The Night I Gave Tanikaze the Ring [Typeset]

Sep 19th, 2017
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  1. The Night After I Gave Tanikaze the Ring translation
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  4. [The Night After I Gave Tanikaze the Ring / Odawara Hakone]
  5. >Tanikaze
  6. >Would you please marry me?
  7. >... | to be interested in Tanikaze
  8. >Admiral sure is a weirdo.
  10. >Well then, | you'd better tell me how that happened.
  11. >It's not much of a story.
  12. >Well, the night is long and we have time.
  14. >Okay, now tell me!
  15. >Tell you what?
  16. >What about Tanikaze interests you, duh.
  17. >Eh | You're going to think I'm joking around.
  18. >Nah man~ I'm curious!
  19. >The other shipgirls all have these dynamite bodies. Chests, hips, the works--
  20. >So I wanna know why it's Tanikaze!
  22. >Well, the first impression I had of Tanikaze was of Chibi Maruko-chan (note: a popular slice of life sort of manga inspired by the author's childhood.)
  23. >I'm getting a feeling so complicated...
  24. >Okay so where else am I special?
  25. >We-ll...
  26. >>It's probably that your Onigiri is especially tasty... | probably.
  27. >....huh?
  28. >T...that's--?!
  29. >Onigiri is important, you know, especially for Japanese people.
  30. >Nono | Although it's a bit weird for me to say it at this time, everyone makes their Onigiri the same.
  32. >You make me onigiri because you're worried that I'll go hungry.
  33. >Maybe that's why it tastes unusually good.
  34. >...Hmhm... is that so?
  35. >So you figured that if we married, you'd have somebody to make you onigiri every day, and that'd be awesome, right?
  36. >That's a very Chibi Maruko-chan thing to think.
  37. >Well, I also want to talk with you a little more, about all kinds of things. | what happened whan we met, everything happened after, all that.
  39. >Oh, right! >When I met Tanikaze--
  40. >... | Oh man, those were trying times.
  41. >A whole week of daily sorties straight for the abyssals....
  42. >In the end I was cleaning up the Maneki-neko (note: cat figurine said to beckon luck), wearing a good luck charm, praying at the shrine as I was grinding....
  43. >...This isn't Tanikaze's fault, okay?
  45. >First thing that happened when I came out was you yelling "Idiot! Sidonia!" at me.
  46. >[Since it was airing and all.]
  47. >But
  48. >I'm glad Tanikaze was able to arrive.
  50. >Then there was the time we went to the temple festival together.
  51. >Ahh, right | we got separated that time.
  52. >--Hm? >Where'd Tanikaze go off to?
  54. >[...Could it be that she got carried off by some unsavory characters for strange purposes?]
  55. >[...She probably does fit a few priests' tastes...(totally not me though.)]
  56. >Tanikaze--
  58. >Wanna eat Ikayaki?
  59. >'s good shit!
  60. >Whew---....
  61. >Wha, got a stomachache?
  62. >Tanikaze...
  63. >I was really worried about you!
  64. >Eh? | No need to get THAT worried.
  66. >...Really now, you're taking this too far.
  67. >After all, | even if we got separated we could just meet at the Naval District.
  68. >Look! It's not like that!
  69. >I'm worried because it's Tanikaze!
  70. >...You're so fussy.
  71. >It's normal!
  73. >Heya, this is Tanikaze's handmade chocolate! | It's good!
  74. >Thank...pff
  75. >Oy, oy,
  76. >Even if it's Tanikaze, it's a little awkward if you laugh.
  77. >Sorry, sorry, I'm not laughing at you.
  78. >It's just that you act the same as always, even when you're giving me handmade chocolate.
  79. >Well, if Tanikaze were to be all like
  80. >"Tanikaze made the Admiral keeps doing his best..."
  81. >It'd seem really weird.
  82. >Oy oy oy!
  84. >I'm really happy. | I'm going to have to return the favor.
  85. >Ahhh-- don't worry 'bout it.
  86. >After all, a pretty boy like you already has a ton of chocolate to deal with.
  87. >It's going to be extra work for you to gift back Tanikaze. Don't worry about it.
  88. >...You're a pretty cool dude!
  89. >You only say that now?
  90. >[I feel like we're getting closer and closer.]
  91. >[Is that so?]
  93. >Tanikaze's a good girl.
  94. >She always acts all playful and unaware, but she's actually pretty sharp.
  95. >Maybe it's because of that | that I want to give her a push where it's important.
  96. >Nowadays, even when times are hard, I just want to pull her to the side and cuddle with her.
  97. >Well, | she probably understands that, even if the Commander didn'tsay it out loud.
  98. >Mm.
  99. >Tanikaze's a good girl. Of this I am very clear!
  100. >...Haha.
  101. >Is that so.
  102. >Speaking of which, Commander, | as you may know, the system does permit multiple marriages...
  104. >Mm.....
  105. >[Drowsy]
  106. >You alright? | Normally you'd have went to sleep a while ago.
  107. >Mmm....well, I am a little tired.
  108. >But I feel that if I go to sleep now, I'll regret it
  110. >Okay. | Then let's talk until we're fast sleep.
  111. >Got it!
  112. >[The Tanikaze Doujin I started in July '15 to increase my pagecount is finally finished. I've been hoping to finish this chapter for some time, and I'm pretty satisfied. I feel like it flows well with the previous work as well; what do you guys think? Although I want to draw a story about marrying Hamakaze, Hamakaze is kind of hard to draw....
  113. >[Well then, until next time!]
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