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WIP "Trips" Rating Scale

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Sep 21st, 2017
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  1. 1- literally dipped in paint, white circle eyes with black dot in center. Little to no effort put into paintjob. Sprue nubs covering model. F
  2. 2-attempted to paint different parts of model different colors, but hamfisted the model. paint is thick, and color bleeds from section to section. D-
  3. 3- detail is present, albeit sloppy, colors in correct places. Slightly thick paint. Little to no use of wash. D.
  4. 4- just under table worthy. Basically a 5, but didn't drill the barrel, mould lines present.
  5. 5 - average middle of the road. "C". Table top worthy. Nothing special. Black disk base
  6. 6 - slightly above average, mini shows detail and/or heart put into it. "Meh" Basing.
  7. 7 - good. This is a B rating, significant effort, good detail and shading. This model is pleasant to the eye. Based well
  8. 8 - this model is great. Not only is it painted beautifully, but creative use of greenstuff/ kitbashing/ 3rd party technical paints or the like puts it over a 7. Based beautifully
  9. 9 - "A" material, this model is gorgeous, and was painstakingly painted by tiny cherub hands. If sculpted or kitbashed, was done so by a distinguished hand.
  10. 10 - A+, flawless, perfect miniature. Only a turbo grognard with an optic sensor eye for detail and a steady machine assisted hand will ever achieve this level of perfection.
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