Moonpony Worldbuilding

Jul 12th, 2017
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  1. >you will never share in the secrets of immortality with Nightmare Moon
  2. >you will never get banished with her when she betrayed her sister and you fought alongside her to keep her safe
  3. >you will never both find a way off the moon and travel together to a new, distant planet
  4. >you will never start anew and and slowly bring the planet to life, turning a barren dust ball into a vibrant place full of life and fantastical flora and fauna
  5. >you both will never decide to make a new and better mixed race of ponies and humans together
  6. >you will never lay in a meadow with her you both made long ago, looking up to the stars and seeing the distant planet Equestria resides on while your literal brood of ponies frolic and play around you
  7. >you will never both be happy and content things turned out the way they did
  10. >a massive, self sustaining magic generating monument located at the equator of the moon projecting a massive life sustaining field around the celestial body
  11. >surrounded by beautiful gardens and temples teaching the new breed of ponies the art of bringing life to barren places so one day they can join their progenitors in gardening the moon
  14. >1000 years pass after the banishment of NMM and Anon
  15. >The stars align and the bonds holding Luna captive on the moon are weakened enough for her to escape
  16. >Celestia has been preparing for this moment for nearly the entire 1000 years
  17. >She stands at the ready, preparing for the absolute worst...
  18. >...and nothing happens
  19. >Luna remains on the moon with her beloved Anon and their happy society of ponies
  20. >Luna probably hadn't even noticed that 1000 years had passed
  21. >Even if she did, she probably didn't care that she was free to leave
  24. >Nightmare's most loyal followers we're banished as well.
  25. >There are just enough ponies with you and Nightmare to start a small hamlet on the moon.
  26. >Even in her defeat, Nightmare still has enough power to sow small amounts of plant life and conjure water.
  27. >A few small families start without the luxury of choice RGRE normally has, fueled by the maddening isolation being stranded on the moon invokes. 
  28. >It's not long before you and Nightmare conceive too.
  29. >And that marks the birth of The Loneliest Generation, the Moon Village's first foals.
  30. >They would be the first glimmer of hope for the tiny settlement, that something can grow from the nearly dead rock into something resembling a real society.
  31. >Celestia is none the wiser of the hardship she's forced onto a budding civilization.
  34. >Moon society has normal gender roles
  35. >Even after 1000 years, Luna still cannot stop herself from doting over Anon and trying to protect her lover like a good mare should
  36. >Her subjects roll their eyes and view her as eccentric
  38. >Anon and Nightmare's children interbreed with the follower's children. 
  39. >By the time the banishment is up, all the living moon ponies can trace their ancestry back to Nightmare and Anon. 
  40. >By then Anon and Nightmare have long since stopped having foals of their own, as burying children is something parents can only do so much before they break
  43. >Anon and Moony are revered by their colony as the All-Mother and All-Father
  44. >But a sort of quiet reverence, as living legends who live mundane lives among their people
  47. >The moon ponies all call Nightmare and Anon "Mama and Papa" and treat them as such. It's a tradition that just stuck and refused to go away. 
  48. >The feeling of family and unity that comes from living common ancestors keeps conflict between moon ponies minimal. And rarely are laws broken. Of course no one wants the punishment for breaking the law, but Mama and Papa's disappointment is infinitely more damning. 
  49. >But why break the law anyway? That would be distant family you're hurting
  51. >since all are distant relatives one way or another and nopony wants to hurt anypony 
  52. >the cruelest of the cruel just find ways to annoy the ever living FUCK out of their target victim
  53. >its not in anyway illegal, everpony just shakes their head and chuckle
  54. >while the victim in question just grinds her teeth in annoyance then plots revenge
  55. >like putting ketchup in pizza in front of them
  58. >Each year, on the day that the last of the first finally passed on. 
  59. >The moon ponies come together at the humble gravesite of the loyal followers and the first foals. 
  60. >With magic guiding them, they all sing a quiet hymn in the all-father's old tounge, honoring the ones who suffered the difficult first 100 years.
  61. >https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t--n7oU_oRk[Open]
  62. >As they sing, each one lets a little paper pegasus charmed to float up go. On the paper pegasus is writen thanks for what the first generation did for them. The paper ponies supposedly fly up to the afterlife.
  63. >With the solemn duty done, the gravesite is decorated and the moon ponies return to their home towns. Parties celebrating how far they as a race have come pop up all over the moon. They live it up and enjoy all they have just as the first generation would have wanted.
  66. >Luna has a constellation for each and every one of the first foals so everyone can look up and feel grateful and know how far they've come
  70. >Be Ticket Punch, Train Station Employee of the Month six months in a row
  71. >You looks up from you booth and jump a little at the sight
  72. >Damned Moonponies, coming down and stealing all your stallions with their flowing manes and pointy teeth
  73. >You shift on your ample flank, suddenly jealous of their waif stature
  74. >...
  75. >You should probably go jogging more often...
  76. >None of them even have the proper decency to at least make a little noise when they move about!
  77. >You crane your head to the side and check the line behind the first one
  78. >Damn, where'd they all come from?
  79. >The clunk of the amulet around the neck of the first mare hitting the booth as she lays down her ticket brings you back to the task at hand
  80. >You eye it for a moment, admiring the fine gem surrounded by silver filegree
  81. >Weight loss must be terribly easy for them when a necklace alters gravity's hold
  82. >You take the ticket and punch it
  83. "Two plus luggage, car five. Near the end."
  84. >"Thanks!"
  85. >Well, somepony's in a good mood today
  86. >This next one has a strong-looking earthpony stallion leaning against her
  87. >Of course he's talking her ear off
  88. >"Oh honey, I just can't wait to see the ceremony!" he coos
  89. >She smiles, bearing her fangs at you.
  90. >Her stallion keeps talking
  91. >"I'm so excited, this only happens once every few generations, and we get to see it!"
  92. >Your professional discipline keeps you from wincing at the sight, so you do your job
  93. >You take her ticket and punch it too.
  94. "Two plus luggage."
  95. >You notice out of the corner of your eye the extra stamp.
  96. >You definitely wince this time, but you hide it with a cough.
  97. "Pregnant seating is in the middle, car three."
  98. >She smiles and nods, bumping the poor earth stallion
  99. >The succubus victim just walks past
  100. >It continues on like this, for another half an hour
  101. >You catch bits of conversation here and there while they file through
  102. >Nothing but moonpony mares and stallions, carting off with their catch from Equestria
  103. >All heading to the same place:
  104. >Lunar Lasso Landing
  105. >You can't take it anymore
  106. >You check the clock inside your little booth
  107. >You have enough time to get them all through and ask a couple questions
  108. >Oh, the last one is here already
  109. >Just a couple unaccompanied moon-mares
  110. "Excuse me," you start, holding their tickets in your hooves
  111. "I can't help but notice there's a lot of moonponies getting on the train today, all talking about something going on."
  112. >She smiles and nods a little too fast
  113. "What is it?"
  114. >Both her hooves come up to her mouth before she starts talking in that semi-ethereal voice
  115. >It's like listening to somepony whisper and talk normally at the same time
  116. >"Oh, you don't know? Tomorrow is the Night of the New Moon!"
  117. "And that is?"
  118. >She looks way too excited to explain this to someone who's never heard about it before
  119. >"Well, once every couple of generations, Mother Moon and Father Anon decide to f-"
  120. >The mare beside her, who seems to be a little more collected than the other, shoves her hoof in the first one's mouth before she can finish
  121. >"What Minoris here was going to say," she starts in a much more somber tone
  122. >Her voice almost sounds musical, but an octave or two deeper than her friend here
  123. >"Is that once every few generations, when the stars align again, Mother Moon and Father Anon decide to give birth once again..."
  124. >Her voice starts to rise
  125. >"When the moon is shrouded from all light, there in the safety of the darkness, the Eternal Family begins the ritual once more..."
  126. >A strange grin forms on her face, her eyes slowly widening as her voice grows louder as well
  127. >"And in the light of a New Moon, surrounded by their posterity, the All-Mother and All-Father gift unto the universe new life from the Forever-Fertile Womb!"
  128. >The hoof that was in her friend's face is now resting on her head, the other foreleg clenched near her own
  129. >Her wings are spread wide, and the pony beneath her looks up at her with eyes sparkling more than normal
  130. >"A new heir will be born, and another House begins its rise, displaying to the uncaring universe our unbreakable will, and our rightful, eternal place AMONG THE HEAVENS! CARVED FROM THE BARREN VOID ITSELF AND BENT TO OUR WILL!"
  131. >She begins to cackle loudly, followed soon after by her friend below her
  132. >You can hear the other moonponies in the train joining in
  133. >You couldn't sink lower in your seat if you tried
  134. >For the first time in your life you actually believe the stories
  135. >They really are the descendants of Nightmare Moon
  136. >The first one jumps up and puts her hooves on your booth
  137. >"It really is exciting! You should definitely go see, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event!"
  138. >She...is this sort of thing normal for her?
  139. "U-uhm..."
  140. >You try to find your voice
  141. "I a-already have plans..."
  142. >"Aww, what a shame! Well, WE have plans, and that's the ceremony!"
  143. "Train two..."
  144. >You watch them depart, feeling somewhat comforted by the safety of your booth
  145. >...
  146. >Damn moonponies.
  147. >This is all Celestia's fault.
  152. >The moons gender roles reversed back to normal thanks to slightly more even colt/filly birth rates.
  153. >It's not just Nightmare who is impregnated during the festival.
  154. >A rare few moon mares are selected by a secret, impartial council to be hybrid mothers as well so the slowly diluting human genes in the population get a boost. 
  155. >The small number of mothers live in the capital as well pampered and loved concubines, and the foals are practically national treasures. 
  156. >Although not mandatory if chosen, it's an immense honor that none have ever turned down.
  157. >But when one of the rare Equestrian immigrants is chosen, the entire colony is shocked and some are even outraged than an outsider was selected for such a sacred duty.
  158. >The moon colony gets it's first taste of conflict over the radical selection, and the Equestrian knows she has no real choice but to reluctantly accept her new lot on the odd reversed reverse gender role moon
  163. >Anon's and Luna's direct foals are pegacorns (not alicorns), and are considered "nobility".
  164. >Unlike the Upper-Crust in Equestria, however, they're not complete assholes/snobs.
  165. >Every generation descendant from a pegacorn is either a normal "Moon" (Earth), "Bat" (Pegasus), or "Quillin" (Unicorn).
  166. >All are dark-coated, have bat-like wings, and dark manes.
  167. >Slitted, glowing eyes of various colours, too.
  168. >Moons inherited their father's stamina, meaning that, while not as strong as normal Earth Ponies, they are far better at endurance, like running/hunting.
  169. >Bats are... well, bats. Their eyes are more sensitive to light, even when compared to their brothers and sisters' eyes, but they see better in the dark.
  170. >Quillins are unicorns with spiraled, yet jagged horns. They are more adept at using cold-based magic, shadows, nature, and dream-magic, inherited from their mother.
  171. >The Moon Civilization founded by Anon and Luna isn't more technologically advanced than Equestria, but their technology/magic development followed a parallel path, as their interests (survival etcetera) were focused in different areas.
  172. >Moon settlements and cities are mostly carved underground in gigantic chasms (on Earth, there are caves so large you can fit an entire modern American town in them!).
  173. >Themed around Norse/Valhalla and pseudo-D+D Lich architecture (Gothic designs, etcetera).
  174. >The biggest shift is society: while some legacy elements of RGRE remain, it's mostly equal: birth-rates and a need for "everypony to pitch" in guided development.
  175. >On marrying Anon, Luna took the name Selena, to both mirror Celestia's name as both a tribute and a mockery.
  176. >Luna is still Luna, but a thousand years of unretarded growth have left her looking like a darker equal of her sister in stature.
  177. >And, in Anon's eyes, his wife has gotten hotter with age.
  178. >Elements of how she looked as Nightmare Moon were passed onto their foals, however
  181. >Being around and mating with an alicorn so often has left a large magic charge in Anon's body. 
  182. >But with no outlet or focus, the enegry expends itself the only way it can. 
  183. >Buy empowering the body it's trapped in.
  184. >As an antithesis to Nightmare's magical might, Anon slowly turns into a physical juggernaut even if his appearance dosn't go beyond "athletic". It fits well with his role of patriarch on the normalized gender role moon. 
  185. >There is no ammout of blood and sweat he would not shed for his ponies, no barehanded toil too great.
  186. >There are few threats on the moon as it is, but the rare few things that the guard can't handle are easily delt with by the All-father.
  187. >If Nightmare is the cool and nurturing mother tempered by 1000 years of caring for those smaller than her, then Anon is the unyielding pillar of strength who would carry the world on his shoulders if one of his children so much as asked
  193. >Celestia expected Luna to still be hellbent on conquering Equestria and causing an Eternal Night when she returned from her 1000 year banishment
  194. >She didn't expect Luna, now calling herself Selena, to drop by just to grab her remaining belongings and abdicate her right to rule beside her.
  195. >She didn't expect to find a whole civilization on the moon, populated entirely by Luna and Anon's children
  196. >She DEFINITELY didn't expect Luna to be so calm and content with ruling her little Moon Kingdom 
  197. >Celestia isn't sure whether she should try to get Luna to return to Equestria or simply let her sister be happy on the Moon
  201. >Bat-mare walks into the palace gardens with her lover.
  202. >All-father's calmly polishing a lumber axe.
  203. >Starts chatting nonchalantly with the couple while splitting logs bigger than the stallions barrel without breaking a sweat.
  205. >Bat stallion walks into throne room with his lover.
  206. >All-mother embarrasses him to hell and back by being all motherly.
  207. >Tries to bait the mare into defending him so as to embarrass him further while also seeing if she has a big enough backbone to contridict her
  209. >All-Mother is unimpressed by the mares she sees
  210. >Spineless cowards under her scrutinizing gaze, all of them
  211. >None of these pathetic girls have the teats to court one of your great great great great great great great grandsons
  216. >Luna gets punished for going crazy.
  217. >Anon and Luna's followers refuse to leave her side and gets zapped too
  218. >It tears Celestia up on the inside that she just banished her sister and probably condemned her brother in law and a number of ponies to death.
  219. >She lives with that knowledge for 1000 years on top of the burden of being the sole ruler of the world superpower.
  220. >Finally the 1000 years are up.
  221. >She finds out that Luna is okay, Anon is alive, and both run a tightly knit family-like kingdom of their own decendants with zero competition from other races or kingdoms. 
  222. >On top of that, the little kingdom runs itself well enough that the king and queen can enjoy a sedate life with the occasional important meeting conducted via cuddle pile, because all business is family business, and family is meant to be close. 
  223. >And the icing on the cake? 
  224. >Luna firmly refuses to come back. Why would she? To be on a throne all day listening to yammering nobles and attending pointless meetings? The moon mare has much more important things to do, like playing with her latest child and spending time with her husband as the decendants she's so proud of govern thenlmselves. 
  225. >All Celestia gets is a teleported greeting letter and a token alliance offer. 
  226. >Celestia's face through it all
  231. >Anon and NMM influence each other over the centuries
  232. >Anon is more strict, and NMM has picked up Anon's habit of picking up ponies and cradling them in his arms when he's talking to them, because they're so much smaller than he is
  233. >Moonpones seeking audience with NMM do so knowing that she'll pick them up in her magic and hold them up
  238. >Cradle being the original settlement where Luna and Anon set up home.
  239. >Over the centuries, as the settlement expanded to become the capitol, the city became known as Elysium but the core, where Luna and Anon's thrones are, is still known as the Cradle
  241. >Cities are mostly carved into the rocks and caverns.
  242. >Natural holes and carved entrances allow for uninterrupted views of the cosmos/Luna's night.
  243. >In areas where that's not possible, however, natural veins of jewels and precious ores are left to marble the cavern roofs or are ornamentally-carved, to symbolically represent the night.
  244. >Moon Ponies lament to visitors that while not as beautiful as the night sky, it's the second-closest thing
  247. >Anon creates magitech on moon to reduce magical consumption
  248. >They use them to power their biomes
  249. >Along with all sorts of other tech Anon comes up with because he used to be an engineer
  250. >No tech exports allowed, since Anon knows the danger of letting non-pony mudspecies getting their hands on that kind of power
  251. >Twiggles has an aneurysm when she learns she can't import and study their magitech
  254. The initial cities could be in underground chasms and caverns, to reflect what the moon was originally like. 
  256. As it became more terraformed, subsequent cities had more above-ground elements.
  258. Pandora-like luminescence is pretty awesome, though.
  262. >Moon same as Equestrian's sun aren't really similar to ours.
  263. >When Celestia uses her magic sun moves immediately so it must be a lot closer than ours
  264. >It can't really be star, it's some kind of artifact created by someone a lot more powerfull than ponies or maybe some magicall construct
  265. >Same with moon it's actually not just a chunk of rock
  266. >It's still mostly wasteland, but it has it's own fauna and flora, some atmosphere and bigger gravity than our moon.
  267. >Moon ponies live actually quite comfortable lives, with a lot of natural resources and lack of any competitors they can create something great
  269. > That actually negates the early hardship thing going on
  271. > Moon still pretty desert, just not unlivable
  274. >Nightmare moon banished with anon.
  275. >Gradually calms her tits with his help.
  276. >After one hundred years or so, decides that "Nightmare moon" isnt appropriate.
  277. >But "Luna" isnt who she is anymore either.
  278. >Decides to change her name to reflect her new attitude (Selene or something?).
  279. >As they've simply been calling their young civilisation "the moon kingdom", with the actual satilite itself not having a proper name.
  280. >Anon suggests the simple solution of giving it the name "Luna" in memory of the pony she used to be.
  283. > NMM being able to make plants etc from magic, but it's difficult
  285. >it becomes a revered tradition among their descendants 
  286. >once she's collected enough magic and she's physically able to do so again, she molds a new species of plant from her reserves, new life to add to the moon
  287. >it is then reverently taken by her servants and carefully planted and cultivated so it may spread far and wide and one day help turn the moon into a paradise all can live comfortably in
  290. >Initially, it was just to make the Moon more habitable (or even habitable) for herself and Anon.
  291. >A trickle of water and grain a day eventually expanded to become a well/pool, and a tiny field using their, uh, "leavings", moon soil, and magic.
  292. >After a few decades, they have a self-sustaining, fragile oasis.
  293. >Luna eventually falls pregnant, due to her forgetting birth-control spell or being too tired before physically and magically to support a life in her womb.
  294. >This snowballs over the centuries, like a game of Civilization II.
  298. settled craters and crevices having domes of air over them. Going from settlement to settlement requires either a moonicorn or an escort of Chirops (bat pones) to work the magic that turns sunlight and dust into breathable air. Chirops venture further and further from settlement, trying to find ice they can bring back for clouds and drinking water.
  301. >>No mares adorably moon-jumping over to Anon
  302. >No mares adorably moon-jumping over to Anon and missing
  306. >they go through a Baroque phase, creating things like dark arches with sculptures of moonponies with scrunchy and aghast expressions from eating moonlemons
  308. >"These sculptures are so captivating and beautiful! The expressions are so haunting and dreadful, they capture emotions so piercing, the symbolism is simply divine!"
  309. >"Yeah, I had Archie constantly lick a moonlemon while I worked on the face. I made sure to work real slow."
  313. >Anon occasionally messes with both the peasants and Nightmare by going full Conan, and being the stereotypical half-naked 'stallion' draped across her throne/legs.
  314. >Half the fun is seeing how long she can keep a straight face while holding court
  318. >All of anons outfits have been heavily modified with pockets.
  319. >almost always has at least one of kids with him no matter the situation.
  320. >sat in throne room during important business, calmly petting one like a supervillian while another chews his hair
  324. >Celestia and 'Selene' form a tentative alliance, Selene having matured over the thousand years she has ruled her own Queendom.
  325. >Celestia understands that she has to let her younger sister, Luna go for her new, more equal sister Selene.
  326. >Both excited and bitter that Selene has made a new life without, she is still incredibly proud for what her sister has done in her banishment.
  327. >Now, if only she could ignore Anonymous, the alien stallion who while initially quite handsome has reached a godlike, ethereal form.
  329. Disclaimer for you, and you know who, you fuck. This isn't cuckshit. Anon is not cucking Luna for Celestia, he is in a loving marriage with Luna. This isn't marital problems, as the marriage is working and it is only an outsider pining for Anon
  333. >Celestia meets with her sister and Anon for the first time in 1000 years
  334. >A nervous sweat is dripping down the back of her next
  335. >The doors to the throne room open up...
  336. >...and Anon is laying on his back and happily playing with at least 5 foals, who are squealing and whooping happily
  340. >All-Mother and All-Father may be their titles, but all the moonponies have fond childhood memories of playing with Anon and Luna. 
  341. >It's far from uncommon to have foals just call them "Mama" and "Papa"
  342. >Of course, they still have their own parents, but Mama and Papa are always there if needed. 
  343. >And behind closed doors, a number of adults still call them that
  347. >The dark magic that powers Luna's transformation into NMM is fueled by negative emotion 
  348. >Having slowly let go of her jealousy and hate over the centuries through the love of her husband and foals has been causing her to weaken.
  349. >NMM is aware of this, and is scared that when the transformation finally wears off it might make Anon and her children see her differently.
  350. >To prevent this, she decides she needs to be evil again for the sake of her husband and children.
  351. >She sees an opportunity when her banishment finally ends.
  352. >Puts on an act about still wanting to conquer Equestria and make the night last forever.
  353. >NMM starts feeling her power return, and keeps it going 
  354. >She didn't expect those six random ponies she was messing with to actually WIN and defeat her with the Elements of Harmony.
  355. >Is now even weaker than she would have been had the dark magic simply worn off
  356. >Celestia and the Mane Six are confused when Luna starts going into panicked rants about what her husband and foals will think of her
  358. And that's how Nightmare Moon still shows up at the start of Season 1 with everybody remaining in character
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