Mar 1st, 2021 (edited)
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  1. #Name: Voting
  2. #Description: Minecraft extension, which allows players to determine about various situations using voting system.
  3. #Author: SobkySK
  4. #Contact: Discord: Sobky #5528 | Spigot PrivateMessage
  6. #Fully customizable visual of the resource.
  7. #If you have own translated file and you want to publish it, please send me a PrivateMessage on Spigot or Discord
  8. #Available localizations: EN
  9. Locale: EN
  11. #Plugin sends anonymous data such as version of this resource, your server version and addition data of configuration.
  12. #These data will help me in future development.
  13. #All requests are asynchronous, so it has no impact on server's performance.
  14. Analytics:
  15.   Active: true
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