Twilight of the Abyss, Session 10.2

Jun 21st, 2018
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  1. <Corsava> *knocks on the door politely*
  2. <DM> *LAST TIME ON DRAGONBALL ZURPG- oh wait, you remember what happened, I'm not bothering here.
  3. <Corsava> *pushes the recap away, causing a wipe-fade back into the session*
  4. <DM> *You knock on the library's great doors. A moment passes, then they open, revealing a...... large pile of books in the center, and no sign of Medlora.
  5. <Corsava> *walks in* Medie?
  6. <DM> *The doors close behind you.
  7. <DM> *There's a flapping sound where the pyramid of books is.
  8. <Corsava> *activates my spirit power in case of an ambush* Medie?
  9. <DM> *There's a ruffling of pages, then a peek hole from within the books. There's an elongated sigh, and the books unravel, to reveal a rather tired looking Medlora in the middle of it.
  10. <Corsava> *walks over and sits beside her* Hey there, Medie. I'm back. There's been a development I thought I should inform you of.
  11. <DM> *She whirls her head around a few times, as if snapping herself back to reality and waking herself up simultaneously, then turns to you.
  12. <Corsava> Is now a good time?
  13. <DM> [Medlora]: Ehhhh......... my boooooook....... those darn mangly dumbbrained frigidity- ARGH!
  14. <Corsava> We have a potential ally, or at least someone whose goals may align with our own.
  15. <DM> *She wanders over to you, halfway floating on her book and halfway dragging an army of books behind her.
  16. <DM> [Medlora]: Can this ally get my darned book back from your stupid party?
  17. <Corsava> Actually, I believe so.
  18. <DM> *She stares at you for a moment, then readjusts her head, blinks a few times, and adjusts her demeanor back to her usual one..... that is, the one that isn't actually Medlora.
  19. <DM> [Medlora]: And who would this fellow happen to be?
  20. <Corsava> Zant the Exile.
  21. <Corsava> He's already placed Twilight Wizzrobes in their shadows, and has the Golden Armor.
  22. <DM> [Medlora]: Oh yeah, I've heard of that guy. Sadly, I don't quite know much about him. The real Medlora did, but I didn't quite get that info out of her before.... bleh, yeah.
  23. <Corsava> He's a bit of a radical. He wants to awaken the Light Warriors to lay waste to the interlopers, but to do that, he'll need to defeat Midna, and likely, my party.
  24. <Corsava> It seems like a simple enough play. We ally with him to take down our mutual enemies, recover your book, and once we've gathered the last mirror shard, we take it.
  25. <Corsava> He gets to rule over this realm, and we get everything we want.
  26. <Corsava> That's, what I propose, anyway.
  27. <DM> *She looks like she's about to reply, but then she suddenly puts a finger to her head.
  28. <DM> [Medlora]: Hang on, been dealing with some telepathic jerkfaces, gimme a bit...
  29. <DM> *She pulls away, turning back to you.
  30. <DM> [Medlora]: Okay, hopefully that helps. Really not fond of having to deal with that one Sheikah in your group...
  31. <DM> [Medlora]: Hang on, Light Warriors, or Light Spirits?
  32. <Corsava> *runs a finger through her hair fondly* He can be a pain, I hope you're-
  33. <Corsava> Light Spirits.
  34. <Corsava> I misspoke.
  35. <DM> [Medlora]: Hmm, not sure I like that plan. Your party is already doing a better job than Zant has in getting those Twilight Mirror fragments, and quite frankly, that's all I care about.
  36. <DM> [Medlora]: Though, I would like that darn book back too...
  37. <Corsava> Besides your book, you mean.
  38. <DM> [Medlora]: Indeed.
  39. <DM> *From the stone that Zant tossed you earlier, you hear his voice speak through it suddenly.
  40. <DM> [Zant]: I hear Medlora, but her tone of voice is way more serious than I ever recall it being. Is this your Bloodwind ally you mentioned?
  41. <Corsava> "Bloodwind, will you speak with this one?"
  42. <DM> *Medlora's suddenly scrunch in towards you, Corsava, and her books start to float in the air in a menacing way.
  43. <DM> [Medlora]: ... you willingly told someone my identity?
  44. <Corsava> "He already knew. I didn't tell him *who* you were."
  45. <Corsava> "The others in my party spoke of you to him."
  46. <DM> *She suddenly smiles, though one that feels uncomfortably devilish.
  47. <DM> [Medlora]: Oh, well then, that makes it all better!
  48. <Corsava> "Will you speak with this one?"
  49. <DM> [Medlora]: Speak... with? You don't mean through the stone? Waaaaait, is this that guy that I kept hearing randomly through the Communication Stones?
  50. <DM> [Zant]: I'm surprised you noticed, given I was only sending those messages to the Lightworlders. That is indeed me.
  51. <Corsava> Yes, it is. Yes I do. This way, he cannot see you, and therefore, your identity is still protected unless you wish to reveal your cover.
  52. <DM> [Zant]: Corsava, if you would, place that stone on the ground somewhere with enough room. I'd like to speak in person.
  53. <DM> [Medlora]: Wait, he's coming here?
  54. <Corsava> *to the stone* Not yet, you have not yet been permitted.
  55. <DM> [Medlora]: Excuse me, Mr. Zant, but as you well know, there's a barrier preventing anyone from teleporting in. How in the world are you pulling that off?
  56. <Corsava> *to Medlora* If you enter your true form, he will not know your cover identity, should you choose to permit him.
  57. <DM> [Zant]: Ooh, well that's too bad, I already opened the portal on my side and have stepped my foot through. Now, if you'd like to stay alive, you might want to drop that stone...
  58. <DM> *Corsava, you start to notice a darkness emanating from the stone. It's trying to eat your hand.
  59. <Corsava> *looks at Medlora* The decision is yours. If I have upset you, punish me later. *goes and sets the stone behind a pile of books to give Medlora time to choose which identity he'd like seen*
  60. <DM> [Medlora]: Ehh, it's fine. I don't feel like charging the Incarnation, waaaay too much magic required to redo that. Medlora it tis.
  61. <Corsava> *goes to step by Medlora's side*
  62. <DM> *Out from the darkness produced by the stone, the regal-robed Twili slowly rises until he's standing on the very shadow. The darkness shrinks until it transforms into Zant's shadow.
  63. <DM> *He turns towards the two of you, then bows with a courtesy hand.
  64. <DM> [Zant]: Hmm, interesting... disguise? Tell me, Medlora, or Bloodwind, or whatever you're called.... how are you in this Twilight Palace? Is it an illusion?
  65. <DM> [Medlora]: Meh, I already didn't wanna meet you, and I don't feel like answering that question.
  66. <DM> [Zant]: Fair enough.
  67. <Corsava> "Well then, I suppose I will speak first to both of you. You are both powerful. To come to blows would sour both of your goals and plans. For either of you to act against the other would be the ruin of all our schemes. I invite both of you to agree to a mutual co-operation, to be dissolved upon attaining our set goals.
  68. <Corsava> "Regardless of your decisions, it is paramount to all of us that we part amicably."
  69. <DM> [Zant]: Mutual co-operation sounds like a grand plan!
  70. <DM> *He opens his arms wide with enthusiasm.
  71. <DM> [Medlora]: And how exactly are you weaponing the Spirits of Light?
  72. <DM> *weaponizing
  73. <Corsava> "I have a particular talent that will aid in the task." *shows my mark*
  74. <DM> *Just then, there is a very gentle tap on the door.
  75. <Corsava> ", who actually uses the library?"
  76. <DM> [Medlora]: Oh yeah, that. Hmm, that miiiiiight work. Hang on, I need to check that door....
  77. <DM> *Medlora floats on down to the main door, then cracks it open just a peak. You see a familiar bipolar fairy float on in.
  78. <Corsava> *looks to Zant and gestures towards the pile of books* "I would hide."
  79. <DM> *Zant disappears in a flash of golden light.
  80. <Corsava> "oooor that."
  81. <DM> [Raine]: Whaaaaaat's up! I'm here to deliver cake, blood, and all that lies in-between- oh hi Corsava, didn't know you were here!
  82. <DM> [Raine]: Weeeeere you two getting in on or something?
  83. <DM> *getting it on
  84. <DM> *Medlora closes the doors, then turns to Raine, then to Corsava.
  85. <Corsava> *acts as though I were hastily putting on my clothes*
  86. <DM> *She face-palms.
  87. <Corsava> "Err- Well, you see-" *pretends to be flustered*
  88. <DM> [Medlora]: Ooooookay, I think I remember you. You're the fairy that was with that Sheikah person, right?
  89. <DM> [Raine]: Mm-hmm, I'm here to tell you about Twilightrobes, some Zanty guy, and some quest to get Midna's special mask! In return, you're to tell me-
  90. <DM> *Raine is suddenly half-swatted by a book.
  91. <DM> [Medlora]: I ain't telling you a thing. You and your party need to give me my darn book back first.
  92. <DM> [Raine]: H-hey, stop that! I mean it, there's trouble, d-d-don't you care about M-Midna?!
  93. <DM> [Medlora]: Annnnd what is a Twilightrobe? Is that like a Black Wizzrobe gone wrong?
  94. <DM> [Medlora]: Well, you see, it's a..... waaaaaaait. Are there Black Wizzrobes in the Twilight Realm?
  95. <DM> glreagioreogrie
  96. <DM> flub that last line
  97. <DM> [Raine]: Well, you see, it's a..... waaaaaaait. Are there Black Wizzrobes in the Twilight Realm?
  98. <DM> *Medlora stares at the fairy for a moment.
  99. <Corsava> You're asking if a librarian has access to information on Wizzrobes.
  100. <DM> [Raine]: Well, it's just.... aren't Wizzrobes a Lightworld thingy?
  101. <DM> [Medlora]: ....... ah crap, I said too much. Screw it.
  102. <DM> *Medlora holds her hands out to the books, then slams them down onto the fairy, knocking her out.
  103. <Corsava> "Can I put it into my mark?"
  104. <Corsava> "Or would you like it?"
  105. <DM> [Medlora]: Hmm, to be honest...... I'm curious about something.
  106. <Corsava> Of course, master. *kneels*
  107. <DM> [Medlora]: Fairies always die when they're used. And yet, I saw this very fairy used to revive that Sheikah, and now it's back. How in the heck?
  108. <DM> [Medlora]: Feel free to try that.
  109. <DM> *She lifts some of the books, showing the prone fairy.
  110. <Corsava> "It is called 'Chaos Raine', master. It calls itself a 'Chaos Fairy'"
  111. <DM> [Medlora]: ...... what?
  112. <DM> [Medlora]: A.... chaos?
  113. <DM> [Medlora]: Isn't that usually what the Mask Man specializes in?
  114. <Corsava> "Yes, and upon seeing it, he became quite fascinated by it, and focused on it to the exclusion of other targets."
  115. <DM> *In the background, you hear Zant speaking, though it doesn't seem directed at you...
  116. <DM> [Zant]: Are you really getting stalled by an elevator? Get a move on, or I'm killing Zuph.
  117. <DM> *Medlora picks up the prone Raine. At that very time, there is another knock on the door.
  118. <DM> [Medlora]: Oh come on, who is it now?
  119. <Corsava> "Oh what fresh hell is this?"
  120. * You've invited Darte to #zurpg2 (
  121. * DM invited Darte into the channel.
  122. <DM> *Darte, you reach the library doors, knocking on them.
  123. <DM> *There's a delay, then the double doors opening, just a tiny bit. Through the gap, you see Medlora float into view, with just one eye visible through the gap.
  124. <DM> [Medlora]: .... you.
  125. <DM> *She holds her hand towards you.
  126. <DM> [Medlora]: Book. Now.
  127. <Darte> "Uhm. Hello again, mistress of the books. Mind if I bother you for a second? It's a matter of, ehm. National secur-- b-book?"
  128. <DM> *Her eyes squint in towards you.
  129. <DM> [Medlora]: Yeah. Book. You yoinked one from me. Not sure which one of you did it, but I know one of you took it.
  130. <DM> *Her usual happy demeanor seems all but gone, and one of her eyes is twitching a bit. You also hear, through the gapping, the flipping of pages slowly growing out of control....
  131. * Darte blinks. "Me, steal a book? Madam, books are _sacred_ things. I would never fain harm one of your precious tomes!"
  132. * Darte adjusts the glasses for good measure. "That saaaaid... the lizard probably did it."
  133. <DM> [Medlora]: Uh-huh. Well, if that's all you got, then good-bye.
  134. <DM> *She slams the door on you.
  135. * Darte flinches, worried about his nose. "... That went well."
  136. * Darte wanders back through the hallway, a bit aimlessly.
  137. * DM has kicked Darte from #zurpg2 (DM)
  138. <DM> ack, shoo you Darte
  139. * Darte ( has left (Leaving)
  140. <Corsava> "Things must be dire for them if they're after aid. They're lying, by the way. The fox has it."
  141. <DM> *Medlora does a loooong sigh.
  142. <DM> *Zant suddenly teleports back in.
  143. <DM> [Medlora]: Wait..... is that the golden zippy thing...... isn't that what Zuph had?
  144. <DM> *Zant nods, then moves his robe slightly to show the Golden Armor, then covers it back up.
  145. <DM> [Medlora]: Lovely. I get to deal with someone threatening that can teleport. Alright, fine I'll consider cooperation.
  146. <DM> [Medlora]: What do you want from me again?
  147. <DM> [Zant]: Oh, I just need a certain mask. That one that Midna has.
  148. <DM> [Medlora]: What, that Fused Shadow thing she keeps ranting about?
  149. <DM> [Zant]: Yes, YES, that's the one! With it, I'll have all the true power of a Twili King, and I'll be able to rule the Twili to their absolute height of power!
  150. <DM> [Zant]: Surely, I can get you anything you want, whatever you want!
  151. <DM> [Medlora]: Hmmm. Can you get me the last Twilight Mirror Shard then hand me the Twilight Mirror?
  152. <DM> [Zant]: Why yes, that would be a mere simple treat to do. Why, the Twilight Mirror is the pinnacle of the Twili themselves, and.......
  153. <DM> *Zant suddenly stops.
  154. <DM> [Zant]: ..... no. No, you can't have that one. The Twili need it. I need it.
  155. <Corsava> "Well, would you rather have it, or be king?"
  156. <Corsava> "I would like to interject that the whole having it thing is also not an option without the whole king part."
  157. <DM> [Zant]: No, no no NO, that.... hmmm....
  158. <DM> [Medlora]: Keep all the Golden Artifacts if you want, I just want the Twilight Mirror.
  159. <Corsava> (FUCK!)
  160. <DM> [Zant]: B-but.... no, the Twilight Mirror is what gives the Twili true power, dominion over the Twilight Realm AND access to the Light Realm! Who knows what other attacks could happen again?! Why wait, when we could make the strike against them?!
  161. <Corsava> "The light realm has forgotten the Twilight Realm."
  162. <Corsava> "I didn't even know it existed when I came here. There's no attack mounting."
  163. <Corsava> "They've got their own problems to deal with."
  164. <DM> [Medlora]: Heh, that's an understatement, given what Mask Man is doing...
  165. <Corsava> "You also don't need it to have dominion over the Twilight Realm. You can attain that through force of arms. Beneath your might, the interlopers will be annihilated, but only if you can get there."
  166. <DM> [Zant]: And how can you two prove that the Light World doesn't know about us? After all, there's some Lightworlders here right now. How'd they get here?
  167. <DM> [Medlora]: Oh, I happened to pull them here. Well, not Corsava *pointing at her*, think that one was Mask Man.
  168. <DM> [Zant]: ...... and who is this..... Mask Man?
  169. <Corsava> *looks at Medlora with confusion* You know...I actually have no idea. Just that he's capable of casually moving between worlds and loves masks."
  170. <DM> [Medlora]: Uhh.... how should I explain this one..... uhhh......
  171. <DM> [Medlora]: *muttering to herself* Darn, I reeeaaaaaally don't want to undo this transformation...
  172. <Corsava> "He's our patron, essentially."
  173. <DM> [Medlora]: You have your Fierce Deity, yes? There's an opposite God, Majora. The Mask Man is the direct underling to Majora, his personal servant. He spreads madness disguised as masks of happiness wherever he goes.
  174. <DM> [Medlora]: Yeah, what she said.
  175. <Corsava> "His goal is to bring ruin to the Lightworld, and even if they *did* know about the Twilight Realm, they're not going to be in any shape to threaten it."
  176. <DM> [Zant]: Annnnd this Mask Man can also reach the Twilight Realm, somehow.... what's to stop him from invading here afterwards?
  177. <DM> [Zant]: Especially since this is the home realm of our God, Fierce Deity?
  178. <Corsava> "The more pressing question is what's to stop him from destroying you while you wage your civil war."
  179. <Corsava> "Given that your people yet live, we must assume there's an answer."
  180. <DM> [Zant]: ....
  181. <DM> [Medlora]: You know, now that I think about it... what about... an exchange?
  182. <Corsava> "If he wanted to destroy the twili, he would. We can observe that the twili are still here, therefore, he does not wish to destroy them."
  183. <DM> [Zant]: Seems...... reasonable. Still not sure I trust this one, but.... it's more than I trust someone such as Midna.
  184. <DM> [Medlora]: I get the Twilight Mirror, and once I have it..... I believe there is a particular Twilight artifact somewhere in the Light Realm..... the....... Twilight Scimitar? How bout I get that one for you?
  185. <DM> *Zant's eyes light up.
  186. <DM> [Zant]: Deal!
  187. <Corsava> *grins*
  188. <Corsava> (I do love seeing a plan come together.)
  189. <DM> [Zant]: Excellent, excellent! Now, if you'd please, we already have a pair of Twilightrobes in the palace. I just need the stupid party to get into the Twilight Council chamber on the top floor.... and we can go get that mask from Midna!
  190. <DM> [Medlora]: Woah, hold on, if at all possible, I would like to keep this transformation as long as I can. Preferably, to the extent that when Midna reforms the Twilight Mirror, I can just grab it without even trying. Which, in this form, I can.
  191. <Corsava> "I can position myself to fire into the combat at range, if you like, master. With my new bow, they'd not see me, and I could provide covering fire."
  192. <DM> [Medlora]: Did you just call me master?
  193. <Corsava> "Don't kink-shame me."
  194. <DM> [Medlora]: Great, all those jokes I was making on the Master Sword earlier is just making that a tad too awkward for my blood...
  195. <DM> *Zant holds out his hand.
  196. <Corsava> "It seems we have an accord."
  197. <DM> [Zant]: Come now, surely this transformation can't be that bad! You can redo it once I have the Fused Shadow! We'll be fast enough, they won't know it's you! I mean, how much magic could you possibly need?
  198. <DM> [Medlora]: 1000.
  199. <DM> *There's a long pause.
  200. <DM> [Zant]: ...... pardon?
  201. <Corsava> "I...can't even imagine having that much magic."
  202. <DM> [Medlora]: Enough Chateau Romani to drown Lon Lon Ranch. It's painful.
  203. <DM> [Zant]: And..... what exactly can you do in that form?
  204. <Corsava> "Could you not act in *this* form, and merely act as though you were loyal to Zant all along as Medlora? If he gets the mask and becomes king, you'll still be free to remain here."
  205. <DM> [Medlora]: I'm fairly aware of how much power the Fused Shadow has. Sorry, but.... you can't take the entire Twili army on yourself when they return. I feel much safer in my current predicament, siding with them.
  206. <DM> [Raine]: The entire Twili what?
  207. <DM> *Raine appears to have woken up.
  208. <DM> [Medlora]: Oh frigin'-
  209. <DM> *Zant looks over at Raine.
  210. <DM> [Zant]: Ooh, that's an interesting one! Resembles one of those Twilight Fairies I have....
  211. <DM> [Raine]: Hey, you're that Zanty guy! An-and.... wait, why is Zanty chatting with Medlora-chan? And...... Corsavy?
  212. <Corsava> "Well, I was trying to broker a deal that will keep the Empire out of Cloud City forever."
  213. <DM> [Raine]: The ....... wha?
  214. <DM> [Medlora]: Raine, if you don't mind, there's some sleepytime tea in those books.
  215. <DM> *Medlora tries to swat Raine down with some books........ but she escapes this time.
  216. <Corsava> "Look, Raine, diplomacy is an essential part of crisis resolution. Oftentimes, you can solve a problem before it comes to violen-"
  217. <Corsava> "Motherfucker."
  218. <DM> [Raine]: Hah-hah, not this time, you bookswatting bookworm!
  219. <Corsava> "Raine, look out behind you!"
  220. <DM> *Raine turns around.
  221. <DM> [Raine]: Uhh, what's behind me?
  222. <DM> *SWAT*
  223. <DM> *Medlora holds out her hand to high-five you, Corsava.
  224. <Corsava> *gives her a high five*
  225. <DM> *She then picks up the fairy, and hands Raine to you, Corsava.
  226. <Corsava> "Are you wanting me to-"
  227. <DM> [Medlora]: Here, find some way to keep that fairy from waking up again. Great, holding my cover is not going to be easy if that Sheikah comes back looking for the fairy...
  228. <DM> [Zant]: Ah, all the more reason you should simply give in and help us.... hang on, excuse me.
  229. <Corsava> *takes the fairy when she hands it to me and puts it into a jar*
  230. <DM> *Zant speaks into a small stone...
  231. <DM> [Zant]: How are you still in the hallway?! Come on, just..... get through that door! You're right darn there!
  232. <Corsava> *goes over to Medlora* Master, with the three of us, plus potentially one of the Light Spirits, would we not be free to do as we please?"
  233. <DM> *Right as you try to transfer her to the jar, you notice your dot count on your Dark Mark drop from 3 to 2. There's also a weird glow on Raine now. Normally, she bounces between a bright light and an aura of darkness, but now there's a third, purply glowy stage in-between.
  234. <Corsava> "I...think that the fairy just interacted with my mark..."
  235. <DM> [Zant]: Locked?! Then break it down! There's barely any guards in the palace right now!
  236. <DM> *Medlora peers closely at the fairy.
  237. <DM> *Zant seems to be having fun with his stone...
  238. <DM> [Medlora]: What....... did that fairy just do?
  239. <Corsava> "It absorbed a charge of my dark incarnation."
  240. <DM> [Medlora]: Huh, that glow is remarkably similar to Mask Man's chaos barrier....
  241. <Corsava> *dark rebirth
  242. <DM> [Medlora]: ..... wait....... waaaaaaaaait..........
  243. <DM> *She seems to ponder to herself in deep thought.
  244. <DM> [Medlora]: ..... that can't be right. Impa wouldn't..... no...... that can't.... is it?
  245. <Corsava> "Does that mean my mark provides a similar energy to the kind that powers his barrier?"
  246. <Corsava> "Or rather, does it mean that this fairy taps into the same power source, and that I'm capable of enhancing it's power?"
  247. <DM> [Medlora]: That fairy is of Sheikah origin...... and Sheikah...... handle items of Majora's power. The Lens of Truth, for example, they can handle without any adverse effects.
  248. <Corsava> "You think that MM is a Sheikah?"
  249. <DM> [Medlora]: I was trying to find out where the last major Majora artifact is, and Impa wouldn't speak, no matter how much I threatened her or her clan.
  250. <DM> [Medlora]: Pfft, no.
  251. <DM> [Medlora]: I'm wondering..... if this darned fairy that your Sheikah friend has been carrying around all this darn time....... hand the fairy to me, will ya?
  252. <Corsava> "Of course." *hands her the fairy*
  253. <DM> *Medlora grabs the fairy, then lifts her broken mask with one hand, revealing a bright gem behind it. She pulls it close towards the fairy.
  254. <DM> *Upon getting close, energy seems to draw in from the gem towards the fairy. Medlora pulls it back, putting the gem back in place and her mask back on, wide-eyed as she stares at Raine.
  255. <DM> [Medlora]: Son of a-
  256. <DM> [Medlora]: I've been searching all over the place for that last artifact.......
  257. <DM> *Her calm demeanor suddenly breaks.
  259. <DM> *Zant looks over.
  260. <Corsava> "So you're in?"
  261. <DM> [Zant]: There is a slight problem- wait what?
  262. <DM> *Medlora pauses for a moment, holding a finger to her head.
  263. <Corsava> *waits with bated breath*
  264. <DM> [Medlora]: .... what's this about shadow wizards?
  265. <DM> [Zant]: As I was saying, we have a slight problem-
  266. <DM> *Right as he finishes saying there, there's a muffled voice through the other side of the door.
  267. <DM> [Kirran]: Hey Medlora, I got your book back!
  268. <DM> [Zant]: They're going here. Because they're retards. I regret my decision in attempting to hire them.
  269. <DM> *Medlora turns a sour look towards Zant.
  270. <DM> [Medlora]: ...... you neglected to mention that detail.
  271. <DM> [Zant]: A minor oversight.
  272. <DM> [Medlora]: I'll kill you later.
  273. <DM> *She floats on over reluctantly towards the doors.
  274. <Corsava> *considers aiming a shot for the door to kill him by surprise to get this party started, but waits, deferring to Medlora*
  275. <DM> *She returns, carrying a book. She opens it, flipping through the pages. From its writing, it appears to be the one Kirran had.
  276. <DM> [Medlora]: And... what, pray Zant, did you ask that party to do?
  277. <Corsava> "They are to gain audiance with the princess, carrying a token that will allow Zant to teleport to them, while their shadows provide reinforcements for an ambush."
  278. <DM> [Medlora]: Shadow wizards. Explain them. Now.
  279. <DM> [Zant]: Oh, just a pair of Twilightrobes, they're harmless to you and I. Well, as long as I say so.
  280. <Corsava> "They hide in people's shadows and are invulnurable as long as there's any light source. Unless you can enter spirit form."
  281. <Corsava> "In a place devoid of light, they appear to function as normal wizzrobes."
  282. <DM> [Medlora]: And, if you wanted my trust.... you didn't explain this, why?
  283. <Corsava> "Poor communication skills, I assume."
  284. <DM> [Zant]: Indeed. They were hungry just for Midna's shadow. In fact, I figured they'd never get close to you. What's the issue?
  285. <DM> [Medlora]: The issue is my shadow. I don't want them breathing on it. At all.
  286. <DM> [Zant]: Oh, afraid you'll blow your cover?
  287. <DM> [Medlora]: Order your grunts away from here.
  288. <DM> [Zant]: Oh, but you seem to be not be in the mood for helping until your cover is blown anyways.
  289. <Corsava> *to Zant* I would ease off, there. He's not exactly one to be goaded into action.
  290. <DM> [Medlora]: Look, I just found out I've been wasting my time searching for one of the artifacts that was literally right in front of me. I am not in the mood for playing games.
  291. <DM> *Zant seems to ignore your advice, zipping around the room a few times.
  292. <DM> [Medlora]: Get them. Away. Now. Or you're not getting my help. Besides, I have a fairy I want to investigate, and see if I can extract this darn thing's power...
  293. <DM> [Zant]: Hmm... Corsava, surely you believe that the three of us combined, with the power of the Spirits of Light are more than enough to fight anything in our path. You said it yourself, yes?
  294. <DM> *There's a light knock from the door. One single knock.
  295. <Corsava> The issue for you is that you require willing aid. I've seen his statline, and if he isn't cooperating with you willingly, you are placing yourself in morbid danger."
  296. <DM> *Zant opens a dark portal. From it, he starts to draw a large, white claymore with a cobra-like handle.
  297. <Corsava> "Or that could happen..."
  298. <DM> [Zant]: Oh please, between my arsenal and my teleportation, I don't think I have much to fear. I really doubt you'll ever hit me. Now, why play with me when we can join hands, fight together, for the greatest justice?
  299. <Corsava> "Zant, your impatience is on the verge of ruining a very good deal for you, and seriously, I cannot overstate how obscenely overpowered he is."
  300. <Corsava> "I implore you, keep your haste in check. A bit more patience and we'll likely see to an agreement."
  302. <DM> *Corsava, standing next to Medlora, you notice her start to twiddle her fingers, manipulating the magnetic gloves.
  303. <Corsava> "Zant, there are two doors ahead of you. Behind one lies your goals, but the hallway behind it is longer. The other contains ruin, and you are squeezing its handle because you dislike the idea of walking down the hallway."
  304. <DM> *You folks hear the door click.
  305. <DM> [Medlora]: You want a fight? There's a bunch of idiots you don't trust right there. Speaking of hallway metaphors, Corsava, there's one right there that's opening. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to hide in this pile of books while Zanty has fun with his little subjects.
  306. <DM> *Medlora proceeds to float away towards the northern most part of the room, pulling her fleet of books with her along with Raine.
  307. <DM> *Right then, the doors start to open. Corsava, bounce on over to #zurpg!
  308. <Corsava> *steps to the side of the door where I can get an ambush shot off if necessary*
  310. This is in parallel to 10.1, so bounce over to there at the library scene at this point.
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