Finding and hosting shiny raids

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  1. 1. Spawn a rare (purple) den
  2. This is pretty easy. Change your text speed to slow, disable autosave, find the den you want to spawn at (check the pins for which Gmax is where) and save in front of the den. Drop a wishing piece and if it isn't purple (you'll be able to see the color before it finishes saving), go to the home menu and close the game. Repeat until you spawn the rare den. Once you have it, change your text speed to fast and save the game again.
  4. 2. Catch the Pokemon that's at the den
  5. Even if it's not the Gigantamax Pokemon you want. What we're doing here is determining your "seed". This is a form of (pseudo) RNG abuse, which means we're cracking the game to figure out when a shiny den will appear. We can figure out where the game currently is by checking out the stats of the Pokemon you catch.
  7. 3. Start a trade on code 7724
  8. A kind soul with a hacked switch has set up a bot that will tell you the seed you're currently on. Start a trade on code 7724 and then go to The name of the person you're trading with should be Dudu, if it's not, disconnect. If it is Dudu, offer the Pokemon you just caught at the den (you need to be fast or the bot will disconnect). Once you've shown your Pokemon, the website you visited should update with your IGN, the Pokemon's species, and your seed. Once you have your seed, reset your game without saving. Please note that this method relies on Dudu constantly running his bot/server, so it may not always be available.
  10. 4. Use RaidFinder to determine when you'll get a shiny Pokemon
  11. First , download RaidFinder here: (use the 32 bit version). This program will help you predict when any specific Pokemon will appear in the den you jus spawned. Select your den from the drop-down (the numbers don't match with the Serebii numbers - open the raid map from "Tools" to identify which den you have) and then put the seed you got from Dudu's bot. Next, select the Pokemon you want to catch from "Settings" and then the IVs, Nature, Ability, Gender, and Shininess from "Filters". After it's all set up correctly, click "Generate". If nothing happens, you'll need to increase the number in "Max Results".
  13. 5. Determine when your Pokemon will appear
  14. The number you're looking for is the "Frame". The Pokemon you caught at the very beginning is "Frame 1". To determine how many days you need to skip, take the frame for your desired Pokemon and subtract one. That's how many days you need to skip. It's usually a good idea to calculate which date that'll actually happen on (just google xyz days from today and it'll tell ya).
  16. 6. Get close to that date
  17. This is the long part, fellas. You'll need to advance your date one day at a time until you reach the date when your shiny Pokemon will appear. This follows the usual date-skip exploit, meaning you go online, skip a day, go back in, skip a day, etc. However, there's a way that makes this a lot faster.
  19. First, go into the Battle Stadium (online battles) and select Ranked mode. Then, do doubles or singles. Participate in a battle (you don't need to win, so if you want to be fast you can forfeit), and then mash the B button to get out of the Battle Stadium. You're now in the "online" state (where you can do timeskip exploits) and will not leave this state until you go offline. This makes date skipping much more efficient than joining/leaving raids over and over again. This method also works for every other thing you can do with date skipping, like getting the battle cafe rewards or getting lottery items.
  21. Now, open up your Home Menu, go into System Settings, and get to the place where you change the date/time. Make sure it's not set to sync via the internet, and then go and change your date by one day. After you've set the day (and while you're still in the Date/Time settings), you can update the date again without going back into the game and it'll still count as a day skip. This means you can skip about 500 days or so in 15 minutes, if you're fast.
  23. If you are doing this method, be aware that there's a chance that your game will crash once you've advanced a shitton of days. I'd advise you go back in-game and save every time you've skipped a year, just to be save.
  25. Once you've gotten 2 weeks or so out from your date, save your game and proceed to the next step.
  27. 7. Check your current frame
  28. Once you've saved, go and catch the Pokemon in your den. Again, it doesn't matter if it isn't Gigantamax. Go into RaidFinder and input the details for the Pokemon you caught (Species under "Settings" and the rest under "Filters"). Find the Pokemon you've caught in the list, and check what frame it's on. This will show you how many days you still need to go to get to your shiny Pokemon. Reset your game after checking your frame.
  30. 8. Advance to three (or four) days before your shiny date
  31. This step is SUPER important! The way raids work is the stats, ability, shininess, etc. for every Pokemon your den is generated when you throw in your wishing piece, but the species is only determined two Pokemon in advance. This means that when you save, the Pokemon in the den + the next two Pokemon you spawn from the den will always be the same, even when timeskipping. Saving 3 Pokemon before your shiny frame means that if you date skip three times, the shiny Pokemon will be different every time you soft-reset. I'd reccomend saving four frames in advance just in case.
  33. 9. Skip forward three days and then verify the raid is shiny
  34. Regardless of what's in the den, we want to confirm that it's shiny. If it is, you can proceed to the next step. If it isn't, catch it, and use it to check your current frame like you did in step 6. Hopefully you didn't fuck up too bad.
  36. 10. Soft-reset for your desired species
  37. Once you've confirmed the shiny raid is set up correctly, repeat step 8 until the Pokemon in the den is the Pokemon you're going for. Once you spawn the Pokemon you want, you can save.
  39. 11. Host raids (please c:)
  40. As you've now spawned a shiny raid, you (and other people) can defeat it and catch it. However, if you (as the host) disconnect before catching it, you can re-enter the raid to host it again and let more people catch it. This means you can spawn unlimited shiny Pokemon from the den. In the case of Gigantamax Pokemon, it also lets you spawn it multiple times so people can actually catch the fucker.
  42. 12. Other notes and information
  43. Once you have dropped your wishing piece and spawned your den, there are only two ways for you to fuck up. The first is to drop another wishing piece somewhere else, and the second is to accidentally move past your shiny raid. Just be careful and don't do either of those things.
  45. If your clock naturally moves past midnight, your day will update naturally, meaning that your raids will update too. The easiest way around this is to keep your time at like 1 AM at all times when resetting, giving you about 24 hours of cushion time before your raids will rollover. If you've spawned a shiny Gmax raid, make sure to set your time to 1 AM before going to bed just to be safe.
  47. The chances of catching a Gmax Pokemon in a Pokeball is estimated at 3%. That goes up to 10% if you're using a Repeat Ball and have caught the Pokemon before. Either way, be prepared to raid a lot if you aren't the host but want to catch it.
  49. This method works with Ditto, but is more complicated. Ask me if you'd like to shoot for specific Ditto IV spread and I'll try to help you with it.
  51. You can use backup saves to allow you to farm different species of Pokemon besides the one you save at, but this is also pretty complicated. Let me know if you're interested in trying it.
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