TheNewAli vs DyingDerp (5/09/2021)

May 22nd, 2021
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  1. TheNewAli vs DyingDerp
  2. (5/09/2021)
  3. R1:
  5. The fight starts off with both fighters stepping into a closed stance with each other in orthodox. Ali probes with a framing jab that lands on the guard of Derp.
  6. Ali tries to chain off a right hand but is slightly imbalanced by Derp with a weaker inside low trip kick.
  7. Ali tries to use the displacement to kick, Derp catches Ali in the transition in the body with his left jab.
  8. Derp seems to try and follow up with a right hook to the body but Ali begins to move himself out of the way.
  9. Derp throws a roundhouse from that very position and taps the body of Ali with the edge of his toes.
  10. Ali respond back with his own toe kick. Derp attempts to start falling back to reduce the impact of the kick.
  11. They both restance.
  12. Derp approaches Ali, now in a southpaw stance, in a neutral stance to try a roundhouse.
  13. Derp is out of range so he spins through and tries a spinning hook kick of sorts to the legs but biffs on the connection.
  14. Whilst Ali is being off-balanced by the leg kick, he flies up and kicks Derp in the head.
  15. Ali pulls his leg back forward down whilst Derp gets into a preliminary seiza position to then launch off clear to the other side of the cage.
  16. Ali turns toward Derp and literally sprints towards Derp, faking a kick when almost in range to get Derp to throw a kick back to begin a takedown at the end of the round.
  18. 10-9 TheNewAli
  20. R2:
  21. The round starts off with both fighters electing to step out into neutral stances. Perhaps inviting in a punching battle. Standing within range.
  22. Derp tries a Magic Shinjitsu Blast technique but lands on the guard of Ali.
  23. Ali tries to counter with a right cross but hits the shoulder of Derp. Ali then follows up with a left hook over the top of Derp's left arm as Derp sets himself up to begin firing back. Derp hits a right cross to the pec and extends Ali away from him, resetting the punching range to straights.
  24. Ali decides to step back and reset the range entirely.
  25. Ali throws an ill-advised kick and attempts to hop in to make the distance whilst Derp advances into range. Derp throws a left hook and the air knocks Ali over.
  26. Derp offbalances himself in a strange manner but saves himself by converting the motion into a kick that Ali then blocks as he sits up into seated guard to hit a low kick to the inside calf of Derp and stand back up.
  27. Ali adjusts himself into orthodox whilst Derp steps in with a left leg rear roundhouse.
  28. Derp hits the knee dead on, ruining the impact of his kick and eats a hard jab to the floating ribs.
  29. Derp hits a lil jab in the face of Ali as his guard is down, trying to reach over the top with an overhand.
  30. Derp tries to readjust to face him but eats a short right hook in transition at the end of hte round.
  32. 10-9 TheNewAli
  34. R3:
  35. Derp starts off with a jumping front kick as Ali begins to advance forward, instead opting to switch to a superman punch on the way down. Ali shifts into a squared southpaw stance.
  36. Derp begins to kick from his positioning but Ali responds with a well placed check to the shin, using the knee.
  37. Ali tries to convert the positioning to a Thai superman of sorts; but, lands short on the guard of Derp as Derp rebalances himself.
  38. As Derp stands back up, he fires off a left straight that makes contact with the chin of Ali.
  39. Ali tries to counter with his own left straight but lands upon the pec.
  40. Ali then attacks with another one-legged overhanded. Derp tries Ali's counter but misses in a similar fashion.
  41. Ali is now in a bladed southpaw while Derp has moved towards a squared positioning.
  42. Derp attempts to make contact with a long hook but is met by the shoulder of Ali, Ali counters with a lead hook while Derp retracts his attacking hand and opens up for his own rearhook.
  43. Derp converts his punch into an underhook and begins to clinch with Ali.
  44. Derp leans over too much in the clinch and gives Ali a chance to jump up for a knee to the body. Ali, in mid-air, transitions to another knee by pushing off the cage.
  45. Ali makes an ugly fight out of the clinch as he's pressed up against the cage, landing some indistinct shots up top, followed up by a solid knee to the mid section of Derp.
  46. Derp tries to turn around and run away but is met by a takedown + back control by Ali.
  47. Derp grabs the cage but would've otherwise be controlled by Ali.
  49. 10-8 TheNewAli
  51. 10-26 TheNewAli
  53. TheNewAli here was able to marginally win out the first two rounds until he found his rhythm in the third and began moving towards dominant plays and defensive responsbility that saw him find his spots to land a shot and not get hit. Even pursuing Derp to the ground in the final seconds of the fight and controlling him there.
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