Short walk (GlimxAnon, public petplay, short) to do

Jul 18th, 2017
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  1. >You start walking around with the glim on a leash
  2. >She's blushing like crazy, eyes anxiously darting everywhere
  3. >And she looks down whenever she sees someone she knows look her way
  4. >Groups of stallions giggles and snorts, waving or whistling your way
  5. >Groups of mares gasps and try to ignore it, only for their stares to turn back to the leather strap on your little glam's neck
  6. >And foals whispers between themselves, curiously watching from afar
  7. >And then you see the Rainbow Cunt
  8. >She starts laughing like a dumbass, and you think that it might be a bit too much for your glimmy's first walk around town
  9. >You really didn't expect to find one of her 'close' friends, but this one's working schedule is a bit hard to follow
  10. >Aka she only works a couple days a week
  11. >You decide to ignore the cunt and presses on
  12. >Her ego can't let this pass tho, she's the one and only rainbow dash, she's not to be ignored
  13. >So she follows you for a while, trying to egg you on, calling you names, telling you that normal ponies don't do that shit in public, or at all
  14. >"You weirdos!"
  15. >A flick to your right catch your attention, and you see your little one's tail flag up, before she whips it down
  16. >"Hey! Can you hear me?! What are you even lookin--"
  17. >Her eyes go wide when she sees how much your pet is enjoying herself
  18. >You lean down and cup one of her cheek to bring her eyes on yours
  19. "Are you okay? Should we stop?"
  20. >You whisper, genuine concern in your voice
  21. >She blinks in surprise, not expecting your 'true self' to show right now
  22. >She expected the 'master's' voice and tone
  23. >"N-no, please, let's keep going!"
  24. >Her eagerness warmth your heart
  25. "Good girl,"
  26. >And good girls deserve rewards, so you close the distance between her snout and your lips and give her a kiss
  27. >You see her shivering in delight, her tail giving another flick while she coos softly
  28. >And her smell hits you
  29. >You can't wait to get home, your boxers feeling tighter by the minute
  30. >And she obviously can't wait either
  31. >Maybe you should...
  33. >"H-hey, Anon..."
  34. >You turn to see a bright red Dash, her eyes instantly leaving yours when they meet
  35. >Why is she acting shy now?
  36. "What?"
  37. >"Uhm... I-I didn't know..."
  38. >She bites her lip, her eyes peeking up to meet yours a second later
  39. >"Could you... t-teach Twilight how to do it?"
  40. >You blink
  41. "Teach what?"
  42. >"Y-you know, the whole leash thing..."
  43. >She points to it using her hoof, as if it would help to get her point across better
  44. "Wait, you mean you want Twiggy to--"
  45. >"D-don't say it out loud!"
  46. >You can't help but grin like a madman
  47. >And the fact that she has a hard time keeping her eyes on you makes it all the better
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