Fate game

Feb 11th, 2019
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  1. =========================
  2. Yadda yadda yadda, Haven is the place where we are. It's full of mystery, adventure and perverts. That's the setting wooo...
  4. Matthias rests easy today in the tavern, feeling content. Not only did he attend one of Lord Tane's specialty sessions, integrating himself further with the man, he also managed to snatch a concubine of his own - a Demon Prince no less! Although, getting her/him to obey orders is still quite a while away. They might even be burning parts of the room upstairs in a great huff right now, but they're content to stay right now. Kali enters the tavern briskly after a morning stroll to see her brother sitting down at a table, looking rather smug than usual.
  6. It's been a while since Kali's seen her brother, since the clothing store, in fact. A blush rises to her face as she remembers when they kissed, but she fights it down and strides over to him, wearing the black leather armor.
  8. Matthias' eyes lights up when he sees his sister and waves her down towards his table. "Sis, over here!"
  10. Kali strides over, the slinky armor accenting her shapely butt and gathering more attention than a stealth outfit should. The rogue ruffles her little brother's head. "Where've you been all this time? I've been so lonely!"
  12. Matthias giggles, smiling up at his sister. "Oh, y'know. Just saving some self-appointed Demon Prince from the hands of a perverted duke." he brags, his smug smile somehow getting even smugger.
  14. Kali's playful countenance is, for once, taken aback. Her eyes widen, and she takes a seat next to him. "A demon prince? Just what have you been doing?"
  16. Matthias grins and starts regaling the story of how he met the duke, how he defeated the Prince at the auction, and finally how he managed to convince the Duke to let the demon follow Matty instead.
  18. Kali's pretty worried throughout the story, but she chastises herself: she told her brother she would stop treating him like a child (as much). "Well! My little Matty's been really busy lately! And where is your p now?"
  20. "The duke? Probably in his mansion. If you mean the Prince, well, she's in our room. I told her I'd taker her to the box but... letting her simmer for a few days won't hurt too much." Matthias shrugs.
  22. As the two chatter, the door flies open and a small boy, adorned in flashy red, stands in the doorway. He pants, catching his breath, a ragged paper in his hand.
  24. "One... second. Hough... I-is Matthias here?" Ryo asks, raising his head up. His eyes dart around the room until he notices Kali and Matthias, at which point he approaches with a wide smile. "Hehe, thought I'd find you here What's up? You two in the mood for an adventure?"
  26. "Always. I didn't think you would be though, seeing as you haven't shown your face here for several days." Matthias says dismissively, looking at his nails. "Too busy getting kidnapped again?"
  28. "Manners, Matty." Kali lightly grinds her knuckles on the top of his head, then quickly rubs his head. "Depends on the adventure, kiddo!"
  30. Ryo's face goes as red as his armour. "Watch it, magic boy! I'll have you know I plunged into the depths of a divine and hallowed place in search of godly treasure!" He exclaims, throwing a hand up in the air.
  32. "What?! I'm just worried about lugging some dead weight around!" Matthias pouts, pushing his sister's hand from his head. He won't get treated like a child around Ryo!
  34. "Did you get anything then?" Matthias looks at Ryo with disdain. "You probably didn't."
  36. "Hah!" Ryo scoffs, before reaching into a bag at his side. The boy pulls out an object that sparkles brightly, briefly blinding the two. When their vision returns, they gaze down upon a strange inlaid gemstone in an amulet, gearing marks of holy sigil.
  38. "Now that's a treasure. I even got it examined for magic, and boy does it..." Ryo pauses and his eyes dart to Matthias. He smirks and puts the amulet away. "Well. Let's just say you're hardly the master of magic of the three of us anymore~"
  40. As Kali asks, Ryo turns his head to her. "Oh yeah. Some guys went exploring in the woods recently and found a portal to the fae realms. Can you believe that! Slyvan treasures and ancient elven magic. It's gotta be a fortune." He says, gleaming happily.
  42. Matthias practically bursts into laughter at Ryo's claim. "Yeah sure, you as an amateur can weild that kind of power. I'm sure it's wasted on you." he sneers.
  44. Surprisingly, Ryo's smile doesn't fade. "We'll see. Maybe you'll get a taste of it..."
  46. Kali puts her hand on Matty's head again, lightly jostling him. "Matty, no need to be rude," she chastises. "You were just bragging about your prince just now, let him be happy about his own treasure. But a fae forest, hm? Sounds interesting~"
  48. Matthias rolls his eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure looking forward to getting backstabbed arter this idiot misuses that artifact." he crosses his arms and huffs.
  50. "Sorry Ryo, Matty's a sweet boy, honestly. He just needs to have his head deflated every now and then."
  52. "Yeah... he does." Ryo's eyes narrow slightly and, subtly, a hand goes to his bag. Inside, he touches down on the amulet, and it begins to glow. Matthias feels a strange sensation over his body...
  54. > Performing a Sneaky Stunt
  55. > (+ - + +)+2 = 4
  57. > Clever resist
  58. > (+ + + -)+2 = 4
  59. > tie, compelled
  61. Matthias's eyes notice Ryo's odd movements. No doubt he's planning to use that artefact. The boy's hand raises up for a second, before it pauses. His entire body suddenly flushes with warmth, his hand waving in the air. His lips begin to move before he knows it, and he says...
  63. Ryo smiles widely as he notices Matthias's change in demeanor. "Ohh, where's your bravado now, Matt? Can't handle a little compelling justice? I heard the nuns used this to make sinners confess, or repent for their deeds. Truth or dare! Which will it be?" He asks, giggling to himself happily.
  65. Matthias grits his teeth as he can't stop his lips fr moving. Dammit, he let his guard down! "Dare! You damn loser!" he spits out.
  67. "That's not a truth." Ryo scoffs, still smiling.
  69. "Then I choose dare!" Matthias slams his fist on the table.
  71. "Yeah?" Ryo asks, excitedly. "Then... I dare you to... uhh."
  73. Kali's eyes narrow when Ryo blatantly says he did something to her little brother. "AHEM."
  75. Ryo flinches as Kali pipes up. "U-Uh, yes?"
  77. "Ryo, I know my little brother can be a butt at times, but that does mean you should use magic artifacts on him." Kali's eyes are narrowed dangerously at the wannabe treasure hunter. "So, I expect the two of you to kiss and make up."
  79. Matthias' body starts moving as it takes the shortest distance towards Ryo, a straight line. Matthias starts crawling on the table, getting closer and closer to Ryo as he obeys his sister's command.
  81. Kali blinks, her vision suddenly filled with Matty's butt as he crawls on the table in front of her, and she leans to the side to see what he's doing.
  83. Ryo sighs as Kali talks to him, nodding to her. "I guess, I'm sorry. He was just so smug though, I couldn't stand it. Besides it'll wear off, just as soon as I give him a da... Eh?"
  85. His head flicks to the side as he spies Matt, climbing up onto the table. "H-Hey, you can't make the dare up by yourself, I have to... You're getting close." He mutters, his eyes widening. "Uh, no hard feelings? You heard Kali."
  87. Ryo blinks. "...You heard Kali. Uh oh."
  89. "I told you it was too much for you!" Matthias hisses as he grips Ryo's chin, lifting his head up to a more comfortable angle for Matthias to kiss.
  91. "Now you've got both of us in this mess!" Matt's head lowers as he fiercely starts kissing Ryo.
  93. Kali watches in utter surprise, and with a growing blush, as the two boys make out with each other. "Oh... hm..." she murmurs, her thighs rubbing together as she lets the two continue.
  95. "W-What are y-Mfh!" Ryo's trembling voice is cut short as Matt slips his lips against him. A high pitched squeak can be heard from between the two before Ryo's face flushes red. His arms flail and he quickly reaches over to grab Matthias and push him back, but with the other boy on a better footing and a higher grasp, all he does is wiggle and end up pulling Matty further onto him.
  97. Matthias' eyes open in surprise as he feels Ryo pull against him. He quickly loses balance as he starts pushing his body against Ryo, their faces grinding together.
  99. Ryo continues to squeak, his eyes shut tightly as the two continue to share in the kiss. it feels warm and wet, especially when Matthias's tongue slips out and between his lips. Without really realizing it, Ryo slides his own tongue out - maybe just out of curiosity, or perhaps just to go with the flow. Either way, as Matt leans in Ryo loses his balance and ends up collapsing backwards onto the floor, where Matty lands atop him. The hard dents of his armour stick up and poke into the boy, with a strangely softer dent down below...
  101. Matty stays just long enough to be uncomfortable with the poking, before he finally goes up for air, panting and red-faced as he wipes his mouth on his sleeve.
  103. "Goddammit you idiot!" he shouts in frustration. "Why's your armor got so many dents anyway?! Even one between your legs!"
  105. "Um... Okay!" Kali lifts Matty off of Ryo. "So how about that fae forest!"
  107. "T-That's how armour is. But I don't have any lower plate..." He mumbles back, still reeling from the kiss. He quickly shakes his head and frowns. "Besides, you're the one who jumped on your sister's request!"
  109. Regardless of his anger, Kali lifts him off and relieves the boy of his frustration... well, some of it, and allows him a breather. "Right, right. Fae forest. I'll show you, if Matt can avoid k-kissing me again." He says, sounding petty. His face does flush a little redder when he says it though.
  111. "No promises: Matty can kiss who he wants." Kali has a blush on her face as she eyes the "lower armor" on prominent display.
  113. "And who's damn fault was it for using the artifact on me in the first place?!" Matthias complains. "And if you don't, what the hell was poking me down there then?!"
  115. He turns to his sister, "I don't know if we should bring this screw-up with us!"
  117. "Now now, Matty. The two of you need to play nice. Let's just have a fun adventure in his fae forest, okay?" Kali says. "And that was my fault. I should have been careful with my words. So blame me, all right?"
  119. "Ngh, you brought it on yourself. And what are you talking about was poking..."
  121. Ryo pauses, his back to the pair, and he he dips his head. His shoulders tense and he makes a small squeak. "U-uh... blade. Hilt. T-Thing. Don't worry." He says quietly, tugging his armour down. "B-But this screw up knows what the portal even is. I'm heading over there. Now, because I want to, not because of other... reasons. K-Keep up if you can." He says, walking towards the door, making a very concerted effort not to look back.
  123. Matthias huffs as he follows Ryo out. "Fine, but if he does this again, I'm turning him into an ice cube!"
  125. -----
  127. Ryo leads the way out of Haven fairly quickly, maintaining a good pace in front of the two for a while until he sighs and falls back to the group, now looking a lot less flustered. They follow along the trail, passing some caravans and travellers, all looking a bit... odd. Some bear animal features whilst others seem transfixed with some magical compulsions. All in all, it seems like you're going the right way. Eventually Ryo walks away from the trail and towards a glade, where a large shimmering space in the air sits.
  129. "That's it. Gateway to the fae." He says, looking over the mushroom patch around the base. The plantlife seems overgrown here.
  131. "I wonder if all of those people got lost in the fae woods. Is this portal on a major highway?" Kali asks.
  133. "It better be." Matthias sneers. "Unless you're lying to us of course?"
  135. Kali lightly tugs on Matthias's ear. "Matty, didn't you see those people? They were all probably cursed by faeries. Don't let your rivalry distract you."
  137. "I'm not lying!" Ryo replies, looking a bit more pained than he did swapping quips with Matt in the tavern. "And yeah. the portal warps the surroundings, not to mention it's two way. Look, I'll prove it." Ryo says with a sigh, as he pushes his arm through the shimmer. It shudders and seems to vanish as he steps. He turns back and crosses his arms,
  139. "See?" Ryo says, before vanishing completely.
  141. Matthias sighs as he follows Ryo through the portal.
  143. Kali sighs, shaking her head at troublesome boys, and follows.
  145. The mundane forest quickly gives way to a much more colourful one, so much so that it almost hurts the eyes to look upon. What was mere forestry before now seems like a vast jungle, stretching up to the heavens. Motes of magical light dart around vine covered trees, things that look thousands of years old. Even the ground underfoot seems to slightly move with living, mobile plantlife. Just near the glade, Kali and Matt can see Ryo looking into the deep forest.
  147. "Ah, I told you. The fae realm!" He exclaims, throwing his hands up. "All we need to do now is find an elven court, or maybe a shrine, and we can nab some loot." He says, clutching his hand. "At least... if the elves don't nab us first."
  149. "Good plan. Do you know where any of that stuffis?" Matthias asks, looking around in marvel at all the strange sights.
  151. "Well, Ryo does have a habit of being caught by elves..." Kali teases. Though in truth, it's not like she has a better track record against Shia.
  153. "Maybe we could use him as bait to lure some out." Matt grins sadistically at Ryo.
  155. "H-Hey." Ryo mutters. taking a step back. "These aren't like regular elves, not even Shia. These people are on a whole 'nother level of strange." He explains, hand at his sword on the side.
  157. "But anyway, lucky for you you have a Squire of the Red Raiders with you." He says, glancing back towards the forest. "I heard there was a court nearby, a fairly large one, where the elves who have been coming back are located. Should be right this way." He explains, pushing some of the brush aside. "We could try and sneak in, or just introduce ourselves and hope for the best. What they consider mundane could be rare for us, rewards in a sense."
  159. "Good enough." Matthias shrugs. "So, we sneaking in or talking oh fearless leader?" Matty gives Ryo a mock bow.
  161. "What do you boys want to do? I'll let you take lead on this." Either way could be entertaining.
  163. "You seem to be eager to call the shots." He replies with a frown.
  165. "Well," Matthias takes a thinking pose as he walks next to Ryo, before putting an arm around Ryo's waist. "Let's talk to them, maybe they'll be generous enough to do some, "exchange of goods"." Matt smiles at Ryo.
  167. Ryo flinches as Matt draws close, perhaps expecting another kiss, and raises an eyebrow at his words. "Hm, they do trade, but I don't know what we have. It's worth a shot though." He replies, glancing down at the hand curiously.
  169. Kali's imagination is starting to run wild, with how close the boys are. "W-well, let's go see them, then!"
  171. The three trapse through the wilds of the Feywild for a little while before spying the gleaming, immaculate towers of elven architecture. They seem to merge seamlessly with the wood around them, as if they grow alongside the trees. Inside, beautiful figures lounge about on chairs and sofas, drinking and eating happily as they laugh. There don't even seem to be any guards, but the group is seen almost immediately.
  173. "Oh, what comes a by our camp?" A lithe looking elf asks, their voice impossible to settle a gender. Their voice draws gazes from the others.
  175. "We're here in search of some elven artifacts good uh, fae. We don't mean any harm." Matthias announces.
  177. Kali has to hide a smile behind her hand.
  179. "Harm?" The elf asks, chuckling to themself. "As if humans could bring harm to us. Ah, but you are a cute little thing." They say, reaching down to rub Matthias's ears. To the group's surprise, they seem to have been moved directly to the middle of the court - without their even knowing!
  181. Kali reaches out to brush the fae's hand away. Those ears are for her!
  183. "H-huh w-what?" Matthias seems caught off guard at the sudden change in scenery. He looks around, confused. "Where are we now?"
  185. "You are in our realm now, little cat." The elf says, still rubbing his ears, even as Kali reaches out. The elf raises an eyebrow at her motion. "What is the meaning of this?" They ask, glaring over at the girl.
  187. > Attack with Forceful
  188. > (- - + +)+3 = 3
  190. > Resist with Careful
  191. > (- + + +)+1 = 3
  192. > Fae gains a boost
  194. "W-well, you shouldn't touch ears without permission. Or compensation." Kali replies.
  196. Kali seems to not realize the danger of her situation, despite the elf's grave sounding words. Ryo shudders nearby, looking at the tall creature, as they lean back.
  198. "Compensation...? Ah, money. I recall now." They say, face twisting back to a smile. "We have much here for you. Take all you desire." They say, gesturing towards a chest nearby. The latch opens and shines a light inside, as golden coins spill from the overflowing top of the chest. An Irresistible Treasure stands before the group. Ryo drools.
  200. Kali remembers the wealth she had blown on outfits for herself and Matty, and drools as well.
  202. "Oh neat. But uh, do you have anything more, mystical or magical? Maybe some fae tool that's not found in the normal realm?" Matty asks nervously.
  204. "Magic? Why, of course!" Another elf says, approaching. This one is dressed in a long, flowing green dress, and her hair is decorated with flowers and vines. "We are a magical people, of a deeply arcane realm. We can make the greatest wishes of anyone come true."
  206. "But... but you'll want something in exchange, I imagine." Kali is having ideas of why some of those travelers have been transformed.
  208. "Not always. Payment comes in many forms." She replies, clasping her hands together. Her eyes dart down to Matty's staff and she gasps. "Oh my, how beautiful." She says, holding it in her hands.
  210. "Oh, um yeah. I-I kinda wanna keep that?" Matthias says nervously, not sure how to interact with these people.
  212. "Hm..." The elf replies, holding the staff up to inspect. "On second thoughts." She mumbles with a grimance, before snapping the staff in half in her arms. She sighs and tosses it behind her with a yawn. "I've just decided it was an eyesore."
  214. Matthias grimaces as he watches his trusty weapon break in two. He shuffles quickly to pick it up, trying to hold back his anger and tears. Don't offend them, you don't know what they can do.
  216. "... What." Kali is suddenly enraged, and looks ready to choke a bitch.
  218. As Matty moves to the brush to find his staff, the only thing he picks up out of the grass are old, gnarled pieces of wood, and a dull rock in the hilt.
  220. "See? Disgusting." She groans, throwing a hand out towards him.
  222. "IT WASN'T DISGUSTING!" Ryo calls out to her, growling angrily. The fae sighs and glances back to him.
  224. "And what are you wearing?" She asks, looking him over. When Kali glances to look at Ryo, she sees nothing but red clay covering his body, in the shape of his armour.
  226. Matthias takes a deep breath trying to calm down. "C-can you take us back?" he asks, trying to sound as calm as possible, choking back his emotions.
  228. "Yeah. Yeah, let's go." Kali reaches out to take Matthias by the hand and lead him and Ryo out of this shithole.
  230. "But why would you want to leave. The party has barely begun." The first elf says, now with a cup of wine in his hands. The other elves seem to be smiling just as much until Kali grabs the two and speaks flippantly. Instantly, the charming sunlit sky shifts to a deeper evening.
  232. "Leaving so soon?" Quite a few elves ask the group. "But how could you..."
  234. > Fae attacks with Clever
  235. > (- + 0 0)+2 = 2
  237. > Kali resists with Quick
  238. > (0 - - -)+2 = -1
  239. > Use FP to reroll
  240. > (0 - 0 -)+2 = 0
  241. > Kali uses FP for 'Sister of Matthias'
  242. > Fae uses Treasure boost
  244. Kali tries to pull the two boys away with her, only to find herself unable to leave.
  246. "When such glorious riches are sitting right there?" The fae asks, as the gold gleams even further. Kali's steps stop in their tracks as her eyes are drawn, forcibly, towards the chest.
  248. Her body trembles, her desire to leave and rage at her younger brother being bullied crashing against the mystic draw of the treasure.
  250. Matthias shake's his head, "I just wanna leave!" he cries out, clutching the pieces of of his staff.
  252. "K-Kali?" Ryo asks, as the girl steps towards the treasure, leaving the two there to face the elves alone. He flinches as Matthias calls out, and quickly steps ahead of him, drawing his sword.
  254. "Just stay calm. I'm really sorry, Matt. This is my fault, but I'll fix it." Ryo says to him, his eyes darting between the elves before them. meanwhile, Kali is at the treasure. The gold itself spills outwards even more, pushing golden orbs and chains to the forefront. They'd look so good on her, in her, decorating her body...
  256. > Obstacle of 2 for tempting piercings
  257. > Kali resist with Careful
  258. > (0 + + 0)+1 = 3
  259. > Kali gains Golden Coins (1) treasure.
  261. Kali controls her breathing, and navigates her mind back into order. She reaches into the chest, past the chains and nipple rings, and takes a handful of treasure to put in her satchel. "Come on boys, let's get going."
  263. Matt nods and pulls Ryo to leave.
  265. Ryo blinks at hearing Kali's voice and rushes towards her, pulling Matthias along by the wrist tightly. However, the elves push between the two before he can reach her, separating the both.
  267. "What's wrong? Are you crying?" One of the elves asks Matthias. "Are you some kind of baby?"
  269. > Sneaky attack on Matthias
  270. > (- + 0 -)+3 = 2
  272. > Careful Resist
  273. > (0 0 + 0)+2 = 3
  274. > Fae invoke 'Fae are Assholes' for +2
  275. > FP given to party
  276. > 1 stress damage to Matthias
  278. The elves seem to close in tighter around the two boys. Ryo stands closer to Matt and draws his sword properly. "Stay back." He warns, keeping the blade handy.
  280. "Oh, look at him weep. What a crybaby. Maybe he's too old for that body?"
  281. "Should we give him a new one? He hardly seems like a boy."
  282. "Maybe he'd be better a dog, rather than a cat."
  284. The jeers hurt a lot more than Matty seems to realize
  286. Matt glares at the group, "I-!" he starts strong, but withers under the stares of the fae. "I-I'm not..." his voice grows quiet as he tries to hold back sobs.
  288. Kali's rage grows larger and colder, and she reaches into her pouch. "Matty, Ryo, get ready!"
  290. > Kali using 'Where Were You Hiding That' to pull out a handful of cold iron ball bearings to throw at the fae.
  291. > Quick attack
  292. > (+ 0 + 0)+2 = 4
  294. > Quick resist
  295. > (+ 0 - -)+1 = 0
  296. > Reduced from 4 to 3 for a boost.
  298. Upon hearing Matthias sob, Ryo's eyes widen and his teeth grit. Hearing Kali shout is just another call. "Right!" He calls back, before pulling Matthias in close and ducking down. A series of cold balls sling out of Kali's purse, ready to fire.
  300. Kali's fingers are strong and dexterous from her line of work, letting her flick the cold iron balls into the faces of her brother's tormentors with great force!
  302. The iron weapons fire true and, despite their great magic, the elves aren't too quick to respond to cold iron. A great shriek goes up from the entire court, despite only hitting a few of the members. The sky above the group shudders, turning from day to night and back. That iron, it must have Disrupted Their Magic! With the elves grovelling, Kali has a straight shot to the boys. Ryo looks forward in stunned surprise, as the female elf from before crumples down in front of Matthias and Ryo. Ryo's eyes sparkle for a second, and he reaches out to slice something from the elf's robes and snatching it away.
  304. "Kali, here!" Ryo calls out, pulling Matthias back up. "We might be able to get away." He says. To the girl's surprise, his armour is back to normal. Matthias, to a greater shock, looks down to see his staff, unharmed and intact, in his hands.
  306. Matt looks at the staff in surprise before nodding at Ryo, letting the boy lift him up.
  308. "Hurry and go go go!" Kali calls out.
  310. Ryo tugs at Matthias as Kali joins them, and the three dash towards the forest, away from the court. The elves are too busy wailing... possibly even despite the pain having left them by this point (aka, just for drama), leaving the three for a simple escape.
  312. ------------------------
  314. After rushing through the woods, they arrive back at the grove where the portal lies. Not wanting to stay here longer, they dash through the portal and return home, to their regular forest. Ryo collapses to his knees, taking deep breaths. "That... was not what I expected.
  316. Matthias lies against a tree, panting and looking down at the ground. He bites his lip in embarassment as he recalls what happened back in the forest.
  318. Kali takes heavy breaths, before kneeling down to hug Matthias. "Matty... are you okay?"
  320. "I'm... fine." Matthias says, snuggling up against his sister as he hugs his staff closer to his body.
  322. Ryo sheathes his sword and clutches his fist nervously. "I'm... really sorry about this. I didn't expect the elves to be so awful." He sighs. "Some adventure..."
  324. "N-no, it's my fault." Matthias sighs sadly. "I thought we could talk to them..."
  326. "At least we got a few coins out of it... Though, what did you snatch from that elf bitch?" Kali asks.
  328. "Hey, it wasn't a bad idea." Ryo replies, giving the wizard a smile. "I mean, can you imagine how bad it would have gone if we snuck in?" He asks with a shrug. Kali speaks and Ryo gives her a little smirk. "Oh, hehe, I noticed..."
  330. He pulls out something sparkly from his bag; a large, green seed, seemingly as beautiful and resplendent as a cut gemstone. "If a Fae elf was wearing this around her neck, it;s gotta be valuable. Or at least magic." He says, holding it happily. He looks over to Kali and Matt soon after and lowers his eyelids. "Here." He says, offering it to the pair.
  332. Matt shakes his head, "N-no, you can keep it. I... didn't do mich back there..." he smiles bitterly. "All I did was cry after all..." he buries his face in his arms.
  334. Kali snuggles him into her chest. "You can keep it if you really want to."
  336. "That's all the more reason you should!" Ryo says, pushing the seed on further. "I mean, I can't imagine what would have gone wrong if I went here alone, I'm always... pretty worthless alone. You guys got enchanted and abused, but I barely had anything happen this time." He says, looking solemnly towards the pair. He takes a deep breath and affixes his smile in dedication. "Consider it payment for being my backup!" He asserts, still holding it out.
  338. Matthias looks up at Ryo, a slight red tinge in his eyes. "Are you... really okay with this...? I mean, it's first treasure you could say you got yourself you know..."
  340. "Okay, okay, I'll take it..." Kali takes the necklace and considers it. "Can you put it on me?"
  342. "Absolutely." Ryo replies, nodding. "It's probably better with you anyway. You know magic way better than me." He says with a little shrug. He quickly turns to Kali and helps to affix it to her neck though. Instantly, she feels a strange magic tingle her skin. After being initially hesitant, it fades, leaving her with a strangely higher awareness of the forest around her.
  344. > Kali gains Fae Seed (2) treasure. Has Stunt: Creeping Vines 1FP: Command vines around you to constrict enemies, creating a situational aspect with 1 free use.
  346. Ryo's eyes flutter as Matthias speaks and he quickly throws a hand to the back of his neck. "Ah... A-Ah, I'm really not though." Ryo chuckles, looking a bit red. "Maybe just around you guys~" His chuckle is interrupted by the hug, pulling him close to the two, but he accepts it happily.
  348. Matty doesn't resist the hug, allowing himself to be pulled in close with Kali and Ryo. "Maybe you should adventure with us more often then."
  350. "Yeah, I'd be up for that!" Ryo exclaims, nuzzling in closer. "Maybe I'll be able to keep a treasure sometime..." He mutters. Seems like he's slightly bitter.
  352. "Next time, you can have first pick." Matty responds, patting his head.
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