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  1. "Ah.. Ah.. Oh Jaune.." Pyrrha forced out some fake moans as the bed rocked beneath them faintly. She lifts her ass higher, angling her hips down, desperate to feel something more. "Jaune.." the boredome on her voice was impossible to hide. "Jaune." she wasn't moaning now, she gave the thrusting boy a look. "I don't think, this is working?" the invincible girl pouts out softly as she begins to pull away her hips from that pale white cock.
  2. "I know Pyrrha. I tried to do it more like you asked but..." Pwap! His stiffy was tugged free from Pyrrha's walls. "It feels really good for me?" he gave her a hopeful look, as though that would cheer her up.
  3. It didn't.
  5. "I don't know what it is Jaune.." Pyrrha turns to face the boy, Pressing her bare chest to his own as she cupped his cheek sweetly. Her lips lingered dangerously close to his own, sadness in her eyes before she leans forwards and gives him a gentle kiss.
  6. "I love you Pyrrha." Jaune pants out, pulling his lower lip free from each of the Nikos's.
  7. "I love you too but.. Maybe you're just, not my type?" Pyrrha felt awful to say it, but she couldn't deny her bodies... Total lack of desire. She truly was in love with this boy, and the sweet kiss she'd just been given had her nipples stiffening against his bare chest. But when it came to.. Sex. It was absolutely worthless.
  8. She'd endured it for a while, and Jaune always put the sincerest of efforts in. Listening to her every suggestion with heartfelt sincerity. But the spark never caught, no matter how hopeful Pyrrha was. And she'd had enough of Jaune cumming, and her just having to feel good for him.
  10. "P-Pyrrha." Jaune's voice cracked slightly. "Close your eyes and.. And imagine your dream partner." Jaune pushes himself forwards, grinding his chest against hers, grinding his crotch into her own.
  11. "He's you.. Tall, blonde.. But.." Pyrrha's thighs pushed inwards, her eyes falling shut.
  12. "B honest, Pyrrha." Jaune let out a soft moan, his warm breath trailing along the redhead's nape. He loops his arms around her lower back, palms flat on the small of her back, holding her naked body in a loving embrace. His figure to her own.
  13. "He has longer hair and.. He's less handsome.." Pyrrha trembled, letting herself get laid down onto her back. "It's you but just... Uhmm..." Pyrrha didn't know how to say it, didn't know how to phrase it. How COULD she say something like this to her boyfriend.
  14. "Just imagine them, okay?" Jaune let out an ever so soft whisper, pushing his crotch along Pyrrha's own. His pale cock flopped along her crotch, dragging the underside along her hairless cuntlips.
  15. "J-Jaune.. It is you. Okay? I'm not imagining anyone e-" Pyrrha began to babble, her eyes peeking open to look up at the blonde boy.
  16. "I know." the blonde kisses her weakly again, a sweet little smooch. He pumps forwards softly. Pyrrha's eyes shut again as she writhes her hips up along the boys own. Dragging her soft, wet mons along that shaft. She leans on her back, running her fingers through Jaune's hair.
  17. "Longer.." she whispers as they spill free from his soft golden locks. "S-Stop cutting your hair, grow it out for me.." PYrrha whimpers, a needy begging sound rolling from her lips.
  18. Jaune was dry humping her, dragging his crotch into her bare naked frame. He gave weak, drawn out thrusts. Smearing his lap into her own. Pyrrha, with her eyes stil lclothed ran her hands along Jaune's features, from his hair to his cheeks, down to his chest.
  19. She rests her palms on each of his nipples and lets out a strained confession. "B-Bigger..." she squeaks. But her pussy clamps and twitches. Tugging on Jaune's flat, defined chest. She grew more excited as she fantasized.
  20. "I don't know if I can-" Jaune starts. Pyrrha cuts him off.
  21. Whispering out a  "Shhh..." as her hairless slit trembled. She slides her hands from the boys chest towards his waist. One hand reaches down, pushing between his asscheeks. The other cradles his balls. "Shave these.. Completely. P-Please.." Pyrrha was so enraptured with her vivid fantasy, Jaune's soft blonde pubes spill through her digits."I uhmm.. Guess." Jaune would agree to anything, Pyrrha looked like she was really, truly enjoying herself. He let the girl take control, only matching her thrusts and pushes, grinding down into her. Jilling his crotch into her body.
  22. "Of course. Of course." he whispers, mostly to himself as Pyrrha let out a soft, drawn out moan.
  23. "Just like that. Oh Jaune, you look so good.." Pyrrha's fingers prodded against Jaune's asscheeks, probing between his curves.
  24. "E-Easy P.. I'm not used to.. Oh~" he lets out a breathless moan as those two fingers probe along his rimhole,  wriggling her fingertips into his pucker. Pyrrha lets out yet another moan, grinding into Jaune's rock hard shaft like it was a dildo dragging along her cunt. She toook control, and pounds her fingers into the boys rim.
  25. "Jaune.. Jaune.." Pyrrha was laying on her back, legs lifted, chest pushed up some so she could grope at Jaune's ass. She held her eyes tight shut as she fantasized about the most beautiful blonde girl the school had ever seen. She rams two fingers tight into Jaune's ass and let out a trembling gasp as she bucks harshly against that dick, forcing it to drag along her most private spots, teasing her clitty again and again.
  26. "Oh.. Jaune~!" the sight of Pyrrha moaning for him for the first time in forever drove Jaune wild, the two fingers in his ass pushed him to gush his steamy, white ropes of cum across her stomach as Pyrrha trashed and ground in a wholly selfish way, getting herself off with the blonde boy.
  27. Her clear gush streaks along Jaune's lap, soaking him through with her wetness as she let out an eager moan. Cumming for the first time with the help of her lover.
  29. Jaune sat in front of the mirror, Pyrrha running the hairbrush through his growing blonde mane. She lets out a breathless moan, "You look so good, darling." she spoke with warmth and sincerity, "And your hair is so soft." she sweetly cups her lovers cheek and presses an eager, sloppy kiss to his maw.
  30. "Mhmmmm~" Jaune was conflicted, Pyrrha's affection felt so good but, he couldn't hide his longer hair from the rest of their friends. It was one thing to dress up for sex with her, but she wanted real, permanent changes and he felt anxiety in his stomach struggling to come to terms with them. He breaks the kiss, catching sight of himself in the mirror. Pyrrha smiles as he looks doubtful for a second.
  31. "Here." the Nikos begins to apply soft pink lipstick to Jaune's plump maw. "Do this for me, and I'll eat your ass, how you like." her voice was dripping with desire as the golden tube liberally smeared the soft, pink wax along Jaune's effeminine maw.
  32. Jaune steps into his pretty, pink panties. The ones with the bow on the front, Pyrrha's favorite. His smooth, clean shaven balls spilled into the constricting fabric. His slender cock looked totally different in them. Pyrrha moans and gives his crotch an eager kiss before straightening herself out and continuing Jaune's makeup.
  33. The blonde boy slips into the borrowed girls outfit. Nora hadn't asked too many questions, and her proportions were similar enough to Jaune's own that they wouldn't need altering.
  34. His rock hard stiffy dangles out of the tiny pink panties as the skirt was tugged up over his waist. Pyrrha helps affix his training bra, she gropes his chest through the fabric. "I wish they were bigger." Pyrrha's soft lips suckle on Jaune's ear.
  36. He looks into the mirror again as his bra was tucked beneath the white undershirt, and then the snazzy black coat. Pyrrha was dripping with lust. She shoves Jaune over, bending him across the side of their bed and hikes up that skirt. "Fatter~" she breathes to herself. Jaune had been so accomodating, and in return, Pyrrha had gotten greedier and greedier.
  37. She hikes that skirt up. "P-Pyrrha.." Jaune moans, his dick twitching beneath his skirt. Even if he struggled to recognize the person  in the mirror, he had to admit, this felt pretty good. Especially seeing his girlfriend like that.
  38. Pyrrha yanks those panties down and uncorks a small bottle, the shiny, shimmering lubricant was dumped messily all over Jaune's rear. Leaving his backside glistening, dripping with oil. "Jaune you make such a good girl." Pyrrha moans, pressing her face into his perky ass and pressing an eager kiss to the boys rimhole.
  39. "I don't know if I'm..." Jaune started, before the warm wet muscle darts into his rim and he let out a low, drawn out moan. "F-For you, Pyrrha." he breathes, lurching forwards his tongue spills from his lips as he grips the bedsheets with both hands.
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