Made in Abyss Movie 3 Commentary Translations

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  1. Translations of info on the 2020/02/15 Made In Abyss movie 3 commentay screening
  3. This is translated from random people on Twitter so some might be inaccurate and some info might contradict other info
  5. =============================================================
  7. Umbra Hands with white coats are the bodies made for battle, and they're armed with really powerful relics.
  9. Bondrewd's multiple eyes with the tentacles growing out is a relic.
  11. The Umbra Hands acting like robots is just them on "Auto Bondrewd" mode.
  13. Rico has in fact eaten wall before.
  15. The body with four arms is in charge of the Zoaholic.
  17. Meinya found the Zoaholic because the relic draws animals to itself.
  19. Bondrewd and Nanachi survived the incinerator because Reg set it to not affect living things.
  21. Meinya's smell is the smell of Tsukushi's parents' parrot.
  23. The Shaker needles fuse with the target's skin and don't actually wound the target.
  25. Bondrewd didn't save the umbra hands from the scorpion things because having them die to complete Purshka was his plan all along.
  27. Bondrewd sees through Nanachi's eyes using another relic (not Zoaholic thing like some speculated)
  30. Twitter users reported that Tsukushi laughed at the gore and serious scenes
  32. Bondrewd was created with the concept of "Frieza who does not get mad"
  34. Purshka did know that Bondrewd was doing experiments but didn't know exactly what they were
  36. Reg, who is not human, has the most "humanity"
  38. Reg's penis getting hard is not a sexual thing, but a biological thing. He has not reached semenarche. Tsukushi says fans are free to change this in fan stuff.
  40. They actually wanted to make a cartridge water bottles but ran into issues (unspecified) which resulted in them making the PC case instead
  42. Bondrewd's whistle isn't blown into, he clasps his hands around it to keep it in shadow and then strokes it to make it vibrate and make its sound.
  44. The scene with Bondrewd taking out the scorpions isn't shown aside from a close-up of his face because he literally was waving his elbows around.
  46. Bondrewd's line congratulating Nanachi on "setting (something" free" upon seeing Mitty's light bulb go out is referring to Nanachi setting herself free, not Mitty.
  48. There's a Mitty hidden in the credits. Some people are reporting having founding her "moving from the bottom middle of the screen to the top-left when the Kinema Citrus logo appears".
  50. Reg is naked when captured but has his pants on immediately when rescued because Nanachi put them on before picking him up.
  52. If you take a close look at the thing Nanachi puts on the Purshka whistle, the top is supposed to look like a green hat.
  54. Bondrewd has a tail "because it's cool" (no further explanation)
  56. The Zoaholic was not destroyed
  58. The lobotomised guys were cut from the movie but they did get as far as having lines recorded
  60. Purshka masturbates (Tsukushi yelled this apparently)
  62. The toilets have no doors but Purshka and the hands don't care
  64. Papa rod is short for "rod used to become a papa", Purshka was taught this in biology/dissection lessons
  66. Tsukushi says that the body killed by Reg was actually "for meeting and greeting".
  68. >The Umbra Hands acting like robots is just them on "Auto Bondrewd" mode.
  69. Another guy posting on this says that he felt that the nuance was that the Umbra Hands do have their own personalities intact except when put into Auto Bondrewd mode (it's something that can be turned on and off?)
  71. There are plenty of people who want to become Umbra Hands
  73. Riko (= not Rico) is supposed to be a Japanese name
  75. Apparently Tsukushi explained the kuongatari (bugs in the flower field) more but I'm not seeing any tweets about what he actually said
  77. Most of the people who went to the thing seem to have gotten the impression from Tsukushi that the guy in the flower field was the most heavily armed. Speculation is that sparagmos is the most dangerous relic that Nanachi knew of, and not actually the most dangerous one Bondold has.
  79. The guy in the flower field was especially powerful. Like the body with the tail, all of the hands with the white coats are tough. They got lucky that the flower field guy wasn't around.
  81. The flower field bugs are important.
  83. Reg got bugs up his pants (is that where they got some to use in the first fight against Bondrewd?)
  85. Nanachi is warm.
  87. Tsukushi talks about Sean Connery's The Rock in Bondrewd's intro scene
  89. Bondrewd loves children
  91. Riko goes to sleep with her glasses on and Nanachi is the one who takes them off
  93. Purshka did know that there were other children around but didn't know what became of them
  95. Umbra Hands in "Auto Bondrewd" result in them having "all the information coming in" but also makes them slow. Also called "Cloud Bondrewd".
  97. A scorpion stuck its poison up Gueira's ass and melted his guts and this is the "tastiest" way for them to eat prey
  99. When the scorpions attacked the Umbra Hands were all in sync mode. Bondrewd brought them along intending on having them killed, to complete Purshka.
  101. This post which has more information than others states that it was the first body that was the "meet and greet" body, not the second one.
  103. The track Transcendence is Bondrewd's theme
  105. The tail is an "extension" of a relic that becomes part of a body when attached.
  107. Riko can only live in the abyss
  109. Reg has infantile traits, and him constantly reacting to Nanachi being fluffy is like a child getting excited without knowing what they're excited about
  111. >Bondrewd and Nanachi survived the incinerator because Reg set it to not affect living things.
  112. The light shrinking is him changing the setting
  114. One of the former children Bondrewd calls by name is "Sumiko" and this is supposed to be a Japanese name, like Riko's. There are a lot of Japanese in the town above the abyss
  116. Tsukushi calls the cartridges bento-bako (lunchboxes)
  118. When Bondrewd explains the curses and blessings, Tsukushi says "but is that right? Are the curses really curses?"
  120. Bondrewd going "oya oya" during the fight is actually him taunting Reg. Because he succeeded at getting the blessing Bon is actually excited at this point.
  122. Gueira's personality was intact all along (though he was in auto mode when he died)
  124. Tsukushi's mother watched the movie and said in regards to the scene of Purshka calling Meinya smelly that Tsukushi said the exact same thing in regards to their parrot when he was a child.
  126. Papa rod is a name that Purshka came up with herself during her dissection lessons with Bondrewd.
  128. Tsukushi talks about the black whistles Purshka makes in the manga version saying that she does it because she knows "what will become of her" and that "the flower of dawn doesn't exist"
  130. You can tell from the blessed body's last words that Bon doesn't change. Tsukushi took a long time to come up with the lines.
  132. They did not destroy the Zoaholic, respecting Purshka's last wishes that they stop fighting.
  134. The narration at the end is a white whistle poem.
  136. Bondrewd does get hungry and he's the one who created ration #4.
  138. The Umbra Hands have their name because they (Bondrewd's current body included) are just shadows, the whistle is the light.
  140. All of the Umbra Hands are there of their own free will. Some are not even delvers. Some are bounty hunters who came for Bondred's bounty but ended up swayed by him.
  142. They instructed Bondred's voice actor to play his dying lines so that he's not in pain, just finding it hard to breathe.
  144. The group did talk to Bondrewd in between defeating the blessed body and heading down, and that's where they decided on not destroying the Zoaholic, etc. They also traded some stuff and spent a pretty long time there.
  146. The stuff about the next 2000 years will come up later.
  148. The flower field guy is confirmed still alive
  150. >Bondrewd does get hungry and he's the one who created ration #4.
  151. He doesn't care about taste and only eats when necessary but is the sort of person who will give a proper answer if you ask if what he ate was any good
  153. >When the scorpions attacked the Umbra Hands were all in sync mode. Bondrewd brought them along intending on having them killed, to complete Purshka.
  154. He brought them along because he expected Riko's group to "bring them death"
  156. >When Bondrewd explains the curses and blessings, Tsukushi says "but is that right? Are the curses really curses?"
  157. Tsukushi also asks "are the blessings really blessings?"
  159. The bodies that look hunchbacked are actually not that big and are stuffed with something like cotton? They aren't actually bending over either. When the second body puts on the mask it isn't transforming.
  161. Bondold is very excited when pulling the mask off the first body
  163. Tsukushi says that Bon really loves all of the children, not just Purshka and Nanachi
  165. Bon is very rich and has a lot of relics not seen
  167. Tsukushi does straight up say that there are a lot of Japanese in the town above, and that Riko is mistaken for a male Italian name
  169. The incinerator can be fired multiple times during the ten minutes before Reg blacks out
  171. Nanachi's punches are soft and do not hurt
  173. Hands in auto mode have all of their information go to Bondrewd.
  175. The tail is an "extension" of a relic called The Third Arm/Third Works.
  177. Bondrewd is a Cloud Bondrewd and because he's a cloud the Abyss does not count him as human.
  179. The Zoaholic was calling out to Meinya, and if Meinya had actually gotten to it Riko would have been turned into Meinya.
  181. Bondrewd's whistle is not a pair of hands but two of the same hand
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