Sapphire Abraful FAQ

Jun 2nd, 2020
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  1. Pokemon Sapphire
  2. Abraful FAQ
  3. [Updated 15 Jun 2020]
  5. Q: What are you doing?
  6. A: Trying to beat the game as fast as possible--using Abra.
  8. Q: What is Abra for?
  9. A: Abra is used to speed up the backtracking that is otherwise necessary to beat the Hoenn games. I will be manipulating an Abra encounter and yolo catch in Granite Cave. Then, using its Teleport ability, I will be able to instantly go back to Mauville several times after entering and exiting the Pokemon center there.
  11. Q: Is this a new strat?
  12. A: No, in fact this was the strat from the earliest days of Sapphire speedrunning. Back then, we couldn't manip Abra (because S+Q wasn't allowed), so we eventually switched to Abraless in 2016. I am switching back.
  14. Q: So it's faster then?
  15. A: No, it unfortunately is not faster. Among other factors, the poison deathwarp used in Abraless is extremely fast.
  17. Q: Why would you use it if it's not faster?
  18. A: A few reasons. One, I think it is a more interesting route. Two, it makes the game more enjoyable, since it is easier to get on runs since I will delay fighting Brawly until later (fighting Brawly early kills a large portion of Abraless Sapphire runs). Three, even though it is slower, it should be fast enough to reach my goal (sub-2).
  20. Q: How does Abraful differ from Abraless?
  21. A: After catching Abra, I will skip Brawly and head straight to Slateport. This means that through the early midgame, I am a lower level for several fights. This requires an extra X Attack on Rival 2. I will also get Strength before Cooltrainer Brooke, thus I am able to do X Attack strats on that fight as well, spamming Strength. I will not get poisoned on Flannery, but rather just teleport back to Mauville before heading to Dewford to fight Brawly, then to Petalburg. In Norman's gym the two routes meet back up, before diverging again after Fortree, where I will head to Mt. Pyre before fighting Winona, as I can just Teleport back to Fortree and use the extra experience to evolve to Swampert early. The rest of the game is the same as Abraless, although I will not have a Rare Candy for Kyogre.
  23. Q: Where as your notes?
  24. A:
  25. Main notes: https://pastebin.com/Prv73bGb
  26. Candyless Kyogre notes: https://pastebin.com/idfy11mW
  28. Q: What is your PB?
  29. A: My overall glitchless PB is 2:02:40 (this run did not use Abra), while my Abraful PB is 2:03:10.
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