The Origin of AntVenom's Name

Mar 12th, 2015
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  1. The origins of "AntVenom" date all the way back to his pre-RuneScape days. When creating a Battlefield 2 account, AntVenom was simply trying to think of a cool name that wasn't terrible. He came up with "ant1venom", but that was taken, so he chose "ant1venom3". Then later on, AntVenom decided to make a RuneScape account to play on seriously, and the name "Ant1venom" was available. He also got that name on YouTube, though, due to an account linking error, it was suspended for 2 years. When AntVenom went to make an X-Box Live account, Ant1venom was taken, but Xbox suggested "Ant Venom", and thus "Ant Venom" was born. When AntVenom decided to switch from the YouTube account "protothps" to something more professional, he signed up "AntVenom", as "ant1venom" was still suspended. This is why AntVenom is known as "AntVenom" today.
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