Mar 5th, 2018
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  1. She engulfs you becoming partially amorphous and shifts you inside her so that you are forced into her flexible and stretchable womb which forms around you.Her powerful, cheating muscles clench around you as you helplessly struggle, trapped inside her. A wet and warm matrix drenches you.You yell at her to release you but she softly smiles and softly whispers "no" as she snuggles her grotesquely large belly with you inside.
  3. An umbellical cord slithers itself to your belly button and fuses to you, pumping oxygen rich blood directly into your blood stream. Slowly and helplessly, your body mutates into that of a small green filly. Once your transformation is complete, she births you from her womb. Her wet vaginal lips slide across your face as you are birthed they are the first things you see.As soon as your head pops out of her vagina you begin cursing her out. She only giggles as she hears your small squeaky voice. You feel her giggling diaphragm shake and squish you as your lower body is still inside her. "You're being a bad filly you know." Suddenly, your birth stops completely. Only your head sticks out of her vaginal orifice. "Hmm, perhaps you need a five minute time out to cure that potty mouth of yours~" With that, her womb clenches around your body and drags you back inside her. "Wait-!". Your cries are muffled as you are forced back inside Thing's motherly womb.
  5. Five minutes later, you are disgorged, sliding slimily out of Thing's womb and drop to the floor. Thing turns around and looks down on you, giggling with a melodic voice as you struggle to stand on weak and shaky legs. She crouches down and makes eye contact, the abomination appearing as nothing but a kindhearted, motherly mare. Suddenly she began licking her vaginal fluids off of Anonfilly's drenched cheek. Anon winces and pouts in fury as she is humiliated by her new mother's loving licks.
  7. "I- will- destroy- you" Anonfilly's growls. He can barely move, using all his energy to shakily stand as his mother's tentacle-like tongue dances over his fur. She laughs and her tongue performs a quick, complex twist to become a prehensile and flexible tentacle to pinch Anon's furry cheek. "Oh no. You are my daughter now and will behave as such!". A tentacle shaped exactly like an umbellical cord slides out of Thing's vaginal lips and reaches for Anonfilly's belly as it slithers through the air, threatening to fuse back to his belly button. "You don't want to be sent back to time out, do you?". Anon whimpers and begins to cry. Thing quickly retracts the menacing umbellical cord back into her vagina and crouches down to give her daughter a comforting hug. "There, there. I'm your mommy now and I care about you. If you're good maybe I'll rebirth you back to your old human self or maybe I'll let you be the mommy next time and you can give birth to me!"
  9. "R-Really?" Anon asks, a shred of hope glimmering in his eyes.
  11. " Absolutely! Now why don't you eat, I'm sure you're very hungry, we can sleep together tonight as mother and daughter."
  13. "O-okay..." Anon responds timidly.
  15. With that, Thing picks up her diminutive daughter up by the scruff of her neck to the bed and curls around him allowing him to suckle on her crotch tits as they both slowly fall asleep.
  17. --------
  19. “Hey Nony, how you doing today?”
  21. Anonfilly flet his cheek rest against his mother’s soft mammary glands and yawned.
  23. “I doing just fine, Thing. Just let me sleep a few more minutes…”
  25. Thing slid her tentacular tongue out of her mouth and licked her child in the cheek, she playfully poked at Anon’s eyes with her soft tongue until they opened.
  27. “Ok, ok! I’m up, I’m up!”
  29. Anon opened her eyes and saw the mammary gland in front of his face. “Oh what the fuck!” He jumped to her hooves awkwardly and turned around, stumbling. To his horror, he saw the deceptively cute and motherly mare form of Thing with her trademark amber shades laying right next to his diminutive green filly body. She winked and stuck her snakelike tongue out of her mouth to gently lick Anon’s nose in a boop. Anon angrily swatted at the relatively huge tentacle tongue that had poked his snout. Anon’s mouth opened in angry surprise as she noticed that what had happened to him was not a dream.
  31. “You know, Thing. You really are an abomination against nature! I mean, just look at me! I am a man’s brain inside a filly! I’m even thinking cute filly thoughts! It’s horrible! What in the world possessed you to do this to me? No- You know what? I don’t even care! Just let me crawl right back into that eldritch horror you call a womb and gestate me until I turn back into a human or so help me- hmmmff!”
  33. A prehensile tentacle had ambushed him from the side, shoving a spoonful of oatmeal into his mouth. “Just relax, Anon. It’s only going to be for a little while. I’m doing this for your own good. The ponies around town don’t really like you that much, I would know, I assimilated a few of them!” Thing saw Anon’s horrified look. “Don’t worry! I released them, but not without a little short term memory modification. Gotta preserve these ponies’ innocent little brains and spare them from the memory of a traumatizing assimilation, no?”
  35. Anon finally swallowed his oatmeal but a second tentacle emerged from the ether to stuff his mouth. “Huummnphh!”
  37. Thing gave the pouting filly a stern stare. “I’m going to teach you a lesson, Anon. I’m not going to turn you back into a human until you come back with at least one friend for a sleepover. I’m giving you a second chance and a new face to socialize, this time with children. Perhaps it’s appropriate, given how you tend to act.”
  39. Anon’s eyes widened with fear. He swallowed his oatmeal. “No! Anything but that! I don’t want to participate in those girly things! It’ll be horrible! I hate social activity! Come on Thing, turn me back!”
  41. Thing smiled her motherly ‘wiser than thou’ smile at Anonfilly. “Nope! You’re going to be cute and you’re going to make cute little friends, and you’re going to like it! It’ll be good for you and it’ll teach you some social skills. Now, have you had your fill?”
  43. Anon glumly kicked her hoof into the sheets. “I guess,” she mumbled.
  45. “Good! Now let me...” Anon felt his stomach begin to squirm and quiver. “Hmm, not enough biomass in that oatmeal... Alright Anon, I’m going to need you to open your mouth wide for a second.”
  47. “Wait! What are you doing to my belly? I feel something squirming in there!” Anon looked at Thing’s face, he saw that she had a calculating look on her face. “Oh no, what are you going to do now-” Suddenly, Thing’s tongue shot out of her mouth and slipped into Anon’s mouth. The slippery tongue continued to slide further into his mouth and down into her throat. The tongue turned tentacle began pumping some mysterious fluid down Anon’s throat. Anon’s eyes widened as she watched the tentacle bulge and contract as the substance was forced down its length and into Anon’s stomach. Anon started to cry in fear as she felt her stomach fill with the mysterious substance. Her stomach began bulging but Thing seemed to be modifying her body to accept large volumes of liquid. Finally, Thing was done pumping things into Anon’s stomach and her tongue retracted back into her mouth. Anon could not talk at all, he felt so full.
  49. “Don’t worry, I’m just giving you a bit more biomass so that I can age you into a larger and older filly. It would be a bit awkward for a foal that can barely walk to be going around trying to make friends.”
  51. Sure enough, the biomass that Thing had pumped into Anon began to slide within him, lengthening her limbs, barrel, neck and skull. Anonfilly’s bones creaked as his body expanded and her stomach shrank. Muscle slithered under her fur, rearranging itself into a slightly older and more mature filly. Finally, a filly perhaps a year or two younger than the cutie mark crusaders lay disoriented on the bed. Leaving Anon no time to recover, Thing lept out of the bed and grabbed Anonfilly by the scruff with her mouth and carried her to the door.
  53. “Wait! I said I didn’t need friends! Stop! I’ll be good, I promise! Just let me stay!” Anon’s shoulders scrunched together and he couldn’t move, being carried by the scruff seemed to have paralyzed him. Thing rolled her eyes and morphed a tentacle into existence with a specialized pronged tentacle capable of gripping Anon by the scruff. She transferred anon’s helpless little filly body to her tentacle from her mouth and lifted him eye level in front of her face.
  55. “Anon, we’ve been over this. You’re going out to meet some friends. You get to be a carefree little filly, with no responsibilities but to play with her friends. You should be thanking me.” Thing sprouted another tentacle to open the front door. “Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s some bits for lunch.” Thing sprouted another tentacle to reach across the room and grabbed a five bit piece. She stuck the coin deep inside Anon’s mane. She opened the door and deposited Anon on the front mat. “No go out and make some friends! Also, most importantly, remember to have fun!” She shooed Anon away from the door with her tentacles and slammed the door in front of her.
  57. “But I hate having fun!” Anon pathetically dropped to her belly and reached out for the door. (S)he began to pout and sniffle and the golden bit fell out of her hair in front of her face. With teary eyes, Anonfilly stared at Celestia’s smiling face on the front of the coin. It was just out of reach of his small filly hooves. He lay there, feeling the warm summer sun warm his coat as she pondered the insane reality she lived in.
  59. “Stupid Thingpone and her stupid tentacles.” Anon stuck her tongue out in a frustrated raspberry. Surprisingly her tongue stuck a long way out of her mouth. Horse muzzles were long so their tongues were bound to be longer, Anon reasoned. Wait a minute… Anon wagged her tongue in front of her. It curled and wiggled, were their tongues really that flexible? Man, they could probably give amazing blow jobs.
  61. Anon’s eyes widened as a wonderful idea entered her mind. She curled her surprisingly long tongue upwards and picked her own nose, it slipped easily inside. He felt the dried boogers in her nose and slid her tongue around them trying to extract them. Her tongue wiggled and slithered into the dark corners of his nose, Anon concentrating on trying to prod the booger out of her nose. Finally the booger was dislodged. Anon held it up to her eyes with her surprisingly dexterous tongue to see, ooh yes it was a whopper. Who needed hands anyway! Anon looked at her tongue, it seemed to be pinching together at the tip, the muscles in her tongue pressing together.
  63. Anon stared at her strange new tongue. She had never seen a pony picking their own nose with their tongue. They should be doing it all the time! This was wonderful! What else could the pony anatomy do? Anon concentrated on trying to control his tongue he flexed the tip of his tongue watching it wiggle and tried to do the pinching motion again by flexing her tongue. The tongue was made of two muscles on each side, that was probably how it did the pinching motion. Suddenly Anon’s tongue split in two in front of his face.
  65. Anon’s heart pounded and his eyes widened. No. Fucking. Way. Her heart beated faster as she watched the two sides of her tongue flex and stretch independent of each other. Did he inherit Thing powers? Anon willed more of his tongue to exit his mouth and it obliged kindly. He sat up on his haunches with a very long tongue sticking out of her muzzle. The tongue almost resembled a snake’s tongue, forking at the end. Anon slithered his new tentacle away from his mouth to the ground and placed one fork of the tongue on top of the coin and muscularly slipped the other under the coin for leverage with her new opposable tongue.
  67. Anon sat wide eyed as his tongue grasped the coin in front of his eyes. She reached up with her tongue, tucked the coin in her mane, and retracted her tongue back into her mouth.
  69. “Holy, fucking, shit.” Anonfilly whispered.
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