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  1. Common. Labor on the farms that support El-Amin is mostly slave labor, though some of it is sharecropped out to families or companies. Your family kept a handful of slaves to do housework and run errands, as is typical for noble families. Slave revolts during the time of the Hiacian empire were fairly common, but these days there are laws in place that fairly strictly regulate the acquisition, sale, and treatment of slaves. Cultural mores also encourage the fair treatment of the enslaved.
  3. Most slaves are foreign, and though few will admit it most are bought from roaming bands of Aghtaki. Others are brought from overseas, from the Elven territories and the Rhynian successor states. You've heard that in Marquash slavery was recently abolished, and there are certainly abolition movements throughout the Shahdom, but they've made little progress so far. A few years back there was a huge controversy because the second in line to the throne, Shahzadi Shahnaz, openly opposed the practice of slavery.
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