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Oct 2nd, 2014
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  1. Press Release
  3. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
  4. Gaza City, Palestinian Territory, Occupied Community
  6. For 50 days and nights the people of Gaza were subjected to unimaginable terror and devastation. At least 504 children were murdered and 2000 more lost their parents in the sixth full scale massacre by the Israeli military in the Gaza strip in eight years, adding to the already immense number of orphans in Gaza. At least 3,374 children were injured and hundreds are now permanently disabled. The horrors they witnessed during this latest massacre have left many children with permanent emotional scars and psychological damage. Due to the lack of available resources most will not be able to receive the treatment they require.
  7. There are also 110,000 people displaced throughout Gaza and the number is steadily rising. In addition to the bombardment of civilian homes, infrastructure was heavily damaged. Water and sewage systems were both targeted in the air strikes. As a result half a million people in Gaza have no access to water, most of the population have 18-hour power cuts and food has become very scarce and expensive. The schools that were not destroyed or turned into shelters have begun classes late, winter is coming, and the living situation worsens every day throughout the strip.
  8. The Palestinian people endured 50 days of tragedy. 50 nights of terror. And all the while they showed the world that they stand tall as some of the bravest human beings on this planet. For 50 days they taught us not only that they are survivors but also what it is to be alive. Through their pain and through their determination they taught us humanity.
  9. What happened in Gaza during the latest brutal aggression killed many people in spirit even if not physically. We are here not just to help them rebuild but to help them find hope again, the same hope they gave us as they survived each day of horrifying Israeli aggression. We are here to show that we support their struggle for a rebirth as not just a wish but a right.
  12. Objectives:
  13. To provide 5 families in Gaza with help to repair their homes or make them livable.
  14. To provide 5 families with their food , water and other supplies .
  15. To help the children from 5 families go to school.
  18. How can we achieve this? Through the use of direct aid.
  19. Direct aid can bypass organizations that are often held up by the same international entities or corporate interests that were complicit in the massacre. With direct aid it is easier to meet the individual needs of those who need assistance.
  20. The current Israeli siege on Gaza delays receipt of aid to the people who need it and many of the goods sent are torn and damaged or left in Ashdod. Cash can be more useful to recipients since they know how to best use it to fit their situation. By sending direct aid you will know who receives your aid and what they use it for. This action will allow you to be directly connected to the people who you are helping.
  21. Organizers in Gaza who are well known to people outside will select five families in need, who are well known to them.
  22. After we have raised the initial $10,000 to help these five families, proof of the use of the money will be posted for the outside donors.
  23. The initial $10,000 is meant to buy food, water and other essential supplies for the first 5 families and help their children obtain supplies for school.
  24. We will then repeat the campaign adding more families and trusted workers and suppliers so direct aid can ripple out.
  26. Help Gaza rebuild.
  27. Help these families find hope for the future.
  28. Join us and together we will help the rebirth of life in the Gaza Strip.
  31. Who are we:
  32. We are a group of friends in and out of Gaza who are trying to establish direct connection between people in Gaza who need aid and people outside Gaza who wish to help. This is the beginning of what we hope will become a trust network of people across Gaza and people around the world who can bypass centralized NGOs and aid each other directly. If this campaign is a success we will expand and add other people both in and outside.
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  35. Donate: Gaza Rebirth |
  36. Video: The rebirth of life: Gaza |
  39. Tweet Package
  40. (copy and paste the tweets below)
  42. "She will call me Daddy and Mummy" 11-yo in #Gaza cradling his infant sister in his arms.
  43. Aid
  45. 2,000 Gazan children lost parents in the latest Israeli massacre, 1000s of prior orphans.
  46. Aid
  48. 504 children killed in the 50 day attack on #Gaza, almost 1/4 of total Palestinian dead.
  49. Aid
  51. 3,374 children were injured in the #Gaza massacre,hundreds are now permanently disabled.
  52. Aid
  54. 8 year olds in #Gaza attacked by Israeli military 6 times, constant ceasefire violations.
  55. Aid
  57. Hundreds more #Gaza children will now live out their childhoods in this orphanage.
  58. Aid
  60. >106,000 in #Gaza displaced to UN shelters and host families. Little progress rebuilding.
  61. Aid
  63. 18,000 #Gaza homes completely destroyed, the number of displaced 110,000 and rising.
  64. Aid
  66. Half a million in #Gaza have no access to water, most have 18-hour power cuts.
  67. Aid
  69. Israel (as usual) targeted #Gaza water and sewerage systems.
  70. Aid
  72. #Gaza food prices soar:"livestock killed by Israel's attacks, or lack of food and water."
  73. Aid
  75. Life Among the Ruins in #Gaza: nothing has been resolved.
  76. Aid
  78. School is now a camp for displaced in #Gaza. The children have nowhere to go to school.
  79. Aid
  81. 1500 in #Gaza are using this UN school as an IDP camp. No electricity or running water.
  82. Aid
  84. The streets are just piles of rubble. Beit Hanoun neighbourhood, #Gaza.
  85. Aid
  87. #Gaza. Winter is coming. The massacre has not stopped, it has simply become silent again.
  88. Aid
  90. Far more always die of starvation, no medical, disease, no shelter than bombs, media only reports bombs. #Gaza
  91. Aid
  93. Refusing to lift siege on #Gaza is not a ceasefire, it is a silent death sentence for far more. #FreePalestine
  94. Aid
  97. #GiftsFromPalestine Shopping Guide:
  98. Aid
  100. For more information: #opBOYCOTTisrael
  101. #GiftsFromPalestine
  102. Aid
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