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Sep 17th, 2013
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  1. ~~~~~ FAQ
  3. Q: What is the glitch you're trying to use?
  5. A: The core glitch is save corruption, by reseting the game on a specific frame after depositing pokemon while the game is saving you can obtain glitch pokemon you are not able to
  7. Q: What does those glitch Pokemon do?
  9. A: A lot of things, but the most important is that with a little work you can make it so you can withdraw more than 6 Pokemon into your party. This allows you to perform the most useful glitch, Map Distort Glitch.
  11. Q: How and what is Map Distort Glitch?
  13. A: By looking at your Pokemon with more than 6 Pokemon in your party, and the right setup (I don't know exactly what is needed, but 27 Pokemon -usually- works) you can distort the map. You can get different patterns through this, and veyr useful ones have been found. The most noteable are:
  15. Distorting the train station and going to Kanto with 2 badges.
  16. Distorting the Snorlax and going through Diglett's Cave
  17. Distorting before and during Victory Road to then go to the Elite Four still with only 2 badges.
  19. Q: Why don't you withdraw like a thousand Pokemon?
  21. A: After 30, the game crashes
  23. ~~~~~ The Issue
  25. Q: So now, what is the problem?
  27. A: The end of the game is traditionally considered to be Red, and the main issue is that Red does not show up until after you beat the Elite Four.
  29. Q: Why is that an issue? Can't you just beat the Elite Four and then Red?
  31. A: This is where I've hit a hurdle every time. Beating the Elite Four is very possible...but then the game freezes at the Elite Four. Every combination I've tried has frozen, but I'm confident there is something that will work.
  33. ~~~~~ Things to think about
  35. After beating the Elite Four, how am I getting to Red? I won't have Fly and Teleport takes me straight to New Bark Town. I will probably need to Map Distort through the Train Station, Snorlax, and Elite Four guards again
  37. Is there a way to check the flag for Red to show up without beating the Elite Four? I haven't found a way, but it might be possible.
  39. What is the quickest way to win those battles? Getting a Level 100 isn't hard, but getting it to obey is.
  41. Additionally, if you have no Pokemon in your party that can battle (All dead) you instantly win the battle without having to fight. Setting this up after doing Map Distort Glitch is not easy, as depositing Pokemon when you have around 27 crashes the game a lot.
  43. Do different version work? Silver is stupid gives a Slowpoke looking thing instead of a glitch Pokemon that isn't as helpful, and Crystal crashes at 20 Pokemon in the party, which isn't as helpful
  45. Do different languages work? Japanese gave me a level 255 Pokemon as a bad clone instead of a level 0, but I couldn't get good map distort patterns
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