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/jp/ onahole pastebin 2014 v0.2.11

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Sep 17th, 2014
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  1. /jp/ onahole pastebin 2014 v0.2.11
  2. by recent OP
  4. In which we will cover three main topics:
  5. 01. Shopping
  6. 02. Use
  7. 03. Care
  9. This guide is intended to answer most common questions that come up in every onahole thread. It will be updated with each thread based on your feedback. Suggest any improvements or additions for future pastebins there.
  11. ========
  12. 01. Shopping
  13. -Vendors
  14. (Japan)
  15. Convenient English (Engrish) language web site and service. Ships anywhere in the First World via EMS/DHL/e-Packet. Wide selection of products at fair prices. Shipping is discrete and reliable but can be expensive. Slow to get new products. Affiliated with Rends (toy manufacturer). Accepts Paypal.
  17. (Japan)
  18. Site in Japanese language only. Store ships internationally, EMS only. Hotpowers sells products from the major manufacturers but also makes and sells toys of their own design. Some Hotpowers models can be found on Amazon.
  19. Guide to ordering for non-Japanese speakers:
  20. Guide to the Hotpowers ¥10k package:
  22. (Japan)
  23. Amazon Japan has a large selection and low prices but does not ship outside of Japan. To order from Amazon Japan, use (JSS is also the best way to buy from
  25. (USA)
  26. California based. Exclusive US seller of high-quality TOMAX Succubus, Lilith, and Venus holes and Busty Ai-Chan breast toy. Decent prices. Also sells toys via Amazon US at (some Prime eligible)
  28. (USA)
  29. Illinois. Wide selection but big markup. Free shipping above $50 can make some purchases cheap. Makes/sells a plush doll of their own design. Seems to have taken out US trademark on the word "Meiki" which is a bit Jewish of them considering that it's a common noun in Japanese. It also serves to confuse the origin of certain products. A good site for reading English-language product reviews.
  31. (USA)
  32. Another California based distributor. Has a good selection of both Western and Eastern male toys with quick, discrete shipping. The prices seem higher up front, but the shipping is included with the costs. What puts this site above other US based distributors though is the fact that they have a price match service. If you find one of their items cheaper on a another site, just tell them and they will match the price for you. Shipping is very quick within the States and you can even contact them with item suggestions if they don't carry something you're looking for. Very convenient and fast service if you happen to live in the US. Accepts a wide range of payment options, paypal included.
  34. -Customs
  35. By default, NLS will label onaholes as "figures" unless shipping via DHL, which requires accurate declarations, like "rubber toy" and "lotion". Hotpowers default is "cushion". You may use the order comments field to request that NLS change the declaration to your preferences. You can also request that NLS remove packaging / artwork that your local customs inspectors might find offensive.
  37. /jp/ seems particularly concerned about the legal status of certain holes, usually due to box art. Understand that all products sold at the above vendor sites comply with the local laws of the fulfilling business. Because Queen Cat sells the Puni Hole DX out of Los Angeles and because Toydemon sells Sujiman Kup Rina out of Chicago, these are legal products for Americans to purchase and own. Stop asking if you will be sent to jail for buying holes and embrace your freedoms. If you live elsewhere, do some research on your local laws before you order.
  39. Obviously, customs is not an issue if you are shopping within your own country.
  41. ========
  42. 02. Use
  43. -Lube
  44. Use water-based lube. Recommended Japanese brands include Peace's/Pepee (medium-thick) and Inshu lotion/Ubujiru (thinner). Western lubes such as ID or Durex are fine but they become sticky and dry out faster. A highly recommended western lube would be J-Lube. It's extremely effective, but it ships as a dry powder which you add water to until it reaches the desired consistency. 1 bottle mixes into about 26 liters of lube so it's also, by far, the most cost effective. Do not use oils, hand lotion, or silicone-based lubricants as these can destroy/deform rubber.
  45. It's important to only use the minimum amount of lubricant possible. Too much lube or lube that is too thick / viscous can dull the feeling of a hole. Different brands work better with different rubbers, so experiment.
  48. -Heating
  49. Warm rubber feels better than cold rubber. You can immerse a hole in hot tap water for 3-5 minutes before use, or you can use to heat the inside (takes 20-30 minutes for best results; never leave heater unattended). Some anons recommend microwaving lubricant for a few seconds before use. Be extremely careful not to burn yourself with hot lube if you do this.
  51. DO NOT microwave your hole, put it in boiling water, put it near a space heater, or otherwise apply direct heat.
  54. -Dolls/mounts
  55. The difference between fapping with a handheld onahole and fucking the same toy hands-free can be huge. If your budget and living situation permit, consider a hole cushion or doll. Inflatable dolls are cheaper and more easily stored, but come with some predictable issues (vinyl odor, air leaks). They can be upgraded with breast toys or stuffed with cotton / poly fiber filling, but these are pretty hands-on projects. Plush dolls can be expensive but are more sturdy and supportive.
  58. =======
  59. 03. Care
  60. -Cleaning
  61. After use, it is best to wash and dry a hole immediately. Please don't ask whether you can let a jizzed-in hole sit overnight without getting up to clean it. Only you can decide how much of a filthy otaku you want to be.
  63. -Update- So far, at least two anons reported genital infections of some sort (soreness, forming of bumpy rash, skin peeling off) from using unclean holes. It's unknown if this was fungal or bacterial, but sanitization is something that needs to be taken very seriously for exactly this reason. These moist, humid holes (oftentimes with decaying organic matter still in them) are ideal breeding conditions for both bacteria and molds. Clean your shit thoroughly unless you want to lose the ability to fap for the next couple weeks. Also don't forget to wash yourself after a fap. God damn.
  65. To wash, hold the opening under running water and use a finger to loosen the slurry of lube and semen inside, rinsing thoroughly. A mild liquid hand soap can be used for more thorough cleaning. NLS also sells specialized hole cleaning products such as and
  67. Most holes should NOT be turned inside out for cleaning, as this stresses the rubber and can shorten the toy's life. If you don't care or are profoundly lazy, feel free to do it anyway. Just don't say we didn't warn you.
  69. -Drying
  70. To dry the inside, tightly roll tissue or paper towel and gently work it into the hole to the very end. Remove wet paper and repeat if necessary until all water absorbed. Do not store holes with damp tissue inside them. If using cloth rather than paper, microfiber towels are better for drying because they leave less lint behind than cotton.
  72. Powdering holes can help keep the rubber from becoming sticky and dirty. After drying, pat a small amount of talcum powder or cornstarch all over the hole's exterior. It is not necessary to powder the hole insides.
  74. -Storage
  75. Most vendors sell onahole storage bags at low prices. These are good add-ons to any order that keep your hole clean and discrete. Be sure not to let onaholes touch as different types of rubber can "melt" each other through contact. Heavy Ziplock freezer bags work just as well though
  77. -Repair
  78. It's not uncommon for an onahole to become damaged due to age, neglect, or manufacturing defect. If you want to try your hand at repairing a toy that has developed a rip or tear, the tool of choice is an adjustable-temperature soldering iron. A complete guide to toy repair can be found at
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