adoring the sight for a little more time, you went back to your room. You still got some thinking to do.
  50. > You laid on your bed, pondering of what to say when she'll wake up, of all the possible scenarios. Maybe Sweetie has woken up back there, started panicking, and you should go back to be with her. And maybe you should wake up Rarity without wasting any time. Maybe...
  51. > You didn't notice as you fell asleep as well.
  53. > Being roughly woken up afterwards by a Rarity slamming the door to your room. She stands by the door frame with a mixed look of shock and disbelief on her face. Her hair was messed up, black trails on her cheeks from the tears were still fresh. And she wasn't wearing anything beside her slightly pulled to the side slim panties, showing a tiny upper part of her heart-shaped shaved pubic hair.
  54. > Giving you no time to recover from the sleep dizziness, she leaped to your direction and jumped on top of your body, grabbing you by the shoulders and crying out loud in your chest, pressing her bare nipples to your skin.
  55. > “Anooon, I’m soryyy! I’m so so-ho-ree-ee-he-heee!~”
  58. "Oh! Uh... whoa."
  59. >"Uaah-ah-haa! My lil'... broth... er, I was so-o wrong, I shouldn't... have... I am so~"
  60. "For fuck's sake, Rarity! Control yourself! Hey!"
  61. > She finally stopped, murmuring something in your chest.
  62. "Sis, listen. You hurt Sweetie Belle. Pretty bad. I spend the whole day with her friends looking for her, and we found her still crying her eyes out.
  63. >"Umph..."
  64. "You said horrible things to her and I expect you to apologise. Yes, we lost a lot of money because of that accident, but that doesn't mean that you can-"
  65. >"Sh... Sweetie Belle?"
  66. > ...
  67. > Maybe you should take another shot of this tomorrow.
  68. "Yes, her. Your little sister."
  69. >"Oh, Sweetie ... that little..."
  70. > You're fucking kidding...
  71. > *Slap*
  72. > She met your gaze immediately with even more confusion written on her face. Then she scoots away, almost falling from the edge of your bed.
  73. "You... how dare you?! You were worried about me? Really? How about her?!"
  74. >"No, well... maybe..."
  75. "What's wrong with you?! Don't tell me that you're still gonna do anything to her, because I'm gonna call our parents to take us away!"
  76. >"No!"
  77. "No?"
  78. >"Don't... please..."
  79. "Sis. I would."
  80. >"I'm sorry!"
  81. "You better be".
  82. >"I... I love her!"
  83. "Oh, ok, sure, right. You do?"
  84. > "Y... yes."
  85. >...
  86. "Rarity. We'll talk tomorrow when you'll be in the right state of the mind. I'm gonna bring Sweetie Belle and we're gonna sit and talk. Then, I hope we can turn everything back to normal. You understand?"
  87. > ...
  88. "Sorry for hitting you, sis. You made me mad, but really... I shouldn't have. I'm sorry, too. Can we just go back to the sleep now?"
  89. >"You're grown so matc... mature, darling."
  90. "Yeah, of course. And Rarity..."
  91. >"Hmm?"
  92. "Please... cover yourself."
  93. >"Uh?... Aahh!"
  94. > Looking at her bare chest, she immediately covers it and sprinted out of the room, almost hitting the door in the process.
  95. >"Don't look!"
  96. "I've tried!"
  97. ...
  98. "Sheesh..."
  99. >Setting an alarm clock to 6 am, you laid down, trying to ignore your boner and went back to sleep.
  101. > You had a beautiful sleep that night. Where Sweetie Belle woke you up with a wide smile on her face, telling that she and Rarity are the best sisters again, and just how sorry she was for saying those harsh words. And that you were right. That she's gonna really try to the the best little sister for you both - she said, while excitedly jumping around in your room. Then she jumped on top of you, playfully humping your chest with her palms.
  102. "O-of!"
  103. >"C'mon, sleepy head! Wake up! Rarity is waiting for you!"
  104. > Wait...
  105. > You're not sleeping.
  106. "Huh...? Sweetie, how... what time is it?"
  107. >"*Giggle* It's almost 10 am already! Hurry up!"
  108. "10 am?!"
  109. >The goddamn alarm clock. Rarity must have completely drained your battery yesterday with those never ending calls.
  110. "Sweetie... slow down, how... how did you get home?"
  111. >"Well... Applebloom woke me up and called for breakfast. Then she and AJ escorted me back home. And Rarity... she just hugged me, and we talked, and, well... everything is ok now I guess. Where you have been, huh?"
  112. "Yeah, I went home last night. I needed to talk to her, sorry."
  113. >"Sorry? Why?! You don't have to be, big bro! You've fixed everything! As you promised..."
  114. "Uh... I guess, yeah"
  115. >"*Giggle* *smooch*"
  116. "Oh... whoa."
  117. >"Anoon! Sweeeetie!" - came from downstairs.
  118. > Sweetie Belle jumped down, pulling you by your arm away from your warm bed.
  119. >"C'mon, she's really in hurry... or something."
  120. "Right, right! Lemme dress first, kay?"
  122. >Coming from the stairs, you saw that everything was completely clean now, without any evidence of tomorrow's incident.
  123. >Gotta give her a credit for that.
  124. >But now, she was in her typical panic mode, running around and... packing things?
  125. "Good morning".
  126. >"Oh! Anon, I received a call, I... still can do this. They say I could still go with what I have to present" - she said, while packing her dresses like crazy.
  127. "Whoa! Really, sis? That's awesome!"
  128. >"Yeah, it is, darling. Just gonna go and hope for the best. And you're coming with me."
  129. "Uh... what?! Why?"
  130. >"No time to explain the details, Rainbow and Twi is out, Pinkie with Fluttershy can\t leave and AJ needs to work."
  131. "H-hold on, Rarity. What about-"
  132. >"Fluttershy will pick and sit her while we're out. And I CAN'T carry everything myself, brother. Plus, being alone in another city is scary. Now hurry! Hop! Hop!"
  133. "Jeez..."
  134. >With that, you sprinted back and started packing as well. A few minutes later, Sweetie Belle walks in with a confused look on her face.
  135. >"A-anon? Why are you packing?"
  136. > She didn't tell her? For fuck's sake, Rarity!
  137. > You approached her and wrapped your arm around her shoulders.
  138. "Sis, listen. Rarity's still got a chance to go to the fashion show with what she got. And she needs to go there right now."
  139. >You whisper in her ear.
  140. >"She can?! Really?!"
  141. "Yes. Also, she have no one else to help her in her trip beside me."
  142. >"What?! No!"
  143. "Sweetie, you're a-"
  144. >"I don't want you to go! I need you!"
  145. "You're a big girl now. Fluttershy will come to sit you. Sweetie, Rarity needs me. She still can do this."
  146. >"I d-don't need Shy to sit me. A-anon, please-"
  147. "Now that's childish. Don't you remember what you promised?"
  148. >"I..." Sweetie gently sobbed, before resigning herself with a sigh. "Okay."
  149. >You reassure her with a quick peck on her forehead.
  150. "Well done Sweetie."
  151. >You were about to tell her to dry her tears when a loud shriek from downstairs interrupted you.
  152. >"Huh?"
  153. "What the f-f... wait here."
  156. "Rarity! What happ... oh."
  157. >"A-anon, that's simply horrible! I can't fit in my pants anymore!"
  158. > There she is, standing at the mirror with her "business" striped pants squeezing her butt around the middle with her frilly panties sticking out far above. Jumping in place and trying to fit in.
  159. >"I think... I think I accidentally added a little in curves after the last night."
  160. > Right...
  161. "What a disaster."
  162. >"I mean, my goodness! That an emergency! I have a to go in public soon and... and I don't even have another bigger pair of these!"
  163. >"Amen."
  164. >"Oh, Anon, dear, you have to help me!"
  165. > Holy shit...
  166. "Whoa... you sure?"
  167. >"Puwwee-hee-hee-heeaase!"
  168. "Ah... Hold on, Rarity. You did struggled to fit in these before. Can't you just wear something else?"
  169. >"*Umf-f!* You don't understand, you have to be dressed... in proper... umf... order, to look more... just hurry and help me, Anon!"
  170. "Oh, u-u-m..."
  171. > You awkwardly approached her from behind and picked the fabric around her hips.
  172. >"Don't wait, pull it with me! You have a stronger grip!"
  173. > And you did.
  174. > Feeling her warm bare skin pressed around your thumbs with each pull. Not to mention her upper buttcrack, squeezing those firm asscheeks together with her moaning while struggling to fit.
  175. > One or less minute later, you feel yourself already developing a sweat in a record time.
  176. > Suddenly, she turns around.
  177. >"Wait. We're just wasting time here, I think."
  178. "Oh".
  179. > Oh...
  180. "You're just... gonna go like that?"
  181. >"My goodness, Anon! Who do you think I am?
  182. "Well... sorry-"
  183. >"We have to pull it from the front. Come one now."
  184. > She said, placing your hands around her hips.
  185. >"Pull!"
  186. > And again, you did.
  187. > Carefully picking the fabric with your thumbs and pulling up. Struggling to fit her hips in those poor pants, while awkwardly looking to the side. Rarity squeezed her eyes shut, swinging her hips around and jumping in place.
  188. >"Ugh-h!... Come o-o-one!-"
  189. > You dared to shot a glance down, noticing her pubic hair peeking out with each jump. And while you were holding her pants in place in mid-pull, she suddenly jumped higher than before, giving a solid pantyshot almost in your face.
  190. >"O-of... can you p-pull harder?"
  191. "Can you quit moaning?"
  192. >"What? I... Ugh! It's no use!"
  193. "You think?"
  194. >"We... *pant* we need... less fabric around."
  195. > With that, she suddenly pulled her panties up from the both sides, ripping the thin frilly fabric on the left, then on the right side, sliding them up from the front with a *yelp!* and tossing them away in her bag. While you quickly looked away, embarrassed.
  196. "What the... Rarity, really? They were, like... already barely existing."
  197. >"No time for your *pant* silliness, Anon. Now keep going."
  198. "Oh boy..."
  199. > You only hope that Sweetie is not looking.
  200. > Resuming the struggle to squeeze her in, you glanced at her crotch again. With each pull the fabric was coming apart from the middle, almost fully exposing her lady bits to your gaze. Pressing her lower lips together with each pull, then opening it to the sides, giving you a slight glance at her pink insides from above.
  201. "Whoa, Rarity! Slow down!"
  202. >"Anon, I must wear these. I really do."
  203. "*Sigh*"
  204. >"Oooh, what are we going to do?..."
  205. > Then you had an idea.
  206. "Here, lean on me."
  207. > Without questioning, she puts her hand on your shoulders in elegant manner, stepping on her toes and leaning forward. With all of your strength that left, you grabbed her pants with all fingers pressing it up, lifting her and shaking her thighs to the sides.
  208. "Hmmmph!"
  209. >"*Hiss* Ow, you're rubbing... it's pressing too much... on my... ow, quit-"
  210. >*Shove*
  211. >"Woah!"
  212. "*Siiiigh*"
  213. >"Oh my stars, we did it! You're my little savior, Anon! Thank you, thank you, thank you thank you thankyouthankyou!"
  214. "Don't... *pant* mention it... *pant*"
  215. > Not giving you a brake, she wrapped her hands around your chest, assaulting you with kisses.
  216. "Ah! Mp-ph, Rarity... I still need to p-pack my stuff-"
  217. >"Oh! Of course, right, time! Now hurry, dear. We don't wanna miss our train!"
  218. > She said and switched her attention away immediately, searching for something in the shelves.
  219. >...
  220. > These poor pants was looking more like a body paint at this point.
  222. >"Will you call me?"
  223. "Of course. Try to have fun, ok? Invite friends, make sleepovers, you know the drill. And don't bug Fluttershy too much."
  224. >"Okay... I'll miss you."
  225. "Us both?"
  226. >"You b-both..."
  227. "And don't be sad now. We'll come back really soon, you won't even notice that we were out. I love you, sis."
  228. >"I-I love you too."
  229. > Giving almost no time for you and Sweetie to say goodbye and hug each other for awhile, you were already trying to catch with your big sister fast walking in front of you, while avoiding running into people, carrying all her cases with the free hands and few on your back. Making her way through the crowd, she didn't even care about a very clearly visible cameltoe sticking out, not to mention her butt, squeezed by the tight fabric. Maybe some has noticed, but the whole crowd in general has provided her a good cover from her going almost butt-naked. And with no goddamn panties. Man... what the hell is she thinking?
  230. "Rarity, are you aware-"
  231. >"One second, darling!"
  232. > She said, while you both approached a free window.
  233. >"Wooh! Ahem, good day! I ordered a ticket few *pant* a few minutes ago. Number is... let me check... 36484..."
  234. > Taking this opportunity, you managed to shoot a few glances at her butt, while placing the carriage on the ground and catching your breath.
  235. > It looked like the middle line of her pants was becoming more transparent with each step. Or it was just your imagination?
  236. > Then she bends over a bit, placing her shoulders on the window. And the line between her cheeks stretches even wider.
  237. >This is definitely not good.
  238. "*Whisper* Hey, sis, we have a problem. We need to find something right now to cover-"
  239. >"In three minutes?! Oh dear, Anon! We should hurry!"
  240. "I, uh..."
  241. > She then takes one of her cases from you and grabs you by the wrist with the other hand, dragging you along.
  242. > You both sprinted, trying to maneuver between people without dropping anything. Your eyes traced down again. And boy, did it become worse.
  243. "Rarity, slow down! Your back!"
  244. > You spoke out between wheezes.
  245. >"What is-- oof!"
  246. > As expected, turning your sight back while running was not a good idea. She bumped in some asshole running by and dropped your tickets.
  247. >"Hey, watch it! Hmph!" she said, bending down to pick them up.
  248. "No, wait, don't! Let me-"
  249. > And then, time stopped.
  250. > Guess you can say that it was one-sided from the beginning. One needs to realise, that sometimes the best option might be to surrender.
  251. >Quit struggling and move on with your life, giving free space to something new. Something sudden, something exciting.
  252. >Everyone, everything has its limit, and what's the point of fighting it? Bullshit-less, the pants has lost this battle. Snapping all the way across and completely splitting it in half with an audible "rRRRRIPp!"
  253. >"AAAAAAHH!-"
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