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  1. ❤️Just Got Paid❤️
  2. Username | liketotallytubular
  3. Birthname| mariya lim
  4. Korean Name | lim minseo
  5. Birthday | april 12, 1998
  6. Ethnicity | russian
  8. 🧡On And On🧡
  9. Personality | mariya is generally an outgoing and enthusiastic person, she loves to take risks and usually does what her heart tells her. she is confident in herself and others and has the optimistic belief that everything will work out eventually. honest and passionate, music is the one thing that she believes connects all people, so she has always been involved with it for as long as she can remember. generally courageous and determined, mariya often wants to be the first to do things, especially when others tell her its impossible.
  11. Background | mariya grew up in russia for her entire childhood. it was a little bit strange, being the korean girl in a russian town, so she often found it difficult to make friends. she tried to change herself to be what others wanted, but it only made her feel less included. at age ten she began to learn korean, thinking that when she was old enough, she wanted to leave russia and move to korea. this gave her a new found confidence in her identity that made her popular among her peers for once. based on her close friends encouragement she started a dance team at her high school and even started making choreography videos that she posted online. after building up a medium sized following her fans were mostly russian and korean. when she traveled to korea after graduating high school she was surprised to be recognized and scouted by a representative of blockberry entertainment. it was a very small company, and her parents told her it was a bad idea, but she wanted to give it a shot and began living in korea like she had wanted by the age of 18.  
  13. Trivia |
  14. -she speaks russian, korean, and is learning english
  15. -she founded the dance team at her high school that went on to become national champions
  16. -she studied korean by learning using online books and watching a lot of dramas
  17. -she loves snow and winter is her favorite season
  18. -she is a cat person
  19. -she loves to wear layered clothing
  20. -she likes to experiment with fashion and makeup
  21. -she used to be a youtuber
  23. Hobbies |
  24. -fashion
  25. -choreography
  26. -photography
  28. 💛Woke Up Late💛
  29. Birthname | mariya lim (Мария Лим)
  30. Stage Name | marina
  31. Nickname(s) | mari, doll, riya
  32. Age | 21
  33. Height | 168 cm
  34. Weight | 46 kg
  35. Blood Type | B
  36. Nationality | russian
  37. Hometown | moscow, russia
  38. Instagram handle| soft_mari98
  40. 💚Women Like Me💚
  41. Face Claim | woo han kyung (ulzzang)
  42. Backup | seo soojin (blackpink)
  44. Slot | ranunculus
  45. Backup | daffodil
  47. Personal Fandom Name | angels
  48. Introduction | “annyeong~ your angel Marina here, nice to meet you guys”
  50. 💙Bloodline💙
  51. Ship Name | kinya
  53. Relationship Status
  54. Beginning | rivals
  55. Middle | close friends
  56. Future | dating
  58. Motto | Азбука -- к мудрости ступенька.
  59. (trans: *not literal* you have to learn to walk before you can run)
  61. 💜Wolves💜
  62. Any Questions? -
  64. Did I miss something? -
  66. Message to me?  this looks really cute~ i love all the flowers :)
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