[NEETPone] Retail Anon and Poor Floor, by Frenchinon

Sep 29th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Going back home from work, exhausted and fucking pissed
  3. >Your shift was supposed to end at 20, but that last customer made it to quarter past
  4. >Fucker
  5. >You'd think working retail wouldn't have been that bad in this world, but retail...
  6. >retail never changes.
  7. >You finally made it to your apartment, ruffling in your pockets for your keys.
  8. >Climbing up the second floor, you open the door, step inside and close it behind you.
  9. >You directly head to the kitchen, where the fridge is, where the BEER is.
  10. >You bend a little to not bang your head in the door frame and- HOLLY SHIT SOMEONE IS IN YOUR KITCHEN!
  11. "HAAAA!"
  12. >"HAAAA!"
  13. "HAAAA!"
  15. "HAAa... oh it's you Floor... You scared the shit out of me, I forgot you lived here!"
  16. >For real, you moved in a month ago, and you saw her only a couple of times.
  17. >"Real funny asshole."
  18. >You flip her the bird before opening the fridge.
  19. >You crack open a beer and take a long swig before turning back to Floor Bored.
  20. "Anyway, why are you out of your lair?"
  21. >She gesture to the moonga on the table before her. "Ponynet is down."
  22. "Why are you reading here? You don't have a light in your room?"
  23. >"Hu, no. It broke some time ago, didn't bother." she answer before returning her gaze to the book.
  24. "What'cha reading?" you ask, taking a sip of your beer as you approach her.
  25. >As you lean down to take a look at the moonga though, you instinctively reel back as a strong, musky scent hit your nose.
  26. >Holy shit when did this mare take a bath for the last time?
  27. >"What?"
  28. "N- Nothing..." you stutter, before tilting your drink toward the book. "So?"
  29. >She tell you some generic Neighpanese name as she slide the book toward you.
  30. >Two giant robot-stallion fight in a partially destroyed city, using their enormous horsecock as swords.
  31. "It's a shame I'm not gay, the art is good."
  32. >Floor raises an eyebrow at you. "Weirdo."
  35. >You just stare back, raising your hand to drink.
  36. >It doesn't last long, but enough for you to take a look at the face you haven't seen much in the past.
  37. >Her black mane, disheveled and greasy, hides a part of her face, the fur of which being as dirty.
  38. >Large bags underline her bloodshot eyes, this horse could use some extra sleep.
  39. >A beeping sound is heard from another room, drawing the attention of both of you.
  40. "What's that?"
  41. >"Net's back!" Floor exclaim as she jumps off her chair, forgetting the moonga to head straight to her room.
  42. >You barely have the time to call her name before she disappear again.
  43. "Hey Floor, wait!"
  44. >Reluctantly, she stops and turns to you with an annoyed look.
  45. >You take a quick look at her clothing, a dark gray hoodie two sizes too large hide her frame, but she's also wearing what looks like...
  46. >... panties?
  47. "I- I'm going out to grab something to eat, wanna come?"
  48. >She seems to tense up at that, and looks at you with uncertainty.
  49. >"Hu... no thanks, I ate already!" she say before doing a 180 and rushing in the hallway.
  50. >Yup, panties.
  51. >You're a bit saddened, having to go outside by yourself, but it's not like you're not used to it. Ponies don't hang out with you a lot.
  52. >You empty your already warm beer, and head outside.
  54. >Be Floor Bored.
  55. >You hear the front door open then close as Anon goes out to eat.
  56. >You SO wanted to go with him!
  57. >But sadly you did eat already... this morning.
  58. >Can't spend that much in food everyday.
  59. >To distract yourself from your loneliness and your empty stomach, you sit in front of your computer and launch your favorite vidya.
  60. >The screen turn black for a second, then the main title shows up:
  61. >Dark Age of Discord
  62. >Followed by:
  63. >Account time expired
  64. "BUCK!"
  67. >You quickly check your bank account
  68. >A few clicks, a security check and...
  69. >33.31 bits
  70. >Monthly tugboat is coming in in seven days.
  71. >Okay, time for some math.
  72. >If you resubscribe for a month, feed only on noodles once a day, no chips and only one- no, two bottles of Oat'a-cola...
  73. >Yeah, you'll manage until next week.
  74. >Still, eating only noodles and snacks wasn't doing you any good. You should consider eating more nutritive stuff.
  75. >Like pizzas.
  76. >Celestia, you miss pizza so much! If only you haven't spent so much bits in this!
  77. >You gaze shift toward it, throning proudly next to your computer screen.
  78. >It had cost you half your meager income, but it was worth it.
  79. >Y-Yeah, totally.
  80. >You reach a hoof toward the dildo, its texture so much alike flesh it only lacked the warmth.
  81. >This model was based on the shape of a human's dick, mimicking every feature of a real one - if you were to believe the online reviews.
  82. >You were a bit uncertain about the size, though, you're sure a human's dick wouldn't be so massive.
  83. >But again, given the realism of the thing...
  84. >Does Anon's...?
  85. >Slumping a bit in your chair, you props your wide-splayed legs on the edge of your desk, for stability.
  86. >Your fur is already damp from your arousal, and your breath is short and shallow.
  87. >Quivering, you grab the fake Anon's dick and place it before your entrance, pushing aside your panties with the other hoof.
  88. >You take a deep breath as you start rubbing the tip against your folds, eliciting a shiver down your spine.
  89. >You play a bit like this, teasing yourself until the heat in your hips start to be too much.
  90. >Pushing on the toy, you let it slip inside.
  91. >You moan in pleasure, and start doing ins and outs, doing your best to stay in control of your breathing.
  92. >The dick slides between your folds without resistance, engulfed in marejuice.
  93. >You grab it with both hooves now, thoughts of Anon's body invade your mind:
  96. >His imposing frame pinning you down, the human is deaf to your cries of protest as he took whatever he desired from you.
  97. >You're raping yourself at this point, the toy's a blur between your legs.
  98. >Flashes of white fill your vision each time it slams against the depth of your marehood.
  99. >You start to feel it, it's coming, slow. Too slow.
  100. >You bring a single hoof to your snout and take a good sniff.
  101. >That does it. The perfume of your own juices is enough to send you over the edge.
  102. >You lost control of your body as pleasure take the reins, your mind going blank.
  103. >Gushes of fluids are expelled from your nethers, waterfalling from your chair to the floor.
  104. >It takes you some time to recollect, staying limp in your drenched chair, gaze lost into nothingness.
  105. >As your breath goes down to a calmer level, the only sounds that fill the room are the soft humming of your computer, as well as the occasional 'plic' of the droplets of marecum dripping down to the floor.
  106. >Eventually you grab a nearby towel and take out the dildo, producing an audible "shlurp".
  107. >You dry it thoroughly, and set it back at its place on your desk.
  108. >You then proceed to wipe the most off of yourself, sitting up from your chair.
  109. >Letting the towel drop down to let it soak the floor, you put another cloth on your chair before sitting back on it.
  110. >Taking a look at your groin, you swear as you realize you ripped your panties.
  111. "Hope he won't mind..." you mutter to yourself.
  112. >Your ears swivel toward the front door, hearing Anon come back from his trip to the food-truck.
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