Add cubescript syntax highlighting to Code::Blocks (Quick&Di

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  1. Add cubescript syntax highlighting to Code::Blocks (Quick&Dirty)
  3. Settings > Editor > Syntax highlighting
  5. choose "Objective C"
  7. set filemask *.cfg
  10. set keyword set 1 (Primary keywords and identifiers) to:
  12. echo push pop delalias alias tempalias const result exec execute if loop while break continue concat concatword format format2 looplist looplisti at listlen findlist strcmp escape enumalias strlen substr strpos listoptions debugargs debugline strstr bind specbind editbind saycommand inputcommand selectionwalk
  14. set keyword set 2 (Secondary keywords and identifiers) to:
  16. _resetallbinds accuracyinfo accuracyreset addbot addentity addfavcategory addnbot addpath1way1 addpath1way2 addpath2way1 addpath2way2 addpckserver addpunct addselection addserver addtodoentity addwp addzipmod applymapsoundchanges arch archvertex attack authkey authsetup automapconfig autowp backward benchme botskill botskillall botsshoot burstshots calcmipstats callvote ceil changefollowplayer checkalias chmenutexture clearents clearignored clearminimap clearmuted clearservers cleartodoentities clearvantagepoint closemenu closestenttype complete connect connectadmin conskip copy corner crouch curautoteam curfont curmap curmastermode curmenu curmodeattr curplayers current_version currentprimary curserver curweapon datestring delent deleteentity deletemapmodelslot deletemapsoundslot deleteservermap deletetextureslot delmenu delpath1way1 delpath1way2 delpath2way1 delpath2way2 delwp demonameformat demotimeformat demotimelocal disconnect div div= div=f divf docargument docexample docfind docident docinvalid dockey docref docremark docsection docundone docwritebaseref docwritetodoref drawzone dropflag dumpmapconfig ed25519speedtest ed25519test editentity editheight editmapmodelslot editmapsoundslot editmeta edittag edittagclip edittex edittextureslot edittexturestack edittoggle embedconfigfile entproperty entset entstats enumentities enumsounds enumtodoentities equalize execdir extractconfigfile findcn findkey findkeycode floor font fontchar fontskip forward fpsrange fragmessage gamemodedesc getEngineState getalias getautomapconfig getclosestent getdeletedentities getdemo getdemonameformat getdemotimeformat getdemotimelocal getdisplayresolutions getdoc getentattr getenttype getigraph getmap getmapmodelattributes getmapsoundlist getmapsoundorigin getmaptimestamp getmod getmode getnotexture getpckserver getscrext gettexturelist gettextureorigin getvantagepoint getvarrange getwatercolour getxmaplist gibmessage glext gonext gotoentity gotoposition gotovantagepoint guidetoggle h0 heightfield hexbinchunk history hudecho idlebots ignore isIdent isclient isconst isolatecontext jump keybind keyeditbind keymap keyspecbind kickallbots kickbot l0 lanconnect left listallmapmodelattributes listcerts listcomplete listdemos listfavcats listheaderextras listignored listmemfiles listmuted loadallmapmodels loadcrosshair loadmap loadnotexture magcontent magreserve mapareacheck mapenlarge mapmodel mapmodelregister mapmodelregistryclear mapmodelreset mapmodelslotbyname mapmodelslotname mapmodelslotusage mapmrproper mapshot mapshrink mapsize mapsound mapsoundreset mapsoundslotbyname mapsoundslotusage md2anim md2emit md2tag md3anim md3emit md3link md3load md3skin mdlalphablend mdlalphatest mdlattribute mdlcachelimit mdlcullface mdlscale mdlshadowdist mdltrans mdltranslucent mdlvertexlight me menucanblink menudirlist menufont menuheader menuinit menuinitselection menuitem menuitemaltfont menuitemcheckbox menuitemeditkeyinput menuitemimage menuitemkeyinput menuitemmapload menuitemradio menuitemslider menuitemspectkeyinput menuitemtextinput menumdl menurenderoffset menuselection menuselectionbgcolor menuselectiondescbgcolor menuselectionpersistent menusynctabstops millis mod modconnect modconnectadmin mode modf modlanconnect movemap music musicpreload muteplayer mutesound mypubkey name newcert newent newmap newmenu nextclosestent nextplayerstart nickcomplete onrelease paste perlin persistidents player player1 pm pointatent powf prevweapon pstat_weap quicknadethrow quit recalc redo registermusic registersound reload replace resetgl resetpckservers resetsecuremaps resetselections resetsleeps resettexturelists resetzones restorexmap rewind right rnd round savemap savemap9 savemapoptimised say scalelights screenres screenshot scriptcontext sealcontexts searchbinds searcheditbinds searchnickname searchspecbinds securemap select selectionflip selectionrotate selx selxs sely selys sendmap serverextension setadmin setburst setfollowplayer setfont setjumpwp setmr setnext setscope settex setvantagepoint setwatercolour setwptriggernr setwpyaw sha512 shiftweapon showfocuscubedetails showmapdims showmapstats showmenu showmip showscores showtagclipfocus skin skin_cla skin_rvsf sleep slope solid sortlist sortmapmodelslots sortmapsoundslots sorttextureslots sound soundmuted soundtest spectate spectatecn spectatemode stairs stopdemo strreplace suicide swapelements systime team teaminfo testchar texture texturereset textureslotbyname textureslotusage textureslotusagelist tiger timestamp timestring togglebotview toggleclosestentpin toggleconsole togglegrab toggleocull togglespect tolower toupper transformclipentities undelent undo undolevel unlistdeletedentity unmuteallsounds unsetjumpwp updatefrommaster updateigraphs updatemapmodeldependencies vdelta voicecom vote watchingdemo watercolour weapon whereami whois winners wpclear wpflood wpinfo wpload wpsave wpvisible writecfg xmap_delete xmap_delete_backup xmap_keep_backup xmap_list xmap_rename xmap_restore xmap_store zipmodclear zipmodgetdesc zipmodgetfiles zipmodgetrevision zipmodlist zipmodremove
  18. clear keyword set 3 (Documantation...)
  20. set keyword set 4 (Global..) to:
  22. _defaultbinds _ignoreillegalpaths aadynshadow aboveheadiconfadetime aboveheadiconsize accuracy advancemaprevision akimboautoswitch akimboendaction al_referencedistance al_rollofffactor allowblinkingtext allowhudechos altconsize ambient animationinterpolationtime aniso applydialog ati_mda_bug audio audiodebug authmaxtime authmemusage authrounds autodownload autodownloaddebug autogetmap autogetnewmaprevisions autoreload autoscopesens autoscreenshot bilinear blankouthud blood bloodttl browsefiledesc bulletairsound bulletairsounddestrad bulletairsoundrad bulletairsoundsourcerad bulletbouncesound bulletbouncesoundrad bullethole bulletholettl clockerror clockfix cncolumncolor colorbits conalpha confade conline connected conopen consize crosshairfx crosshairsize crosshairteamsign cryptodebug curdemofile curmaprevision curname damageindicatoralpha damageindicatordist damageindicatorsize damageindicatortime damagescreen damagescreenalpha damagescreenfactor damagescreenfade dbgpos dbgzip depthbits depthoffset desktoph desktopw docrefvisible docskip docvisible dynlight dynshadow dynshadowdecay dynshadowquad dynshadowsize editaxis edithideentmask editinfopanelmillis editing editmetakeydown enlargearchslopeselections flagscorehudtransparency flrceil flyspeed fog fogcolour footsteps fov fsaa fullbright fullbrightlevel fullconsize fullscreen gainscale gamemode gamespeed gametimecurrent gametimedisplay gametimemaximum gamma gib gibnum gibspeed gibttl groupvariables heartbeat hidebigmenuimages hidecompass hideconsole hidecustomskins hidedamageindicator hideeditinfopanel hideeditslotinfo hidefavicons hidehudequipment hidehudmsgs hideigraphs hidektfindicator hideradar hidespecthud hideteam hideteamscorehud hidevote hirestextures hitsound hudextras hudgun hudtexttl hwmaxaniso hwtexsize ignoreoverride_limitwaveheight ignoreoverride_nostencilshadows ignoreoverride_nowaterreflect igraphanimate
  24. set class colors to your liking
  26. then it looks like:
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