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  1. Cody Snyder
  2. 8001 Brownstone Rd. Apt. 433
  3. Odessa, TX., 79765
  5. 3/18/2019
  7. Dear Immigration Judge:
  9. My name is Cody Snyder, I was born and raised in Sonora, TX., I am a USMC veteran and currently working in the oil field. I met Jose, who is the uncle of my goddaughter, at one of many family events prior to her birth.
  11. My relationship to Jose is as a family member, and as a friend. We met at one of the family events prior to Avani's, his niece, birth, I cannot remember if it was a baby shower, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas, and I would see him frequently at various holidays or birthday parties.
  13. He is a very hard worker, and most of all, an extremely loving father to King. He sets a great example for his son, and I hope to be as good as a father as him someday. He comes from a strong, loving, and close knit family, who is involved with their community and church, and of my time in living in Dallas, he was a good friend to me. His relationship with his wife is also admirable, and they are a fantastic, loving team, who are parenting King wonderfully. If he was not able to return to the U.S., it would certainly shatter his family's hearts, not to mention leave his son to a single mother, which no son should have to deal with.
  15. I swear under penalty of jury that the above is true and accurate.
  17. Cody Snyder
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