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  1. "Backup options","Backup options",lib,lib/web/mage/adminhtml/backup.js
  2. Warning,Warning,lib,lib/web/mage/adminhtml/backup.js
  3. Cancel,Cancel,lib,lib/web/mage/adminhtml/backup.js
  4. Ok,Ok,lib,lib/web/mage/adminhtml/backup.js
  5. "Insert Widget...","Insert Widget...",lib,lib/web/mage/adminhtml/wysiwyg/widget.js
  6. "No records found.","No records found.",lib,lib/web/mage/backend/suggest.js
  7. "Recent items","Recent items",lib,lib/web/mage/backend/suggest.js
  8. "Show all...","Show all...",lib,lib/web/mage/backend/suggest.js
  9. "Method %s does not exist on jQuery.decorate","Method %s does not exist on jQuery.decorate",lib,lib/web/mage/decorate.js
  10. Close,Close,lib,lib/web/mage/dropdown.js
  11. "Please wait...","Please wait...",lib,lib/web/mage/loader.js
  12. Loading...,Loading...,lib,lib/web/mage/loader.js
  13. "Please wait...","Please wait...",lib,lib/web/mage/loader_old.js
  14. Loading...,Loading...,lib,lib/web/mage/loader_old.js
  15. "All ","All ",lib,lib/web/mage/menu.js
  16. more,more,lib,lib/web/mage/menu.js
  17. Cancel,Cancel,lib,lib/web/mage/translate-inline-vde.js
  18. Save,Save,lib,lib/web/mage/translate-inline-vde.js
  19. Translate,Translate,lib,lib/web/mage/translate-inline.js
  20. Submit,Submit,lib,lib/web/mage/translate-inline.js
  21. Close,Close,lib,lib/web/mage/translate-inline.js
  22. "Please enter a value less than or equal to %s.","Please enter a value less than or equal to %s.",lib,lib/web/mage/validation.js
  23. "Please enter a value greater than or equal to %s.","Please enter a value greater than or equal to %s.",lib,lib/web/mage/validation.js
  24. "Maximum length of this field must be equal or less than %1 symbols.","Maximum length of this field must be equal or less than %1 symbols.",lib,lib/web/mage/validation.js
  25. "This is a required field.","This is a required field.",lib,lib/web/mage/validation.js
  26. "Please enter a date between %min and %max.","Please enter a date between %min and %max.",lib,lib/web/mage/validation/validation.js
  27. "Please enter a valid year (1900-%1).","Please enter a valid year (1900-%1).",lib,lib/web/mage/validation/validation.js
  28. "Please enter a valid day (1-%1).","Please enter a valid day (1-%1).",lib,lib/web/mage/validation/validation.js
  29. "Please enter a date from the past.","Please enter a date from the past.",lib,lib/web/mage/validation/validation.js
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