Ai's Gardening Adventures

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  1. (2:37:01 PM) mode (+ns ) by
  2. (2:37:09 PM) Kitsune_chan [] entered the room.
  3. (2:37:13 PM) Ai_Nitami [theweeping@gateway/shell/yourbnc/x-xuoblculdlyiuihc] entered the room.
  4. (2:37:26 PM) ***Ai_Nitami is looking around.
  5. (2:39:12 PM) Darkened: Where?
  6. (2:40:28 PM) ***Ai_Nitami walks to the school where she gives away pamphletes!
  7. (2:42:10 PM) Mishie|Johnny [] entered the room.
  8. (2:49:06 PM) ***Ai_Nitami start inspecting the flowerbeds.
  9. (3:02:46 PM) Darkened: There aren't many
  10. (3:04:45 PM) ***Ai_Nitami is annoyed!
  11. (3:04:46 PM) Darkened: Set aside for the gardening club and a few small beds
  12. (3:05:03 PM) Darkened: A few trees, but in general the school just doesn't have many areas.
  13. (3:05:12 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well, then, time to plant more lilies! ...but, it should be maintained. Hmm."
  14. (3:05:20 PM) ***Ai_Nitami explore the school to find gardening club.
  15. (3:05:44 PM) Darkened: She finds a small room.
  16. (3:05:59 PM) ***Ai_Nitami knocks on the small room.
  17. (3:06:06 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Anyone inside?"
  18. (3:06:13 PM) Darkened: A small piece of paper, taped badly falls off. It says gardening club on it.
  19. (3:06:19 PM) Darkened: There seems to be someone inside!
  20. (3:06:31 PM) Darkened: He comes to answer the door, a rather thin, gangly boy with thick glasses and bad acne.
  21. (3:06:34 PM) Darkened: "Y-yes?"
  22. (3:07:57 PM) ***Ai_Nitami blinks.
  23. (3:08:04 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Are you part of gardening club?"
  24. (3:11:20 PM) Darkened: He nods.
  25. (3:11:25 PM) Darkened: And looks Ai over, blushing.
  26. (3:11:28 PM) Darkened: "A-are you here to join?"
  27. (3:11:43 PM) Darkened: "it's only me, so I was getting a bit, umm..." he trails off.
  28. (3:11:57 PM) Ai_Nitami: "No! I just want to plant lilies!"
  29. (3:12:03 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Do you want to help me plant lilies?"
  30. (3:12:30 PM) Darkened: "Why lilies?"
  31. (3:13:13 PM) Ai_Nitami: "I like lilies!"
  32. (3:16:04 PM) Darkened: "Only lilies?"
  33. (3:16:31 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Yes. You want to plant other flowers?"
  34. (3:18:33 PM) Darkened: "It just seems like only one kind is a bit.."
  35. (3:18:40 PM) Darkened: "Err, not that there's anything wrong with that."
  36. (3:19:08 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well then! Let's plan lilies!"
  37. (3:19:11 PM) Ai_Nitami: *plant
  38. (3:19:28 PM) ***Ai_Nitami step and looks inside the room.
  39. (3:19:38 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Where do you store tools?
  40. (3:19:40 PM) Ai_Nitami: "
  41. (3:23:26 PM) Darkened: He points to a cabinet.
  42. (3:24:15 PM) ***Ai_Nitami checks the cabinet
  43. (3:26:43 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well, alright. This should be enough!"
  44. (3:26:56 PM) ***Ai_Nitami takes all the tools and shoves half of it to the boy!
  45. (3:27:01 PM) Ai_Nitami: "What is your name?"
  46. (3:27:55 PM) Darkened: "Ken..."
  47. (3:29:26 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well! Alright, Ken-ch, uh, I mean, Ken-kun! Let's plant the lilies!"
  48. (3:29:42 PM) Darkened: "Why lilies..."
  49. (3:29:47 PM) Darkened: He moves to help anyway.
  50. (3:33:53 PM) ***Ai_Nitami takes a bucket, then spawn bulbs of lilies until it is full!
  51. (3:34:14 PM) Darkened: He stumbles backwards, shocked!
  52. (3:34:19 PM) Darkened: "Ho-how did you do that?"
  53. (3:34:44 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well then! Here is for you," Ai gives the bucket to Ken.
  54. (3:35:06 PM) ***Ai_Nitami igores the question.
  55. (3:35:29 PM) Ai_Nitami: "I'll dig and plant it! Just give me the bulbs!"
  56. (3:35:39 PM) ***Ai_Nitami tries to ascertain where it is best to plant lilies.
  57. (3:38:50 PM) Darkened: In the garden beds around here?
  58. (3:38:52 PM) Darkened: Or in general?
  59. (3:39:56 PM) Ai_Nitami: Both, but max area is in the school.
  60. (3:40:25 PM) Kitsune_chan: turn the school into a lily!
  61. (3:47:10 PM) Darkened: She can find a few spaces, most of them aren't actually gardenish areas though.
  62. (3:47:25 PM) ***Ai_Nitami pouts.
  63. (3:47:37 PM) ***Ai_Nitami points the areas to Ken.
  64. (3:47:46 PM) Ai_Nitami: "How often people walk around here?"
  65. (3:47:48 PM) Darkened: There's one small garden that's a bit untamed that the school's shadow covers in the afternoon.
  66. (3:47:53 PM) Darkened: "Not often?"
  67. (3:48:36 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well, then! Let's start planting!"
  68. (3:48:50 PM) ***Ai_Nitami began digging the holes on the ground.
  69. (3:50:31 PM) Darkened: He joins her.
  70. (3:50:56 PM) ***Ai_Nitami humms. "So, how's your school life?"
  71. (3:53:53 PM) Darkened: "It's okay?"
  72. (3:54:23 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Any girl you interested in?"
  73. (3:55:09 PM) Darkened: "Umm..." He blushes and looks at Ai, "Not really."
  74. (3:55:41 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Are you sure?"
  75. (3:55:53 PM) Darkened: He nods.
  76. (3:56:11 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well, alright."
  77. (3:56:24 PM) ***Ai_Nitami continued planting lilies bulbs!
  78. (4:05:19 PM) Darkened: Eventually they have a planted field of lilies.
  79. (4:05:28 PM) Darkened: Though Ken still doesn't really understand the why or the how.
  80. (4:06:28 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well then! Thanks for the help, Ken."
  81. (4:06:35 PM) ***Ai_Nitami looks very satisfied.
  82. (4:08:35 PM) Kitsune_chan: (And then schoolgirl blast)
  83. (4:10:10 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Oh. As a thanks, I'll help you with something," thinks for a while. "Uh. Do you have a wish, Ken?"
  84. (4:10:54 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Hmm. It will take too long for the lilies to grow, though..."
  85. (4:12:28 PM) Darkened: He blinks, "A wish?"
  86. (4:12:47 PM) ***Ai_Nitami goes and grows all the lilies!
  87. (4:13:10 PM) Darkened: They sprout from the earth en masse, growing quickly to their mature stature as Ken gasps again.
  88. (4:13:30 PM) ***Ai_Nitami nods. "Yes. A wish. Do you have a wish?"
  89. (4:18:53 PM) Darkened: "N-not really?"
  90. (4:19:17 PM) Darkened: "I guess it would be nice if the gardening club was a bit more popular or had members..."
  91. (4:19:58 PM) ***Ai_Nitami contemplates.
  92. (4:20:38 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well, I can make you popular, I guess. Or rather, I can make you easier to become more popular. You'll have to work the rest, though."
  93. (4:23:06 PM) Darkened: "That's umm... okay, I guess?"
  94. (4:25:16 PM) ***Ai_Nitami blinks.
  95. (4:25:21 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Well, alright!"
  96. (4:25:41 PM) ***Ai_Nitami takes out her glasses, and look at Ken.
  97. (4:49:59 PM) Darkened: There's an extraordinarily confused schoolgirl!
  98. (4:51:06 PM) ***Ai_Nitami hugs Ken!
  99. (4:51:26 PM) Ai_Nitami: "There, there."
  100. (4:51:51 PM) Darkened: "T-this isn't what I asked for."
  101. (4:52:29 PM) Ai_Nitami: "It wil help, Ken~" Ai smiles. "Alright, take care those lilies, right? I'll see you later!"
  102. (4:52:33 PM) ***Ai_Nitami skips out of school.
  103. (4:55:09 PM) Darkened: "Bu..."
  104. (5:07:27 PM) ***Ai_Nitami shrug, then just walk the street, trying to see if she can find and/or encounter anything interesting.
  105. (5:11:36 PM) ***Ai_Nitami decided to track Kitsune-chan!
  106. (5:11:59 PM) ***Ai_Nitami ask people on the street where to find girl with fox ears and/or actual fox.
  107. (5:15:50 PM) Darkened: This proves rather ineffectual.
  108. (5:16:01 PM) ***Ai_Nitami decides to call Kitsune_chan.
  109. (5:16:06 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Hello?"
  110. (5:16:28 PM) ***Kitsune_chan picks up "Hello?"
  111. (5:19:41 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Oh! Where are you, Kitsune_chan?"
  112. (5:21:03 PM) ***Kitsune_chan gives her directions
  113. (5:22:33 PM) Ai_Nitami: "Thanks!"
  114. (5:22:43 PM) ***Ai_Nitami quickly goes to the store!
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