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  1. wassup everyone and welcome to a quick little video. More of a PSA than anything else while I work on an initial railjack thoughts video, but its been reported, and also confirmed by DE that Umbral Forma drops from Railjack missions!
  3. yes, you heard that right, in a thread by the user aylesworth, the link to which you can find in the description below, he shows the blueprint for the umbral forma in his foundry. Oddly enough its not that expensive to craft as you can see on screen, only a forma, 50 kuva and a few other minor resources, which is a lot less than I would have expected.
  5. The details of how he actually gets it are kind of unclear, he talked about getting it to drop from a container in the missile battery objective building, but wasn't sure what exactly. The current theory is that it dropped from a rare container on board one of those new objectives.
  7. The theories were floating around for a while as to how legit it was and whether this was a straight up mistake, however rebecca came in and confirmed that this is in fact intended, and that they will drop as a reward in the Veil Proxima region of railjack missions, and that while it can drop on earth right now, that part is 100% not intended.
  9. This does give a really interesting reward to promote playing those high level archwing missions as well as those shiny shiny mark 3 railjack parts. And especially since empyrean is supposed to be getting us ready for the new war, a rare reward of an umbral forma is a pretty damn good incentive. What the actual drop chance is remains to be seen but its clearly not going to be very high at all. Its also not going to be that easy still, since you do need a pretty good railjack to take down these missions easily, and it could end up being like legendary cores in sorties, which since sorties came out, I've still never seen one, but its definitely interesting nonetheless.
  11. So basically, the tldr is, take your time checking these new areas for chests. You never know what you might end up finding, and you too might end up with a shiny umbral forma drop from one of these missions. Just make sure to mark it for your friends since its everyone does need to physically pick it up.
  13. Anyways, thats all from me for this video, hope you enjoyed this little PSA. Full thoughts video on railjack coming soon, but for now, many thanks for watching, have a wonderful evening and I shall catch you in the next video!
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