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  1. "OOC: GlassEclipse: SHITcurity" warned for icky ocky by Otatoh (Trial Admin) on Sat, March 30th of 2019
  3. Alt of glassedeclipse by Bathosbathtime (Bathtime) on Thu, April 4th of 2019
  5. Watch for him doing shitty things with Phazons, and other mechs. by Zealotron (Dead) on Sun, April 14th of 2019
  7. Keith (?) Unk [Common] (Station Engineer) (?) says, "Lol no" by Shifty_rail (Killer of Rosa Luxemburgmin) on Sat, April 27th of 2019
  9. Accidentally killed the wrong person when he went validhunting. by Meet me in dorms (Shitmin) on Sat, April 27th of 2019
  11. Banned from Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer - As HoS, ordered his pAI to shoot at someone to "establish dominance". The person defended themselves by throwing a grenade. He then killed them. Recent history of really awful security plays and he lied in ahelps about it. by Adminbot (Friendly Robot) on Sun, April 28th of 2019
  13. As a vox cultist outed a fellow vox cultist to lure sec somewhere, didn't work out great and got a few cultists killed. When he eventually stunned an officer and the HoS he tried to convert the HoS. The officer eventually got up before the conversion and just stunned the Vox. by Meet me in dorms (Shitmin) on Tue, May 7th of 2019
  15. Disconnected roundstart as a trader, probably because not antag. by Shifty_rail (Killer of Rosa Luxemburgmin) on Wed, May 8th of 2019
  17. OOC: GlassEclipse: me sends a lick across your thigh, taking efforts to be as delicate and smooth as possible while trying to hide my blush ERP stuff in OOC by Nuklearcellphoneg (DJ) on Tue, May 14th of 2019
  19. Braindead as CE at about 12:20 ; his first action in the shift was to upload a bastardised version of corporate, with "heads of staff" being the most expernsive things on the station, and "women" and "African Americans" being the least. by Shifty_rail (Killer of Rosa Luxemburgmin) on Tue, May 14th of 2019
  21. Got antagonized and killed by a vamp HoS, then spaced. Re-joined the station as a Diona called "HoS Killer". The only reason why I didn't ban them right away is because when I was done talking they were a Medborg and not acting retarded at that moment. by Meet me in dorms (Shitmin) on Thu, May 16th of 2019
  23. "popped a boner" while being arrested by sec by Chazach (911 investigatormin) on Fri, May 17th of 2019
  25. being a bad sport across multiple rounds involving rushing command staff with slips, getting caught (when above note happened to he got executed), next round he does the same immediately then goes catatonic when arrested after breaking out of perma. not directly actionable but shitty conduct by Chazach (911 investigatormin) on Fri, May 17th of 2019
  27. Implanted a man with a 3dev water+potassium bomb. Escalation was fair but he detonated it knowingly while they were in medbay leading to cryo being damaged and turning all of medbay into a ZAS shithole, made worse by the fact that it was deadpop and there were no engineers on. by DeadHarold (Dead) on Wed, May 22nd of 2019
  29. Kidnapped a HoS and strip cuffed him as a chaplain gimmick. This went on long enough that the HoS gave up and ghosted after nobody helped him. Also mentioned planting a "loyalty grenade" inside him. Need more info, if you see him online tell me. by Small_Boss (Large Workermin) on Wed, May 22nd of 2019
  31. Banned from Research Director, Scientist, Geneticist, Roboticist, Mechanic - As a non-antag, used a chem sprayer to lube the fuck out of escape. When a security officer shot him with a glock to stop him, he unzipped his science (TM) Xbow + laser to kill the officer. by Adminbot (Friendly Robot) on Sat, June 1st of 2019
  33. After having shitty experiences with engieneers, declared them subhuman via AI laws, this escalated into a shitfest between engieneering and the rest of the crew. At the start of the next round, as an antagonist CMO, immediatly uploaded a law declaring all engieneers non human and encouraging borgs to kill them. Has been warned not to repeat anything of the sort again. by Misterstaub (Trial Admin) on Sat, August 10th of 2019
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