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  1. Day 1 (06/14)
  2. My first day normally consisted of being oriented on the general organizational structure of the company, and on what role I will be playing as an intern, including the tasks that I would be assigned.
  3. For the latter half of the shift, I was mainly tasked with updating/creating dashboards of the company's monthly employee hiring and separation processes. It was actually a bit difficult since I had to learn how their system works and replicate the workflow. Also, while the majority of the process is automated through excel formulas, some mistakes on the parts that are still manual mess up some of the core components, so I still had to compare different month values to come up with the correct data.
  4. We were also provided a box of Cheetoes (past due date but still edible).
  5. Also, I was told that I might be working on a different project by next week which involves determining what is the best shifting scheme for the company.
  7. Day 2 (06/17)
  8. Today, I was tasked to finish up the creation of dashboards. Then, I was introduced to their general procedure of insighting, so that I can do the same for the dashboards.
  9. We also had the discussion about the shifting scheme, and one of their IEs generated the associated costs for each of the options, focusing on the cost savings vs the current.
  11. Day 3 (6/18)
  12. We were given a tour of the Pepsi University today, and also had the official orientation with the Talent Acquisition Manager.
  13. For my tasks, I was made to do insighting for all of the dashboards I generated, following the format set by my superior, but also granted the freedom to apply my own take on the data.
  15. Day 4 (06/19)
  16. I was tasked to update the HR department's directory, cross-referencing with the database to check which employees have  retired and have been hired. Since the worksheet for the current directory was difficult to modify, I created a new one from scratch and was able to submit within the day. Since my supervisor was out for the latter half of the day, I and my fellow interns were tasked to tear apart confidential papers, manually since the paper shredder was put out of commission just recently.
  18. Day 5 (06/20)
  19. Today, I was tasked to finish up the missing local numbers in the HR directory, so I had to call up most of the other business units, nationwide. Then, I was assigned to harmonize their May 2019 data, ensuring that their records in the database are accurate and up-to-date.
  21. Day 6 (06/21)
  22. I did most of the data harmonization today, and appreciated how much I used the vlookup function for verifying values.
  23. We were also made to attend a company learning session, with this particular session discussing how to balance a healthy and happy workplace by putting workplace relations first and foremost. It emphasized how it is better to promote good office workability than just looking at monetary earnings.
  24. Day 7 (06/24)
  25. Since my supervisor was busy for the morning, I was tasked by other superiors to do Excel and document work.
  26. After noon, my superior asked for assistance in extracting data from our database in the format that it could be used for the SAP system. As of now, it is still unresolved since the given data to work with is not optimally arranged, and there were inconsistencies with what the SAP people want and the data set given.
  28. Day 8 (06/25)
  29. I worked out a code using VLOOKUP again along with different sheets to generate the existing entries within the SAP database.
  30. I was also tasked to clean up dashboards today so that they can be filled in by the other business units for June 2019.
  32. Day 9 (06/26)
  33. I finalized the SAP data workbook today and I learned that it was only one of five (5) modules. I was then given the second module to work on and also clean up my sheets, since I used too many dummy ones.
  35. Day 10 (06/27)
  36. I finished up the work in the second module today, and since the output is to be presented to the higher ups, my supervisor asked me to simplify the process and rename the sheets according to what was done in them.
  37. Other than that, I also was given the experience to observe one bottling line (Mountain Dew) and made to help with the observation necessary for the shifting project.
  39. Day 11 (06/28)
  40. I was made to list down my thoughts and observations on the process workflow of the manufacturing line, including what I thought of their transition times and how long the downtime was.
  41. I was also given more deskwork to align their data with the correct ones.
  43. Day 12 (07/01)
  44. I was tasked to create an approval matrix for the Visayas and Mindanao business units.
  45. My supervisor also asked for my opinion on a more fair incentive system that will even out the payouts to be equal among all constituents , irregardless of job level and whether night differential applies.
  46. Other than that, I had to call around the nationwide BUs again to ask for their job vacancies on the must-hire list.
  48. Day 13 (07/02)
  49. We were tasked to brainstorm a scoring system for all of the BUs' events throughout the year. This system should judge the BUs fairly, not depending on the number of events done but more on the attendance headcount.
  50. I developed a workbook that will calculate the monthly headcount as well as quarterly summaries.
  52. Day 14 (07/03)
  53. I was given a miscellaneous task for the morning, which was to come up with trivia questions about Pepsi using an internal coffee table book, to be used for a company event this coming Friday.
  54. I also corrected some mistakes I made on the previous day's scoring workbook. Then, I compiled and corrected a full list of the vacancies for each Business Unit.
  56. Day 15 (07/04)
  57. I had to modify a huge part of the scoring workbook I made since a supervisor noted that there were a lot of redundancy that could be eliminated.
  58. For the majority of the day, I had to make dashboards and insights again, this time for the June people data.
  60. Day 17 (07/08)
  61. We revamped a huge part of the PR Monitoring Database since there were a lot of cleanup that needed to be done to the older version. This task also involved manually checking if the PRs are in inventory, to determine which ones are missing. This ended up being the main task for the day since it was a big workload and we were only two people working on it.
  63. Day 18 (07/09)
  64. I was assigned to continue and finish the dashboards and the insights for both BUs and functional by the end of the day. On the side, I also worked on a headcount monitoring database to be used for the aforementioned scoring/rating systems to be put in place for events throughout the nationwide Pepsi system.
  66. Day 19 (07/10)
  67. Today, I was asked to incorporate the scoring system into a bigger spreadsheet, as it turns out that it was just a scheme for one part of the whole total rewards process, and there are other factors to take into account when scoring Business Units as a whole.
  68. I also worked on the Headcount Monitoring database using the available databases at the time. Then, I was also asked for a survey form where I was able to explore and make use of the Data Validation function.
  70. Day 20 (07/11)
  71. As of today, we have finally simplified and sorted both the digital PR database and the physical copies of the PRs filed in the company. This has streamlined a huge part of the process since looking up PRs is now easy to do.
  73. Day 21 (07/12)
  74. We were tasked to help out and brainstorm with the Talent Acquisition team today in making a game program for PPCPI's upcoming anniversary.
  75. After being treated to a generous lunch, I was tasked with calculating for an annualized tax payout for grouped compensation levels.
  77. Process: Depalletizing (machine-transported then manual) - Uncasing - Empties Inspection - Bottle Washer - Washed Bottle Inspection (manual then EBI) - Filling + Capping - Fulls Inspection - Casing - Palletizing (manual then transported by machine)
  80. Observations and Potential improvements
  81. ‌Possibly hearing PPEs for operators in the Casing section since dropping the bottles into cases generate a lot of noise
  83. ‌Some operators only start wearing PPEs after they've started their work (or possibly when they noticed they were under observation)
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