Anon-con Sensual Story [clop] non-canon end

Mar 18th, 2015
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  1. > You walk home, your hands full with Fluttershy's immense meat package
  2. > You feel a little bloated, having most of a pot of stew in your stomach
  3. > It was worth it
  4. > At any rate, you see your shack around the bend in the trail
  5. > And on your doorstep, a certain alicorn is tied up
  6. > It had been quiet on that front, you suppose
  7. > As you get nearer, she notices you
  8. > "Ah, woe is me, for some villain has tied me up and left me at the mercies of the devilish human!"
  9. > You wonder how she fantasizes away her immense magical power in these little scenarios
  10. > You come to a stop a few feet from her
  11. "Having fun down there?"
  12. > She leans her head back in melodramatic distress
  13. > "What twisted words! Who can save me from his mind games? Even now I find myself compelled to submit to his will!"
  14. > You hear a voice from above
  15. > "I'll save you, Princess!"
  16. > Celestia pauses
  17. > "What?"
  18. > You're too busy getting tackled by an angry pegasus
  19. > Luckily, your meat takes most of the impact, but you still hit the ground fairly hard
  20. "The hell, Rainbow Dash?"
  21. > She glares at you
  22. > "You've gone too far! I'll defend Celestia from your filthy hands!"
  23. > Celestia scowls
  24. > "No! Go away!"
  25. > Rainbow slowly turns to look at sunbutt
  26. > "Are you alright, Princess?"
  27. > "I was about to get some hot human action! Now go!"
  28. > Rainbow backs away from the both of you
  29. > "You...want him? Even though he had a dream about raping me?"
  30. > Celestia manages to blush
  31. > You don't have time for this
  32. "Look, this is fascinating and all, but I have a lot of meat that I need to pack away, so excuse me if I don't get involved."
  33. > Rainbow looks at you with disgust
  34. > "You eat meat? That figures."
  35. > You walk up to her, the slab of meat in your hands
  36. "I know you were friends with a griffon. You really should be more understanding."
  37. > Then you slap her with your meat package, hard
  38. > She staggers back, angry and a little creeped out
  39. > Celestia's eyes are wide
  40. > "Oh! Slap me with your meat! I mean, oh no, what if the human slaps me with his meat?"
  41. > Rainbow looks at the princess in confusion
  42. > "What's wrong with you?"
  43. > You sigh
  44. "Ever since the ponies around here started thinking I was a rapist, Celestia has been trying to cheer me up by pretending to be turned on by the idea."
  45. > "I was never pretending."
  46. > ...
  47. > You turn slowly to look at her
  48. > She blushes
  49. > Rainbow's jaw drops
  50. > Celestia pouts
  51. > "Would you believe he has never done anything about it? Here I am, with the finest hindquarters in Equestria, in all kinds of compromising positions, and he has done nothing!"
  52. > Dash looks at you warily
  53. > "I don't believe it."
  54. > Celestia nods fervently
  55. > "Me either! One time, I even pretended to fall asleep with my marehood over his face! You know what he did? He pushed me off, the wrapped me in a blanket!"
  56. "You were awake the whole time?"
  57. > Sunbutt smiles
  58. > "I did rather like how you manhandled me. So strong."
  59. > Rainbow Dash gives you a skeptical look
  60. > "Even I would have gone for that. What's wrong with you?"
  61. "Well, of course you would have gone for that."
  62. > She glares at you
  63. > "What's that supposed to mean?"
  64. > You roll your eyes
  65. "You think mares are pretty and you like to touch them."
  66. > She starts to blush
  67. > "Sh-shut up!"
  68. > Celestia grins
  69. > "Go on! Use your twisted mind to expose her lust! Oh, and Rainbow Dash, there isn't anything wrong with liking mares. You are not the first of my little ponies to feel that way, it's perfectly normal."
  70. > The pegasus blinks
  71. > "Really?"
  72. > Celestia nods
  73. > Bluefast blinks again
  74. > "Oh."
  75. > You walk to your door
  76. > Your meat has no time for this
  77. "Congratulations, we have all learned something this day. We could even write a letter to sum it all up, but I intend to put this meat in the icebox before it spoils. So excuse me, Princess."
  78. > You are about to step over sunbutt-
  79. > "Please, slap me with your meat."
  80. > You roll your eyes
  81. > Still, she's been nice to you
  82. > You grip your meat firmly and swing it against her face
  83. > Her head turns with the blow, a goofy smile on her face
  84. "Right then."
  85. > You step over her, and into your house
  86. > After you toss it into your icebox, you wash your hands in the basin
  87. > You suppose you should deal with the situation on your doorstep
  88. > You go out to find Rainbow has flown off
  89. > One down, one to go
  90. > Celestia gives you a sultry look
  91. > "Come to have your way with me?"
  92. > You look at her closely for once
  93. > She is a beautiful mare, and that very well may be the finest ass in Equestria
  94. > You crack your neck
  95. "Right, let's do this."
  96. > You grab her up around her chest and heave her over onto your bed
  97. > She squeals in delight
  98. > As you disrobe, you eye the squirming mare
  99. > Might as well get into character
  100. "Imagine my delight at finding such a perfect present on my doorstep."
  101. > You clamber up on top of her, your mouth by her ear
  102. > You whisper,
  103. "What a shame that I'm just going to tear it apart."
  104. > Celestia shivers, a whimper escaping her throat
  105. > You drag your tongue across her cheek, then plunge it into her yielding mouth
  106. > She moans into the kiss, her bound legs twitching
  107. > You spend long moments probing her hot, moist mouth with your own
  108. > Finally you break the kiss, leaving both of you breathing heavily
  109. > You straddle her chest, and run your hands up and down her long neck
  110. "You."
  111. > You seize her jaw in one hand, the other stroking her face
  112. "Are."
  113. > You lean in close and growl,
  114. "Mine."
  115. > She moans again
  116. > "Y-yes, master."
  117. > You kiss her again, seizing her lower lip in your teeth and letting it drag against them as you pull back
  118. > Celestia's breath hitches
  119. "What a good slave. Shall I reward you?"
  120. > "M-master?"
  121. > You shift to her side and draw your clawed hand down her neck, then across her chest, and finally stopping just short of her winking marehood
  122. > Her head is thrown back, her mouth open and panting
  123. > "Oh, yes!"
  124. > You dip two fingers into her feverishly warm honeypot, the walls eagerly contracting around them
  125. "How you welcome my touch, it is enough to make me wonder."
  126. > You bring the fingers wet with marecum to her mouth
  127. "Were you made to be my plaything?"
  128. > She suckles on your fingers, swallowing her own juices
  129. > "Mmhmm!"
  130. > You chuckle
  131. "Then I shall play."
  132. > You bring the hand low again, this time stroking the curve of her flank
  133. > Your hand dips between her cheeks, prodding at a puckered entrance
  134. > She gasps
  135. > "No! Not there!"
  136. "Oh, so there is still some resistance in you after all. We'll have to fix that."
  137. > She whimpers, gazing at you with large, pleading eyes
  138. > You shift your hand and plunge into her marehood with three fingers
  139. > Celestia arches her back against the bed, her hips thrusting against your hand
  140. > You keep your hand steady, and she relaxes somewhat, still squirming from the stimulation
  141. "Trust me. I am in control."
  142. > She whimpers again, but nods
  143. > You pull your fingers from her wet, winking vag and move them a little lower
  144. > Sunbutt tenses as one of your moistened fingers prods again at her rear entrance
  145. "Relax, trust me. Trust only me."
  146. > "Yes, master."
  147. > You feel her anus give the slightest bit
  148. > Your finger pushes through, her fleshy walls grudgingly parting at its slow but firm advance
  149. > She arches her back once again, her breathing shallow
  150. > You stroke her face with your other hand
  151. "What a good pony."
  152. > You start moving the finger back and forth inside her
  153. > She clenches her teeth, her hips twitching
  154. "Feels good, doesn't it?"
  155. > "Y-yes."
  156. > You stop
  157. "Yes, what?"
  158. > Her anus pulses around your finger
  159. > "Yes master!"
  160. "That's better."
  161. > You pull your finger out of her ass, and she lets out a wordless whine
  162. > Then you work two of your fingers in, and she's back to squirming under your touch
  163. > Before long, she's moaning and bucking her hips
  164. "See? Do not resist me. I know what's best for you, and you love anal. Don't you?"
  165. > She gasps out, "Yes master!"
  166. > You pull your fingers out
  167. > Celestia looks at you in confusion, not daring to question you
  168. > You get up and walk to the foot of the bed
  169. "I grow bored with your responses. Do be more creative with your words, slave."
  170. > Celestia glances between you and her winking marehood
  171. > "Please, Master. Let me bear your children."
  172. > You scoff
  173. "Why do you think I have prepared your other hole? You are not worthy to bear my children."
  174. > You dip your hand into her quivering vagina and smear the juices along your shaft
  175. > You set the tip at her back door
  176. > "Nooooo!"
  177. > You push inexorably into her tight passage, involuntarily groaning at the stimulation
  178. > Celestia's head thrashes against the bed, her limbs straining against the bindings
  179. > You work your cock back and forth, slowly at first, then picking up speed
  180. "So close to your womb, yet so far away."
  181. > She grimaces
  182. > "Please, master, please. At least let me feel your cock in my pussy."
  183. > You pause at that
  184. "Very well."
  185. > You pull out of her ass slowly
  186. > You end up climbing up onto the bed a little to position it just right, then you plunge into the sun
  187. > So hot, so wet
  188. > Her pussy winking around your shaft
  189. > Then the rope around her legs breaks, and she wraps them around you
  190. > Celestia rolls both of you over, and your hips are trapped under the weight of a full grown, horny sun horse
  191. > She rocks back and forth on your dick, her walls massaging and squeezing your shaft with desperate vigor
  192. "Slave!"
  193. > Celestia groans
  194. > "One child! Please!"
  195. > You know your character should be stern, but there is no way you are passing this up
  196. "I will grant you one child. Be gratef-"
  197. > She kisses you passionately, her tongue invading your mouth, wrestling and twisting against your own
  198. > You feel a pressure building, even as you kiss her back
  199. > Her thrusting speeds up to a feverish pace, a burst of effort before-
  200. > Celestia breaks the kiss and stares at you with sparkling eyes
  201. > "I love you, Master!"
  202. > Carried away by the experience, you reply,
  203. "I love you, Celestia!"
  204. > The dam breaks
  205. > With one final push, you fire off deep within her
  206. > Blinding pleasure floods your mind as her pussy clamps around you, milking your dick for ever drop of semen
  207. > She collapses onto your chest, still twitching from her orgasm
  208. > You wrap your arms around her, and she rests her head beside yours
  209. > For a time, the two of you just lay there, basking in pleasure
  210. > Celestia lifts her head a little and gives you a peck on the cheek
  211. > "Thank you." she murmurs
  212. > You pat her fondly
  213. "It was a pleasure."
  215. > It is a good thing you stocked up on food earlier
  216. > Neither of you leave the house for days
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