Carwash Browsing (EQG M7) (NSFW)

May 18th, 2017
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  1. > Be Anon, in your early 30's
  2. > You work as a morning librarian at the Canterlot County Library
  3. > It's not terribly glamorous, but it pays the bills and surrounds you with books
  4. > If only you didn't have to deal with parents who thought it was a daycare
  5. > Two o'clock couldn't have come soon enough
  6. > As you drive home today, you feel rather frustrated and restless
  7. > It's the sort of mood that makes you buy novelty ice cream, or maybe stop by the CD Exchange to browse the bargain shelves
  8. > Truly, you live a wild and reckless life
  9. > But long the way home, you notice a sign
  10. > "Charity Carwash: $10 -->"
  11. > Might as well help them out, or at least see what the charity is for
  12. > You follow the arrow behind the failing grocery store, to the loading area near the wooded lot
  13. > As you slowly turn the corner, you see seven girls in their swimsuits, fiddling with sponges and a hose
  14. > When they see you, they jolt to attention, and the blue one runs to turn on the hose
  15. > You feel a little hot under the collar, seeing the teenagers in such skimpy clothing
  16. > You are startled by a tapping at the passenger window
  17. > You roll down the window for a smiling, orange girl with wavy red hair
  18. > And an impressive pair of-
  19. > "Welcome to our charity car wash, only ten dollars. How about it, handsome?"
  20. > You struggle to meet her eyes, even as she braces her arms against the roof of your car, leaving her black bikini top to hold back two-
  21. "Say, what charity this is for? The, uh, sign didn't mention it."
  22. > She shifts slightly, pointing toward a white girl with purple hair, wearing a light blue bikini with ruffles
  23. > "My friend Rarity there has designed a very cheap, very sturdy and warm coat. If we get enough capital, we can potentially keep all the homeless warm this winter. If we're lucky, that'll get us enough attention to turn it into a full fledged charity organization, maybe get some backing from the textile industry."
  24. > You raise your eyebrows
  25. > That's pretty ambitious
  26. > Rarity gives you a hopeful smile, and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear
  27. > You turn your attention back to the bre- the girl in your window
  28. "Sure thing, just a moment."
  29. > You shift and pull out your wallet
  30. > As you grab a ten-dollar bill, you pause
  31. > For a car wash, this is pretty out of the way
  32. > You pluck out a fiver as well, and hand both bills to the girl
  33. > She grins at your generosity, tucking the bills into her bikini top
  34. > "Thanks a lot, Mister. Come along this way."
  35. > You jerk your eyes away from her bust, but it's too late
  36. > You can hear her giggle as she waves you forward to where the other girls are set up
  37. > You park and start to roll up the window
  38. > As the girls approach, you don't know where to put your eyes
  39. > There's a lot of swaying, glistening skin
  40. > The greeter jogs over, jiggling shamelessly
  41. > She puts her hand on top of the window, before you roll it up completely
  42. > "Hey, I know it can be a little awkward, just sitting there, watching. Why don't you hop out, and let the girls do their work?"
  43. > It seems she's taking pity on your obviously flustered state
  44. "Thanks, that does sound better."
  45. > She lets go, and you finish rolling up the window
  46. > You exit the car, and she helpfully pulls you away by the wrist
  47. > "My name is Sunset Shimmer, and thanks again for this."
  48. > She brings you to a stop a couple yards away, a bright smile on her face
  49. > You smile back, a bit more at ease
  50. "I'm Anonymous, and it is for a good cause, after all."
  51. > She still hasn't let go of your wrist, but you aren't complaining
  52. > Sunset giggles
  53. > "How appropriate, an anonymous giver to charity!"
  54. > You shrug good-naturedly
  55. > Name-based wordplay lost its appeal long ago
  56. "I couldn't help but notice this is a rather out-of-the-way location for a carwash."
  57. > She frowns at that, and sighs
  58. > "You'd be surprised at how many businesses won't allow fundraising for charities other than the established ones. School clubs and sports teams sure, but not anything else."
  59. > You nod understandingly
  60. "That is pretty rough. If you like, I can mention it to my coworkers, and put up a notice on the community board at the library."
  61. > Sunset smiles at that, giving your wrist a squeeze
  62. > "That would be great. By the way, where do you work, Mr. Anonymous?"
  63. "Canterlot County Library. I handle sorting the donations, new book acquisitions, and man the circulation desk when needed."
  64. > She smirks
  65. > "So what you are telling me is, you are a real live, hot librarian?"
  66. > You blush and look away, coughing slightly
  67. "I suppose you could put it that way."
  68. > Miss Shimmer places her hand on your cheek, gently moving your head to meet her gaze
  69. > You are transfixed by the tenderness you find there, and the gleam of a strange hunger beneath it
  70. > "It's alright, Anonymous. If we didn't want you to look, we'd have worn burkas. In fact..."
  71. > She raises your hand she is still holding by the wrist, and places it on the gentle slopes of her chest
  72. > You jerk away at the initial touch, but she presses your hand even more firmly into her soft breast
  73. > "I'd appreciate it if you would do more than look."
  74. > Oh, you are going to a very special hell
  75. > Your fingers squeeze, burrowing into delectably soft flesh
  76. > Sunset hums happily, pulling your head down
  77. > You meet her kiss tentatively, but with rising eagerness
  78. > Her mouth parts almost instantly, her tongue pushing forward boldly
  79. > You meet her advances, savoring her sweet taste
  80. > The distance between the two of you closes, and you slide your hands down her back, slipping beneath the thin fabric of her swimsuit to grasp the succulent curves of her ass
  81. > She moans into your mouth, almost crushing her bounteous chest against yours
  82. > Her hips roll, grinding up against the restrained length of your erection
  83. > Then she sighs and pushes you away gently
  84. > Your hands rest on her full hips as she braces her elbows against your chest
  85. > Sunset takes a moment to catch her breath, before grinning a sly grin
  86. > "First taste is free."
  87. > You give her hips a squeeze
  88. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"
  89. > She winks
  90. > "Come on, we have some services we only offer to very special customers like yourself."
  91. > Now she leads you back to your car, where the girls are in the middle of drying it off with towels
  92. > She brings you to where the pink one is working on the trunk, which is entirely appropriate
  93. > That rump jiggles with the slightest movement, slightly straining at the balloon print blue one-piece swimsuit
  94. > Sunset presents this spectacle like a sexier Vanna White
  95. > "This fine ass belongs to Pinkie Pie, hot dogging expert. She also does lap dances, anal, and deep throating. Ten dollars for the former, twenty to cum in the intake or the output."
  96. > Pinkie Pie winks at you and licks her lips
  97. > "Wanna have a real fun party?"
  98. > You feel more than a little off balance by the mood whiplash
  99. "I think I may already be at one."
  100. > Pinkie Pie giggles
  101. > "You got that right!"
  102. > A tug at your wrist, and you are off again
  103. > This time, you are confronted with a slender, yellow girl with pink hair, wiping one of the windows
  104. > Sunset taps her on the shoulder
  105. > The yellow girl squeaks and whirls around, her sizable dirty pillows swaying with the motion
  106. > "H-Hi."
  107. > You try for a comforting smile
  108. "Hello, nice to meet you."
  109. > Sunset stand on her tip toes to whisper into your ear
  110. > "Fluttershy really likes being degraded and dominated. Twenty five dollars and you can do whatever you want to her."
  111. > Then she says at normal volume,
  112. > "You can have her for two dollars, and you can have her molest one of the other girls for a buck, as long as you purchase that girl's services."
  113. > Fluttershy​ shivers, her thighs rubbing together
  114. > "If y-you want me to, um, I'll watch for free."
  115. > You lick your suddenly dry lips
  116. "I'll keep that in mind."
  117. > The next girl is wearing a cowboy hat and a red string bikini
  118. > She approaches you with a hand outstretched
  119. > "Howdy there, mah name's Applejack."
  120. > You go to shake her hand, but she has other ideas
  121. > Her hand slips past your boxers and grasps your dick firmly
  122. > You swallow
  123. > "Hoowee, that's a big'un. Tell you what, ten dollars gets you as many cream pies as you want up inside me. Deal?"
  124. > Sunset rolls her eyes and pulls Applejack's hand out of your pants
  125. > "He's still browsing. This way please, Mr. Anonymous."
  126. > What did you get yourself into here?
  127. > And...
  128. > Would it be alright if you never left?
  129. > The two of you circle around to the hood of your car, where the blue girl is trying out various poses in her black thong and sports bra
  130. > "Check it out, Sunset! I'm totally a sexy pinup star!"
  131. > She hops off and puts her hands on the hood, jutting her taut ass out at you, legs spread wide open
  132. > You can practically see the puckering of her anus
  133. > Sunset rolls her eyes
  134. > "Sure you are, Dash. Anyway, she has a contest deal. If she cums first, it's only ten dollars. If you cum first, it's twenty."
  135. > Dash waggles her eyebrows at you
  136. > "So whaddaya say, are you man enough to beat my highly trained pussy?"
  137. > Were highschool girls always this lewd?
  138. "Maybe, are you woman enough to get me going?"
  139. > The blue girl grins
  140. > "Ooh, is that a challenge? Come on, let's do this!"
  141. > Sunset shakes her head wearily
  142. > "Please don't encourage her. Now let's go meet Twilight."
  143. > Dash pouts as you walk away, but Sunset's grip is as insistent as ever
  144. > The girl in question is crouched by the towel pile, folding the used ones and placing them neatly a laundry basket
  145. > The purple girl is wearing a white T-shirt over what might be a dark blue one piece
  146. > She's kinda flat, but it only adds to her aura of innocence
  147. > Sunset pulls you aside before you can approach her
  148. > "Twilight... she really wants to lose her virginity. She's always been rather introverted, but really curious. If you do want to help her out with that, it's up to you to decide how much you pay for it, if any."
  149. > You frown slightly
  150. "Is she... legal?"
  151. > Your guide squeezes your wrist gently
  152. > "Yup, same age as the rest of us. I just guess puberty wasn't as kind to her as it was to the rest of us. Anyways, there's one more person to meet."
  153. > Sunset then pulls you toward Rarity, who seems to be cooling off by pouring cold water all over her chest
  154. > You can see her nipples poke at the fabric of her top
  155. > "Welcome to my carwash, darling. I trust Sunset has given you a warm reception?"
  156. > You glance at Sunset's rack, your hand twitching at the memory
  157. "Ah yes, she was very warm. Do you get many special customers?"
  158. > Rarity runs her thumb under a bikini strap, casually offering a momentary glimpse of her areola
  159. > "You are the first, if you must know. I'm afraid we are getting even fewer normal customers than we anticipated. Originally this sort of thing was supposed to be something of a last resort, but well..."
  160. > She gestures at the mostly empty lot
  161. > "We might not even get enough with our special services."
  162. > To tell the truth, for all that you have been aroused by these girls' propositions, you feel rather sick at the idea of them prostituting themselves out like this
  163. "Out of curiosity, how much do you need to raise?"
  164. > Rarity blushes slightly
  165. > "That would be...seven hundred dollars."
  166. > You cough in surprise
  167. "That's quite a bit."
  168. > She groans
  169. > "I know! But costs are costs, and this is the best location I could get! It really is quite distressing. But enough of that, please enjoy your time with the girls as much as possible. Myself included, of course."
  170. > The other girls start to gather around, your car completely dry and sparkling in the sun
  171. > It seems you will have to choose, soon
  172. > But you have always been indecisive in some ways, and a sucker for a pretty face
  173. "How about, I just pay the full seven hundred dollars?"
  174. > You were going to squirrel away the money from your cashed paycheck, but this is a better use, probably
  175. > Rarity looks at you with wide eyes
  176. > The rest of the girls are pretty stunned too
  177. > "A-are you serious?"
  178. > You open up your wallet and show her the Benjamin's
  179. "I'd rather keep you girls from selling yourselves than keep the money."
  180. > All at once, you have your arms full of ecstatic teenage girl
  181. > "This is the Best. Possible. Thing!"
  182. > The other girls crowd in, giggling and cheering
  183. > You aren't sure exactly who all is pressing up against you, but it doesn't really matter
  184. > You are in marshmallow heaven
  185. > After the initial giddiness subsides, Rarity looks up at you with mischief in her eyes
  186. > "Very well, we won't sell ourselves. But do allow us to thank you."
  187. > She bites her lip, her hips grinding against yours
  188. > "Thoroughly."
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